Armed Forces – Contents Listing

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1 Oct 1978
The Royal Navy – Today and Tomorrow
2 Jan 1979
No information
3 Apr 1979
The Royal Air Force – Airpower into the Eighties
4 July 1979
The US Navy in Europe
5 Oct 1979
The US Army in Europe – photo survey of equipment & organisation
6 Jan 1980
The United States Air Forces in Europe – photo survey of USAF unit & their planes
7 April 1980
German Army; French Navy; Bullseye Meet ’79
8 July 1980
German Army; Sea Harrier; Exercises Report
9 Oct 1980
British, US & French Forces in Berlin; Modular Warship; TAM’80; Gallant Eagle; Best Focus; British Army Equipment Exhibition
10 January 1981
NATO’s Autumn Forge 80; Fincastle Trophy 80; Iceland Defence Force; Canadian Land Forces; WARPAC Exercise
11 10 April 1981
Last Alouettes; TTTE Tornados; R Neth Army; Flying the F-15; William Tell ’80; USAF ALCOM; Royal Navy Gulf Patrol; Tactical Leadership Programme; Kirov In Close Up; Voodoos Over Niagara
12 July 1981
Italian Navy; Spanish Air Force Mirages; RN Submarine Command; Tamarac War; JASDF F-15s; Fincastle Trophy 81
13 12 Oct 1981
Photo Derby 81; Maple Flag 7; Gendarmerie SAR; Offshore Patrol Vessels; Royal Armoured Corps Centre
  Feb 1982
Autumn Forge Reports; Flying the F-15; RAC Centre
  Mar 1982
Gunsmoke 81; HMS Gannet & 819 Sqn; Kangaroo 81
  Apr 1982
US European Command – 30th Anniversary; Tornado Weapons Training Unit
  May 1982
ETOM 58(85?) Over Guadeloupe; British Army Hong Kong
  June 1982
R Neth Navy P-2 to P-3 Transition; Fighting Ships in Focus
  July 1982
AAC Middle Wallop; Alloy Express 82; RN Falklands Task Force
  Aug 1982
TTTE Update; VFA-125 F-18s; USS New Jersey
  Sept 1982
RAF Support Command; Falklands Campaign
  Oct 1982
British Army Exhibition; USS Enterpeise; RAF Regiment
  Nov 1982
Military Sealift Command; MLD Orions; Best Focus
  Dec 1982
Spanish Naval Air Arm; Farnborough Report
  Jan 1983
Exercise Reforger; Northern Wedding; Tiger Meet 82; Swiss Army; RAF Navigator Training
  Feb 1983
STANAVFORCHAN Visits London; 9 Sqn Tornados; Display Determination & Exercise Reports
  Mar 1983
William Tell & Tyndall AFB; Royal School of Artillery
  Apr 1983
Aircraft of the Egyptian Air Force; HM Dockyard Rosyth; Vulcan and F-16 Photo Feature
  May 1983
601st TASS; USS New Jersey; Commando Logistic Regiment – Royal Marines
  June 1983
RAAF Flight Training; Logistic Support in the Falklands; USSR’s 3rd Shock Army
  July 1983
A&AEE; Fighting Ships in Focus No.3
  Aug 1983
Spring Train ’83; Tornado Training Update; Rapid Deployment Task Force Part 2
  Sept 1983
USSR’s Central Forces; US Tactical Air Forces; 617 Sqn RAF
  Oct 1983
Ocean Safari ’83; ETPS; Rough Diamond; Canadian Army Trophy; Snakebite VIII
  Nov 1983
IAT’83; Falklands Photo File; British Forces in Lebanon; Tiger Meet 1983
  Dec 1983
RAF Germany – Preparing for Tornado; HMS Daedalus; AK-47 Assault Rifle; US Nuclear Forces
  Jan 1984
Autumn Forge ’83; Front Line SW Africa
  Feb 1984
MFO in Sinai; Red Flag ’83; Tornados in RAFG
  Mar 1984
RN’s Type 42’s; AH-64 Apache; Lynx
  Apr 1984
Finnish Air Force; Replenishment at Sea
  May 1984
USMC & CF Hornet Training
  June 1984
RAF Inst of Avn Medicine; Elder Forest ’84
  July 1984
101 Sqn VC-10 K.2; NATO Exercises; Ascension Island; JATE; Tornado F.2
  Aug 1984
Hunt Class Minesweepers; USAF in Panama; Fleet Air Arm in 1984; Camouflage Techniques; British Amphibious Capability
  Sept 1984
No information
  Oct 1984
NATO Tac Air Meet; NATO Sea Day – Devonport
  Nov 1984
Wasp is 21; Heli-Meet 84; 92 Sqn on APC
  Dec 1984
UK Air Defence Region; Farnborough ’84
  Jan 1985
Autumn Forge 1984; Exercises in Europe
  Feb 1985
Tactical Fighter Weaponry; US Light Divisions
Vol.4 No.3 Mar 1985
French Nuclear Deterrent; British Forces in Hong Kong; The Republic of Singapore Air Force
  Apr 1985
Danish Army; Tactical Air-Ground Weapons
  May 1985
Cheap Fighter Aircraft; Warship Design Part 2; US 5th AF Japan
  June 1985
US Third Fleet; Pakistan; Tornado F.2; Space Weapons
  July 1985
Oman’s Defence Forces; RAuxAF; US Naval Power Pacific
  Aug 1985
Argentine Army in Falklands; NATO’s New Force
  Sept 1985
Naval Power in the Pacific; Jordan’s Armed Forces
  Oct 1985
French Defence Industry; IAT ’85; Russia’s ‘Kiev’
  Nov 1985
RAF Germany; 70 Years of 29 Sqn; Guarding Belize
Vol.4 No.12 Dec 1985
Tactical Fighter Meet 1985; Nevada’s 221 Armour Unit
  Jan 1986
Ocean Safari; Afghan Update; French Air Force; Type 23s
  Feb 1986
Logistics & Mobility; AFV Armour; Enfield Weapons
  Mar 1986
ALAT Regroups; Soviet 3rd Generation Aircraft
  Apr 1986
Chemical Warfare; Soviet Northern Fleet; USMC
  May 1986
MBB Weapon Systems; Royal Ordnance Explosives Division
  June 1986
The Service Pistol; Reforger ’86; Exercise Reports
  July 1986
Skorpion MG; Sidewinder; EAP; South African Army
  Aug 1986
Hawk 200; Nimrod Alternative; After the Libyan Raid
  Sept 1986
Indian Armed Forces; SAAF; SDI & British Industry
  Oct 1986
Malaysian Armed Forces; Rapier; USMC AV-8s
  Nov 1986
Morocco’s Defence; FoSNI; Sidewinder; CH9/25 SMG
Vol.5 No.12 Dec 1986
USAFE RF-4C & AAC Scout col photos; Rapier (editorial); Signals (defence news); Gallant Eagle 86 & Cock Feather 5 exercise reports; The US Moves Towards a Final Set of FY1987 Defence Bugdet Targets by Anthony H Cordesman; Sri Lanka and its Tamil Problem by Colonel Edgar O’Ballance; New Generation Mine Hunting by Lt Cdr H.E. Caisley; Pseudo-Diversionary Operations by Stephen Newton; Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles by John Norris; Guardians of the High Frontier – The US Space Command in Greenland by John J Metzler; Mauser 213 to Aden 25 by Major Peter Labbett; Farnborough International ’86 by Peter Gilchrist; Books Brief (book reviews)
  Jan 1987
Yugoslav People’s Army; Sidewinder; Northern Wedding
  Feb 1987
Czech Air Force; MLRS Update; Spanish Military Aviation
  Mar 1987
Romanian Armed Forces; Military Satellites
  Apr 1987
538 Assault Sqn; German Territorial Army
  May 1987
EH101; UK Amphibious Forces; Soviet Ground Forces
  June 1987
846 Naval Air Squadron; North Korean Army; Gulf Air War
  July 1987
Air Defence in British Army; Soviet Strategic Defence
  Aug 1987
Vietnamese Army; British Forces in the Falklands
  Sept 1987
Defence of Canada; Harrier GR.5; Lebanon 1982
  Oct 1987
Attack on USS Stark; Chinese Aerospace Product
  Nov 1987
Women in Combat; Soviet Combat Engineers
  Dec 1987
Reforger ’87; Air Defence – Guns or Missiles
  Jan 1988
‘Purple Warrior’; Soviet Submarine Fleet; RAF Survival
  Feb 1988
Apache in Europe; Soviet Air Defence
  Mar 1988
Ethiopian Armed Forces; India-Pakistan Balance
  Apr 1988
IFF Systems; Polish Navy; ACV’s – Military Use
  May 1988
Britain’s Reserves; RAF Support Command; Trident
  June 1988
Royal Marine Regiment in Norway; Battlefield Surveillance
  July 1988
Warrior MICV; ‘Elder Forest’; PDRY/YAR Forces (Yemen)
  Aug 1988
Training Team Brunei; People’s Liberation Army of China
  Sept 1988
‘Roaring Lion’; Chinese Armed Forces; SAAB JAS 39
  Oct 1988
Simex 88; Soviet Naval Infantry; Northern Ireland Terrorism
  Nov 1988
Exercise Snow Falcon; Swiss Army; Farnboro ’88
  Dec 1988
660 Sqn in Hong Kong; Airborne Night Vision Systems
  Jan 1989
Gurkhas in Belize; Polish Air Force; Killing Fields of Kampuchea
  Feb 1989
Saudi Military Build-up; ‘Iron Hammer’ Exercise; Angola
  Mar 1989
Tornados in Cyprus; Oman Air Force; Hong Kong; Electronic Ranges
  Apr 1989
Algeria’s National Popular Army; Royal Navy Aircraft Support; Exercise ‘Long Hop’
  May 1989
No information
  June 1989
War in Mozambique; Vikings at Sea; West’s Maritime Strategy
  July 1989
Ethiopia’s Wars; Angolan Report; Harrier GR.5
  Aug 1989
Canberra Anniversary; Indonesian Army; COIN in Philippines
  Sept 1989
F-16 over Florida; RAf Light Armour; Burma Survey
  Oct 1989
USS Iowa; Phinia ’89; Cuba’s Armed Forces
  Nov 1989
Austrian Army; Royal Marine Officers Commando Course; CLAW-1 ops
  Dec 1989
No information

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