Cross and Cockade Journal – Contents Listing

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Vol.1 No.1 1/1960
An Interview With Charles D’Olive
Vol.1 No.2 2/1960
The Austrian Berg Single-Seater (Aviatik(Berg) D.I); Brandenburg W19; 27th Aero Squadron; German Medals of WWI
Vol.1 No.3 3/1960
No information
Vol.1 No.4 4/1960
The Facts of Linke-Crawford’s Demise
Vol.2 No.1 1/1961
No information
Vol.2 No.2 2/1961
BMW Motor; Capt. Ira Jones; RAF No.1 Sqn; Fokker Triplane Colours; Halberstadt CL.II
Vol.2 No.3 3/1961
No information
Vol.2 No.4 4/1961
Linke-Crawford’s Death
Vol.3 No.1 1/1962
Airmen’s Badges of the Central Powers
Vol.3 No.2 2/1962
No information
Vol.3 No.3 3/1962
The Italian Facts
Vol.3 No.4 4/1962
Notes on the Austro-Hungarian Flying Corps 1910-1918; A Twin-Engined Bomber for Austria-Hungary: The Von Mises-Aviatik G; The Aeroplane Corps of the Chinese Army in World War I
Vol.4 No.1 1/1963
Which Road Will You Take?; Aircraft of the Russian Navy During World War I
Vol.4 No.2 2/1963
22nd Aero Squadron; Who Killed Richthofen?; Albatros D.VA; The Russian Giants (Sikorsky aircraft); The Tattered Skies of Doberedo (Hungarian pilot’s experiences on Italian Front)
Vol.4 No.3 3/1963
No information
Vol.4 No.4 Winter 1963
The Von Mises-Aviatik G Bomber, A Postscript; More Surviving Warbirds Part 4
Vol.5 No.1 1/1964
Fokker Triplane; Camel Pilot; Hinkle of N124; The 24th Aero Sqn; Albatros D.VA; Jasta 11; Birdman of Austria
Vol.5 No.2 2/1964
WWI Non-Rigid Airships; U-10; AEF Squadron Insignia; 79 RAF Squadron; Collishaw & Caldwell Comments on Mannock;
Vol.5 No.3 3/1964
Fokker D.V; Tripehound; Italian Aircraft Production; Albatros Markings; Italian Naval Aircraft
Vol.5 No.4 4/1964
German and Austrian Aircraft Engines of the First World War; An Outline of the History of the Belgian Air Force From Its Origins To 1918
Vol.6 No.1 1/1965
The ACA-Certificated Canadian Warbirds of 1915-1916; The Humble Balloon Brief History–Balloon Service, AEF
Vol.6 No.2 2/1965
No information
Vol.6 No.3 3/1965
The Canadian Zepp Killers; The Caproni Bombers; A Condensed History of Capt. C.F. Collett (New Zealand ace)
Vol.6 No.4 4/1965
No information
Vol.7 No.1 1/1966
92 Squadron; North Sea & Baltic Enemy Aircraft June 1918; USAS Flyers With The RFC-RAF 1917-18; German Luftstreitkrafte; US Air Service; Sopwith Camel
Vol.7 No.2 2/1966
Austrian Naval Aircraft (detailed article); Belgian Aviation …1914-1918; Charles Nungesser and His Decorations; Under the Iron Cross and Turkish Crescent (pilot memoirs)
Vol.7 No.3 3/1966
A Russian Stork – Edgar Meos; Nieuport Vee Strutters
Vol.7 No.4 4/1966
No information
Vol.8 No.1 1/1967
No information
Vol.8 No.2 2/1967
Raymond Collishaw, An Autobiography; History of the Serbian Air Force Part One
Vol.8 No.3 3/1967
History of the Serbian Air Force Part Two
Vol.8 No.4 4/1967
No information
Vol.9 No.1 1/1968
History of the Serbian Air Force Part Three
Vol.9 No.2 2/1968
History of the Serbian Air Force Part Four
Vol.9 No.3 3/1968
A Checklist of Austrian Naval Aircraft; History of the Serbian Air Force Part Five; Life and Work of Oberingenieur Paul Jaray (aircraft designer for Zeppelin)
Vol.9 No.4 4/1968
No information
Vol.10 No.1 1/1969
No information
Vol.10 No.2 2/1969
No information
Vol.10 No.3 3/1969
No information
Vol.10 No.4 4/1969
An Italian Vintage pair – SPAD VII and SVA 5 (two survivors); Allies on the Eastern Front
Vol.11 No.1 1/1970
Hornets of Zeebrugge; 22 Squadron; Army Airship Pilot; 1st Reserve Aero Squadron; Siemens Schuckert D.IV
Vol.11 No.2 2/1970
The History of the Ottoman Air Force in the Great War Part 1: Born in Battle – 1915; The History of the Ottoman Air Force in the Great War Part 2: Expansion Into Distant Battlefronts – 1916; British Air Operations in the Near East
Vol.11 No.3 3/1970
Fokker; The History of the Ottoman Air Force in the Great War Part 3: The Tide of Battle Turns – 1917; Zeppelin C.IV; German Cellon-Covered Aircraft; Halberstadt Fighters; Reminiscences of Jagdstaffel 40
Vol.11 No.4 Winter 1970
Allied Aircraft vs German Submarines 1916-18; Imperial Russian AF; No.5 Squadron; The History of the Ottoman Air Force in the Great War Part 4: The Last Days of the Ottoman Air Force – 1918; Flying For The Czar; WWI Aircraft Performance Charts
Vol.12 No.1 1/1971
No 19 Squadron; 41st Aero Squadron; Impressions of 1914-18 Aircraft; Boelcke’s Aircraft Defence; Training in Avros
Vol.12 No.2 2/1971
Nieuport Vee Strutters Errata & Addenda
Vol.12 No.3 3/1971
Emil Meinecke, Fighter Ace of the Dardanelles
Vol.12 No.4 4/1971
No information
Vol.13 No.1 1/1972
No information
Vol.13 No.2 2/1972
The Serno Reports – An Addendum (Ottoman AF)
Vol.13 No.3 3/1972
No information
Vol.13 No.4 4/1972
No information
Vol.14 No.1 1/1973
Air War in the Adriatic: A Memoir of Gottfried von Banfield; Photographs From the Italian Front
Vol.14 No.2 2/1973
Austro-Hungarian Aces
Vol.14 No.3 3/1973
K. u. K. Fliegerkompagnie No.17; Mass Bombing in 1915; From Foggia to the Independent Air Force
Vol.14 No.4 4/1973
The Eagle’s Nest (training schools in Italy); With the Baltic Flying Squadron
Vol.15 No.1 1/1974
No information
Vol.15 No.2 2/1974
Euxine Wings: Russian Shipboard Aviation in the Black Sea – 1913-1917
Vol.15 No.3 3/1974
The Falcon of Feltre (Frank Linke-Crawford); Austro-Hungarian Aircraft Armament: 1914-1918; The Eagle of Flanders (Andre de Meulemeester, Belgian Ace)
Vol.15 No.4 4/1974
Against All Comers (Austro-Hungarian AF on Italian Front)
Vol.16 No.1 1/1975
A South African At War
Vol.16 No.2 2/1975
No information
Vol.16 No.3 3/1975
A Short History of No 1 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps; The Story of Three Canadians in the Air Service 1914-1918
Vol.16 No.4 4/1975
My Name is Blaha; Amazon Pilots and Lady Warbirds
Vol.17 No.1 1/1976
No information
Vol.17 No.2 2/1976
No information
Vol.17 No.3 3/1976
No information
Vol.17 No.4 4/1976
No information
Vol.18 No.1 1/1977
No information
Vol.18 No.2 2/1977
No information
Vol.18 No.3 3/1977
No information
Vol.18 No.4 4/1977
No information
Vol.19 No.1 1/1978
No information
Vol.19 No.2 2/1978
No information
Vol.19 No.3 3/1978
No information
Vol.19 No.4 4/1978
No information
Vol.20 No.1 1/1979
No information
Vol.20 No.2 2/1979
No information
Vol.20 No.3 3/1979
No information
Vol.20 No.4 4/1979
No information
Vol.21 No.1 1/1980
No information
Vol.21 No.2 2/1980
No information
Vol.21 No.3 3/1980
The 94th’s Nieuports; Leigh Wade Test Pilot; LFG Roland; Rudolph Simacek; Circus Colors;
Vol.21 No.4 4/1980
Karl C Payne; William Stull Holt; Louis Bennett; Lafayette Escadrille
Vol.22 No.1 1/1981
No information
Vol.22 No.2 2/1981
No information
Vol.22 No.3 3/1981
No information
Vol.22 No.4 4/1981
No information
Vol.23 No.1 1/1982
Eagle of the Carpathians; Aerial Observer in Combat; Bombing Missions on Two Fronts; Bogohl 3 Combat Log; Charles Dolan; Jagdstaffel 57 Circus Colors
Vol.23 No.2 2/1982
Stuart Walcott; French Experimental Airplanes; German Aircraft Tactics Attacking Balloons; Bulgarian AF History; Escadrille SPA 38 Plumage
Vol.23 No.3 3/1982
David Lewis; Special Ammunition; Kite Balloon Observer At Gallipoli; Jagdstaffel 46 Circus Colors
Vol.23 No.4 4/1982
Air War Italy 1918; Paul Baumer’s Fokker DR.I; German Naval Airship Division
Vol.24 No.1 1/1983
Escadrille SPA 48; Royal Bavarian Jagdstaffel 35; French Ace of WWI; Flieger Abteilung (A) 253 Circus Colors
Vol.24 No.2 2/1983
No information
Vol.24 No.3 3/1983
No information
Vol.24 No.4 4/1983
No information
Vol.25 No.1 1/1984
No information
Vol.25 No.2 2/1984
List of Aircraft Designations (French)
Vol.25 No.3 3/1984
No information
Vol.25 No.4 4/1984
No information
Vol.26 No.1 1/1985
Friedrichshafen G.III
Vol.26 No.2 2/1985
The Forgotten Ace Ltn. Kurt Witgens and His War Letters

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