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No.1 September/October 2000
No information
No.2 November/December 2000
No information
No.3 January/February 2001
Dr Stewart Houston tells of “Eight Years of Gyroplane Research in the UK – a Very Personal Reflection” (the CAA funded Gyroplane stability project at Glasgow University); “Amelia Earhart and the PCA-2: A Re-evaluation of the First Woman Autogiro Pilot” by Dr Bruce Charnov of Hofstra University, New York; Some stunning photographs in the middle of the magazine; Articles on the Hafner Rotachute and the Focke Achgelis FA-330 (U-boat gyroglider), the two wartime gyrogliders that were instrumental in the development of our present day sport gyros, and news of some more interesting gyro developments, news, rumours etc.
No.4 March/April 2001
No information
No.5 May/June 2001
No information
No.6 July/August 2001
“Talkshop” with ultralight Gyrobee designer Dr Ralph Taggart; Wing Commander Ken Wallis discusses the gyro world records – past, present and future; Kevin Richey’s ‘Fright Flight’ – from the hotseat!; A new, better-flying PC gyro simulator? – at last! John Read’s ‘Skydancer’ is a free download; Gyro innovation aplenty, some really amazing gyros – the Editor’s report on what may be (some years) the world’s second biggest gyro event – Bois de la Pierre, near Toulouse in France; Articles, comments, ‘tips & tricks’, events, news and interesting rotary things.
No.7 September/October 2001
The “Talkshop” with Rusty Ferguson, (almost certainly) the world’s most experienced gyro pilot ever; “The Fairey Rotodyne: An Idea Whose Time Has Come Again?” – The first instalment of Dr Bruce Charnov’s in depth look at the Rotodyne (excellent photos provided by Westland Helicopters); “Dr Igor Bensen, The Man and His Machine” – by Rick Gilley; An article looking at recent research/comments made by Wing Commander Ken Wallis and Dr Stewart Houston – by Andy Keech; Man-powered autogyros; “Tips & Tricks”; Reports and photos from several major gyro events, including Wallis Days; News; Updates on previously reported items, etc.
No.8 November/December 2001
Flexing of rotors – discussion by Chuck Beaty and Wing Commander Ken Wallis, including in-flight photos made from movie footage from Ken’s rotorhead; The thinking behind a new variation of gyroglider designed by Peter Lovegrove; A long first cross-country flight (series of them actually) for student pilot Steve Boxall, as he joins a mass fly-out of gyros; A ‘Useful Tips & Ideas’ that ALL flyers ought to know about; The second part of the Rotodyne story + some technical questions asked about it by Jukka Tervamaki get answered; Mixed emotions aroused by a first gyro flight (a short-but-sweet little article!); ‘Turbulators’ – a cheap and simple method to improve yaw oscillation in the high speed range – article; Plenty of news, including news on the UFO and a goodbye and “thankyou” to Ken Brock; Brief reports and photos from several major gyro events…. and more!
No.9 January/February 2002
No information
No.10 March/April 2002
No information

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