IPMS Magazine – Contents Listing 1964-1979

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Vol.1 No.1 Jan 1964
No information
Vol.1 No.2 Feb 1964
No information
Vol.1 No.3 Mar 1964
No information
Vol.1 No.4 Apr 1964
No information
Vol.1 No.5 May 1964
No information
Vol.1 No.6 June 1964
No information
Vol.1 No.7 7/1965
No information
Vol.1 No.8 8/1965
No information
Vol.1 No.9 9/1965
No information
Vol.1 No.10 Oct 1965
No information
Vol.1 No.11 Nov 1965
No information
Vol.1 No.12* Dec 1965
No information
Vol.2 No.1 Jan 1965
No information
Vol.2 No.2 Feb 1965
No information
Vol.2 No.3 Mar 1965
No information
Vol.2 No.4 Apr 1965
No information
Vol.2 No.5 May 1965
No information
Vol.2 No.6* June 1965
No information
Vol.2 No.7* Jul/Aug 1965
No information
Vol.2 No.8 8/1965
No information
Vol.2 No.9 9/1965
No information
Vol.2 No.10 Oct 1965
No information
Vol.2 No.11 Nov 1965
Spitfire F.XIV; Typhoon
Vol.2 No.12* Dec 1965
Hs 293 Glider Bomb; Britannia; Grumman Duck
Vol.3 No.1* Jan 1966
RCAF Sabre colour schemes
Vol.3 No.2 2/1966
Avenger; Camel; Fokker E.V
Vol.3 No.3 Mar 1966
Vol.3 No.4 4/1966
B-25; Gnat; German Paratroops
Vol.3 No.5 5/1966
Vol.3 No.6 6/1966
AEC Mk III Armoured Car; Yak-3
Vol.3 No.7 Jul 1966
Revell SR-71 kit review
Vol.3 No.8 Aug 1966
B-24J & M
Vol.3 No.9* Sept 1966
VC10; BAC 111; Wellington
Vol.3 No.10 Oct 1966
Sopwith Pup; Lozenge
Vol.3 No.11* Nov 1966
A6M Zeke 21; Panzerkampfwagen IIIL
Vol.3 No.12 Dec 1966
Luftwaffe Splinter Patterns; Me 410; Gladiator; Bristol Beaufighter
Vol.4 No.1 Jan 1967
Luftwaffe Splinter Patterns
Vol.4 No.2 February 1967
The Lockheed T-33 (4 pages markings drwgs); TV-2; Hints and Tips; Marking Time: Finishing Notes for Monogram Mustang and Kingfisher
Vol.4 No.3 Mar 1967
Cover Comment: The Fi 156 Storch; Hudson to Lockheed 14 Conversion; Gladiator; Hong Kong Comment; Marking Time: Boeing 314A
Vol.4 No.4 April 1967
Cover Comment: Mustang Miscellany (P-51); MiG-15; Marking Time: Vietnam and current US Camouflage
Vol.4 No.5 May 1967
Hawker Nimrod I & II fighter colours (drwgs); A-1 Syraider; US Camouflage Patterns for Vietnam (drwgs)
Vol.4 No.6 June 1967
Panzerkampfwagen IV; B-26 Invader; F-86
Vol.4 No.7* July 1967
R.F.C. Special Issue. Cover Comment: R.E.8 Markings; Sopwith Triplane Markings; Marking Time: General Finishing of RFC and RNAS Aircraft; Rigging Tips; S.E.5A
Vol.4 No.8* Aug 1967
Fleet Air Arm Barracuda; Hellcat; F-100; SPAD S VII
Vol.4 No.9 Sept 1967
Cover Comment: North American Harvard/Texan; Hints and Tips: The use of Moulding in Modifications; Portuguese Markings; HU-16; Refining the Airfix Heinkel He 111
Vol.4 No.10 Oct 1967
The Avro Anson I and II; YF-4M Phantom; Civil Aircraft of Yesteryear
Vol.4 No.11 November 1967
Fleet Air Arm; Shackleton
Vol.4 No.12 December 1967
Cover Comment: The Bearcat (F8F); THe Tigercat (F7F)
Vol.5 No.1 January 1968
Cover Comment: The Boeing 707; SAAB Fortress
Vol.5 No.2 Feb 1968
Westland Whirlwind heli; Westland Wessex Mks 1 & 5
Vol.5 No.3 March 1968
Cover Comment: Douglas Boston IIIA of 114 Sqn RAF Desert Air Force; He 177; Ju 88
Vol.5 No.4 Apr 1968
Sturmgeschutz; Fokker F.VII
Vol.5 No.5 May 1968
Conversion of Me 262A to Me 262B; The colourful F-4B Phantom; Nakajima G8N1 (Rita) Renzan; F6F-3; Converting Forg Mitchell II to a Tokyo Raider
Vol.5 No.6 Jun 1968
Fairey Battle
Vol.5 No.7 Jul 1968
P-47; Hawker Demon
Vol.5 No.8 Aug 1968
Cabin Windows; Me 410
Vol.5 No.9* September 1968
Cover Comment: Messerschmitt Bf 109G; Fw 190D-9; T-33; RAF in India between the Wars (photo page)
Vol.5 No.10 October 1968
Cover Comment: The Junkers Ju 52/3m in Norwegian Civil Service (6 pages drwgs); Skyraider; Helldiver (photo page)
Vol.5 No.11 November 1968
Supermarine Walrus (4 pages tone 4-view drwgs); MiG-21
Vol.5 No.12 Dec 1968
M-3; Rufe
Vol.6 No.1 January 1969
Cover Comment: Mirage III conversions (7 pages drwgs); Squadron Crests (drwgs)
Vol.6 No.2 Feb 1969
Cover Comment Concorde (3 pages nose drwgs); Fiat CR.42
Vol.6 No.3 March 1969
Special Australasian Issue. Hawker Demon (1 page drwgs); RAAF Spitfire V (2 pages drwgs); Beaufighter; Commonwealth Sabre (photo page)
Vol.6 No.4 Apr 1969
Cover Comment: A Matador for the Desert (truck, 1 drwg); Modification to Artiplast Fiat G.55; Italian Air Force colour schemes 1968; Chasseurs a Pied de la Garde 1804-1815
Vol.6 No.5 May 1969
Cover Comment: Grumman J2F Duck (2 drwgs); Typhoon IB (2 pages drwgs); F-102A; Corrections for Mirage III article Á drwgs from January issue
Vol.6 No.6 June 1969
Cover Comment: Handley Page Hampden (2 pages drwgs); MS.406; Fokker F-27; Northrop T-38A; Book Reviews
Vol.6 No.7 July 1969
Spacecraft Special Issue. Cover Comment: Spacecraft (Revell 1/48 spacecraft kits, 3 pages drwgs); Apollo 8 Command Module; Mercury Capsule
Vol.6 No.8 Aug 1969
Bristol Beaufighter; Sopwith Pup
Vol.6 No.9 Sept 1969
General Aviation Issue. Cover Commnet: The Lighter Side; Cessna 310; Cherokee; Beech 18; Aero Commander; H.S.125
Vol.6 No.10 Oct 1969
F-4; MiG-21
Vol.6 No.11 Nov 1969
P-39; F-105F
Vol.6 No.12 Dec 1969
C-130; F-86
Vol.7 No.1 Jan 1970
Cover Comment: The Hawker Tempest (5 pages drwgs); AT-6 of Brazilian AF (3 pages drwgs); Fouga CM-170 Magister; F-86F of USAF Korea; Luftwaffe Rank Insignia
Vol.7 No.2 Feb 1970
HP Jetstream; Typhoon; Hs 129; Boeing 727
Vol.7 No.3 Mar 1970
He 177
Vol.7 No.4 Apr 1970
F-104; Anson; A-7D
Vol.7 No.5 May 1970
Sea King (6 pages drwgs); CH-54; Boeing (Vertol) 107-II/H46
Vol.7 No.6 June 1970
Gloster Meteor I and IV (8 pages drwgs); Gloster Meteor (2 photo pages); Airspeed Oxford of RNethAF (1 page drwgs)
Vol.7 No.7 July 1970
Cover Comment: Hawker Siddeley Harrier; Kestrel Painting Guide; On the Assembly of Sailing Vessels
Vol.7 No.8 Aug 1970
Vol.7 No.9 Sept 1970
Jaguar; Finnish AF Buffalo camouflage
Vol.7 No.10 Oct 1970
Boeing 727; Boeing 737; BAC 111
Vol.7 No.11 Nov 1970
Post-war Spanish AF Hs 123
Vol.7 No.12 Dec 1970
L-29 Delfin
Vol.8 No.1 Jan 1971
Jeep; Rocket Launcher; Bf 109E; F-106
Vol.8 No.2 Feb 1971
Me Bf 109E Cockpit; Airfield Beacon
Vol.8 No.3 Mar 1971
Boeing 727; Boeing 737; Albion 350 Gallon Refueller
Vol.8 No.4 Apr 1971
Yak series; F-100
Vol.8 No.5 May 1971
Fw 190A; Fw 189 drawings; Sd Kfz 234
Vol.8 No.6 June 1971
Vultee Vengeance
Vol.8 No.7 July 1971
Albatros D.III; Sopwith Pup; Camel
Vol.8 No.8 Aug 1971
Me Bf 109K drawings; He 51; Type 94 Floatplane
Vol.8 No.9 Sep 1971
B-25; AT-6
Vol.8 No.10 Oct 1971
TB-26B-45-DL Tow Target Squadron; German MiG-15
Vol.8 No.11 Nov 1971
F-8 Crusader
Vol.8 No.12 Dec 1971
Churchill Crocodile; B-26
Vol.9 No.1 Jan 1972
P-39; Pfalz D.III
Vol.9 No.2 Feb 1972
PBY-5A; Sd Kfz 234
Vol.9 No.3 Mar 1972
Ju 88; Perkasa
Vol.9 No.4 Apr 1972
Sopwith Camel; F-111; Il-2
Vol.9 No.5 May 1972
Sea Fury; M-10 US Half Tracks; Hellcat
Vol.9 No.6 Jun 1972
SU-100; Albatros D.V; Hellcat
Vol.9 No.7 Jul 1972
Jetstream Variants; Camel; Albatros
Vol.9 No.8 Aug 1972
Nieuport 17; Churchill; Russian aircraft colours
Vol.9 No.9 Sep 1972
Vosper; WW1 Scout Aircraft
Vol.9 No.10 Oct 1972
Vol.9 No.11 Nov 1972
Revell Brewster Buffalo conversion to Finnish AF B.239; WW1 German Air & Naval Service Markings
Vol.9 No.12 Dec 1972
French Mirage III
Vol.10 No.1* Jan 1973
Letov S-328; King Tiger
Vol.10 No.2 Feb 1973
NA Harvard; Swedish Northrop B5
Vol.10 No.3 Mar 1973
Tiger Moth; WW1 Scout Aircraft; Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind
Vol.10 No.4 Apr 1973
KVII series; CANT Z.1007; A-26; Hawker Osprey detailed article
Vol.10 No.5 May 1973
Centurion III tank; Nimrod; BMW R75
Vol.10 No.6 Jun 1973
Strikemaster; Avenger; Potez 540; Panzer II
Vol.10 No.7 Jul 1973
No information
Vol.10 No.8 August 1973
Some Vultee Vengeance Markings; Cover Comments: Messerchmitt Me 262; A.E.C. Armoured Command Vehicles H.P. 6×6 Mk 1; Toryu
Vol.10 No.9 September 1973
Cover Comments; Detailing the Harrier; Aldershot Army Display 1973; Soap Shorts; Les Mureaux 117; Soviet A.F. P-40M
Vol.10 No.10 Oct 1973
Hawker Typhoon camoflage and markings
Vol.10 No.11 Nov-Dec 1973
SAAB J21A conversion
Vol.11 No.1 Jan-Feb 1974
DH Chipmunk
Vol.11 No.2 Mar-Apr 1974
Matchbox Beaufighter review
Vol.11 No.3 May-Jun 1974
HMS Hood
Vol.11 No.4 Jul-Aug 1974
BAC Canberra
Vol.11 No.5 Sep-Oct 1974
360 Sqn RAF
Vol.11 No.6 Nov-Dec 1974
Vol.12 No.1 Jan-Feb 1975
Vickers Vimy Mk.IV
Vol.12 No.2 Mar-Apr 1975
The Curtiss SB2C Helldiver; TBM-3 Avenger; Fokker DR1 Triplane; Thunderbirds are go!
Vol.12 No.3 May-Jun 1975
Gloster Javelin
Vol.12 No.4 Jul-Aug 1975
No information
Vol.12 No.5 Sep-Oct 1975
No information
Vol.12 No.6 Nov-Dec 1975
No information
Vol.13 No.1 Jan-Feb 1976
Grumman F7F-3 Tigercat
Vol.13 No.2 Mar-Apr 1976
No information
Vol.13 No.3 May-Jun 1976
Naval Wasps
Vol.13 No.4 Jul-Aug 1976
No information
Vol.13 No.5 Sep-Oct 1976
No information
Vol.13 No.6 Nov-Dec 1976
Vol.14 No.1 Jan-Feb 1977
Scorpion light tank
Vol.14 No.2 Mar-Apr 1977
No information
Vol.14 No.3 May-Jun 1977
Gloster Meteor feature (Mk.I drawings); AMT 1/48 Meteor F.8 review (cockpit drwgs)
Vol.14 No.4 Jul-Aug 1977
Navy Blues part 1
Vol.14 No.5 Sep-Oct 1977
Navy Blues part 2
Vol.14 No.6 Nov-Dec 1977
CF-104 detail photos
Vol.15 No.1 Jan-Feb 1978
F-104 Starfighters
Vol.15 No.2 Mar-Apr 1978
Navy Blues part 3
Vol.15 No.3 May-Jun 1978
Navy Blues part 4: Vought SB2U
Vol.15 No.4 Jul-Aug 1978
A-10 Camouflage (1 drwg); USN Camouflage 1941-1945 – Part 4 (1 page drwgs) [16 pages]
Vol.15 No.5 Sep-Oct 1978
No information
Vol.15 No.6 Nov-Dec 1978
The Merlin Engined Seafires in FAA Service; RAF Tornado camouflage
Vol.16 No.1 Jan-Feb 1979
The Merlin Engined Seafires in FAA Service; Mirage F.1 in close-up; The Setting of the Rising Sun (Japanese WW2 surrender aircraft, 6 drwgs)
Vol.16 No.2 Mar-Apr 1979
Spanish Civil War Republican Bombers (4 tone profiles)
Vol.16 No.3 May-Jun 1979
White Machines in Red Hands (WWI aircraft in Soviet service, 5 tone profiles); Hellenic Spit (drawing of Spitfire IX in Greek Military Museum); Me 262
Vol.16 No.4 Jul-Aug 1979
No information
Vol.16 No.5 Sep-Oct 1979
British Army DHC Beaver colours
Vol.16 No.6 Nov-Dec 1979
Israeli C-130 (camouflage drwg); Spitfires (photo page)
n/a (January 1969)
Special Review Issue. Review of magazines available from various countries; Reviews of IPMS magazines from UK, Australia, Canada, France and USA
n/a 1972
IPMS International Special: USMC Harriers

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