IPMS Magazine – Contents Listing 1980-1999

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Vol.17 No.1 Jan-Feb 1980
No information
Vol.17 No.2 Mar-Apr 1980
RN Sea Kings; F-16A of the Royal Belgium Air Force (detail photos) [16 pages]
Vol.17 No.3 May-Jun 1980
Balliols being crated for Ceylon (photos) [16 pages]
Vol.17 No.4 Jul-Aug 1980
No information [20 pages]
Vol.17 No.5 Sep-Oct 1980
South African armoured car (drwgs) [16 pages]
Vol.17 No.6 Nov-Dec 1980
CASA 101 (photo); Royal Navy Spitfire XV conversion (drwgs) [20 pages]
Vol.18 No.1 Jan-Feb 1981
F2H-3 Banshee (conversion drwgs for Airfix F2H-2) [12 pages]
Vol.18 No.2 Mar-Apr 1981
No information
Vol.18 No.3 May-Jun 1981
No information [20 pages]
Vol.18 No.4 Jul-Aug 1981
Austrian Bird Dog (1 page drwgs); Cobra (AH-1, 2+ tone profiles) [20 pages]
Vol.18 No.5 Sep-Oct 1981
IAT 1981 photos; Shenyang F-6 in Pakistan Air Force Service (8 tone profiles) [20 pages]
Vol.18 No.6 Nov/Dec 1981
SAAB 35 Draken Part I (4 pages 1/72 scale 3-view drwgs); A Scarlet Starfighter (CAF F-104, 2 pages drwgs); RAF Sabres (6 tone profiles) [32 pages]
Vol.19 No.1 Jan-Feb 1982
Saab 35 Draken – Part 2 (4 pages 1/72 scale 3-view drwgs); Sopwith Swallow (drwgs) [28 pages]
Vol.19 No.2 Mar-Apr 1982
No information
Vol.19 No.3 May-Jun 1982
Canadair Sabre 6 – IDFAF (2-view drwg); Super SAAB Part 3 – SAAB 37 Viggen (3 pages 1/72 scale drwgs) [28 pages]
Vol.19 No.4 Jul-Aug 1982
No information
Vol.19 No.5 Sep-Oct 1982
Super SAAB Part 4 – SAAB 37 Viggen (3 pages camouflage drwgs)
Vol.19 No.6 Nov-Dec 1982
No information
Vol.20 No.1 1983
No information [24 pages]
Vol.20 No.2 2/1983
Buccaneer (2 pages drwgs) [20 pages]
Vol.20 No.3 3/1983
No information [16 pages]
Vol.20 No.4 4/1983
Uruguayan Aviacion Naval N.A. SNJ-6 1975-76 (1 page drwg); Up, Up and Away Update (5 ejection seat drwgs) [16 pages]
Vol.20 No.5 5/1983
MiG-21MF (1/72 scale drwgs) [12 pages]
Vol.20 No.6 6/1983
U.S. Air Force Ancillary Equipment (photos of ground equipment); Israeli Aircaft Industries Kfir C.2 (Spin Trials) (2 pages 4-view 1/72 scale drwg) [20 pages]
Vol.21 No.1 1/1984
Vulcan B.Mk 2 (1/72 scale drwgs of refuelling installation & Shrike missiles) [18 pages]
Vol.21 No.2 2/1984
No information
Vol.21 No.3 3/1984
Home Canopy Moulding (how-to article)
Vol.21 No.4 4/1984
An Aquatic Harvard (T-6 on floats, scale drwgs); Danish F-100 – A Challenging Paint Scheme (how-to article) [12 pages]
Vol.21 No.5 5/1984
Armee de l’Air Colour Schemes in the Battle of France (photos of models) [12 pages]
Vol.21 No.6 6/1984
No information [22 pages]
Vol.22 No.1 1/1985
Snowy Sea Kings (RAF details photos); Israeli Ouragans (10 tone profiles); Phantom Pheature (WGAF F-4s, 6 tone profiles, 3 top/bottom views); Building the F-4K/M (conversion drwgs); Israeli Sabre (2-view tone drwg) [28 pages]
Vol.22 No.2 2/1985
No information
Vol.22 No.3 3/1985
No information
Vol.22 No.4 4/1985
No information
Vol.22 No.5 5/1985
No information
Vol.22 No.6 6/1985
50 Years of Service: DC-3/Dakota Anniversary (5 pages line & tone drwgs) [32 pages]
Vol.23 No.1 1/1986
Mirage IIIO (RAAF, 2 pages drwgs) [24 pages]
Vol.23 No.2 2/1986
Czech Spitfires (7 tone profiles); PZL P-46 Sum (12/72 scale 4-view drwg, P-42 side view drwg, details drwg); Spitfire Mk.Vb flown by Sqn. Ldr. Jan Zumbach (1 tone profile) [20 pages]
Vol.23 No.3 3/1986
The Hunter F Mk.6 in Belgian Service(5 tone profiles, 1 4-view tone drwg); 25 Jahre JG 71 ‘Richthofen’ (F-4F special colours, 1 page drwgs); The Martin Baker Mk F100A Ejection Seat for Mirage 2000 (1 page drwgs) [24 pages]
Vol.23 No.4 4/1986
PZL P-7A (1/72 scale 5-view drwg, details drwgs); S. Skalski’s PZL P-11C (1/50 scale 3-view tone drwg); Southern Cessna (Mexican Navy Cessna 150 tone profile) [24 pages]
Vol.23 No.5 5/1986
[New format with colour] Israeli Cub (col profile) [32 pages]
Vol.23 No.6 6/1986
Dornier Alpha Jet (1/72 scale 4-view tone drwg) [24 pages]
Vol.24 No.1 1/1987
Portuguese A-7 (photos); Belgian F-84E Thunderjets (3 pages 3-view drwgs) [24 pages]
Vol.24 No.2 2/1987
Luftwaffe F-4F Camouflage Schemes (4 pages drwgs); Belgian Harvards (3 pages drwgs); Danish Dynamite (Draken tone drwg) [32 pages]
Vol.24 No.3 3/1987
Belgian Alouette III (2 tone profiles); The Aussie Mirages (3 pages tone drwgs); F-8E(FN) (col photo); Mirage 5BA (col photo) [24 pages]
Vol.24 No.4 4/1987
Argentinian Falklands War A-4 Skyhawks (7 tone profiles); Boeing B-17C/D (1/72 conversion drwgs); T-2C Buckeye (10 tone profiles); Indian MiG-21s (1 page tone drwgs); MiG-21MF (1/72 scale 4-view drwg) [32 pages]
Vol.24 No.5 5/1987
From Twotter …To Otter (conversion of Matchbox DHC-6 to DHC-3, 1/72 scale 3-view drwg, 9 tone profiles); Ilyushin Il-2 ‘Shturmovik’ (1/72 scale 3-view drwgs, interior & landing gear details, 10 tone profiles); Marcel’s Missing Link … a Mystere Resolved (Mystere IVA, 1 3-view drwg, 2 tone profiles) [30 pages]
Vol.24 No.6 6/1987
Australian Tiger Moths (2 pages tone profiles); Argentine Panthers (F9F, tone drwgs); Building a 1/72 Scale Hawker Hunter (interior drwgs, 3 tone profiles) [40 pages]
Vol.25 No.1 1/1988
Australasian Skyhawks (Australia & New Zealand use, 4 pages drwgs); Singaporean Skyhawks (2 pages drwgs); Skyhawk Kits (1/72 scale kit reviews); Silver Snipes (5 tone profiles) [32 pages]
Vol.25 No.2 2/1988
Super Mystere B2 in Israeli Service (9 tone profiles, 2 plan views); Modelling the Airfix Super Mystere; Polikarpov I-153 ‘Chaika’ (10 tone profiles); The Warsaw Pact Air Forces Colours (2 Czech MiG-21 3-view drwgs); Ilyushin Il-2M-82FN (radial engine conversion, 1/2 page drwgs) [32 pages]
Vol.25 No.3 3/1988
The Nine-Cylinder Hawks (Hawk 75, 1/72 scale 5-view drwg, 11 tone profiles); Portuguese ‘Ginas’ (1/72 scale 4-view camouflage drwg) [32 pages]
Vol.25 No.4 4/1988
The GAF Canberra Mk.20 Cartographic Survey Aircraft (1/72 scale drwgs); ‘Nautical Bats’ The De Havilland Vampire in RAN Service (3 tone profiles); Woomera’s Meteors (8 tone profiles); Post-War Avengers (6 tone profiles) [32 pages + 16 page Product Review Supplement]
Vol.25 No.5 5/1988
24th Anniversary Special: Norway’s He 115N (4 tone profiles); SAAB Fortress (1 page drwgs); 30th Anniversary G-91 (col photo, 3-view drwg); Danish Hawker Nimrod (4-view drwg); Canadian CF-5 Aggressor (4-view drwg); Dutch Spitfire Trainer (3-view drwg); MiG-21bis in Finnish Service (5 tone profiles); Belgian Meteor F.8 (5-view drwg) [44 pages]
Vol.25 No.6 6/1988
Mosquito Variants – A Modeller’s Guide (11 tone profiles); Post-War French Schemes (8 tone profiles); Spitfire Mk VIII and IX (conversion); Israeli F-15 No.658 Typhoon (1 tone profile); Lo-Vis Gooney (RAAF C-47 drawings) [32 pages + 16 page Product Review Supplement]
Vol.26 No.1 1/1989
AV-8B Update (2 pages camouflage patterns); Hawker Hunter Twin Seater XL621 (4 tone profiles); Dutch Spitfires (2 pages drwgs); LaGG-3 (3 pages drwgs); The Football War (5 tone drwgs) [32 pages + 4 page Product Review Supplement]
Vol.26 No.2 2/1989
Israeli CH-53 (1 tone profile); Photo Reconnaissance Spitfires (5 2-view tone drwgs); Modelling the Su-7 (1/72 scaqle drwg, Czech camouflage pattern, details drwgs); Beaver (7 tone profiles); Photo-Recce Mustangs (5 tone profiles) [28 pages + 12 page Product Review Supplement]
Vol.26 No.3 3/1989
Airwar Over the Balkans 1940-41 (17 tone profiles); Lavochkin La-5 (4 tone profiles); Singapore Hunters (4 tone profiles) [28 pages + 4 page Product Review Supplement]
Vol.26 No.4 4/1989
F-104S Starfighter Intercettori Classico (1 tone profile); Operation Jubilee: Dieppe, 19th August 1942 (10 tone profiles); Photo-Reconnaissance Hurricanes (2 tone profiles) [24 pages + 8 page Product Review Supplement]
Vol.26 No.5 5/1989
No information
Vol.26 No.6 6/1989
No information
Vol.27 No.1 1/1990
No information
Vol.27 No.2 2/1990
No information
Vol.27 No.3 3/1990
No information
Vol.27 No.4 4/1990
No information
Vol.27 No.5 5/1990
No information
Vol.27 No.6 6/1990
No information
Vol.28 No.1 1/1991
No information
Vol.28 No.2 2/1991
No information
Vol.28 No.3 3/1991
No information
Vol.28 No.4 4/1991
No information
Vol.28 No.5 5/1991
No information
Vol.28 No.6 6/1991
1991 Nationals Report; Modelling the Me 110; Iraq’s T69II; QANTAS 767 colours; Frogfoot the Sukhoi Shturmovik; Matchbox’s Nooduyn Norseman; 12 pages of Reviews
Vol.29 No.1 1/1992
No information
Vol.29 No.2 2/1992
No information
Vol.29 No.3 3/1992
No information
Vol.29 No.4 4/1992
No information
Vol.29 No.5 5/1992
No information
Vol.29 No.6 6/1992
No information
Vol.30 No.1 1/1993
No information
Vol.30 No.2 2/1993
No information
Vol.30 No.3 3/1993
No information
Vol.30 No.4 4/1993
No information
Vol.30 No.5 5/1993
No information
Vol.30 No.6 6/1993
No information
Vol.31 No.1 Jan-Feb 1994
No information
Vol.31 No.2 Mar-Apr 1994
No information
Vol.31 No.3 May-Jun 1994
No information
Vol.31 No.4 Jul-Aug 1994
No information
Vol.31 No.5 Sep-Oct 1994
No information
Vol.31 No.6 Nov-Dec 1994
No information
Vol.32 No.1 Jan-Feb 1995
No information
Vol.32 No.2 Mar-Apr 1995
No information
Vol.32 No.3 May-Jun/1995
No information
Vol.32 No.4 Jul-Aug/1995
No information
Vol.32 No.5 Sept-Oct/1995
No information
Vol.32 No.6 Nov/Dec 1995
No information
Vol.33 No.1 Jan-Feb 1996
No information
Vol.33 No.2 Mar-Apr 1996
No information
Vol.33 No.3 May-Aug 1996
No information
Vol.33 No.4 Jul-Aug/1996
No information
Vol.33 No.5 Sep-Oct 1996
No information
Vol.33 No.6 Nov-Dec 1996
No information
Vol.34 No.1 1/1997
No information
Vol.34 No.2 2/1997
No information
Vol.34 No.3 3/1997
No information
Vol.34 No.4 4/1997
No information
Vol.34 No.5 5/1997
No information
Vol.34 No.6 6/1997
No information
Vol.35 No.1 1/1998
No information
Vol.35 No.2 2/1998
No information
Vol.35 No.3 3/1998
No information
Vol.35 No.4 4/1998
No information
Vol.35 No.5 5/1998
No information
Vol.35 No.6 6/1998
No information
Vol.36 No.1 1/1999
Hurricane Mk I; Their Finest Hour? Part II; M113 used by Israel; Belgian Nieuports; QE2 part 2; T-Bird Hunter; 11 pages of Reviews
Vol.36 No.2 2/1999
No information
Vol.36 No.3 May-June 1999
Northern European Theatre Diorama, circa 1945; Air Operations Over The Philippines 1941; Their Finest Hour Part IV; Sculpting Figures South African Style; Dungeon Guard
Vol.36 No.4 4/1999
No information
Vol.36 No.5 Sept/October 1999
USS Enterprise (Star Trek, drwgs); Jensen’s Interceptors Part 1; Tempest II; Dingo Diversions; Schnellboot in 1/700 scale, Private Ryan’s ‘Tigers’
Vol.36 No.6 Nov/Dec 1999
IPMS(UK) Nationals Report; Jensen’s Interceptors Part Two; Sci-Fi: The Roswell UFO; KISS (The Band) – in miniature; Destroyer Kits; Tiger Tribute; Fokker F.VII

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