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November/December 1998*
News (Hunter restorations); Hunter Special – RAF Hunter Revival (ETPS/DERA use); Hunter Special – Airworthy Survivors in the UK (listing); Delta Jets (Hunter restoration); The Black Arrows (team history); Concorde – Riding the Rocket into the 21st Century; From P1067 to Eurofighter Typhoon (display flying at Farnborough, Hunter F.4 & Eurofighter Typhoon cockpit drwgs); From the Cockpit: Harrier T10 (front & rear cockpits drwgs); Pilot Profile – Lietenant Commander Dave Baddams – the Early Years (RAN A-4 pilot); Classic Jetliners (pictorial); Tomcat RIO (F-14 rear cockpit drawg); ‘Energetic and Keen’ Lightnings of No.29 Sqn; Mojave Mecca (stored aircraft) [76 pages]
January/February 1999
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March/April 1999
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May/June 1999
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Autumn 1999
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Winter 1999*
News (inc. F-8E(FN) fates table); All at Sea (Harriers on HMS Illustrious); Vulcan B2 XH558 – A History; The Resurrection of XH558; Vulcan Survivors (listing); Vulcan – From the Cockpit (cutaway drwg, cockpit drwg); MAKS ’99 (Russian airshow pictorial); Suffolk Voodoos (USAFE use of F-101, 4 col profiles); The Ultimate Tanker (RAF Super VC10s, variants drwgs); Thai Navy Jets (Harrier & Corsair use); Swiss Fighters (current frontline types); Conway B707 – the Bare Facts (Conway engined Boeing 707, production list); Flying Reviews (book reviews); Smoke Trails (readers letters) [92 pages]
Spring 2000
No information
Summer 2000
Falklands War; Sea Vixen – flying again; the world beating Hawk; Lightning vs Tornado; Italian Starfighters; Russian Air Force; Concordes successor
Autumn 2000
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Winter 2000
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Spring 2001
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Summer 2001
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Autumn 2001
F/A-18 Hornet: Command View, Bombing Iraq, From the Cockpit; Conway Boeing 707s; Skyhawks for Hire; The ‘Golden Age’ Sea Harrier; 800 NAS Fighter Squadron; Lightning T.5; NATO Fighters; Virgin’s Ladies
Winter 2001
News; Books (short reviews); Skylines (readers letters); Boldy Gone – On Board USS Enterprise; The USAF and the F-4 – Jack of all Trades, Master of None – The Phantom Story Part I; Flying the F-4 – Me and the Phantom II – The Phantom Story Part II; Turning the Air Blue (RAF 92 Sqn display team on Hunters); Life with the A Team – RAF Test Pilot, Boscombe Down 1968-72; Pocket Rocket – Flying the Gnat (cutaway, cockpit photos); Heavyweight Champ – Strategic Airlifter – Antonov An-124 Ruslan; Pod Life – Air Combat Training – Tactical Leadership Programme; Comet with Attitude – RAF Nimrod MR.2 – The Mighty Kipper; Flashing Blade – Air Combat: Korea – F-86 Sabre vs MiG-15; Desert Warrior – Spirit of the Tempest – HAL HF-24 Marut; The Last Voodoo – Comedy of Errors (delivery flight incident); View from the Cockpit (CAA test pilot) [90 pages]
Spring 2002
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