Journal of Military Aviation – Contents Listing

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Vol.1 No.1 Jan/Feb 1992
Desert Storm Shooters (air to air kills); KC-135 Status Report
Vol.1 No.2 Mar/Apr 1992
F-4S Phantom II
Vol.1 No.3 May/June 1992
No information
Vol.1 No.4 July/Aug 1992
SAC Switchblades (FB-111)
Vol.1 No.5 Sept/Oct 1992
Farewell to the FB-111
Vol.1 No.6 November/December 1992
Puerto Rico ANG; 469 TFS – Korat 1972; VU-32 ‘Tracers’; RAF Vulcan; Drones at Point Mugu; Tomcat Update
Vol.2 No.1 Jan/Feb 1993
Colorado ANG; SR-71 Blackbird Legacy; Polish MiGs Retired; CIS Flankers Depart Poland; Heyl Ha’avir Boeing 707s; 419 TFTS and the CF-5; VMA-322 ‘Fightning Gamecocks’ History
Vol.2 No.2 March/April 1993
New York’s 102nd RQS – ANG’s Oldest Unit; William Tell 1992; Airlift Rodeo 1990; T-1A Jayhawk Enters Service; New Jersey’s Tankers and Nose Art; Soviet AF Recce Units; Strike Eagles at Seymour Johnson
Vol.2 No.3 May/June 1993
Fifty years of testing at NAS Patuxent River; T-45 Goshawk enters service; Special ops at Harrisburg; Falcons, Weasels and Warthogs at Spangdahlem
Vol.2 No.4 July/Aug 1993
No information

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