Koku-Fan – Contents Listing 1980s

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Vol.29 No.1 January 1980
USAF F-4E; USN/USAF air to air col photos; A-10; SAAB 32 Lansen; 347 TFW F-4 markings; BK 117
Vol.29 No.2 February 1980
NATO Air Power col photos; Tiger Meet CF-104 Starfighter special markings; KF Special File – misc col photos; Edwards AFB col photos; JASDF 1st ACM meeting col photos; Fuerza Aerea Venezolana col photos; A6M2 Zeke col profile; Japan International Aerospace Show b+w photos; A300B2 b+w photos; ? (Sony bizjet photo); F-14 in the Pacific b+w photos; Saab 35 Draken b+w photos; Japanese Army Air Wings WWII: Mitsubishi Ki-67 Hiryu ‘Peggy’ b+w photos; Photo News b+w photos; NATO Air Power (bases map, organisation tree, orbat); A6M Zero pilot, Ki-43 pilot; Ki-61 Hien; Machine Guns; Modelling Manual: Lockheed F-104 Starfighter (16 pages internal & external detail sketches, markings, stencil markings etc); Avro Lancaster b+w photos; Combat Squadron Markings and Painting of Navy Aircraft: LTV A-7 Corsair II b+w photos & tone profiles; Modelling (inc. Jaguar tone 2-view drwg). English Summary: 1979 Japan International Aerospace Show; WWII Japanese Combat Aircraft Story (1) Army Type 3 Fighter ‘Hien’ Part 1; Aerospace Topics Around the Pacific; IJN Markings – seaplane carrier aircraft (24 aircraft fin tone drwgs); Hobby Kit News – LS 1/144 SEPECAT Jaguar & Hasegawa 1/48 Army Type 97 Fighter
Vol.29 No.3 March 1980
Fiat G.91; Spanish AF in colour; JASDF F-4s; PMTC F-4s; F-15 Eagle; F-4D; F-4S Phantom II; KF Special File; Fly Red Phantom; IJN Markings; Kadena air base; Curtiss Hawk modelling manual; WW II Combat Aircraft Story (1); World Airliner & Fleet List; F-82 Twin Mustang; F-86 in Korea [160 pgs]
Vol.29 No.4 April 1980
T-2 JASDF – Mitsubishi T-2 col photos; F-15 Eagle Sqn Marking – USAF col photos; JMSDF PS-1 col photos; KF Special File misc. col photos; F-86F Sabre Port AF col photos; 5th Air Force in Korea 2: B-29 col photos; Fuerza Aerea Colombiana & Dominican Military Aviation Corps col photos; Kawanishi Interceptor Fighter Shiden N1K1-J ‘George’ col profile; Photo Report T-2/JASDF b+w photos; Lockheed C-130 Hercules b+w photos; Macchi MB.326/339 b+w photos & 3-view line drwg; Fiat G.80/82 b+w photos & 3-view line drwg; Japanese Navy Air Wings WWII Kugisho D4Y Carrier Dive Bomber ‘Suisei’ (Judy) b+w photos; Photo News b+w photos; C-130 technical description; Nakajima J1N1; Aircraft Guns Part 4: MG 17; B-29 in Korean War; Modelling Manual: JASDF Mitsubishi T-2 & F-1 (16 pages internal & external detail sketches & tone drwgs); Messerchmitt Bf 110 b+w photos; McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle markings USAF tone drwgs; F/A-18 Hornet prototype b+w photos ; Modelling: Monogram 1/48 F-15 Eagle, Hasegawa 1/72 & Fujimi 1/48 Mitsubishi T-2, 1/72 5000th Phantom, 1/48 SA341 & Bo 105, William Bros 1/32 Wedell-Williams Racer, Gunze 1/72 Type 93 Advanced Trainer. English Summary: WWII Japanese Combat Aircraft Story(1) Army Type 3 Fighter “Hien” Part 3 (3 tone profiles); ‘JASDF is a tight professional force’ – interview with head of US 5th AF & US Forces Japan; Aerospace Topics; IJN Markings: Battleship seaplanes (9 aircraft fin tone drwgs); Hobby Kit News – 5000th Phantom 1/72 scale kit by Hasegawa, Gunze Fokker D.VII/Fokker DR.I/Type 93 Secondary Trainer
Vol.29 No.5 May 1980
U.S. Air Force Aircraft in colour; JASDF RF-4E; F-86; 5th AF in Korea; Portuguese AF in colour; Luke AFB; FAA aircraft; Sonia; Modelling Manual C-130; Bf 110; Gekko; Sud Ouest SO4050 [160 pgs]
Vol.29 No.6 June 1980
USN & USMC helicopters in colour; AH-1J/S; Helicopters in Vietnam War; modelling manual US Gunslingers – AH-1G/J/Q/S/T, UH-1B/C/D/E, LOH-6A
Vol.29 No.7 July 1980
Modern fighter ACM; Clark AFB F-4s in colour; JASDF F-4s; Swiss AF in colour; F-16s at Hill AFB in colour; F4E; 5th AF F-86 Sabres in Korea; RAF Red Flag; Cougar; SNCAN fighters; Jill Type 2; Japanese Army Air Wings; modelling manual Bf 109G/K; Douglas A-1; Gekko [160 pgs]
Vol.29 No.8 August 1980
US Navy jet attack aircraft; USS Saratoga; Aircraft of USS Coral Sea; 5th AF F-80s; Austrian AF; F-86; Nakajima 97; A-4 modelling manual
Vol.29 No.9 September 1980
Japanese DC-3; F-100 ANG use; Farnborough; Royal Australian AF; Perry; McDonnell F2H; FW 190 A/F/G; A-26; Mitsubishi Type 1; US ANG modelling manual (F-51 to A-10); F-105 [160 pgs]
Vol.29 No.10 October 1980
Best Focus ’80; OA-37B; Corsair in the Sky – USN A-7 Corsair II; Korean War US Navy; 366 TFW F-111; F-102; Nakajima Ki-84 Frank modelling manual; F4D
Vol.29 No.11 November 1980
F-16B; Belgian AF; VA-174; 5th AF B-26s; Luftwaffe in USA; F-84; Farnborough ’80; F-105 modelling manual
Vol.29 No.12 December 1980
Mcdonnell F2H; F-16; B-57; Farnborough ’80; TAM ’80; Sea Harrier FRS.1; RAAF; 5th AF F-86s; air to air colour; Fw 190A/F/G modelling manual; Iran vs Iraq war
Vol.30 No.1 January 1981
CVW-2 col photos; CVW-14 col photos; Cope North 81-1 col photos; A-10 Thunderbolt II col photos; KF Special File – misc. col photos; RNethAF & MLD col photos; Nakajima Ki-49-IIC ‘Helen’ col profile; A-7 Corsair II USN b+w photos; OV-10 Bronco At Vietnam War b+w photos; McDonnell F-3 Demon b+w photos; Photo News International b+w photos; Photo News Domestic b+w photos; Airshow b+w pics; JASDF b+w pics; Cope North 81-1; Iran Hostage Rescue Mission; Japanese Balloon Observers; F-86 in Korean War 1950-1953; KF News; Modelling Manual: Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II (16 pages line & tone drwgs); USAFE b+w photos; The Camouflage & Markings USN & USMC Fighters – WW2 b+w photos; IJNAF Unit Markings Part 18 (12 tail fin tone drwgs); Mitsubishi Interceptor Fighter ‘Raiden’ (3 tone profiles); US Carrier Fighters of WWII (F4F, F4U, F6F tone drwgs). English Summary: WWII Japanese Aircraft 4: Mitsubishi Type 1 Attack Bomber Part 2 – G4M series (5 line drwgs); Imperial Japanese Navy Marking – land-based air unit markings (15 tail fin tone drwgs); Aerospace Topics; ’80 20th All Japan Plastic Model Show; Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Mk.Vb review
Vol.30 No.2 February 1981
William Tell; JASDF F-4/F-104 new camo scheme; B-36 close up; F-14 colour + modelling manual
Vol.30 No.3 March 1981
Italian AF; AF SOUTH; Vulcan B.2 XL367; Turkey Shoot F-105s; Italian F-84; Me 262A,B modelling manual; Frecce Tricolori
Vol.30 No.4 April 1981
SR-71 ‘Habu’; YF-12A; CVW-6 air to air; Finnish AF; A-20; TA-4F-J; Raiden; MiG-21; Mil Mi-24; Kawasaki Ki-61 Type 3 Fighter Hien-Modelling Manual; Soviet aircraft
Vol.30 No.5 May 1981
Philippine Air Force; A-10; Blue Impulse; Flying Fire Fighters; JASDF F-86F colour & modelling manual
Vol.30 No.6 June 1981
Red Flag 81; F-15J; F-15; F-128; 405 TTW; modelling F-18; F4U-1/7 modelling manual
Vol.30 No.7 July 1981
A-10s; 474 TFW F-16s; Central Florida Airshow; BAC Lightnings in the 1980s; F-5E Aggressor-Modelling Manual; RF-4; F-94; Nakajima Shoki; Kugisho Suisei
Vol.30 No.8 August 1981
SAAB 37 Viggen; IAI Kfir; F-106A; Aloha Air Force – Hawaii ANG; 8 TFW; Exercise Coronet Falcon; RAAF Diamond Jubilee; FJ-2/-4; Spitfire in Battle; Modelling Manual Spitfire Mk.I-XVI; Nimitz ship fire disaster
Vol.30 No.9 September 1981
IAT ’81; Paris Air Show ’81; Royal Thai AF; A7MW “Reppu”; Modelling Manual J7W Shinden; Nakajima Type 2 Fighter Shoki; Imperial Japanese Navy Markings; F-86A/E Sabre; Harrier Carrier
Vol.30 No.10 October 1981
Flying Cavalry UH-60A & CH-47A; IAT’81 Helicopter Meet; Maple Flag 7; Modelling F9F Panther; AH-1 Cobra
Vol.30 No.11 November 1981
JASDF ’81: F-15J & F-4EJ; JASDF F-86F; Battle of Britain Memorial Flight; TR-1A; Israeli AF; Hurricane modelling manual; F-14 vs Su-22; Avro Lancaster; SR-71
Vol.30 No.12 December 1981
F-16s; South Korea F-4Ds; Harriers of RAF Germany; Busy Prairie II; Wings of US Navy & Marines; Dutch Navy P-3C; Misawa Air Festival; Harrier GR.1/3 & AV-A modelling manual; F7U; Mottled paint Phantom; Type 96 attack aircraft; Tachikawa 95 training aircraft
Vol.31 No.1 January 1982
Virginia ANG F-105s; Hellenic AF; USAF Worldwide Fighter Gunnery Meet Gunsmoke 10/81; Recon. Phantom; K5Y2 “Willow”; Junkers Ju 87A/R Stuka Modelling Manual; Mitsubishi Type 96 Land-Based Attack Bomber
Vol.31 No.2 February 1982
F-4 MiG Killers; F-4EJ modelling manual; JSDF F-104/F-4/F-1
Vol.31 No.3 March 1982
Nikon Photo Finish 1981; RF-86F Memories; RF-4C/E; 152 TFS/162 TFG A-7Ds of ANG; “El Tigers”; Spanish Mirage Squadrons; Ki-46-2 “Dinah”; F-86D/K/L Sabre Dog; Modelling Manual WW2 Photo Reconnaissance a/c; In Search of the ’80s
Vol.31 No.4 April 1982
Sub Hunter P-3 Orion; Photograph P-3 Orion; P-3 Update II; Take-off Blue Impulse; CV-61 USS Ranger at sea; P-3A/B/C Orion modelling manual; Panama AF
Vol.31 No.5 May 1982
Aircraft of the Royal Air Force Special: RAF part 1; RAF part 2; RAF Germany; New Generation of RAF; Modelling manual: RAF Strike Command (Lightning, Phantom Buccaneer, Harrier); Type 99 bomber
Vol.31 No.6 June 1982
RAAF Mirage IIIs over Malaysia; Wings of RAAF; Memorial Wings of RAAF; VFA-125; JSDF Neptunes; RNZAF; Modelling Manual A6M Zero Models 52-63
Vol.31 No.7 July 1982
DC ANG; ‘Gallant Express’; F-105; Crusader; Apache; modelling manual USAF fighter aircraft cockpits (F-100 to F-16)
Vol.31 No.8 August 1982
Japanese Blue Impulse Team; USS Ranger; USN Aggressor aircraft; RIMPAC 82
Vol.31 No.9 September 1982
US Coast Guard; Japanese SAR; F-16; Helicopters; JASDF F-4EJ & F-104 camouflage – Modelling Manual; Nakajima Type 97 Carrier Attacker; Falklands War
Vol.31 No.10 October 1982
B-52s and F-106s; F-16XL; Mildenhall Fete; Blue Impulse; Me 163 modelling manual
Vol.31 No.11 November 1982
A-10 Warthog; AH-1S; CH-53E; Kawanishi Type 2 Flying Boat; Blue Angels; US Helicopters and their Armament – Modelling Manual; Boeing 757; T-34; MB 339A; OV-10; Me 109G
Vol.31 No.12 December 1982
Rockwell B-1; Welcome Home Wiry20; A-7D VA ANG; NAS Miramar Open House; Thunderbirds debut F-16 – foldout photo; Norwegian AF; Farnborough ’82; modelling manual USMC fighters (1) F2A, F4F, F6F, F4U, F7F; AH-1S Cobra; CH-53E; A-10 Thunderbolt II
Vol.32 No.1 January 1983
Thunderbirds; Harrier; Zero Carrier Fighter Mk.52; Sepecat Jaguar Modelling Manual; Kawanishi Type 2 Flying Boat
Vol.32 No.2 February 1983
P-47 modelling manual
Vol.32 No.3 March 1983
Hot Scramble; C-117D Skytroopers; Red Flag; Point Magu Air Show; Sea Harrier; South African AF; Zero Carrier Mk.22; AV-8B; BAC Lightning; Thunderbirds modelling manual
Vol.32 No.4 April 1983
EF-11A; F-105G; Royal Danish AF; Oshkosh Fly-In; Zero Carrier Mk.11; Modelling Manual F-4B/N/J/S, RF-4B Phantom II; Eagles over Spain
Vol.32 No.5 May 1983
modelling manual Do 335
Vol.32 No.6 June 1983
PS-1/US-1; Grumman HU-16 Albatross; Thunderbirds, Blue Angels; modelling manual P-40
Vol.32 No.7 July 1983
F-18; He 219 modelling manual
Vol.32 No.8 August 1983
VAQ-33 & 34; The Specters VMFP-3 & RF-4B; T-1; NAS Miramar; Palmdale in Paris; Boeing 767; Modelling Manual F8F; Yesteryear XB-43; Thunderbirds; Martin B-57
Vol.32 No.9 September 1983
Vol.32 No.10 October 1983
International Air Tattoo ’83; VF-96 Phantom Aces; F-4 25th anniv colours; Blue Bleu Blue; Turkish AF; AFRES Fighter Comp ’83; Black Bird SR-71; Big-J; Kyofu N1K1 “Rex”; D-558-1 Skystreak
Vol.32 No.11 November 1983
USS Midway; CVW-5 Midway’s Graffiti (air wing markings photo feature)
Vol.32 No.12 December 1983
No information
Vol.33 No.1 January 1984
F-86; 36 TFW F-15s; Elmendorf AFB; VF-74; Gunsmoke ’83; Italian Army Light Aviation in colour; Vigilante; F1M1-2 “Rei-Shiki” Observation Seaplane; Beech Starship; Modelling Manual Special WW II
Vol.33 No.2 February 1984
F-105s of 466 & 128 TFS; UAE; Italian AF Tornados; Mitsubishi T-2; Warbirds
Vol.33 No.3 March 1984
Louisiana ANG; NAS Oceana; Dutch F-5; RSAF 144 Sqn; A-3 Skywarriors; Modelling manual – Red star Aces (I-15bis to P-40)
Vol.33 No.4 April 1984
F-18 Hornet; Joint Exercises; MiG Shock; JASDF E-2C; RNethAF; HMS Invincible; Asian Aerospace ’84; F-16; A-20 Havoc Part 1; Indonesian AF
Vol.33 No.5 May 1984
Mirage 2000; Mirage IV; DC-3; Red FLag ’84; Modelling Manual A6M1 & A6M2N Zero; Havoc Part 2
Vol.33 No.6 June 1984
T-6/SNJ modelling manual
Vol.33 No.7 July 1984
Michigan Warriors – Michigan ANG F-4s; Minnesota Interceptor; Okinawa Marines; Hot Turn-Arounds; NATO Raven One EF-111A; F-15; EKA-3B; Soviet Military Power ’84; McClellan AFB; C-130/L-100 Hercules; Special Operations AC-47 Spooky Colorfile; F5D-1 Skylancer; modelling manual Iron Cross aces
Vol.33 No.8 August 1984
MC-130 Gunship; Thunderbirds; Combat Talon MC-130; Aces in the Sky; Red Baron Phantoms; C-124 Globemaster; Irish Air Corps; Ki-15-I; AC-130 Spectre; Modelling Manual “Blue Impulse”
Vol.33 No.9 September 1984
USS Carl Vison; Hornets from MAG-II; AC-119 Gunships; E-3 AWACS; Douglas A/B-26 Invader; Navy Type 94-I Reconnaissance Seaplane; Modelling Manual “Suisei” D4Y Judy (Comet); Special Operations
Vol.33 No.10 October 1984
Blue Impulse; Canadian CF-101 Voodoos; PACAF Base Osan; RoKAF Kunsan; C-21 Learjet; Weekend Warriors in USAF; Agressive Whales over the Pacific; ERA-3B; NATO Falcons over Red Flag; Air Expo at NAEC Lakehurst, NJ
Vol.33 No.11 November 1984
F-14 Tomcat; Tactical Air Meet ’84; Colourful RF-4E of AKG 51; Royal Malaysian AF; Libyan aircraft; F-100 Super Sabre; Modelling Manual Aichi Seiran
Vol.33 No.12 December 1984
Bear Shooting – USSR Tu-95 Bear; Detail-up Fishbed MiG-21bis/UM; Rockwell B-1B; Good old bird of the 60s; Finnish Fishbeds; Modelling Manual MiG-21; Combat Rescue; Farnborough Air Show
Vol.34 No.1 January 1985
Japanese Air Defense – JSDF F-15; 20th Anniversary of the 204th Squad; HH-60 Night Hawk; Ju 52 and Storch; USS Intrepid in the 60s; Bolivian AF; Grumman X-29; Douglas O-31; Grumman EA-6A Intruder; Modelling Manual Ju 52/3m
Vol.34 No.2 February 1985
JASDF Tactical Air Meet 1984; Gallant Eagle ’84; Japan’s P-2J retirement; Good old birds of the 60s; Tigers Again RAF 74 Sqn F-4Js; RAAF; Gifu Air Base Air Festival; R6D/C-118; Modelling Manual JMSDF S2F-1 Tracker
Vol.34 No.3 March 1985
Carl Vinson in Yokosuka; The Wildcats F/A-18 of VFA-131; US Army T-28B Trojan; Iwo Jima Base; Sri Lanka AF; FAA NASA Crash Test; Good old birds of the 60s; Meteor; Yesteryear XP-67; C-118; Modelling Manual Kyohu, Shiden & Shiden-Kai; Illustrated World War II aircraft Ki-60 Fighter
Vol.34 No.4 April 1985
FMA Argentina; B-17G Sally B poster insert; F-4s of 111 Sqn; Vintage Warbirds; Good old birds of the 60s; Old-timer in Canada; C-21A; The MD-80 Family; SNJ Harvard; Yesteryear XB-19; Fuerza Aerea de Chile; Modelling Manual – Grumman UF-2 (HU-16) Albatross
Vol.34 No.5 May 1985
Fighter Eiko & Eagle; Ever Onward 204; F-104J; Japanese Air Self Defense Force; WGAF Alphajet A; AdlA Alpha Jet E; LHA-1 Tarawa; Brunei Air Wing; Yesteryear Douglas C-133; Modelling manual Secret Weapons of Japanese Navy – Experimental Nakajima “Kikka” etc; Modelling Manual Special – Japanese Army & Navy fighters; Combat Rescue
Vol.34 No.6 June 1985
X-Series; X-Planes X-1 – X-29; Yesteryear Douglas X-3; Copper Flag 85-1; Tyndall AFB; Argentine Naval Air Command; Good old birds of the 60s; Welcome Home 432 TFW F-16s; C-46; Modelling Manual F-16; Combat Rescue; 97 Light Bomber
Vol.34 No.7 July 1985
Air Combat F-4S Phantom; XT-4 roll out; Tomcat in Reserve; Cecil Today (NAS Cecil); JAS 39; Royal Australian Navy; Team Spirit ’85; Super DC-3s; Modelling Luftwaffe composite aircraft e.g. Mistel
Vol.34 No.8 August 1985
F-4EJ; F-21A Kfir; Japan’s C-1; YS-11; Gulfport; Another air force in the Desert – MASDC; modelling manual Cessna/Fuji O-1A,E (L-19); WGAF F-104 foldout colour photo
Vol.34 No.9 September 1985
TR-1A; Beale AFB SR-71/U-2/TR-1; An-124 Condor; Anderson AFB Open House; Pakistan AF; Modelling Manual Type 99 Carrier aircraft
Vol.34 No.10 October 1985
Agusta A129 Mangusta; Hughes 500MD TOW; AH-1S Cobra; F-106 & B-52; SAC’s First B-1; Siai Marchetti S.211; Mitsubishi XT-4 foldout colour photo; Yesteryear DC-2; AV-8B/GR.5 Harrier II; modelling manual SH-3/HSS-2
Vol.34 No.11 November 1985
Frecce Tricolori ’85; Spanish AF F-4C Fighters; Tree-Top Bombers C-130; Operation Deep Freeze; Yesteryear DC-3; Ki-54; Soviet Air Update; Modelling Manual He 111H
Vol.34 No.12 December 1985
EF-111; TAC Recon; F-104G Starfighter; Aermacchi MB.339A; Southern Australia Aircraft Research & Development Unit – RAAF ARDU; Japanese Test Pilot Course; The Test Pilot’s World; Skyraider in Combat; Douglas DC-3; Nakajima Type I Hayabusa; Fw 190; Modeling Manual F-101B/F Voodoo
Vol.35 No.1 January 1986
JASDF Aggressor Group; 527 AS F-5E Aggressors at Alconbury; UH-1H D ‘Hind’; MiG-21; Gunsmoke ’85; Yokota Armed Forces Friendship Day; Portuguese AF; Yesteryear DC-3; Modelling Manual – Camouflage and markings of the Me 262A
Vol.35 No.2 February 1986
F-4EJ poster insert; Japanese Self Defense Force ACM Meet ’86; Misawa AB, Japan; Wings of the Republic of China AF; Sikorsky HH-3F; Soviet Frunze Base; Orient Shield ’85; Nieuport 29; Modelling Manual Vought A-7 Corsair II
Vol.35 No.3 March 1986
Sayonara F-104J (inc poster insert); Northern Defender: SAAB JA 37 Viggen; Home Coming Blue Angles; Pensacola Naval Air Station; Sukhoi Su-27; JMSDF PS-1; Illustrated World War II aircraft Suisei Type 43 (D4YA); Modelling Manual Polikarpov I-16
Vol.35 No.4 April 1986
F-21 Kfir; Israeli AF Museum; AH-64 Apache; Air Force in World Series R Hong Kong AAF; VF-161; USS Midway; JaBoG 32 Tornado IDS; Asian Aerospace ’86; The good old days of the “Eiko” series 03 202 Sq; F3H (F-3) Demon; Kawasaki Type 3 Fighter Hien (Ki-61 col profile); Super Aces of the Luftwaffe (b+w markings); Modelling Manual IAI Kfir;
Vol.35 No.5 May 1986
modelling manual F-14A
Vol.35 No.6 June 1986
JMSDF P-3C Orion; Bomber One – SAC B-1s; RF-4E; French Air Power – F-8E(FN); CCV; Egyptian Air Force; modelling manual Type 96 Submarine aircraft
Vol.35 No.7 July 1986
AV-8B in USMC; UK Based Harrier Force; Sea Harrier; F-106 Delta Dart; Good Bye Phantom; European Aerobatic Team 60; US Army Fixed Wing Aviation; F-4S VF-151 foldout colour photo; modelling manual Harrier/Sea Harrier
Vol.35 No.8 August 1986
Fighting Falcon: SC ANG 157 TFS, 50 TFW/10 TFS, F-16 AFTI, F-16N; USAF Tactical Recon Forces; RF-4FC; JASDF RF-4E; Spanish Air Force; modelling manual Pilot clothing & equipment
Vol.35 No.9 September 1986
75th Year of U.S. Naval Aviation: Blue Angels, F-14, F-18, A-7, A-6, EA-6B, KA-6D, C-2, Aggressor, Carrier Operation, PBY-6E Catalina, NAS Pensacola Open House, TRANS PAC, QF-86F, USN Squadron Insignia, SH-60B; C-22B; “Push Back” VF-151 & VF-161 TransPac; F/A-18 Modelling Manual
Vol.35 No.10 October 1986
Top Gun Story; Oceana Today; Exercise Pitch Black; MiG-29 Fulcrum; F-4EJ
Vol.35 No.11 November 1986
T-28 modelling manual
Vol.35 No.12 December 1986
Tu-22M; Midway’s Hornet (F-18 col photos); Farnborough 86; Red Arrows; BAe EAP; The Wings of Pakistan Air Force; modelling manual Spitfire Mk.12-24 (Griffon engine)
Vol.36 No.1 January 1987
The Vikings Starfighters; Camp Pendleton; Cobra; Huey; Trainer-One; Hindustan: Indian Armed Force; Ki-21 II koh; Helicopter Series; Modelling Manual F-4EJ camouflage; OV-10A/D Bronco; B-1B deployed; JASDF T-1 trainer
Vol.36 No.2 February 1987
Blue Angels with F-18; CVW-5 Hornets; F-18 refuelling mission; A-4 retirement; JASDF Air Defence; modelling manual F-4EJ camouflage 2
Vol.36 No.3 March 1987
RAM 1986 Recce Photo Meet; USAF in Hawaii; F-4; U.S. Navy 75th Anniversary marked F-4; modelling manual Fw 190D-9
Vol.36 No.4 April 1987
Royal Malaysian Air Force; USMC AV-8B first deployment to Europe; modelling manual A-4M Skyhawk; JMSDF SP-2 Neptune
Vol.36 No.5 May 1987
modelling manual F-14A
Vol.36 No.6 June 1987
Blue Angels with new F-18; Germany Royal AF; Zephyrs; Light & Flights; Modelling Manual He 162; F-15E Strike Eagle
Vol.36 No.7 July 1987
AH-1W; JASDF T-33A modelling manual; Swedish AF SAAB 35 Draken; air to ship missiles
Vol.36 No.8 August 1987
OV-1 modelling manual
Vol.36 No.9 September 1987
B-52; F-16 in Kansas ANG; F-4D; Le Bourget 87; F-16C; Modelling Manual Macchi C.202 Folgore
Vol.36 No.10 October 1987
IAT ’87; Tiger Tiger; Enemy of the Fleet VF-45 adversary; Flying School in Swiss AF; JASDF today; Chiboko Young Festival; Modelling Manual CH-46D
Vol.36 No.11 November 1987
French AF Mirage 2000; Boeing B-47 modelling manual
Vol.36 No.12 December 1987
Thunderbirds in Japan; Iwakuni USMC base; JASDF wings
Vol.37 No.1 January 1988
MiG-15 over the America; Wings of the Republic of China Air Force; ATF development; MiG-15 modelling manual
Vol.37 No.2 February 1988
modelling manual B-52
Vol.37 No.3 March 1988
European, Japanese and American Attack Helos (SA 365M; PAH-1; A129-3; AH-64); modelling manual Mi-24 Hind
Vol.37 No.4 April 1988
MiG Killer Phantom; modelling manual Lightning
Vol.37 No.5 May 1988
WGAF G.91; US Navy Electronic Warfare units; modelling manual B-57
Vol.37 No.6 June 1988
B-1B; T-45; VMFT401 Marine Adversary; Saab Viggen; modelling manual B-1B
Vol.37 No.7 July 1988
modelling manual AV-8B Harrier II
Vol.37 No.8 August 1988
Soviet Military Power; modelling manual WW2 Russian Fighters – LaG-5, LaGG-3; MiG-3, Yak-1/3/7/9
Vol.37 No.9 September 1988
USAF 1988 – USAF Today & Tomorrow; ANG F-16; B-1B; V-22; IJNAF E15K1 Shiun floatplane colour profile; F-104 modelling manual
Vol.37 No.10 October 1988
F-4 30th anniv special: The Tigers; Phantom’s Nest; F-4 30th; Landivisau; The Lightning; F-4 Modelling Manual; Targeting the sky (5)
Vol.37 No.11 November 1988
Pakistan AF; Ramstein AB; TAM ’88; MiG-29UB; Ases de Portugal; Modelling Manual US-1; NATO; Tomcat Squadrons (22)
Vol.37 No.12 December 1988
MiG-29; Slender Black Lady TR-1; T-4; S-3 modelling manual
Vol.38 No.1 January 1989
F-14; F-14 TARPS; Airplane Digest No.1: Boeing B-17
Vol.38 No.2 February 1989
Stealth Fighter & Bomber; Northrop B-2 Stealth Bomber; F-117; Exercise Pitch Black; KC-130R; B-17G Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby; Tomcat Squadrons – VF-213 Black Lions; RAF Tornado F.3; Swiss Air Force; UH-1A,B,C,M; Airplane Digest No.2: Gloster Meteor
Vol.38 No.3 March 1989
William Tell 1988; Italy retires F-104; 305 Sqn JASDF; Airplane Digest No.3: Japanese Army HQ Reconaissance Aircraft
Vol.38 No.4 April 1989
Airplane Digest No.4: North American F-86A,E,F Sabre
Vol.38 No.5 May 1989
Pakistan AF; F-15 Strike Eagle; Boeing 747-400 cockpit; WW2 Japanese aircraft; Airplane Digest No.5: Republic P-47 Tunderbolt
Vol.38 No.6 June 1989
Airplane Digest No.6: Sikorsky S-55(H-19) /S-58 (H-34)
Vol.38 No.7 July 1989
Puma Helicopter; Soviet, Czech, and British helicopters; C-130 Hercules; Report from Poland; Light & Flight; Soviet fighters and bombers; Airplane Digest No.7: IJNAF Carrier Bomber Suisei (Judy) D4Y
Vol.38 No.8 August 1989
Marking of JASDF; NATO forces TFM ’89; T-4 squadron move; F-117; Airplane Digest No.8: Convair X/YF2Y-1 Sea Dart
Vol.38 No.9 September 1989
Paris Air Show: Detailed Report; B-52’s at Castle AFB; M-4 Bison B; Tu-142 Bear D; Su-25 and Su-27; Helicopters of the Vietnam War; Imperial Japanese Navy Type 18 Experimental; Soviet Air Force History; Airplane Digest No.9: Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress part 2 [170 pages]
Vol.38 No.10 October 1989
Northrop B-2 First Flight; South Carolina ANG F-16s; Shoguns 18 TFW; USAF; Air Fete ’89; 400 vols; Light & Flight (31); MiG-29; Rafale; American and Soviet Attack Helicopter; Agusta; Airplanes Digest No.10: Convair B-36 Peacemaker; Targeting the Sky (17) P-3; LTV A-7
Vol.38 No.11 November 1989
MiG-29 Fulcrum over U.S.; Yugoslav AF MiG-29; RoCAF bases; IAT ’89; Japanese tactical aircraft of WWII; Airplane Digest No.11: Lockheed P-80 (F-80) Shooting Star [170 pages]
Vol.38 No.12 December 1989
History of U.S. Aircraft Carrier, F-14 NAS Miramar, F-14 NAS Oceana, Flying the Ball, KA-6D; Chile AF; Airplane Digest No.12: De Havilland Mosquito

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