Koku-Fan – Contents Listing 1990s

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Vol.39 No.1 January 1990
Daytime flights of F-117A Wobbly Goblin; Edwards AFB Open House 1989; Mi-35 Hind; Ka-32 Helix; Fuerza Aerea Uruguaya; Spanish Harriers; Dakota Close-Out; A-7E; Radar Made Simple; Airplane Digest No.13: Republic F-84 Series; Army Air Corps Transport Family; Soviet Air Force History
Vol.39 No.2 February 1990
JASDF TAC Gunnery & Bombing Meet ’89; F-15; Sure Fire 1989; Fuerza Aeria Ecuatoriana; Ki-27; NASA DC-8-72 Globe; MH-53; AMX; Airplane Digest No.14: Lockheed P-38 Lightning
Vol.39 No.3 March 1990
WTO Air Power; MiG-21; Operation Bayonet; Afghanistan Air Force Aircraft In Pakistan; F-104S; Swiss Air Power; Polish Air Power; Su-22; Phased Array Radar; History of Soviet Air Force; Airplane Digest No.15: Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15/-17
Vol.39 No.4 April 1990
Pakistan AF F-7P Skybolt; Shorts Tucano; Pilatus PC-9; RNLAF Grasshoppers; AH-1S; MD-11; Trainers of the World; US Invasion Into Panama; IJN Recon Keiun; Airplane Digest No.16: Curtiss P-40 Warhawk
Vol.39 No.5 May 1990
MH-60; Air Marshall Ray Funnell; Airplane Digest No.17: British V-Bombers Valiant, Vulcan, Victor
Vol.39 No.6 June 1990
Sukhoi Su-27; Tomcat; F-15 STOL-MTD; ARES; Lockheed SR-71A; NJ ANG; Fuerza Aerea Argentina; A-7D; F-117A; Airplane Digest No.18: McDonnell F3H Demon
Vol.39 No.7 July 1990
USAF Reveals Lockheed F-117A Stealth Fighter; Rockwell MBB X-31; VMFT-401 Snipers; F-4E & F-4G Phantom; Turkish Air Force; F-5Es; F-15Js; F-16s; F-104s; F-5A/Bs; Airplanes Digest No.19: Junkers Ju 188/388
Vol.39 No.8 August 1990
F-117A; F-22 and F-23; JASDF Agressor Squadrons F-15; CVW-6 Mediterranean Cruise 1990 Onboard the USS Forrestal; Rafale; US Navy Carrier Air Wing 1990; SAC; Airplane Digest No.20: Consolidated PBY Catalina
Vol.39 No.9 September 1990
Airplane Digest No.21: Chance Vought F7U Cutlass
Vol.39 No.10 October 1990
Su-27; YF-23A Close-Up; F-117A; Luftstreitkrafte; Hungarian AF MiG-21; KV-107; E-3D Sentry; 8th Squadron 30th Anniversary; F-117A and YF-23A ATF; Radar in EW; Douglas C-17A; Airplane Digest No.2: Messerschmitt Bf 110; He 219 fold-out drawing
Vol.39 No.11 November 1990
Airplane Digest No.23: Hawker Hunter
Vol.39 No.12 December 1990
Ramenskoye Flight Test Center; Yugoslav AF Air Show; Yak-38; Tu-160; T-33A; Airplanes Digest No.24: Grumman F4F Wildcat
Vol.40 No.1 January 1991
Airplane Digest No.25: McDonnell F2H Banshee
Vol.40 No.2 February 1991
MiG-29s Of East German AF; Mirage 2000B; Russiam MiG-29 & MiG-29UB; Buccaneers; F-15E Strike Eagles; F-117; Tornado; F-15s; A-12 Avenger II; MiG-21s; MiG-23s; Mi-24s; Nyutabaru Air Festival; Frecce Tricolori; Red Arrows; Patrouille de France; Patrouille Swiss; F-18; F-111G; T-4s; Airplane Digest No.26: Hawker Hurricane; Poster of a CA-12
Vol.40 No.3 March 1991
Airplane Digest No.27: SAAB 32 Lansen
Vol.40 No.4 April 1991
Toronado F.3 to the Gulf; CH 53E Sea Stallion; TAC Recon RF-4C; F-4E; AH-1S Sortie; Airbus; Operation Desert Storm; Airplane Digest No.28: Avro Lancaster
Vol.40 No.5 May 1991
Hawaiian Alert; Night Falcon in So. Korea; Operation Desert Storm; F-16; Ju 87G; UH-60; Airplane Digest No.29: Mirage III,5/50, F.1
Vol.40 No.6 June 1991
Desert Storm aircraft; Airplane Digest No.30: Supermarine Swift & Scimitar
Vol.40 No.7 July 1991
USMC Adversary Squadron; Tactical Fighter Training; Oceana; Supermarine Spitfire; Airplane Digest No.31: Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet; Republic F-84G Thunderjet foldout color profile; MiG-31; British Royal Flying Corps in WW1
Vol.40 No.8 August 1991
Airplane Digest No.32: Fairey Gannet
Vol.40 No.9 September 1991
MiG-25s; Stealth Aircraft; Air Fete ’91; Airplane Digest No.33: Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Vol.40 No.10 October 1991
Desert Corsair; Kuwait Highway Patrol; F-16; C-130E; Mirage; Fouga C.M. 170 Magister (fold-out); Museum of Flying; Airplane Digest No.34: Folland (Hawker Siddeley Gnat
Vol.40 No.11 November 1991
F-117; Tiger Meet; International Air Tattoo; Yak-141; MH-60G; Airplane Digest No.35: Grumman TBF/TBM Avenger
Vol.40 No.12 December 1991
P-42; Indian Air Force Part I; Miramar & Pt Magu; Fw 190S-8 at RAF Museum; Australia Research Fama IA58A Pucara fold-out; F-4; Airplane Digest No.36: SAAB 35 Draken
Vol.41 No.1 January 1992
Russian Aerobatic Flying Team “Russian Knights” (Su-27s); The “Strizhi” (Means Swifts) Aerobatic Team (MiG-29s); Russian Aerbatic Team in the U.K.; F-16s; F-5E; A-10; 3rd Marine Air Wing NOW; CH-53; CH-46E; F-18s; KC-135R; UH-1N; AH-1W; AC-130Z Ultra; Edwards Air Force Base Open House; Airplane Digest No.37: Heinkel He 111; Poster on the Nakajima Army Type 1 Fighter “Hayabusa” II-OTSU
Vol.41 No.2 February 1992
Lockheed F-117A; Next Sukhoi Multi-Role Fighter Su-37; Dubai ’91 Air Show; JASDF Air Self Defense Force; Gun Smoke 91; Airplane Digest No.38: Boeing B-47 Stratojet; Me 163 Komet; Air Force History of Vietnam; Open House at Nyuutabaru Air Base; Kawasaki Army type 99 (Ki-48II-KOU) fold out
Vol.41 No.3 March 1992
Airplane Digest No.39: Consolidated B-24 Liberator
Vol.41 No.4 April 1992
EF-111A Electric Raven; Dassalt Rafale M; UH-60 Rescue Hawk; Misawa; Soviet Air to Surface Missiles; VC-1 Blue Aliis Hawaiian Wings; President Bush over Japan; MiG-21bis Fishbed-L fold out; JASDF; Airplane Digest No.40: Convair B-58 Hustler; Air Force History of Vietnam
Vol.41 No.5 May 1992
USA Carrier Air Wing; VF-43; F-14A; Vampires; Me 262; Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat fold out; Republic F-84G Thunderjet color plate; Airplane Digest No.41: Douglas A-3 Skywarrior
Vol.41 No.6 June 1992
Airplane Digest No.42: Hawker Typhoon/Tempest
Vol.41 No.7 July 1992
Airplane Digest No.43: North American B-25 Mitchell
Vol.41 No.8 August 1992
Rafale & Marine Rafale; MACS Yuma; 50th Anniversary of Doolittle Raid; Thunderbirds; El Toro Air Show; “Lady Lex” USS Lexington; Airplane Digest No.44: Hawker Siddeley (Blackburn) Buccaneer; Douglas A-1H Skyraider fold-out
Vol.41 No.9 September 1992
F-4 over Okinawa; P-3C over the Reef; Ground Self Defense in Okinawa; RAF Boscombe Air International; Helicopter Units in NAHA; Swiss AF 1914-1945; J-8I fold out
Vol.41 No.10 October 1992
Tu-95; MiG-29; ILA’92; 18th WG; MiG-31; Airplanes Digest No.45: Douglas C-47 Skytrain
Vol.41 No.11 November 1992
Airplane Digest No.46: McDonnell Douglas F-101 Voodoo
Vol.41 No.12 December 1992
Ka-50 Hokum vs AH-64 Apache; Farnborough International Air Show ’92; Kawasaki T-4 Jet; ES-3A Viking; AV-8A Harrier; TAV-8A Harrier; F-16s; F-4s; British WWII Aircraft – Western Desert AF Spitfires in colour photos; Airplane Digest No.47: Douglas DB-7/A-20 Havoc; Polikarpov I-152 (I-15bis) colour poster
Vol.42 No.1 January 1993
Diamond Jubilee of Belgian F-16 Falcon Units; White Smoke over Matsushima – Mitsubishi T-4 Blue Impulse Flying Team; Farewell to British Phantoms; NAWS Point Magu Open House; Then and Now “Airforce Of Cambodia”; Flight Jackets; 96 Land-Based Attack Bomber; New “Cockroach” Nest Holloman Air Force Base Open House; F/A-18; F-16s; E-2C Hawkeye; Airplane Digest No.48: British Phantom
Vol.42 No.2 February 1993 Issue 482
PACAF: 18th WG, Kadena AB, Okinawa; Keen Edge ’93, Joint US-Japan Exercise; German Air Force Training in Canada; Ilyushin Il-102, Tri-Fold Color Illustration by Kazuaki Koisumi; Aircraft Digest No.49: Dornier Do 17
Vol.42 No.3 March 1993 Issue 483
US Navy Today & Tomorrow: F-14 Bombcat; Super Sara (USS Saratoga); Flying Banana (H-21); VF-41 F-14 Tri Fold color Picture; VFA-127; Aircraft Digest No.50: Convair F-102 Delta Dagger; JASDF T-5 trainer; Clemenceau French Navy carrier
Vol.42 No.4 April 1993 Issue 484
F-117 A/49TFW Holloman AFB, NM; 50th Anniversary Normandie-Niemen French Air Force; The Last F-100 in Europe (Tracor Flight Services); Tachikawa Type 95 (Ki9) Tri Fold Color Illustration by Kazuaki Koizumi; Aircraft Digest No.51: Cessna L-19/O-1 Bird Dog
Vol.42 No.5 May 1993 Issue 485
Jolly, HH-60G 432 FW/39 RQS; USMS Aviation ’93; Croation Air Force; New Design for the T-4 Blue Impulse Flight Demo Team; F4U-7 Tri Fold Color Illustration by Kazuaki Koizumi; Aircraft Digest No.52: Convair F-106 Delta Dart
Vol.42 No.6 June 1993
Test Pilots; Blue Impulse; T-4; Su-27; IDF Ching-Kuo Fighter; B-1B F-117; US Navy F-4 ‘Zippo’; F-15C; Douglas C-17 Globemaster III; JPATS; Airplanes Digest No.53: Grumman S2F Tracker
Vol.42 No.7 July 1993
Airplane Digest No.54: BAC Lightning
Vol.42 No.8 August 1993 Issue 488
USAF F-4 & F-16; Russian Long Range Aviation; 75th Anniversary 111th FS/147th FG, Texas ANG; Miako in the Sky (Japanese Actress flies the SDF for Publicity in a T-1A Jet Trainer); Gee Bee Racer; Ki-52 Transport Bi Fold Color Illustration; Aircraft Digest No.55: Lockheed F-94 Starfire
Vol.42 No.9 (489) September 1993 Issue 489
AC-130, EC-130, MC-130, HC-130 & MH-53J; The 40th Paris Air Show ’93; Andrews AFB Open House; Curtiss Hawk H81-A2 (AVG P-40A) Tri Fold Color Illustration by Kazuaki Koizumi; Aircraft Digest No.56: Curtiss C-46 Commando; Air Transport Command
Vol.42 No.10 October 1993 Issue 490
International Air Tattoo ’93, RAF Fairford; Dragon Lady U-2R; JASDF F-1 Fighter; P-51D Mustang (“Passion Wagon”) Tri Fold Color Illustration by Kazuaki Koizumi; Aircraft Digest No.57: English Electric Canberra
Vol.42 No.11 November 1993
Airplane Digest No.58: Kaman H-2 Seasprite
Vol.42 No.12 (492) December 1993
D-Day 50th Anniv CF-188; RoCAF air power; F-104J/DJ; Roving Sands ’93; Sentry Eagle ’93; Thai Air Show ’93; Aichi D3A2; Airplanes Digest No.59: Douglas A/B-26 Invader
Vol.43 No.1 January 1994
Mitsubishi F-1; RAF Special; HMLA-367; T-45; P5M; T-4; Airplane Digest No.60: Hawker Siddeley Nimrod
Vol.43 No.2 February 1994
Airplane Digest No.61: Grumman OV-1 Mohawk
Vol.43 No.3 March 1994
Over Iwo Jima; CSH-2 Rooivalk, South African Attack Helicopter; Ka-50; MH-60G; The Gunship Helicopter; CH-47J; VF-21; B-1B; Swiss Air Force Hunters; Gen. John Shalikashvilli; Bell AH-1G Cobra fold-out; Toward the Jet Force, Part 1; Airplanes Digest No.62: Boeing Vertol CH-46/V-107
Vol.43 No.4 April 1994 Issue No.496
Guardian of the Nihon-Kai (Air to Air Pictures of F-4EJs over the Sea of Japan); Southermost Squadron (302Sq, Naha AB, Okinawa); Blue Impulse, T-2 to T-4; B-24H-15-FO Liberator, Tri-fold Color Illustration by Kazuaki Koizumi; Aircraft Digest No.63: Lockheed F-104J/DJ Eikoh
Vol.43 No.5 May 1994 Issue No.497
Airplane Digest No.64: Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter/Tiger II
Vol.43 No.6 June 1994 Issue No.498
Airplane Digest No.65: Cessna O-2 Super Skymaster
Vol.43 No.7 July 1994 Issue 499
Deny Flight; Blue Impulse Rolls Out; Rafele M Sea Trials; Fuerza Aerea Paraguaya (Paraguayan Air Force); Boeing P-26A Peashooter, Tri-fold Color Illustration by Kazuaki Koizumi; Aircraft Digest No.66: Hawker Siddeley (De Havilland) Sea Vixen
Vol.43 No.8 August 1994 Issue 500
Flying Zero, Confederate Air Force’s Airplane; A6M5 scale line drawings; Yak-3; Royal Singaporian Air Force “Black Knights” Air Demo Team; Gloster Gladiator Mk.II, Tri-fold Color Illustration by Kazuaki Koizumi; Aircraft Digest No.67: Bristol Beaufighter
Vol.43 No.9 September 1994 Issue 501
Super Flanker; 50th Anniversary D-Day Celebration in the UK; Flying Mustang P-51D; Senkyo ’94, Komatsu AB, Japan; Curtiss Hawk III, Tri-fold Color Illustration by Kazuaki Koizumi; Aircraft Digest No.68: Martin B-26 Marauder
Vol.43 No.10 October 1994
Airplane Digest No.69: Bell OH-58 Kiowa
Vol.43 No.11 November 1994
Thunderbirds; Misawa open day; T-4 poster; NAS Miramar airshow; OH-X; MiG-29; P-51; Airplane Digest No.70: North American FJ Fury
Vol.43 No.12 December 1994 Issue 504
40th Anniversary JASDF; Farnborough ’94 International; AMPHA’S Collection of War Birds; P-38G-13-LO, Tri-fold Color Illustration by Kazuaki Koizumi; Aircraft Digest No.71: North American F-86F (JASDF)
Vol.44 No.1 January 1995
Airplane Digest No.72: Gloster Javelin
Vol.44 No.2 February 1995
Blue Impulse; B-2; Airplane Digest No.73: North American XB-70 Valkyrie
Vol.44 No.3 March 1995
FS-X; 302 TFS; A-4 VMA-131; Airplanes Digest No.74: Cessna T-37/A-37 Dragonfly
Vol.44 No.4 April 1995
FS-X; 204 Sq F-15; Airplane Digest No.75: Lockheed/Kawasaki T-33A
Vol.44 No.5 May 1995
366 WG; Airplane Digest No.76: Heinkel He 162 Salamander
Vol.44 No.6 June 1995
T-33 Special; Airplane Digest No.77: Rockwell T-2 Buckeye
Vol.44 No.7 July 1995
Zero Returns; C-17; B-2; Airplane Digest No.78: Northrop B-35/B-49
Vol.44 No.8 August 1995
Senkyo ’95; WW2 Japanese planes at Guadalcanal; Female fighter pilots; USS Eisenhower; Airplane Digest No.79: North American AJ Savage
Vol.44 No.9 September 1995
Paris Air Show ’95; B-17 & B-24; Airplane Digest No.80: Lockheed L-049/-1649 & C-69/-121 Constellation
Vol.44 No.10 October 1995
Airplane Digest No.81: Grumman F7F Tigercat
Vol.44 No.11 November 1995
Iwo Jima 95; Airplane Digest No.82: De Havilland Vampire/Venom
Vol.44 No.12 (516) December 1995
F-18E/F rollout; FS-X; QF-100, QF-4 drones; UF-104J; T-4; US-1A; VJ Day in Hawaii; Airplanes Digest No.83: Boeing B-50 Superfortress; Hayabusa revival
Vol.45 No.1 January 1996
Airplane Digest No.84: Hawker Siddeley P.1127/Kestrel
Vol.45 No.2 February 1996
Airplane Digest No.85: Douglas B-66 Destroyer
Vol.45 No.3 March 1996
Airplane Digest No.86: North American X-15
Vol.45 No.4 April 1996
Dragon Lady – Lockheed U-2 article; Airplane Digest No.87: Mikoyan MiG-25 Foxbat
Vol.45 No.5 May 1996
Scorpion Wind I-96; B-2A; NASA; VF-2 F-14D foldout colour photo; Ar 234; T-4; Airplane Digest No.88: Fairey Barracuda
Vol.45 No.6 June 1996
T-4 Blue debut; OH-XD; Taiwan AF; Illustrated Warplane Mitsubishi Ki-67 Hiryu (inc foldout colour profile); Airplane Digest No.89: Douglas F3D (F-10)
Vol.45 No.7 July 1996
F-4 – F-4G, F-4N; T-4; Desert Rescue V; U-125/-125A; Ar 234; VMFA-127; Airplane Digest No.90: Northrop F-89 Scorpion
Vol.45 No.8 August 1996
Flying Spitfire; VF-154 F-15; Ar 234; SNJ; Airplanes Digest No.91: Martin B-57 Canberra; JASDF F-15J markings
Vol.45 No.9 September 1996
Airplane Digest No.92: Saab 105 (Sk 60)
Vol.45 No.10 October 1996
USAF F-86F colour fold-out; Airplane Digest No.93: North American T-6/SNJ Texan
Vol.45 No.11 November 1996
Airplane Digest No.94: Boulton Paul Defiant
Vol.45 No.12 December 1996
Top Gun – Naval Strike and Warfare Center; Sukhoi Su-37 at Farnborough; F/A-18E/F; P-47 Thunderbolt; P-51; Airplane Digest No.95: Polikarpov I-16
Vol.46 No.1 January 1997
EA-6B feature; JASDF T-1 & T-33; 305 Sq JASDF; Me 262; Airplane Digest No.96: Beech T-34 Mentor
Vol.46 No.2 February 1997
Airplane Digest No.97: Tupolev Tu-16 Badger
Vol.46 No.3 March 1997
Airplane Digest No.98: Fairchild C-123 Provider
Vol.46 No.4 April 1997
Airplane Digest No.99: Mitsubishi MU-2/LR-1
Vol.46 No.5 May 1997
CVN-74; Me 410; Alexander V.R. Johnstone; Airplane Digest No.100: Sikorsky/Westland S-55/Whirlwind
Vol.46 No.6 June 1997
A-6; CVW-2; F/A-18; NASA; SR-71; Airplane Digest No.101: Lavochkin La-5/-7
Vol.46 No.7 July 1997
F-22; T-50; Me 410; Airplane Digest No.102: Rockwell B-1 Lancer; 50th anniv US Army Golden Eagles; Air Museum Planes of Fame
Vol.46 No.8 August 1997
Airplane Digest No.103: Handley Page Victor
Vol.46 No.9 September 1997
P-3C; F-16A/B; Airplane Digest No.104: Yakovlev Yak-1/-3/-7/-9
Vol.46 No.10 October 1997
JAS-39; Harrier T.10; Airplane Digest No.105: FIAT G.91
Vol.46 No.11 November 1997
F-22; AFSOC; Airplane Digest No.106: Grumman HU-16 Albatross
Vol.46 No.12 December 1997
F-22 Raptor; V-22; NAS Oceana; Airplane Digest 107 North American A/RA-5 Vigilante
Vol.47 No.1 January 1998 Issue 541
50th Anniversary of Supersonic Flight & Edwards AFB Open House; Lantirn is Carried by Tomcat; Royal Thai Naval Air Force; Heinkel He 219 Uhu, Color Illustration Tri Fold Out; Airplanes Photo Chronicle File 1, Tu-95/-142; 737-300; Sukhoi S-37
Vol.47 No.2 February 1998 Issue 542
304 Sq, 20th Anniversary; End of Chapter 2, SR-71 Blackbird; NAS Cecil Field Open House ’97; Nakajima Ki-49-IIA Type 100 Tri Fold Out; Airplanes Photo Chronicle File 2, Brewster F2A-2 Buffalo; JASDF F-15J; He 219
Vol.47 No.3 March 1998 Issue 543
VMFT-401 “Snipers”; Desert Mirage, Dubai Air Show ’97; Exercise Kernel Blitz ’97; Airplanes Photo Chronicle File 3, Il-2/-10; Su-37; Air Force One – VC-25A, VH-60, VH-3D; He 219; VF-201 F-14A foldout colour photo
Vol.47 No.4 April 1998
C-119; C-17; F/A-18D & AV-8B; F-1 & F-4EJ; LIMA ’97
Vol.47 No.5 May 1998
No information
Vol.47 No.6 June 1998
F-15; E-767; F-2; A-1H; A-6
Vol.47 No.7 July 1998
Top Gun; Ju 87; PB4Y
Vol.47 No.8 August 1998
F-104; SAAB J-29; Ju 87D/G; Hong Kong Curve; JASDF F-15J foldout colour photo; Taiwan AF; 50 Years Berlin Airlift anniv.
Vol.47 No.9 September 1998
F-2; LCA; Zero Fighter; India & Pakistan forces comparison; Mitsubishi Karigane foldout colour profile
Vol.47 No.10 October 1998
OH-1; Ju 87D/G; Lockheed PV-1; Tiger Meet ’98 inc striped Fiat G.91 foldout colour profile
Vol.47 No.11 November 1998
CF-188; VC10; Ju 87
Vol.47 No.12 December 1998
Fw 200
Vol.48 No.1 January 1999 Issue No.553
F-22; Ta 154
Vol.48 No.2 February 1999 Issue No.554
F/A-18 vs MiG-29; Mitsubishi F-2; USMCR CAX ’98
Vol.48 No.3 March 1999 Issue No.555
Operation Desert Fox; IDF; F-16; A-10 re-evaluated; VF-201; F-18 of VF-201; Ta 154D; Mikoyan I-44 experimental fighter
Vol.48 No.4 April 1999 Issue No.556
MiG 1.44; Su-30; Ta 154;
Vol.48 No.5 May 1999 Issue No.557
F-22 & JSF: YF-22, JSF; VFC-13; Airbus A300-600; Beluga; Ta 154; C.202/205; VF-11/111
Vol.48 No.6 June 1999 Issue No.558
F-16; F-117; F-4
Vol.48 No.7 July 1999 Issue No.559
E-767; F-117
Vol.48 No.8 August 1999 Issue No.560
P-51; 8 FG/FW
Vol.48 No.9 September 1999 Issue No.561
Yokota AB now; US Carrier Battle Group in Pacific; He 177; VQ-5 ES-3A; An-140
Vol.48 No.10 October 1999 Issue No.562
Hawk & Connie – US Carriers Kitty Hawk & Constellation; JASDF use of EW/ECM – EC-1 & YS-11E; aircraft pioneer Masahiko Takeda; Kingsford Smith Airport report; All Nipon Airways hijack; He 117; No.54 Sqn; Hs 129
Vol.48 No.11 November 1999 Issue No.563
Aerobatics; In the Distant Days; Boeing 747-358; S-37; CVW-5; Boeing 767-400
Vol.48 No.12 December 1999 Issue No.564
NAS Oceana; P6M;

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