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Vol.49 No.1 January 2000 Issue No.565
NASA Special issue; XF-2B
Vol.49 No.2 February 2000 Issue No.566
VX-9; B-45
Vol.49 No.3 March 2000 Issue No.567
JSF Boeing X-32; JASDF; VC-8 A-4; P/F-80; VMFA-312; Hs 129; Malaysian AF
Vol.49 No.4 April 2000 Issue No.568
IDF/AF Today; History of Israeli AF; MC-130E/H Combat Talon I/II; C-141B SOLL II; NAS Atsugi Nov 3, 1964; 20 TFW; Hs 129; Forest fire-fighting aircraft
Vol.49 No.5 May 2000 Issue No.569
Ju 52; T-33A
Vol.49 No.6 June 2000 Issue No.570
Ju 52; F-22; F-2
Vol.49 No.7 July 2000 Issue No.571
RAH-66; VFA-122; Haneda Airport 1930s; 56 Sqn; Hs 129; El Salvador AF; Soviet P40s
Vol.49 No.8 August 2000 Issue No.572
ECM: CVW-11 & VAQ-142, F-15 Cope North Guam 2000, ECM; JASDF T-33A retirement; Wings 2000 CVW-5; No.56 Sqn
Vol.49 No.9 September 2000 Issue No.573
KF-16; Do 335; T-33A; HSL-51; ILA 2000
Vol.49 No.10 October 2000 Issue No.574
F/A-18E/F; Farnborough 2000; RIAT 2000; XFV-1
Vol.49 No.11 November 2000 Issue No.575
F-14; IDF; B-36; Aircraft nuclear weapons; Shuttleworth Collection; Yokota Air Festival; Do 335
Vol.49 No.12 December 2000 Issue No.576
Vol.50 No.1 January 2001 Issue No.577
F-86; F-15; A-4AR
Vol.50 No.2 February 2001 Issue No.578
Air Forces in Europe; German Fighter – modern Luftwaffe; Jax International Airshow
Vol.50 No.3 March 2001 Issue No.579
X-32 & X-35; F-18; F-16A; JASDF T-1 & T-4; F-15; Titanic Hornet; Area 51; I-15/16; Do 335; XF-85
Vol.50 No.4 April 2001 Issue No.580
MV-22B; Air Meet 2000; AH-1F
Vol.50 No.5 May 2001 Issue No.581
U.S. Navy: CVW-8 NAS Fallon; CVW-5; Area 51; DH.121 Trident
Vol.50 No.6 June 2001 Issue No.582
CVW-17; X-35; T-2; F-1/F-2; F-15; EP-3E; T-2/F-1; HALO; Area 51; Convair XFY-1
Vol.50 No.7 July 2001 Issue No.583
US Navy EP-3E vs Chinese fighter incident; F-14 Bombcat + JDAM; Sea Harrier FA.2; Do 217; Fi 156
Vol.50 No.8 August 2001 Issue No.584
ACM Meet 2001; BAC 111
Vol.50 No.9 September 2001 Issue No.585
Super SH-2G(A); Tiger Meet
Vol.50 No.10 October 2001 Issue No.586
RIAT 2001;
Vol.50 No.11 November 2001 Issue No.587
AMX in colors; Strike Wing CVW-1 in Fallon; MAKS 2001; USS Constellation
Vol.50 No.12 December 2001 Issue No.588
JSF X-35
Vol.51 No.1 January 2002 Issue No.589
KAI T-50; AC-47; Do 217
Vol.51 No.2 February 2002 Issue No.590
A-10; F-15E; FAC/CAS; Area 51; Do 217
Vol.51 No.3 March 2002 Issue No.591
VF-41 F-14; F-14 TARPS; F/A-18E/F; YS-11; Area 51
Vol.51 No.4 April 2002 Issue No.592
F-104; F-CK-1; Petlyakov Pe-2; Do 217; Macedonia AF; Bolivian AF
Vol.51 No.5 May 2002 Issue No.593
F-18E/F; VFA-122; XP-67; Do 217
Vol.51 No.6 June 2002 Issue No.594
B-2; He 100; C-21
Vol.51 No.7 July 2002 Issue No.595
F-4EJ; F-1; F-15; Flightworthy replica Me 262 project; A-4; FIDAE 2002
Vol.51 No.8 August 2002 Issue No.596
20th anniv of CF-18; ILA 2002; TAC Meet 2002; AS332L; Ar 196; Me 262
Vol.51 No.9 September 2002 Issue No.597
Vol.51 No.10 October 2002 Issue No.598
NATO Tiger Meet 2002; RIAT; USS George Washington and CVW-17; French AF EC1/12 50th anniv; Flying Legends 2002; Su-27
Vol.51 No.11 November 2002 Issue No.599
CVN-72 and CVW-14; Lions Meet & COMAO; Smoke Missile Shooters – VMFA-134; First NATO recce meet; Polish AF; Su-26
Vol.51 No.12 December 2002 Issue No.600
F8F; F-15; Taiwanese Thunder Tiger display team
Vol.52 No.1 January 2003 Issue No.601
Frecce Tricolori 2002 / Boeing Bird of Prey / F-117 Nighthawk Illustrated / CVW-7 Homecoming / Last Flight of Mitsubishi T-1 prototype / Exercise Cooperative Key 2002 (Balkans) / AXALP 2002 (Swiss AF) / Edwards AFB Open House / FINA-CAF Air Show 2002 / California International Air Show /
Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk / China AF & Taiwan AF / Kochi Prefecture helicopter rescue mission / Area 51 Pt.22 / Indonesian AF Past & Present Pt.1/3 / IJN historical series Pt.1/2 / Arado Ar234 Pt.1/10 /
FAI World Aerobatic Championship Japan Grand Prix / Iruma Air Show / JSDF Anniversary Air Review 2002 (Hyakuri AB) / Komaki Air Show / Futenma AB Flightline Fair 2002 / JGSDF Naha Air Show / JGSDF Akeno Air Show / International Fleet Review (Tokyo Bay)
Vol.52 No.2 February 2003 Issue No.602
Korean Guardians (USAF 8FW F-16s/RoKAF) / Korean Peninsula and Neighbouring Countries / “Puff the Magic Dragon” (AC-47 replica) / CVW-17 OEF/OSW Cruise / SFOR 11 – NATO Stability Force (Bosnia-Herzegovina) / NAS Pensacola Open House / Lake City Air Show / JASDF Hamamatsu, Gifu, Nyutabaru and Naha Air Shows / JGSDF Kisarazu Air Show / RoKAF CN235M & C-130H visit Japan / Sky Leisure Japan `02 / JAL/JAS new livery /
North Korean Military Might (incl. articles on RoK armed forces) / The Cost of the US`s Military Air Strategy / Overview of SDF-Related Equipment Costs / Airliner Operating Costs / Warbird Private Ownership / Direct Steps to Private Flying / Middle East Report (ElAl and Saudia hijackings/Arkia missile attack)/ Area 51 Pt.23 / Indonesian AF Past & Present Pt.2/3 / IJN historical feature Pt.2/2 / Arado Ar234 Pt.2/10 /
FTX 2002 (US/Japan)
Vol.52 No.3 March 2003 Issue No.603
Me262 (replica) Flies At Last / The `Nightmares` Today (VMA-513 AV-8Bs) / RAAF Base Pearce – `Home of the Hawk` / CVW-17 Homecoming / Rhino`s Nest – NAS Lemoore CA / CVWR-20 / NAS Jacksonville Open House / USS Constellation (CV-64) – Last Battle Voyage / VF-154 `Black Knights` at Atsugi / F-8 Crusader Colour Album / JCAB Flight Inspection Unit / (Fold-out section) US Naval Aviation Carrier Air Wings 2002-2003 (plus deployment patches) /
US Navy CVG and CVW Changes / Guide to Current US Navy Flying Units / US Navy Flying Unit Mini Guide (historical) / SDF Aviation Budget FY2003 / WWII Personal Histories Pt.1 (IJN ground crew) / Area 51 Pt.24 / Arado Ar234 Pt.3/10
JASDF Tsuiki Air Show / JGSDF Naha celebrates 30th anniversary / JMSDF First Training Flights
Vol.52 No.4 April 2003 Issue No.604
Me262 Project / Space Shuttle Disaster / Sunset Cruise 2002-03 (USS Constellation) / `The Rope Around Iraq` (details of coalition forces) / HC-2 `Desert Ducks` / Exercise Frisian Flag (Netherlands) / Visit to 501Sqn JASDF (Hyakuri) / VAQ-136 `Gauntlets` / German Jammers (Tornado) /
Electronic Warfare since the Gulf War / Current US Reconnaissance/Electronic Warfare Aircraft / The SDF`s Mysterious Electronic Warfare Aircraft / The Current Status of Electronic Warfare in Europe / 48 Years of the Canberra PR.9 / WWII Personal Histories Pt.2 (pilot training) / Area 51 Pt.25 / Arado Ar234 Pt.4/10 / Indonesian AF Past & Present Pt.3/3 /
NASA P-3B at Yokota / RTAFB Don Muang and RTNAB U-Tapao Open House
Vol.52 No.5 May 2003 Issue No. 605
Turkish Phantoms / U-2 Dragon Lady / (Reverse of fold-out section) Iraq War – Coalition Units/Chronology of Operations (Feb-Mar) / Korean Peninsula Surveillance – Kadena RC-135s / `Flying the Edge` – US Naval Aviation Test Units / JASDF 3rd Air Wing (Misawa) / F-4EJ/EJKai Special Markings / JASDF Komatsu Air Rescue Unit Winter Operations / Aero India 2003 (industry air show) / Australian International Air Show 2003 /
Phantom Current Status in World`s Air Forces / U-2 Side Stories (Taiwan/Japan Episode (1959) / Cuba Missile Crisis) / Political Significance of U-2 Flights / Kawasaki T-4 Development / Japanese Industry Next-Generation Military Aviation Products / WWII Personal Histories Pt.3 (105th Sentai/Taiwan) / Area 51 Pt.26 / Arado Ar234 Pt.5/10 /
Wright Model B Flyer replica / JMSDF `Mike Flight` Ice Floe Patrol 2003 / Handover Ceremony for Last T-4
Vol.52 No.6 June 2003 Issue No.606
T-50 Golden Eagle / Iraq War / CVN-75 Harry S. Truman CVW-3 / Saudi Hawks / FRADU Hawks / USS Carl Vinson / Exercise Foal Eagle 2003 (US/South Korea) /
Iraq War (Munitions/ Harrier Units / `Friendly Fire` History / Chronology of Events (March) / Airline Crisis / The Information and Psychological Wars) / Exercise Foal Eagle 2003 / Eyes in the Sky (military satellites) / WWII Personal Histories Pt.4 (Shiden development) / Area 51 Pt.27 / Arado Ar234 Pt.6/10 /
Luke Days 2003 / Long-Range Research Aircraft Replica Completed (Misawa) / Japan Gliding Competition
Vol.52 No.7 July 2003 Issue No.607
CVW-5 Homecoming / Homecoming from Iraq War – Warpaints / Operation Falconer (Australian ops in Iraq) / JASDF First Air Refuelling Training / US-1AKai Rollout / RC-135S Cobra Ball / PACAF F-16 Demo Team / Gulf Salute 2003 (Tyndall AFB Open House) / Goodyear Blimp `Spirit of Japan` / WDL-1B Nissen Airship / Taiwan AF Mirage 2000 /
RC-135S Cobra Ball / US Air Power over Iraq / US-1AKai Development and Japanese Flying-boat Technology Genealogy / Concorde Retirement Announced / PAC-3 Missile Capability / WWII Personal Histories Pt.5 (IJN Trans-Pacific Bombing Raids) / Area 51 Pt.28 / Arado Ar234 Pt.7/10 /
MCAS Iwakuni Friendship Day / Blue Impulse First Display of the Season (Indy Japan 300) / JGSDF Somagahara
Vol.52 No.8 August 2003 Issue No.608
56th FW Luke AFB / Exercise Cope Thunder 2003 (JASDF > Alaska I) / Exercise Cope North 03-2 (Misawa/Chitose) / 50 Years Patrouille de France / Women in the Sky (USAF/USN/JASDF/Swedish AF) / After the Iraq War (CVW-3 USS Harry S. Truman/ VF-31 Homecoming/Operation Telic/Operation Iraqi Freedom Air Battles) / Battle of the Atlantic 60th Anniversary / MCAS Cherry Point Air Show / FW190 Replica /
USAF 2003 / F/A-22 evaluation / The True Facts about Patriot Misfirings / Women in the Sky (incl. USAF/JSDF) / J-10 – Next Generation Chinese Fighter / Chinese AF Su-27 Service Introduction Planning / WWII Personal Histories Pt.6 (air battles over northern Japan) / Area 51 Pt.29 / Arado Ar234 Pt.8/10 /
JASDF Miho/Shizuhama and JMSDF Kanoya Air Shows
Vol.52 No.9 September 2003 Issue No.609
`Raffin Mike` (French AF Jaguar display team) / French AF Jaguar 30th Anniversary / NATO Tiger Meet 2003 / Cambrai and Chateaudun Air Shows / Polish AF Exercise DOL2003 (operations from public roads) / FG-1D and Spitfire F.XIV / Skyraider and T-28S / RAF Tornados in Operation Telic / NAS Oceana Homecoming / Exercise Cope Thunder 2003 (JASDF > Alaska) / Me262 and FW190 Projects / JASDF Ashiya Air Show / JGSDF Somagahara Training Exercise /
NATO Tiger Meet History / Paris Air Salon / A380 Cockpit / `So Long, HSS-2B` / JMSDF HSS-2B Introduction and Type Evaluation / HSS-2B Introduction and Testing / JMSDF EH101 Selection and Service Entry Plans / Retrievable Spacecraft and X-Planes / Baltic Air Forces Pt.1/3: Estonia / WWII Personal Histories Pt.7 (Ginga) / Area 51 Pt.30 / Arado Ar234 Pt.9/10 /
Paris Salon 2003 / Au Revoir Concorde
Vol.52 No.10 October 2003 Issue No.610
RIAT03 / RNethAF Twenthe Open Day / Luftwaffe MiG-29 Special Markings / Austrian AF Zeltweg Air Power 03 / JASDF ACM Meet 2003 / F/A-18F Super Hornet: VFA-102 Diamondbacks/Dayton Flypast/Super Hornet Squadrons/VX-31 Dust Devils / Celebrating 100 Years of Powered Flight – Dayton Air Show 2003 /
F/A-18E/F features / JASDF ACM Meet 2003 / JASDF F-15 `Mystic Eagle` (TAC Meet marking story) / Japanese regional jet development / Japanese Wright Flyer replica / `Miss Veedol` features / Aomori Prefectural Aviation Science Museum (Misawa) / WWII Personal Histories Pt.8 (Kamikaze operations) / Baltic Air Forces Pt.2/3: Latvia / Area 51 Pt.31 / Arado Ar234 Pt.10/10 /
JASDF Chitose/Hofu-Kita Air Shows / YS-11 JA8776 (Misawa Aviation Science Museum) / JASDF/UN C-130Hs Depart for Iraq
Vol.52 No.11 November 2003 Issue No.611
MAKS 2003 / AH-64A + UH-60L / CVW-17 (new CO ceremony) / NAS Oceana 2003 Air Show / Farewell T-2 (21Sqn JASDF) / NATO Recce Meet 2003 / Swedish AF Midnight Sun Air Show (Uppsala) / South American Air Power (Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay) / Coventry Classic Air Show / Sikorsky S-39 `Spirit of Igor` / Boeing 307 Stratoliner /
Exercise UFL03 (and US-South Korean defence) / History of North Korean AF Intercepts / Chinese AF FC-1 Maiden Flight (Chinese AF AAMs) / CF6 Selected for JASDF C-X Project / Italian and Japanese Aircraft Design (SM82 and Ki-15/Ki-77) / Swept-Wing Design Pt.1/3 / WWII Personal Histories Pt.9 (Atsugi) / Baltic Air Forces Pt.3/3: Lithuania / Area 51 Pt.32 / Junkers Ju88 Pt.1 /
JASDF Misawa Pre-50th Anniversary Air Show / Yokota Friendship Day / JMSDF Hachinohe Air Show
Vol.52 No.12 December 2003 Issue No.612
Sayonara VF-154 / Romanian AF Lancers / B-52 Homecoming / NATO AIRCENT Tactical Leadership Programme / Royal Singapore AF Open House 2003 / Romanian Industry Revival (Lancer development) / Reno Air Races 2003 / Fuji FABOT / Goodbye C-9A Nightingale / CP-140 Visits Atsugi / U-2S Missions from Kadena /
Re-engine – B-52 Future Projects / 40 Years of the B-52 / What`s JDAM? / Next Generation Guided Bombs – Present and Future / JASDF Munitions / Swept-Wing Design Pt.2/3 / WWII Personal Histories Pt.10 (Rabaul) / Area 51 Pt.33 / Junkers Ju88 Pt.2 / Japanese Wright Flyer Replica /
JGSDF Akeno Air Show / JASDF Komatsu/Hyakuri Air Shows / JMSDF Iwakuni/Tateyama Air Shows
Vol.53 No.1 January 2004 Issue No.613
JASDF Provisional F-2 Fighter Training Squadron / Armed F-2s at Misawa / Raptor @ Tyndall / Wright Flyer to Raptor / Jacksonville Sea & Sky Spectacular / NATO Air Meet 2003 / 30th Anniversary 301Sqn JASDF / JASDF Gifu, Tsuiki, Komaki, Iruma Air Shows / U-2S Shown to Reporters at Kadena / Bush Japan Visit / JGSDF Tachikawa, Kisarazu, Yao, Metabaru Air Shows / JMSDF Ozuki Air Show /
F-2 special features: `Continuing evolution and new capabilities`; `From FS-X to F-2`; `Different approach: F-16 upgrade planning` / F-15J Upgrade / Chinese manned Space Flight / Secret German WWII Projects Pt.1 / Swept-Wing Design Pt.3/3 / WWII Personal Histories Pt.11 (fighter pilot training)/ Area 51 Pt.34 / Junkers Ju88 Pt.3 /
JMSDF Fleet Review / Fleet Week San Francisco 2003 / 2003 `Haute Voltige` – Japan Aerobatics Grand Prix
Vol.53 No.2 February 2004 Issue No.614
Top Gun Today / JASDF C-130 Random Step Approach Training / VFA-102 Diamondbacks Land in Japan / Last European Marvelous Mirages and AXALP Demo (Swiss AF) / Cope North Guam 2004 / CAF Air Show 2003 / Nellis AFB Open House / Las Vegas Air Racing / The National Air Tour / RAAF AP-3C visits Atsugi / 20th Anniversary of JASDF`s AEW Wing /
AIM-9X and JHMCS / Next-Generation JASDF Missile: XAAM-5 / Top Gun Navy Fighter Weapons School / EA-18G / Rumsfeld`s Japan Visit / Two High-Wing Designs: Shin-Tachikawa R-HM, R-52/53 / Secret German WWII Projects Pt.2 / Area 51 Pt.35 / Junkers Ju88 Pt.4 /
JASDF Nyutabaru, Hamamatsu and Matsushima Air Shows /
Japanese Wright Flyer Replica
Vol.53 No.3 March 2004 Issue No.615
JASDF 50th Anniversary 1954-2004: 6th Air Wing (Komatsu) / USAF 33rd FW / `VFA Era` : NAS Lemoore and NAF Atsugi / Dubai 2003 / Exercise Lone Kite 03 (RAF Harriers visit Romanian AF) / Exercise Cooperative Key 2003 (Balkans) / The National Air & Space Museum, Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Centre /
Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Centre (List of Exhibits) / The Crew of `Enola Gay` / Japanese Views on the `Enola Gay` Exhibit in Dallas / Crash of the Wright Flyer replica / JASDF C-130Hs to Iraq / HondaJet Flies / Type 2 Flying Boat Kanoya Bound / Showa Japan Unknown History: The Lost Aviation Museum WWII / Personal Histories Pt.12 (air combat) / Secret German WWII Projects Pt.3 / Area 51 Pt.36 / Junkers Ju88 Pt.5 /
JASDF Naha Air Show / US-1AKai Successful Maiden Flight
Vol.53 No.4 April 2004 Issue No.616
F-104S / Farewell, Red Diva (Luftwaffe MiG-29s) / JASDF 50th Anniversary 1954-2004: 2nd Air Wing (Chitose) / SDF Iraq Deployment / JASDF C-130H Depart for Iraq (+ chronology of events) / Air National Guard / Air Tankers Fighting California Fire Storm / Su-25 Scorpion`s Nest, TAM (Georgia) / RTAFB Don Muang Open House / VAQ-128 Fighting Phoenix / Zero Found on New Guinea /
Zero Found on New Guinea / Latest about US Air Defence / Interceptor F-16 / US Air Security / SDF 2004 Budget and Overview / External Features of F-15J/DJ Upgrade / Branson`s New Challenge / JAS MD-81,-87 Engine Problems / Secret German WWII Projects Pt.4 / Area 51 Pt.37 / Junkers Ju88 Pt.6 /
JGSDF Helicopter Deck Landing Training / JGSDF Flight Training (Utsunomiya) / Last T-1B IRAN Check Completed
Vol.53 No.5 May 2004 Issue No.617
JASDF 50th Anniversary 1954-2004: Farewell Argus, T-2 (21Sqn) / T-2 Special Markings / Wings of the Turkish AF Pt.1 / Dragon Flight (T-34 Mentors) / No.13 Sqn, RAF / Very Versatile Valiant / Asian Aerospace 2004 / Los Angeles International Airport /
T-2 Special: Thoughts About Combat Training in the T-2; The T-2 and its Instructors; Blue Impulse Leader; T-2 from the Students` Perspective; T-2 Chronology / Talon and T-2 / RAH-66 Comanche Cancelled / Honda and GE HF118 Engine Collaboration / WWII Personal Histories Pt.13 (`Green Cross` surrender aircraft) / Secret German WWII Projects Pt.5 / Area 51 Pt.38 / Junkers Ju88 Pt.7 /
Austrian AF Helicopter Mountain Landing Training
Vol.53 No.6 June 2004 Issue No.618
Italian Navy AV-8B / `Fighter`s Mother Squadrons`: JASDF Fighter Town Nyutabaru / Nellis Today / West Coast Hornet`s Nest NAS Lemoore / NAS Lemoore Air Show / American Adversaries: NAS Fallon / Wings of the Turkish AF Pt.2 / Texas Airplane Factory `Oscar` / Shin Maywa US-1AKai Handover Ceremony / 111Sqn JMSDF 30th Anniversary (MH-53E) / New York Yankees Visit Camp Zama /
Harrier special features: AV-8B and the USMC; Italian, Spanish and Thai Harrier Operations; British Harriers / Will The New DDH Change JMSDF Air Power? / BA609 and V-22 Tilt-Rotor Aircraft / JASDF 50th Anniversary 1954-2004 (origins/early years) /
WWII Personal Histories Pt.14/I (fighter pilots) / Secret German WWII Projects Pt.6 / Area 51 Pt.39 / Junkers Ju88 Pt.8 /

South Africa: Last DC-3 Paradise / Nissen Airship / Embraer 170 Asian Demo Tour
Vol.53 No.7 July 2004 Issue No.619
Last Italian AF Starfighters / JASDF 50th Anniversary 1954-2004: Aggressors, 13FTW Train at Hamamatsu (Ashiya closed for repairs), Miho Colours (special markings), New UH-60 SAR colour scheme / NAS North Island / USS Kitty Hawk Spring Deployment / FIDAE 2004 (Chile) / JGSDF 12th Helicopter Brigade UH-60JA report /
JASDF 50th Anniversary Pt.2: Current squadron commander interviews (F-2/F-1/F-15/F-4), retired pilot reminiscences (F-86F/F-86D/F-104/F-4/F-1/F-15); Chronology 1953-2004; Return to Japan from Iraq on board C-130; JASDF`s future prospects; JASDF E-2C modernization upgrade; Early days in JASDF pilot training
WWII Personal Histories Pt.14/II (fighter pilots) / Secret German WWII Projects Pt.7 / Area 51 Pt.40 / Junkers Ju88 Pt.9 /

Misawa Aviation & Science Museum outdoor exhibit opening ceremony / Iwakuni Friendship Day / `Air Memorial in Kanoya` display report / Blue Impulse first displays
Vol.53 No.8 August 2004 Issue No.620
F/A-22 Raptor / “Gray Dragon” F-117A / JASDF 50th Anniversary 1954-2004: 3rd Air Wing Misawa / JASDF TAC ACM Meet 2004 / Boom Time – 7th AW JASDF flight-refuelling training / “Team deepblues” aerobatic team / ILA 2004 /
JASDF fighter pilot ACM reminiscences/terminology / Nellis AFB TTF / ILA 2004 / JASDF 50th Anniversary Pt.3: Pilot training in 1955 / WWII Personal Histories Pt.15/I (aircraft development/production) / Secret German WWII Projects Pt.8 (Heinkel P.1080) / Area 51 Pt.41 / Junkers Ju88 Pt.10 (but printed as ‘Pt.9’) /
Raduno Mondiale F-104 / JASDF air displays (Miho, Shizuhama) / Former Japanese WWII aircraft restoration projects
Vol.53 No.9 September 2004 Issue No.621
JASDF Blue Impulse display team / JASDF 50th Anniversary special markings / Aerobatic Teams of the World: Patrouille Suisse/Midnight Hawks/Team60/Turk Yildizlari/Iskry Team/Orlik Team / French AF 70th Anniversary Airshows (Cognac/Orange) /
JASDF Blue Impulse reports (x2) / Aerobatic Teams of the World / Boeing 737 MMA / JMSDF P-X Project / JASDF 50th Anniversary Pt.4: Early years of pilot training (with chronology 1954-6) / WWII Personal Histories Pt.15/II (aircraft flight testing) / Secret German WWII Projects Pt.9 / Area 51 Pt.42 / Junkers Ju88 Pt.11 /
Ki-43 Hayabusa and FW190D-3 Restorations / MCAS Futenma ‘Flightline Fair’ / Yokota-based C-130E 30,000 flight hours ceremony /
JMSDF P-3Cs in RIMPAC 2004 report
Vol.53 No.10 October 2004 Issue No.622
JASDF 50th Anniversary: Naha AB (302Sqn and Air Rescue Det.), Chitose F-15 special squadron markings, airshow reports (Chitose/Matsushima/Hofu-Kita), special markings (Komatsu/Hyakuri/Hamamatsu), commemorative event at Iruma AB / Luftwaffe Started Eurofighter Operations / US Marines at Clean Hunter & BALTOPS / D-Day: RIAT and Farnborough International 2004 / Thunderbirds are GO! /
50 Years of the Thunderbirds / European Fighter Armament / Reevaluating the Three Principles of Japanese Arms Exports / PRC and Taiwanese air power comparison (Taiwan motorway operations exercise) / JASDF 50th Anniversary Pt.5: Beginning of the jet aircraft era (with chronology 1956-7) / WWII Personal Histories Pt.16 (chief designers) / Secret German WWII Projects Pt.10 / Area 51 Pt.43 / Junkers Ju88 Pt.12 /
“White 1” (restored Me262) Returns to the Sky / Midway Magic (San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum)
Vol.53 No.11 November 2004 Issue No.623
“Bone” to Be Wild (B-1B) / NAS Lemoore F/A-18E/Fs / Cooperative Cope Thunder 2004 / RIMPAC 2004 / John C. Stennis visits Sasebo / US Navy FCLP training in Japan / Yokota AB Friendship Day / JASDF 50th Anniversary: Hamamatsu AB visit, Hyakuri AB aircraft special markings / Misawa Air Show / NATO Tiger Meet 2004 / Israeli Air Force Base Tour /
“Transformation” – status/future of US presence in Japan (bases, based carriers) / Historical article on Yokota AB / China and Taiwan / JASDF 50th Anniversary Pt.6: Formation of jet units (with chronology 1958-9) / Photo mini-history (1930s) Pt.1 / Secret German WWII Projects Pt.11 / Area 51 Pt.44 / Junkers Ju 88 Pt.13 /
The Aegean Falcons
Vol.53 No.12 December 2004 Issue No.624
Thunderbirds Rhapsody (Thunderbirds Pacific Tour 2004) / F/A-18E in Atsugi (VFA-27) / NAS Oceana Airshow 2004 / JASDF 50th Anniversary: Air Development & Test Wing (Gifu) / USAF F-15 Mid-Air Collision Incident / Patrouille Suisse 40 Years / Air 04 Payerne (Switzerland) / Airshow photo reports: Komatsu, Okadama, Tachikawa, Iwakuni and Kadena / Japan Aerospace 2004 (Yokohama) /
Japan Aerospace 2004 / The Present and Future of Aircraft Development in Japan / Post-War Aircraft ‘Made in Japan’ / Shelved Indigenous SDF Aircraft Projects / SpaceShipOne Wins Ansari X-Prize / NH Industries NH90 / EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2004 / JASDF 50th Anniversary Pt.7: Expansion 1954-60 (with chronology 1959-60) / Photo mini-history (1930s) Pt.2 / Secret German WWII Projects Pt.12 (ends) / Area 51 Pt.45 / Junkers Ju 88 Pt.14 /
Reno 2004 National Championship Air Races & Airshow / 44th Tokyo Plastic and RC Model Show / Texan Hayabusa – Start Engine!
Vol.54 No.1 January 2005 Issue No.625
‘Light-Brown Zero’ (fabricated Zero project) / Commemorative AF Zeros; Texan Hayabusa – Dream Unfulfilled / Zeros in Japan (Yamato Museum, Kure; National Science Museum, Tokyo; Closure of Air & Space Museum at Nagoya Airport) / VFA-195 “Dambusters” F/A-18 Chippy Ho! III / VMFA(AW)-533 “Hawks” (F/A-18D) / Swedish Fighters / Swedish Airshow 2004 / JASDF 50th Anniversary: Komaki / Airshow photo reports: Gifu, Iruma, Komaki and Ashiya / Deep Blues aerobatic team /
Roundup of surviving Japanese WWII types in Japan / USMC 2005 / Supersonic Bizjet Possibilities / US-2 Flight Testing at Iwakuni / USAF hydrogen bomb history / JASDF 50th Anniversary Pt.8: The Pilot Instructor Era (with chronology 1960-61) / Photo mini-history (1930s) Pt.3 / Zero – designer discussion / Area 51 Pt.46 / Junkers Ju 88 Pt.15 /
RoKAF Black Eagles display team
Vol.54 No.2 February 2005 Issue No.626
Still Flown Phantoms: QF-4 Drones at Holloman AFB / Phantom Convention 2004 / Last US Navy Phantoms / 302 Sqn JASDF 30th Anniversary / Pensacola Airshow 2004 / Farewell VS-21 & S-3B Viking / JASDF 50th Anniversary: Hofu / FTX04 / Airshow photo reports: Tsuiki, Nyutabaru / C-X and P-X mock-ups / 5th China Airshow (Zhuhai) / Patrouille de France Hong Kong visit /
Haneda Airport Terminal 2 opens / Phantom Future / JASDF F-4 successor / C-X and P-X mock-ups / JASDF 50th Anniversary Pt.9: F-86D All-Weather Fighters Pt.1 (with chronology 1961-62) / Shoki engine found! / Photo mini-history (WWII/1945) Pt.4 / Area 51 Pt.47 / Junkers Ju88 Pt.16 /
Italian Typhoon
Vol.54 No.3 March 2005 Issue No.627
USAR Special Operations Command (AFSOC) / JASDF 50th Anniversary: Tsuiki / German Navy Tornadoes Say Goodbye / Luftwaffe JaBo31/JaBo33 IDS Tornadoes / CVW-17 Fly-In / USS Abraham Lincoln / SOFEX 2004 (Special Forces Exhibition, Amman, Jordan) / Airshow photo report: Naha / Japanese Wright Flyer replica / Breitling / Italian AF Museum /
US Special Operations Forces (SOF) / SOF Air Power / The Future of JASDF Fighters / Will Japan be able to export military aircraft or not? / Radical change in Japan’s defence equipment / JAL/ANA Sky Marshals / JASDF 50th Anniversary Pt.10: F-86D All-Weather Fighters Pt.2 (with chronology 1962-63) / Photo mini-history (WWII/1945) concluding Pt.5 / Area 51 Pt.48 / Junkers Ju88 Pt.17 /
Austrian Tigers
Vol.54 No.4 April 2005 Issue No.628
CVW-5 / CVW-5 Home Base: NAF Atsugi / CVW-5 Side Story: Two Women WSOs / HSL-51 Warlords / MCAS Iwakuni Navy Squadrons / JASDF 50th Anniversary: Air Transport Mother Base, Miho / That Others May Live: Komatsu Air Rescue Det. / 204 Sqn 20th Anniversary of F-15J Ops / Don Muang AB, Bangkok Open House 2005 / CRUZEX 2004 Latin American War Games / Upgrade Talon – USAF T-38C Trainer / Zeppelin NT airship arrives in Japan /
CVW-5 Transitions / CVW-5 and Atsugi / Kitty Hawk Successor: Bold Forecast / Airship with a Place in Japanese Hearts: Zeppelin ‘Hakugo’ (Graf Zeppelin) / SDF 2005 / JASDF 50th Anniversary Pt.11: Interview with then Chief of Air Staff, Pt.1/2 (with chronology of CASs, events 1963-64) / WWII history series, Pt.1: ‘Army Spies and Exhaust Pipes’ / Area 51 Pt.49 / Junkers Ju88 Pt.18 /
R. Belgian AF F-16s / SDF Sumatra Tsunami Relief Ops / Japan Coast Guard Gulfstream G-V / JGSDF Akeno Flight Training
Vol.54 No.5 May 2005 Issue No.629
JASDF 50th Anniversary: Hyakuri AB / Texan Hayabusa Flies / “Viper’s Nest” – Luke AFB and German Exchange Pilots / Indian Ocean Relief Operations / Iraqi Air Warriors (helicopter ops) / “Triple Nuts” on Navy Jet (VFA-97) / First visit to Japan of WC-130J / Last production US-1A handover / Guide to Centrair (Chubu International Airport) / Al Ain (Dubai) FAI Aerobatics Show 2005 /
US Navy Electronic Warfare Aircraft: EA-6B and EA-18G / USAF Jammers, Past and Present / ShinMaywa PS-1/US-1 Family, Past and Present / US-2: Looking for export possibilities / Marine One – US101 decision / JASDF 50th Anniversary Pt.12: Interview with then Chief of Air Staff, Pt.2/2 ‘The road to jet aircraft’ (with chronology of events 1964-65) / WWII history series, Pt.2: ‘The Other Side of War Results’ / Area 51 Pt.50 / Junkers Ju88 Pt.19 /
Team Gripen Breitling / New CO for VF-31 “Tomcatters”
Vol.54 No.6 June 2005 Issue No.630
Fighters in Formation (F/A-22 with past US fighters) / Zero vs Hellcat / A (Curtiss) Hawk (75A) Flexes its Wings / The Banta Fighter Group (Livermore, CA) / Silver Star Forever (Last CT-133 retires) / A Connie Comes to Hakodate (Japan) / AeroIndia 2005 / Caucasus Warriors (Georgian AF) / JGSDF OH-1 Winter Training / Au Revoir Mirage IV / Australia International Airshow / Take Off Air Transse (new Japanese Beech 1900D operator based in Hakodate) / Kumagaya AB Cherry Blossom Festival / Defence College Entrance Ceremony /
Bell/Boeing V-22 Osprey (Visit to Boeing’s Philadelphia factory/latest programme info) / Development of and plans for tilt-rotor aircraft / Why the spate of problems at JAL? / Results of Wright Flyer replica flight test programme / JASDF 50th Anniversary Pt.13: Early jet fighter squadrons, Pt.1/2 (with chronology of events 1965-66) / WWII history series, Pt.3: ‘Air and sea of struggles” (IJN flying boat operations) / Area 51 Pt.51 / Junkers Ju88 Pt.20 /
Opening of Kure Naval History Museum (Zero on display) / Vought Heritage (secrets of the Vought restoration/storage vaults)
Vol.54 No.7 July 2005 Issue No.631
The Final Chapter of Tomcat legend: VF-101 Grim Reapers; Last Tomcat Class CQ on CVN-71; Master Jet Base Oceana; Final Jolly Roger Tomcats; 50th Anniversary VF-102 Diamondbacks / VFA-195 Dambusters / West Coast Rhinos / US Navy Carrier Air Wings 2005 / Farewell 899NAS FAA / F21 Swedish AF Viggen Farewell / Iwakuni Friendship Day / Obituary: ‘Rock’ Iwasaki (professional aerobatic pilot) /
US Naval Aviation 2005 / Balance of Japanese/East Asian Air Power / MJ (Mitsubishi Jet) civil project / Tokorozawa’s Nakajima Type 91 Fighter Pt.1/3 / 11 Die in Civilian Mi-8 Crash in Iraq / JASDF 50th Anniversary Pt.14: Early jet fighter squadrons, Pt.2/2 (with chronology of events 1966-67) / Aviation history series, Pt.4: ‘Development of IJAAF aerial navigation’ / Area 51 Pt.52 / Me163 Inspection Pt.1 /
Last Trans-Pac Connie to Korea; Secrets of the Paul E. Carver Collection
Vol.54 No.8 August 2005 Issue No.632
Ghibli (Italian AF AMX) / Hawgs at Battle (Battle Creek, Michigan ANG A-10s) / Misawa AB: 35th FW F-16 CCIP; PACAF Demo Flight; Misawa AB Functions; Downrange (gunnery range nr. Misawa AB) / ROKAF KF-16 / Italian Navy Carrier Operations aboard Garibaldi / Cyprus: Cyprus Air Force Command; RAF 84 Sqn Rescue Flight / SDF Airshow Reports: Shizuhama, Kanoya, Atsugi, Miho, Utsunomiya / JGSDF Utsunomiya Flying School Display Team “Skyhornets” /
F-16CJ CCIP ground-attack capabilities / Unique attack aircraft: A-10 / Close Air Support – Past and Present / Where Hien remains are unearthed (56th Sentai) / JASDF 50th Anniversary Pt.15: Fighter weapons (with chronology of events 1967-68) / Aviation history series, Pt.5: ‘Two unforgettable belly landings’ / Area 51 Pt.53 / Me163 Inspection Pt.2 /
Glamorous Waco / VX-30 Bloodhounds (NAS Point Mugu) / US Navy changes transport helicopters in Japan (UH-3H > SH-60F)
Vol.54 No.9 September 2005 Issue No.633
European Air Power / Paris Air Show / KLu Open Day Gilze-Rijen / French AF Cazuax (sic) show / RDanAF Air Show Karup / NATO Electronic Warfare Training Exercise Elite 2005 / First JMSDF EH-101 delivered / No.17Sqn, RAF reforms on Typhoon / Master Jet Base: Oceana / USS Nimitz visits Hong Kong / SH-60K testing at Atsugi / Last flight of T-2 ‘102’ / Open day at Kawaguchiko Aviation Museum / Ceremony to commemorate 50 years of air cadet system /
Andersen AFB, Guam / No launch decision taken on Boeing 747 Advanced / Will the next-generation SST become a reality? / Tokorozawa’s Nakajima Type 91 Fighter Pt.2/3 (What things are taken into consideration when restoring a classic aircraft) / Permanent CIA airlines / Zero-sen Model 32 ‘Y2-128’ open to public at Fukuoka Airport / JASDF 50th Anniversary Pt.16: Dawn of air rescue Pt.I/II (with ARW chronology and chronology of events 1968-69) / Ceremony to commemorate 50 years of air cadet system / Aviation history series, Pt.6: ‘Men who placed their faith in rotor blades’ / Area 51 Pt.54 / Me163 Inspection Pt.3 /
Skytypers / Be a fighter pilot for a day, if you dare! (Fighter Combat International)
Vol.54 No.10 October 2005 Issue No.634
Cope North Guam 2005 / Cooperative Cope Thunder 2005 / B-24 “Witchcraft” National Tour / Duxford Flying Legends Air Display / RIAT ’05 / RAF Single-Seater Typhoons / The Last Viggen / LIAS ’05 (Lappeenranta, Finland, air show) / Polish AF Su-22s at Coltishall / Kansai Airport Spectators’ Area / JAL B.777 /
Mitsubishi F-2 strike potential evaluated / History of JASDF fighter support units / Current capability: F-15E Strike Eagle / Ballistic Missile Defence System / JASDF 50th Anniversary Pt.17: Dawn of air rescue Pt.II/II (chronology of events 1969-70) / Aviation history series, Pt.7: ‘From carrier group defence to night torpedo attacks’ Pt.1/2 / Area 51 Pt.55 / Me163 Inspection Pt.4 /
Final 6Sqn F-1 commemorative paint scheme / Air show reports: Chitose, Hofu-Kita / AiRock display team / Skytypers
Vol.54 No.11 November 2005 Issue No.635
CVN-76 Ronald Reagan Ready to (sic) First Deployment / Oceana NAS: Final Summer with F-14s / USS Kitty Hawk at JASEX 2005 / CVW-5: Atsugi Homecoming / VFA-195 Dambusters at Atsugi / Movie “Stealth” / Beale AFB Global Hawks / US Navy UAVs at Patuxent River NAS / Royal Jordanian AF / EAA Air Venture Oshkosh 2005 / Trafalger (sic) 200 International Fleet Review / MAKS 2005 / SDF Airshow Reports: Matsushima, Misawa / Yokota Friendship Day / Futenma Flightline Fair / Fuji Live-firing Demo 2005 / JAL’s ongoing safety problems (six expert opinions) / The near future of UAVs: J-UCAS and BAMS / History of US military UAV operations / Reconnaissance transformed: Japan’s military UAV plans / UAV stealth technology / JASDF 50th Anniversary Pt.18: Eve of aerobatics 1/2 (chronology of events 1970-1) / Aviation history series, Pt.7: ‘From carrier group defence to night torpedo attacks’ Pt.2/2 / Area 51 Pt.56 / Me163 Inspection Pt.5 /
MiG-29OVT /
Hien remains on display in Osaka / Zero on public display in Saga Prefecture
Vol.54 No.12 December 2005 Issue No.636
F/A-22 Raptor / NAS Oceana Airshow / US Navy fighter unit “mother squadron” VF-101 disbands / First-built Mitsubishi F-1 retires / Solomon Islands 60 years on / C6N1 Saiun rebuild project / Greek international airshow Archangel 2005 / Last Canberra T.4 flight / Osan (Korea) Air Power Day / JGSDF “Akeno Rainbow” display team 2005 / Reno 2005 /
C6N1 Saiun rebuild project / Guide to Japanese WWII aircraft on display in Japan / Tokorozawa’s Nakajima Type 91 Fighter Pt.3/3 / Base Realignment and Closure 2005 and USAF Units / Developing a UH from the Kawasaki OH-1 / US Army ARH/LRH requirements / JASDF 50th Anniversary Pt.19 (final part): Eve of aerobatics 2/2 (chronology of events 1971-2) / Aviation history series, Pt.8: ‘Enemy and homeland too’ / Area 51 Pt.57 / Me163 Inspection Pt.6 /
SDF Airshow Reports: Iwakuni, Komatsu, Komaki, Okadama, Ashiya, Tateyama /
SDF Airshow Reports: Hachinohe, Tokushima / Haneda Airport Festival 2005
Vol.55 No.1 January 2006 Issue No.637
6Sqn JASDF (Mitsubishi F-1/F-2) / F-1 ‘201 service record / SDF Airshow Report: Tsuiki / MV-22B Osprey evaluation / Red-tailed Viper (Alabama ANG F-16s) / Edwards AFB Open House / Luftwaffe Eurofighter Typhoon opeval / Air Power of the World: Argentina / RoKAF F-15K Eagle / Seoul Air Show / Fukushima Skypark Festival / Japanese Waco /
U.S. Base Realignment in Japan Pt.1/2 / Mitsubishi F-1/T-2: Pilot’s Perspective / History of 6Sqn JASDF / U.S. Army Joint Heavy Lift Large Transport Aircraft Requirement R&D / Will Japan’s spaceflight business flourish? / Repercussions of China’s Shenzhou-6 success / Japanese space rocket development / Lindbergh’s Lockheed Cirrus brought back to life in Japan / Aviation history series, Pt.9: ‘IJAAF’s longest-serving light bomber units’ / Area 51 Pt.58 / Me163 Inspection Pt.7 /
SDF Airshow Reports: Gifu, Iruma; SDF review ceremony / Last VF-101 Tomcat flies to Castle Airport Museum (California) /
SDF Airshow Reports: Yao, Tachikawa / Disaster Management Exhibition 2005 (Tokyo)
Vol.55 No.2 February 2006 Issue No.638
Final Tomcat Cruise: CVW-8 in Persian Gulf / 38th Exercise Maple Flag / 50th Anniversary of JASDF’s Air Development & Test Wing / SDF Airshow Report: Hamamatsu / U.S. President George W. Bush Visits Japan / Russian President Putin Visits Japan / Italian Army A129 Mangusta / Althea Dragons (Belgian Armed Forces A109s in Bosnia) / Finnish Gloster Gauntlet / Chinese AF F-7GB aerobatic team / Taiwan AF Hsinchu Air Base Open House (Mirage 2000) / Air Power of the World: Philippines / Special Feature: Changes in the U.S. Forces in Japan (USS Kitty Hawk/CVW-5 and Cope North 06-1) /
Special Feature: Changes in the U.S. Forces in Japan (Base realignment and U.S. military transformation / Plans to reorganize the U.S. Marines on Okinawa / Relocating CVW-5 (to Iwakuni) and assigning a CVN to Japan / What will become of Yokota AB?) / China’s Military Air Power / Tokorozawa’s Nakajima Type 91 Fighter Pt.4/10 / Aviation history series, Pt.10: ‘Blunt spear’ (708th Kokutai, IJN – ‘Divine Thunder’ war chronicle) / Area 51 Pt.59 / Me163 Inspection Pt.8 /
Welcome to Dubai 2005 /
Film Zero-sen Reincarnated in Saga Prefecture
Vol.55 No.3 March 2006 Issue No.639
B-2 in Guam 2005 / Final Week of the Red and Black Draken (Austrian AF) / Farewell Brazilian Mirage III / CEIBO 2005 (South American military exercise) / Legendary Junkers Ju52/3m (D-AQUI) / Flyable HA-1112MIL Buchon in the US / Me262A/B-1c “Red 13” Flight Test / JUKA (Lithuanian aerobatic aircraft) / S. Korean AF F-15K Eagle / LIMA `05 (Malaysian aerospace show) / Air Power of the World: Taiwan /
Stealth Bomber: B-2 Spirit; Spirits in Action; History of Flying Wing Designs; Flying Wing Aerodynamic Considerations and Handling / Latest Chinese AF Y-8 (Antonov An-12) Variants / Aviation history series, Pt.11: ‘Post-war company presidents’ wartime experiences’ / Area 51 Pt.60 / Me163 Inspection Pt.9 /
SDF Airshow Reports: Nyutabaru, Naha
Vol.55 No.4 April 2006 Issue No.640
French Navy Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle / Indian Navy Aircraft Carrier Opeartions (INS Viraat) / Last Sea Harriers on HMS Illustrious / Al Ain Aerobatics Show 2006 (UAE) / Air Bandits Formation Display Team / Royal Thai AF Don Muang AB Open House / Roll-out of TSR.2 XR222 at Imperial war Museum / Air Power of the World: Mexican Navy / Kobe: Japan’s Third Municipally Managed Airport / Starflyer Services from March 16 / Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Aircraft /
Aircraft Carriers of the World; Indian Navy Aircraft Carriers and Naval Aviation Planning / Japan Self-Defence Forces 2006 / Japan’s Airports: Problem areas and future / Aviation history series, Pt.12: ‘(Nakajima’s) Handa airfield’ / Tokorozawa’s Nakajima Type 91 Fighter Pt.5/10 /
First JGSDF Apache Flies / JMSDF MCH-101 Flight Testing Commences at Gifu / JASDF Training at Misawa / Farewell T-2 Prototype
Vol.55 No.5 May 2006 Issue No.641
Blue Impulse 2006 / 2nd Air Wing, JASDF / Sayonara Japanese Jets: ADTW T-1 and T-2 Final Flights; Last 5FTS T-1B Flight; Last 6Sqn F-1 Flight / JGSDF Apache Longbow / JMSDF MCH-101 Delivered / Lemoore 2006 / Cockpit View from the Su-25 (Georgia AF) / Red Bull Civil-Registered Cobra /
Asian Aerospace 2006 Report / JGSDF AH-64D Apache Longbow / US Army Apache Upgrade Plans / Chinese Attack Helicopter Under Development / Native American Indian Popular Names for US Army Aircraft / 2nd Air Wing, JASDF / Tokorozawa’s Nakajima Type 91 Fighter Pt.6/10 / Me163 Inspection Pt.10 / JGSDF L-19 returns to Kita-Utsunomiya /
KAI T-50 Golden Eagle / Deep Winter Airshow: JGSDF Kisarazu
Vol.55 No.6 June 2006 Issue No.642
Last Fly-in by VF-31 and VF-213 F-14s / Last F-14 Gulf Deployment / Stars & Stripes markings on VAQ-140 “Patriots” EA-6B / East Coast Rhinos / VFA-192 change of command ceremony at Atsugi / VAQ-136 EA-6B new CAG bird marking / NAF Atsugi Cherry Blossom Festival / FIDAE 2006 aerospace show (Chile) / Air Power of the World: Indian Navy / 29(R) Sqn RAF Typhoons / NASA WB-57F Mildenhall deployment / JASDF 201 Sqn (F-15J) 20th anniversary / JGSDF AH-64D Apache Longbow handover ceremony / JGSDF Kisarazu /
What’s the US Navy up to in the Pacific? / Super Hornet Block 2 / T-1 details / SDF unified operations commenced / The future of airports around Tokyo (Pt.2/6) / Aviation history series, Pt.13: ‘Eastern Seas’ (Kyushu Q1W Lorna) / China navy carrier under construction / Tokorozawa’s Nakajima Type 91 Fighter Pt.7/10 / Me163 Inspection Pt.11 /
Glamorous Waco / Starflyer A320s at opening of Kitakyushu airport
Vol.55 No.7 July 2006 Issue No.643
52+ (Greek AF F-16s) / USMC’s 31MEU to Guam / USMC KC-130J / MCAS Iwakuni Friendship Day / USS Abraham Lincoln Hong Kong visit / AMARC Today / Oscar at Gosshawk (Texas Airplane Factory remanufactured Ki-43) / RAF and Royal Navy Events (Squadron changes at Cottesmore/Coltishall/Yeovilton) / Air Power of the World: Portuguese AF / Gulfstream G200 (B-HWB) /
Final Agreement (US base relocation plans in Japan) / USMC air units: Current and future plans / Brief history of Iwakuni / JAL B.727 Hijacking Incident (1970) / Chinese incursions into Japan’s airspace / Former test pilot Scott Crossfield obituary / International Aviation Photographer’s Forum 2006 / Big Changes at Narita Airport / The future of airports around Tokyo (Pt.3/6) / Me210/Me410 Inspection Pt.1 /
Warbirds over Wanaka / JGSDF: Events at Kasuminome, Tachikawa /
Saitama Airport Festival / JGSDF: Event at Takayubara
Vol.55 No.8 August 2006 Issue No.644
D-Backs (VFA-102 report) / Step Toward Next-Generation Fighter (Japanese research programme) / USS Abraham Lincoln visits Sasebo, Japan / Air Power over Hampton Roads (Langley AFB show) / “Thunder over the Gulf” air show (Tyndall AFB Open House) / Andrews AFB Joint-Service Open House / ILA 2006 / 1st ATH Sqn, JGSDF 20th Anniversary / SDF show reports: Shizuhama, Miho, Kita-Utsunomiya, Ozuki, Kanoya, Zentsuji /
History of VF/VFA-102 Diamondbacks / F/A-18F and FAC(A) missions / Solar-powered flight (Solar Impulse project) / China Topic 1: Aiming for a high-tech, low-cost aviation industry (Successful maiden flight of FC-4, L-15) / China Topic 2: Five-year plan to double airliner numbers (Intensification of Boeing/Airbus rivalry) / Aviation history series, Pt.14: Rookie Type 100, Veteran Type 100 (Ki-46s) / Ki-43 Hayabusa stars in Kamikaze film / The future of airports around Tokyo (Pt.4/6) / Kawasaki World opens (Kobe) / Me210/Me410 Inspection Pt.2 /
Dry cell battery-powered flight project / Narita airport’s South Wing opens
Vol.55 No.9 September 2006 Issue No.645
F-35 Lightning II / Exercises: Valiant Shield 2006, Cope North Guam 2006, Spring Flag Volcanex 2006, ELITE 2006 / Air Shows: Leeuwarden, Beale, Barksdale / Carolinas Aviation Museum / Air Power of the World: Bulgarian AF / E-2K Hawkeye Delivered to Taiwan AF /
When the (North Korean) missiles were launched . . . (US/Japan response) / Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II: Development and schedule, Chances of a JASDF F-35, JSF planning stages / China-Taiwan Air Strength / Galaxy Airlines Debut / JGSDF OH-6 pilot clocks up 10,000hrs / Aviation history series, Pt.15: The Sentient World of the Skies above Motoyama / Tokorozawa’s Nakajima Type 91 Fighter Pt.8/10 / The future of airports around Tokyo (Pt.5/6) / Me210/Me410 Inspection Pt.3 /
Planes of Fame / Kawaguchiko Aviation Museum
Vol.55 No.10 October 2006 Issue No.646
F-35 cockpit photo / Right Stuff in the Navy: VX-9 and HX-21 / ‘AB’ Tailcodes at Kadena and Iwakuni / RIAT 2006 / Farnborough 2006 / NATO Exercise Steadfast Jaguar (Cape Verde Is.) / Farewell to the RAF Canberra / Flying Legends (Duxford) / HSL-51 new markings / Female JMSDF SH-60J pilot / Dry cell battery-powered aircraft /
History of ballistic missile tracking (Cobra Ball) / North Korean missile launch monitoring / Japan’s Ballistic Missile Tracking Radar and Intercept Systems / Deciphering North Korea’s Missile Tests / A350XB / Aviation history series, Pt.16: Dying heroically in the skies above Tokyo / Tokorozawa’s Nakajima Type 91 Fighter Pt.9/10 / Visit to British aircraft restorers/replica makers / The future of airports around Tokyo (Pt.6/6) / Me210/Me410 Inspection Pt.4 /
JASDF airshows: Hyakuri, Chitose, Hofu-Kita
Vol.55 No.11 November 2006 Issue No.647
Blue Angels 2006 / Pittsburgh Air Show 2006 (incl. Blue Angels) / Current Blue Angels aircraft markings / Blue Angels training / International Hunter Meet 06 (Switzerland) / Cooperative Cope Thunder / Polish MiGs Visit Lithuania / Air Power of the World: Uruguayan AF / Yokota AB Friendship Festival / JASDF air shows: Matsushima, Misawa / Futenma AB Flightline Fair / Vertical Challenge Helicopter Air Show / Taiwan AF Hsinchu AB visit / Republic of Singapore AF Payalebar AB Open House / Waco YMF Super painted as IJN Type 93 Trainer /
Sixty Years of Blue Impulse: Fat Albert, Team Members, 1971 Japan Visit / Hondajet / Terrorist Plot Uncovered in UK / Connexion by Boeing Service Halted / Aviation history series, Pt.17: Recce pilots in battle / Tokorozawa’s Nakajima Type 91 Fighter Pt.10/10 / Me210/Me410 Inspection Pt.5 /
Team Deep Blues / FAI World Grand Prix Japan / Sky Leisure Japan 2006 / 24th Air Pageant (Sapporo, Japan)
Vol.55 No.12 December 2006 Issue No.648
Tomcat Sunset / Farewell Tomcat (NAS Oceana Airshow 2006) / KC-135’s 50th Anniversary / Red Arrows ’06 / C-X/P-X Nearing Completion / Sea Lynx: The “Flying Eyes” of the German Navy / German Navy Air Day 2006 (Nordholz) / JASDF 1st Air Rescue TAC Meet / SDF Air Shows: Komatsu, Ashiya, Hachinohe, Iwakuni / JASDF TAC Meet markings /
F-14 Tomcat Air Combat Diary / The Swing Wing that Made the F-14 a Success / Iranian Tomcats Then and Now (incl. current Iranian AF order of battle) / Gravity Planes and Environmental Technology / Helios Solar-Powered Flying Wing / Exploring the Deficiencies of Narita’s C Runway and Apron / Aviation history series, Pt.18: “Sacred Cows” Bound for Skies Over Okinawa / Aviation Society NPO Established / Me210/Me410 Inspection Pt.6 / Perfect Airliner Photography Points: Itami Sky Park / Museum dedicated to Japanese aviation pioneer Chuhachi Ninomiya / New Faces at Misawa Museum (LR-1/OH-6D) /
Reno 2006
Vol.56 No.1 January 2007 Issue No.649
JASDF TAC Meet 2006 / Krila Oluje (Croatian AF PC-9 display team) / Axalp (Switzerland) Air Display / Leuchars Air Show 2006 / Tinker AFB / McConnell AFB Open House / Osan AB Air Power Day / 2006 Haute Voltige (Japan Aerobatic Grand Prix) / JASDF Airshows: Iruma, Hamamatsu, Gifu, Komaki / Japan Air College Open Day /
North Korea’s Nuclear Test and Air Sampling / History of USAF Air Sampling Strategies / Boeing Report / Lufthansa / JGSDF Pilot Graduation Ceremony at Akeno / JASDF: 3Sqn 50th Anniversary, MU-2S / Aviation history series, Pt.19: “Grumman Surprise Attack” / G4M2 Built for TV Series / Me210/Me410 Inspection Pt.7 / Tokrozawa Nakajima Type 91 Part 11: Jupiter engine arrives /
Peter Besenyei (aerobatic pilot) / Spitfire 70th Anniversary Display
Vol.56 No.2 February 2007 Issue No.650
Airshow China 2006 – Zhuhai / Shinshin: Japanese Advanced Fighter Technology Demonstrator / Cruzex III 2006 (Sth. American exercise) / Air Power of the World: South Africa / The Real USCG / Aviation Nation 2006 Show (Nellis AFB) / NAS Pensacola Air Show (Blue Angels) / Homecoming 2006 Show (Seymour Johnson AFB) / F-4Fs in Italy / 40th Anniversary VC-10 / A380 Japan visit /
A380 Past, Present and Future / Design Commentary / Trent 900 and Engine Alliance GP7200 / Is The Era of Ultralarge Airliners to Come Again? / History of Large Aircraft / CSAR-X: HH-47 Chinook Selected / Aviation history series, Pt.20: “Sekiwan Aviators” / Me210/Me410 Inspection Pt.8 / Sekiwan aviators /
JGSDF EC225LP arrives at Kisarazu / JASDF air shows: Tsuiki, Nyutabaru / San Francisco Fleet Week and Red Bull Air Race
Airlift of crashed JGSDF AH-1S / First JAL 737-800 arrives / Tokorozawa’s Nakajima Type 91 Fighter Pt.11
Vol.56 No.3 March 2007 Issue No.651
F-35 Lightning II First Flight / CVW-5 Annualex / U.S. Navy Carrier Air Wings 2007 / Naval Aviators’ Patches and Flight Jackets / USS John C. Stennis CVW-9 / F-14D Tomcat for Hickory Airport, North Carolina / CVW-7 in OEF/OIF / NAS North Island / NAS Lemoore / U.S. Navy MH-60S/C-26D based in Naples / Hayabusa from Arizona to Oregon / Holloman Today / Harrier GR.9 Enters RAF Service / Caucasus Helos (Georgia A.F. Mi-24s) / JCAB Retires YS-11 /
U.S. Naval Aviation 2007 / Aircraft Carriers Spreading Across Pacific / Carrier Operations / U.S. Navy Patrol Squadrons / From Hover to Supersonic Flight: F-35 Lightning II / JASDF Radioactive Dust Collector Pod (T-4) / Dash 8s Take Japan by Storm / Aviation history series, Pt.21: “Hearsay About Tateo Kato, War Hero” / Me210/Me410 Inspection Pt.9 / Hajime Sorayama Aviation World (aviation artist) / Naha “Air Festa 2006” / Atsugi Wings (JMSDF) /
Callsign “Santa 11” (Misawa F-16)
Vol.56 No.4 April 2007 Issue No.652
F-22A First Overseas Deployment / J-10: China’s Newest Fighter / 303 Sqn JASDF 30th Anniversary / In Blizzard Conditions: JASDF Chitose AB Air Rescue Detachment Training / Hornets in Lemoore / NP2000 Upgrade for Atsugi E-2Cs (VAW-115) / UK Air Assets in Afghanistan / Chilean Navy / Air Power of the World: Sri Lanka AF / Belgian AF Fouga Magisters /
Update on Latest Chinese Military Aircraft / China’s Aircraft Carrier / Chinese Fighter Genealogy / Deciphering Chinese Military Aircraft Serials / How to Gather Information about Chinese Aviation / Japan’s Self-Defence Forces 2007 / Latest Information on JASDF’s F-X Requirement (F-4 Replacement) / T-1 at Kakamigahara Museum / Tokorozawa’s Nakajima Type 91 Part 12: Jupiter engine details / Aviation history series, Pt.22: Gold-star IJAAF Attack Units / China’s Successful Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Test / Me210/Me410 Inspection Pt.10 (photo album) /
Planes of Fame 50th Anniversary / Pacific Aviation Museum, Pearl Harbour Opens
ANA Safety Education Centre / Replica Hayabusa on Film Set
Vol.56 No.5 May 2007 Issue No.653
Raptor in Japan Night & Day / Raptor Rhapsody / USS Ronald Reagan in Sasebo / Red Flag 07-2 / How the Rise of Stealth Aircraft and Resurgent Aggressor Squadrons Look from an Evolving Red Flag / Navy Vipers: Top Gun F-16s / NAS Fallon / Boca Chica Bogeys (VFC-111) / VMFT-401 Snipers / “Orange Air” (ATAC Hawker Hunters at Atsugi) /
Red Flag / Aggressor / 25 Years of JASDF Aggressor Squadron / JASDF F-X (F-4 replacement) Team’s Overseas Fact-Finding Mission / Japanese Technology Spreading its Wings (HondaJet and MRJ) / T-1 Close-Up / Aviation history series, Pt.23: A Hand in Three Aircraft Types / Type 91 Fighters and Aikoku Numbers / Me210/Me410 Inspection Pt.11 /
Al Ain (UAE) Aerobatics Show 2007 / Last T-3 Flight at Shizuhama / 30th Anniversary 303 Sqn, JASDF
Vol.56 No.6 June 2007 Issue No.654
Night Attack (Greek AF F-16s) / Bayou Militia: Louisiana ANG F-15s / Cardinals’ Eagle (131st FW) / Final Full-Colour VMFA(AW)-332 Hornet / NAF Atsugi Cherry Blossom Festival / Hungarian Gripen and Fulcrum / RAF Celebrates 25 Years of Tornado Service / A380 Frankfurt-Hong Kong Flight Report / Prop Trainers (RAF Tucano; Canada/NFTC Harvard II; French AF Epsilon operations) / National Cold War Exhibition, RAF Cosford /
Causes and Effects of Delays to SDF C-X/P-X and KC-767 Programme / News Coverage of ANA DHC-8 Nosewheel Collapse / Air Accident Investigation / A380 Progress Report / U.S. Expeditionary Air Power / JASDF Weaponry: Present and Future / Aviation history series, Pt.24: New Weapons to Singapore / Me210/Me410 Inspection Pt.12 /
JGSDF 12th Brigade / Blue Impulse displays at Kita-Hofu and Kumagaya
Vol.56 No.7 July 2007 Issue No.655
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Vol.56 No.8 August 2007 Issue No.656
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Vol.56 No.9 September 2007 Issue No.657
No information
Vol.56 No.10 October 2007 Issue No.658
No information
Vol.56 No.11 November 2007 Issue No.659
No information
Vol.56 No.12 December 2007 Issue No.660
No information
Vol.57 No.1 January 2008 Issue No.661
No information
Vol.57 No.2 February 2008 Issue No.662
No information
Vol.57 No.3 March 2008 Issue No.663
No information
Vol.57 No.4 April 2008 Issue No.664
No information
Vol.57 No.5 May 2008 Issue No.665
No information
Vol.57 No.6 June 2008 Issue No.666
No information
Vol.57 No.7 July 2008 Issue No.667
No information
Vol.57 No.8 August 2008 Issue No.668
No information
Vol.57 No.9 September 2008 Issue No.669
No information
Vol.57 No.10 October 2008 Issue No.670
No information
Vol.57 No.11 November 2008 Issue No.671
No information
Vol.57 No.12 December 2008 Issue No.672
No information
Vol.58 No.1 January 2009 Issue No.673
No information
Vol.58 No.2 February 2009 Issue No.674
No information
Vol.58 No.3 March 2009 Issue No.675
No information
Vol.58 No.4 April 2009 Issue No.676
No information
Vol.58 No.5 May 2009 Issue No.677
No information
Vol.58 No.6 June 2009 Issue No.678
No information
Vol.58 No.7 July 2009 Issue No.679
No information
Vol.58 No.8 August 2009 Issue No.680
No information
Vol.58 No.9 September 2009 Issue No.681
No information
Vol.58 No.10 October 2009 Issue No.682
No information
Vol.58 No.11 November 2009 Issue No.683
No information
Vol.58 No.12 December 2009 Issue No.684
No information

Thanks to Paul Thompson for the information given here.

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