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1 1/1993
Yak-6 story
2 2/1993
Su-11 1/72 scale plans
3 3/1994
No information
4 4/1995
Su-9 PVO fighter story + scale plans; PzKpfw I
5 5/1995
Tu-14 (8 page article incl 1:72 scale plans); T-55A tank; MiG-19
6 1/1996
No information
7 2/1996
G-5; GAZ-67B; Su-9
8 3/1996
No information
9 1/1997
’59 Chevy Impala; Polikarpov VIT-2; Kamov Ka-52; T-34 prototype + plans
10 2/1997
No information
11 3/1997
Su-11; Su-9U; T-70; BTR-50PK
12 4/1997
Fujimi Renault Megane; T-33A; Su-15
13 5-6/1997
Petlyakov Pe-8 Soviet WW2 4-engined bomber monograph (with plans); Excellent monograph about Ilyushin Il-2 An-74; tank
14 7/1997
MiG-19 in detail and plans; C-130
15 8/1997
MiG-17PF Story
16 9/1997
MiG-21 Story
17 1/1999
Article about Romanian infantry uniforms; Kamov Ka-15 article and scale plans (both in 1/72 and 1/48 scale); colors of VVS: Soviet Air Force camouflage – This part is devoted to pre-war period; Story of the YaG-6 Soviet WW II truck with many photos and 1/35 scale plans by Nick Polikarpov; How to take pictures of your models; how to make tank turret from cardstock; new kits and accessories; close up shots of Soviet 76-mm gun Mod 1943
18 2/1999
No information
19 3/1999
20 4/1999
Building Pe-8; Polikarpov U-2; Tank T-26; Soviet WWII assault brigade etc
21 5/1999
GAZ-AAA WW2 Soviet truck story; Beriev Be-6 story; T-26 in close; BRDM in close; KV-1S story; Soviet WWII aviation colors; Modern Russian military cross-country vehicles photo reportage etc.
22 6/1999
Inbox: New model kits reviews; Architecture In Miniature: Wooden architecture in miniature; Advices: Activity with an aerograph; Close view: Review about three Alan model kits (Marder IID, PzKpfw II Ausf D and flame-thrower ‘Flamingo’); Wheels: Light armoured car FAI-M; Wings: Heavy transport glider Yakovlev Yak-14; Armour: ‘Valentine’ tanks in Soviet Army; Colour scheme: History of Squadron ‘Moscow’ (WWII) – Yakovlev Yak-9B; Photo page: BM-21-1 ‘GRAD’; Review: Exhibition/Contest of Scale Models’ 99
23 1/2000
Inbox: New model kits reviews; Architecture In Miniature: Classical brick architecture in miniature; For masters: PzKpfw III and modifications model kits; Colour scheme: History of 30th guards fighting regiment (WWII) – P-39 Aerocobra; Armour: Soviet experimental heavy tank KV-85; Close view: Review about classification of aerial bombs; History: Grin on board emblems – Mikoyan MiG-23; Wings: Tupolev Tu-154 review; Equipment and arms: Russian troops in Dagestan
24 2/2000
Inbox: New model kits reviews; Dioramas: How make soldiers in miniature; Armour: Soviet self-propelled gun SU-152; Wings: First SB-series plane review; History: Soviet aviabombs; For masters: Messerschmitt Me-410 and modifications model kits; Armour: Self-propelled gun Bishop; Colour scheme: Russian Mikoyan MiG-29; News
25 3/2000
Inbox: New model kits reviews; Close-up: ICM 1/72 Tupolev TB-3; The exhibition of models in Moscow (April 13-16, 2000); Wings: Yakovlev Yak-6 flight tests; History: Soviet air bombs; The Latvian troops in RKKA (24 Territorial corps of Red Army, 1939-1940); For masters: Cardboard FW-190 (model from the exhibition MKSM-99); Close-up: Alan 1/35 ZiS-5 model kit; Armour: Soviet Self Propelled Howitzer 2S1 Gvozdika, T-34 tanks of first series; From Photographer: Sukhoi Su-39 in-close
26 4/2000
Reviews on new models; Dioramas; The exhibition of models of Sokol’niki in Moscow on May 4, 2000; Colouring of airplanes of the pilot A.A.Matveev (2 col profiles); Yakovlev Yak-6: Series production (1 page 4 col profiles + 1 col plan-view); Mikoyan MiG-21PF close-up; Decals; Model kit of the American Main tank Sherman; News [48 pages, 86 photos, 6 schemes]
27 5/2000
New model kits reviews: Fokker D.VI, Fokker F.I, Fokker Dr.I of Roden, KV-85 of Eastern Express, BMP-1 of ACE etc; Dioramas; T3-11M truck model kits; Colouring of planes of the East Chekist squadron (1 page Il-4 col drwgs); Mikoyan MiG-27 fighter-bomber; KV-8S Soviet WW2 tank; MAZ-537 Soviet heavy transporter; About the cardboard models; F-100D Super Sabre model kits etc [48 pages, 93 photos, 7 drawings]
28 6/2000
The story about new model kits; Heinkel He-111 model kit from Roden company; Dioramas; Fw-190 V18/U1 model kit (col 3-view drwg); BT-7 tank; Petlyakov Pe-8 hull No 4214 bomber (1/2 page col drwgs); Mikoyan MiG-31 photo reporting; Photo reporting from MKSM-2000; Mil Mi-1M helicopter model kit [48 pages, 126 photos, 5 drawings]
29 1/2001
The story about new model kits; BA-6 model kit from Eastern Express company; Diorams; Mig-31 model kit; Su-152 Soviet WW2 Heavy SPG Story; Ural-377 Soviet Army truck; G-5 Soviet WW2 torpedo-boat; Sukhoi Su-27 colouring (1/2 page col drwgs). [48 pages, 87 photos, 5 drawings]
30 2/2001
Reviews of New Model Kits; Spitfire Mk. IX, by “ICM”; Super detailing of T-34-85 Tank by “Zvezda”; Dioramas; D-30 and D-30A 122-mm Guns; SB Bombers with M-103 Motors; “Eastern Express” Kits Catalogue; Russo-Balt Armoured Car with Lender-Tarnovski Anti-Aircraft Gun; T-72 Tank: the New Generation of Export; Mi-8 & Mi-24 Helicopters In Chechnya (1/2 page col drwgs)[48 pages, 105 photographs, 4 drawings]
31 3/2001
The review for the new models; The exhibition for the Moscow club of the stand modeling called “Opposition”; A6M2 aircraft (1/2 page col drwgs); Zil-150 truck (scale plans); The technology of manufactring of the pasteboard models; The photo report about Ka-29 helicopter; Dioramas; Su-39 aircraft (1/72 scale plans) [48 pages, 90 photos, 7 drawings; The drawings of ZiC-150 – 25TM]
32 4/2001
T-34-76 tank of 1942; Gotha G.II/III bomber; Kamov Ka-4; Mi-24A; ZiS-151 truck; Pe-2 (1 col profile)
33 5/2001
From the box – The review on the new models; The prototype and the model – Howitzer-cannon ML-20; Monograph – The development of missile of the class “air to air”; A close-up – The battle cruiser “Hood”; Dioramas – The near front Gelendjik; The word to the expert – P-51 “Mustang”; The wheels – ZiL-164 truck; The photographer’s page – The howitzer-cannon ML-20; The paintings – The 15th detached missile anti-aircraft regime (ORZAP) [48 pages, 100 photos, 21 schemes, 12 illustrations]
34 6/2001
News; Classified; Out of the Box Kit Reviews – New Kits Reviews; Dioramas – War in Korea; Stationary – New Generation on Card Models; Photographer’s Page – BA-3 Armored Car; Wheels – ZiL-157 truck; Armor – BA-3 Armored Car; Monograph – Development of Soviet Air-to-Air Missiles (1 page 1:48 scale drwgs); Master’s Comments – Soldiers Figures for Dioramas, Painting Ki-43-II; Exhibitions – MKSM 2001 [48 pages, 100 photographs, 7 drawings; Line drawings of ZiL-157 truck, and BA-3 armored car]
35 1/2002
Results of the Model Producers’ Competition; Reviews on the New Models; Development of “Air-to-Air” Missiles R-40TD; BM-21 (2B5) “Grad” rocket launcher; Narrative on I.I. Meilus, a Hero of the Soviet Union; “The American Horse”; My Struggle with the Messerschmitt; Unforgettable “Shevrukha”; Dioramas; Armored URALs; Junkers in 1/32 [48 pages, 80 photographs, 2 drawings, 10 diagrams; Diagrams of “air-to-air” missiles, Drawings: BM-21 “Grad” vehicle on the URAL-374D chassis, SH-2 seaplane of a pre-war production batch]
36 2/2002
News; Out of the Box – Reviews of the New Kits; Close Up – T-55 by “Skif”; Color Schemes – Ka-50 & Ka-29 “Black Sharks” in Chechnia; Artillery – BM-21-1 (2B5) “Grad” rocket launcher; Store Forever – On the Heroic Enthusiasm (NKL-16 ski-cars); Monographie – The Development of Air-to-air Missiles; Navy – Bismark Ship Scale Models in 1:700; Pots and Jars – Reviews on New Model Paints; The Master Speaks – Un-planned KV Tank; Dioramas – We Will Take Another Way [48 pages, 100 photographs, 7 drawings]
37 3/2002
News; Fresh Out of the Box – Reviews of the New Model Kits; At a Short Range – Nieuport 21 Aircraft Model Kit; Color Schemes – “Named” MiG-31s (1 col profile); Keep for Eternity – Aero Sledges (ski cars part 2); Wings – Ar-2 Bomber; Monograph – Soviet Airborne Air-to-Ground Missiles; A Word to the Master – MiG-1.44 Aircraft Model Kit; Photographer’s Page – I-153 “Chaika”; Dioramas [48 pages, 80 photographs, 6 line drawings; Line Drawings: Aero Sledges RF-8, MMN aircraft, Ar-2 Aircraft (mass produced)]
38 4/2002
R-100 airship; GT-S tracked vehicle; Air-launched missiles; Yak-28; Il-86 close-up
39 5/2002
Mil Mi-8; GT-SM tracked vehicle; MiG-15; BMD-1 combat vehicle; Air-launched missiles
40 6/2002
An-26; PT-76B swimming tank; SU-85 SPG; air launched missile; PZL P-37 Los bomber
41 1/2003
Ilyushin A-50; ZIS truck; T-34; An-12 photo report; air launched missile
42 2/2003
Albatros WW1 floatplane fighter; MiG-23; I-207 (MiG-3 prototype?); BMD-1; Polikarpov I-16; Bedroom diorama
43 3/2003
RAF S.E.5A; SU-76 soviet SPG; BT-7 light tank; Sopwith 1 1/2 strutter; Aero L-29 (scale plans); air launched missiles; Su-22; Kamov Ka-27/Ka-29 photo report; Half-tracked truck
44 4/2003
Sd.Kfz 231 troop carrier; Sukhoi Su-17; Heinkel He 100; air-launched missiles; T-34-76 1940; Sukhoi Su-24
45 5/2003
Mil Mi-17 close-up; Aero L-39; S-75/SA-2 Guideline missile photo report; air-launched missiles
46 6/2003
SU-76 Soviet WW2 SPG; BA-10 Soviet armoured car; Il-76TD colours; T-72A tank; Soyuz TM rocket; Aircraft ?O-2
47 1/2004
Tu-128; Tu-16; BT-2 tank; artillery gun; air launched missiles; TB-3 Zveno fighter combination; LET L-410
48 2/2004
Yak-9; BMD-1 combat vehicle; Nona-S Soviet 120 mm SPG; MiG-3; BTR-D; Soviet air-launched missile (scale plans)
49 3/2004
UMP-350-131 truck; Yak-42A scale plans; Greek Bireme ship; BMD-2 combat vehicle; Spanish I-152 fighter
50 4/2004
News; MiG 1.44 fighter; air launched missiles;
51 5/2004
News; BA-6 armoured car; URAL-4320 truck (scale plans); Soviet aircraft carrier (colour drawing)
52 6/2004
News; Reviews of the new kits; Reviews on new model paints; Dioramas; 1/35 BMD-2 Soviet airborne combat vehicle; KM-4 1/35 Soviet WW2 snowmobiles; K-22 cruise missile [48 pages, 100 photographs and drawings]
53 7/2004
News; Reviews of the new kits; Reviews on new model paints; Nieuport 28 model kit; Mikoyan MiG-15UTI Soviet Jet Trainer Fighter (scale plans); AF’s cruise missiles; Diorama: Kharkiv, 1943; German WW2 Motorcyclist’s raincoat; Half tracked vehicle
54 8/2004
News; Reviews of the new kits; Reviews on new model paints; Dioramas; Bison I German WW2 SPG; ATZ-4/5 Soviet Army refueller
55 9/2004
HMMWV Chaparal launcher; Kamov Ka-27; Russian tanks in action; BMP combat vehicle
56 10/2004
News; Reviews of the new kits; Reviews on new model paints; Dioramas; 1/144 Type XXIII German WW2 U-Boat model kit by ICM; KrAZ-260 Russian truck; He-219 German WW2 fighter close-up; Tank Renault D1
57 1/2005
self-propelled gun; Mil Mi-1; Polikarpov I-16 (scale plans); Dreadnought battleship
58 2/2005
Kit reviews; Macchi C.202 diorama; Pe-2; BMP-2A combat vehicle; MiG-29 close up
59 3/2005
Kit reviews; Antonov An-8 model; Dingo WW2 armored car story with color profiles and scale plans; Soviet pre-war and WW2 era passenger and military transport aircraft PS-35 with 1/72 scale plans; Mil Mi-8 helicopter story
60 4/2005
Polikarpov R-Z; tracked artillery tug; Kamov Ka-26
61 5/2005
tank diorama; BMP AFV; biplane
62 6/2005
Reviews of Mun Schl 38(t) WWII German ammunition carrier (UM), German tank repairmen 1940-1944 (Master Box), JGSGF Light armored vehicle (Tamiya), Kawasaki Ki-61-I fighter (Hasegawa), French 39(H) tank (Trumpeter), Fokker Dr.I fighter (Roden), Su-24MR interceptor (Zvezda), Radar 30H6E1 from PST; history and drawings of Hotchkiss H35 French tank (1 page col drwgs); KH-55 missiles; exclusive – Mig-15 in 1/15 scale.
63 7/2005
Reviews of StuG III Ausf.B spg (Tamiya), Mitsubishi F-1 fighter (Hasegawa), Russian spetsnaz (Zvezda), Mi-6 helicopter (Amodel), D.H.2 aircraft (Eduard), Varyag battleship (Zvezda); history and drawings of BTR-60P; exclusive – F-86 Sabre in 1/15 scale.
64 8/2005
1/24 scale Kubelwagon; Reviews of He 51B-1 fighter (ICM), Ar-2 bomber (Amodel), M4A3 (76)W Sherman tank (Eduard), GMC truck (Airfix), German military men 1939-1942 (Master Box), US Paratroopers 1944 (Master Box), Kubelwagen tupe 82 car (Hasegawa), Pz.V Ausf.D Pantera tank (ICM); history and drawings of Polikarpov I-5; BTR-60PA; MiG-29 (2 col profiles).
65 9/2005
Sailing ship; Reviews of Spanish I-15 fighter (ICM), T-34-76 1941 tank (Tamiya), Pz.Kpfw VI Tiger Ausf.E tank (Hasegawa), Sd.Kfz.234/1 armored vehicle (Roden), KV-220-2 tank (PST); history of Su-25 (2 col profiles); history and drawings of BTR-60PB.
66 10/2005
No information
67 1/2006
No information
68 2/2006
No information
69 3/2006
No information
70 4/2006
No information
71 5/2006
No information
72 6/2006
No information
73 7/2006
No information
74 8/2006
No information
75 9/2006
No information
76 10/2006
No information
M-Hobby Digest No.1: Compilation of feature articles from issues 1-24 featuring armoured vehicles and trucks [104 pages, 150 photographs, 30 drawings].

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