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No.001 1991/11
Lockheed F-117A (detailed feature)
No.2 1992/1
No information
No.003 1992/3
YF-22 & YF-23; B-2; US Fighters XP-79 to XF-85 [190 pages]
No.4 May 1992/5*
Analysis of modern jet fighters; Modern fighter technologies vol.1; US Navy fighters of the 50’s and 60’s; X-fighters vol.2; Japanese military aircrafts vol.1 attackers/bombers
No.005 July 1992/7
USAAF Fighters in Color; XF-104 & YF-104A; MA Observer; B-2
No.6 Sept 1992/9*
Dragon Hammer ’92; SR-71 flight manual vol.; Modern fighter technology vol.3; Invaders in Korea; X-fighters vol.4, Imperial Japanese Army aircraft vol.1 Heavy bombers/Light bombers
No.7 November 1991
No information
No.8 1992/1
No information
No.9 1992/2
No information
No.10 1992/3
No information
No.11 1992/4
No information
No.12 1993/1
No information
No.13 1993/2
No information
No.14 1994*
USAAF Aircraft of W.W.II
No.15 1993/4
No information
No.16 1994/1
No information
No.17 1994/2
No information
No.18 1994/3
No information
No.19 1994/4
No information
No.20 1995/1
No information
No.21 1995/2
No information
No.22 1995/3
No information
No.23 1995/4
Luftwaffe Project Aircraft – Flying Wings
No.24 (Vol.6/1) January 1996
German Jets of WWII (1) – Me 163 Komet, He 280, Ar 234, Horten IX, Ba 349 [172 pages]
No.25 March 1996
No information
No.26 May 1996/5
Luftwaffe Secret Weapons 1
No.27 July 1996
No information
No.28 September 1996/9
Luftwaffe Secret Weapons (3)
No.29 December 1996
No information
No.30 January 1997
No information
No.31 March 1997
No information
No.32 May 1997/5
Bf 109 & Fw 190; Secret Japanese Aircraft (3)
No.33 July 1997/7
P-51 Mustang (1); Secret Japanese Aircraft (4)
No.34 September 1997
P-40 captured by Japanese
No.35 November 1997/11
Zero Fighter (1); Lockheed P-38 Lightning (1)
No.36 January 1998
No information
No.37 March 1998/3
Zero Fighter (3); “Gekko” Night Fighter J1N1-S
No.38 May 1998/5
Reppu Carrier Fighter; Curtiss P-40
No.39 July 1998/7
German Experimental and Project Manned Missiles; Republic P-47 (1)
No.40 September 1998/9
Republic P-47 (2); German Mistel Project
No.41 November 1998
German rocket fighters; Japanese aircraft code-names [158 pages]
No.42 January 1999
No information
No.43 March 1999
Messerchmitt Me 262 (2); “Ohka” model 22 [168 pages]
No.44 May 1999*
German Fighting Jet Forces. Tachikawa Ki70.
No.45 July 1999
No information
No.46 September 1999
No information
No.47 November 1999
No information
No.48 January 2000
No information
No.49 March 2000/3
Japanese Special Attack Plane “Seiran”; Messerschmitt Twin-Engined Fighters Bf 110; F4U Corsair night fighter
No.50 May 2000
No information
No.51 July 2000
No information
No.52 September 2000
Luftwaffe Night Fighter Force (1); Helldiver, Betty and Seaplane version of the Zero [160 pages]
No.53 November 2000
No information
No.54 January 2001
No information
No.55 February 2001
No information
No.56 March 2001*
Geman Experimental & Projected Jet Fighters (Part 1); Aichi Carrier Attack-Bomber RYUSEI [156 pages]
No.57 April 2001
No information
No.58 May 2001
No information
No.59 June 2001*
Japanese Army Single-engined Fighters 1939-1945; German Experimental & Projected Strategic Bombers (1) [156 pages]
No.60 July 2001
No information
No.61 August 2001
No information
No.62 September 2001
No information
No.63 October 2001*
Focke-Wolf Fw190 (Covers all the variants and test birds. Black-and-white photographs covering all aspects of the aircraft. Numerous line drawings of mechanisms. Final section has line drawings of every variant with listings of production and specifications)
No.64 November 2001
No information
No.65 December 2001
Focke Wulf Ta 152
No.66 January 2002
North American P-51 Mustang (2)
No.67 February 2002
No information
No.68 March 2002
Dornier Do 335
No.69 April 2002
F-35 Fighter; Afghan Air War; US ELINT Operations
No.70 May 2002
US Military Aircraft 2002
No.71 June 2002
Modern Fighters of the World 2002; Afghan Air War (2)
No.72 July 2002
Modern Fighters of the World 2002 (2); Afghan Air War (3)
No.73 August 2002
F-16 Fighting Falcon; Afghan Air War (4)
No.74 September 2002
F-15E Strike Eagle
No.75 October 2002*
US Stealth Fighters F-22 & F-117
No.76 November 2002*
Aircraft for Electronic War
No.77 December 2002
No information
No.78 January 2003
No information
No.79 February 2003
No information
No.80 March 2003
No information
No.81 April 2003
No information
No.82 May 2003
No information
No.83 June 2003
No information
No.84 July 2003
No information
No.85 August 2003
No information
No.86 September 2003
No information
No.87 October 2003
No information
No.88 November 2003
No information
No.89 December 2003
No information
No.90 January 2004
No information

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