Military Enthusiast – Contents Listing

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Vol.1 No.1 September 1980
SA-4: Biggest Soviet SAM Missile; A-4 Skyhawk; Israeli Navy Uniforms; MiG-17 Recognition
Vol.1 No.2 1980
USAFE; Chieftain; Tu-16; Iran-Iraq War News
Vol.1 No.3 1980
Tank Killers: A-10 Thunderbolt II; Spanish AF Helicopters; MICV Marder; Attack Submarines
Vol.1 No.4 1980
No information
Vol.1 No.5 1980
The One-Elevens Low Over Europe (RAF Lakenheath F-111s in action); Military Modeller’s Corner (Aircraft markings Q & A); Yak-25/28 Recognition Pullout; Katyusha in the I.D.F. – BM-24 (Katyusha) Rocket Launcher; AMX-30 The French Main Battle Tank; [F-111 photo centrespread]
Vol.1 No.6 1980
The Bundeswehr Armour Today (Visit to 5th Panzer Division); Combined Arms Air Defence Destruction (Anti-SAM operations in Yom Kippur War); Attack Helicopters – Recognition; Harvard In Israel A.F.; Military Modeller’s Corner (German AFV pics); News…; Bookshelf News; Israeli AF F-4 Phantom photos [Leopard Tank photo centrespread]
Vol.2 No.7 June 1979
Soviet AF in Germany; B.T.R. 50; The Soviet Navy
Vol.2 No.8 1981
Merkava on the Front Lines (Israeli Tank); The Luftwaffe into the ’80s (inc. airbase map & orbat); Military Modeller’s Corner; Iceland – A Key to NATO Defence; News…; Book Reviews [Merkava Tank photo centrespread]
Vol.2 No.9 1981
World News & Mid East Roundup; F-18 – A Sensible Modern Combat Aircraft For the Nineties; RAF Germany Part 1; Recognition Pullout – Roland Air Defence System; Modern Pilot Gear (Pilot’s flying hazards & protective equipment); Spanish Army Aviation (unit insignia col drwgs; Modellers Corner – ESCI 1/48 A-4M/N Skyhawk; Readers Corner; Bookshelf News; [Tornado P03 prototype photo centrespread]
Vol.2 No.10 1981
Israel Air Force Special
Vol.2 No.11 1981
World News & Mid East Roundup; Striking Eagles – The F-15 ground attack capability (F-15 Strike Eagle); Brüggen’s Jaguars, World Air Forces, RAFG-2 (Visit to RAF Bruggen, unit insignia col drwgs); Air Defense of the Western Pacific 13th Air Force USAF; Mail – Beriev Be-12 (detail photos); A Day With Mirage F-1 Squadron SAF (Spanish AF Ala 14 unit visit); Readers Corner (Readers Letters); Bookshelf News (Book Reviews); [Ala 14 Mirage F.1s photo centerspread]
Vol.2 No.12 1981
News Flash (Military news); Israel’s Falcons (F-16 in Israeli service); WarPac Update: Soviet Armoured Forces in Eastern Europe (An Update) (incl. bases map, GSFG ordbat); Recognition Pullout Soviet Specialist Armoured Vehicles (Bridging & Engineering vehicles); The Buccaneers of Germany (visit to RAF Laarbruch); Bookshelf News; [International Air Tattoo report centrespread]
Vol.3 No.13 1980
Saudi AWACS; Harriers in Germany
Vol.3 No.14 1980
RAF Wildenrath; Israeli Navy; M-113 APC; Ka-25
Vol.3 No.15 1980
70 Years of Fighters; Harrier at Sea; MiG-23 Visit
Vol.3 No.16 1982
The F-5: From Freedom Fighter to Tigershark; Super Carriers
Vol.3 No.17 1980
Modern Fighters; USMC – 2nd Marine Corps
Vol.3 No.18 1980
Defending the Carrier; USS Saipan
Vol.4 No.19 1980
Israeli AF at War; New Anti-Tank Weapons
Vol.4 No.20 1980
Israeli C-130 Hercules; BAOR
Vol.4 No.21 1980
Lebanon War 1982
Vol.4 No.22 1980
No information
Vol.4 No.23 1980
No information
Vol.4 No.24 1980
No information
Vol.5 No.25 1980
No information
Vol.5 No.26 1980
No information
Vol.5 No.27 1980
No information
Vol.5 No.28 1980
No information
Vol.5 No.29 1980
No information
Vol.5 No.30 1980
Lavi and Kfir; Dams Raid
Vol.6 No.31 1984
No information
Vol.6 No.32 1984
No information
Vol.6 No.33 1984
No information

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