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1 1/1992
Avro Lancaster in Soviet service
2 2/1992
No information
3 1/1993
Shield of the Night – Little known pages about the Korean War 1950-53 by Igor Seidov Ashgabat; 118th ORAP Photo Recce Spitfires in Soviet Service
4 2/1993
Sukhoi T-3/T-431
5 1/1994
Soviet Aggressor Squadron
6 2/1994
No information
7 1/1995
No information
8 2/1995
RAAF Meteors in Korean war
9 3/1995
No information
10 4/1995
No information
11 1/1996
Pe-8 in War Part 1 by Vladimir Ratkin; Chronicle of losses of fighter elite in Korean War
12 2/1996
Pe-8 in war Part 2: Carrier of the 5-ton bomb by Vladimir Ratkin; MiG-21SM (2 col profiles); Boeing B-47 (scale plans, 5 col profiles); Su-27 vs Norwegian P-3 Orion (2 col profiles)
13** 1/1997
An-26 (2 col profiles); Pe-8 (5 col profiles); La-7/Yak-15 (2 col profiles); Combat moments of Korean War
14** 2/1997
On Guard For Peace and Labor – A Short Observation on the DPRK Air Forces from 1948 to 1996 by Vladislav Morozov and Sergey Uskov (North Korean AF, 12 col profiles); TB-3 (2 col profiles, scale plans);
15 1/1998
No information
16** 2/1998
The Hunt for the Sabre by Leonid Krylov and Yuri Tepsurkayev (MiG-15 vs F-86 in Korean War); MiG-15 (4 col profiles); Yak7B (1 col profile)
No information
No information
No information
Black week for bomber command
MiG-31 feature (scale plans); Il-22 (scale plans)
Su-25 (2 col profiles); Li-2 (4 col profiles)
18* 1/2000
Feature with scale plans and color side-views on the Polikarpov U-2; Camouflage and insignia of the German Air Force during WWI, part 2 (5 col profiles); Aces Gallery: Konstantin Mikhalenko (U-2 and Aeroflot Polar Aviation pilot); More Su-17 color schemes from the Afghan War era; Color photos taken at Mary-2 Airbase in its heyday (1970s and 80s); Su-22 (2 col profiles); Po-2 (6 col profiles)
19* 2/2000
Su-27 (2 col profiles); Mitsubishi A5M (4 col profiles);
20 3/2000
No information
21 4/2000
No information
Special number “Almanac of Russian Aviation” (History of the Russian aircraft on pages of the journal), 52 colour pages on a very good paper; MiG-25 (1 col profile). Compilation of the magazine’s best artwork and photography since 1992. Colour artwork (Soviet Lancasters, B-17s, etc.) finally reproduced on good quality glossy paper stock.
22* 1/2001
Mikoyan MiG-27BN & Mikoyan MiG-27 – the story of the Flogger’s bomber versions (5 col profiles); Aircraft in colour: Far East Antonov An-12s artwork (2 col profiles); The biography of a military pilot. The recollections of Dmitriy Nikishin, one of the oldest Soviet pilots. Part 2 (1938 – 1945); USAF & RAF strategic reconnaissance over Soviet Union in 1950s. Part 1 [50 pages, 96 photos, 23 illustrations]
23* 2/2001
Il-18 special comms aircraft (2 col profiles); Sukhoi T-4 (col 2-view drwg)
24* 3/2001
Recce special issue. History of the 2nd Long-range Reconnaissance Regiment 1941-2001, the leading such regiment of the VVS; Flying the Su-17m3R in Afghanistan; Flying the MiG-25R (2 col profiles)
25 4/2001
No information
26* 1/2002
Swedish airmen in Russia part 2 the story of aircraft deliveries to Soviet Russia in the 1920s organised by Torsten Gullberg; The development history of A. N. Tupolev’s famous SB (ANT-40) fast bomber; Aleksandr Moskalyov’s unorthodox LT (SAM-23) light assault aircraft project; Famous pilots gallery: The wartime and post war flying career of Ivan Ivanovich Kabakov; Tajik snapshot: the story of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Tajikistan, 1998; The Tupolev Tu-214 enters service, an eyewitness report from the first revenue flight with Dalavia Far East Airlines; USAF & RAF strategic reconnaisance over the Soviet Union in the 1950s. Part 2; Keith Dexter charts the development of numbered Soviet aviation factories in 1921 – 1941. Part 1; Aircraft in colour Ka-27PL helicopters artwork (2 col profiles) [52 pages, 50 photos, 9 illustrations]
27* 2/2002
The Tupolev SB bomber in the Winter War with Finland (5 col profiles); Keith Dexter charts the development of numbered Soviet aviation factories in 1921 – 1941 (part 2); Soviet could have beens: the IS TsAGI fighter project by Matus R Bisnovat; Vladimir Ratkm analyses the Red Army Air Force’s actions during the Khar’kov offensive operation on the South-Western Front in May 1942; Aces gallery: The wartime and post war flying career of Dmitny Andreyevich Kalinin; USAF & RAF strategic reconnaissance over the Soviet Union in the 1950s. Part 3; The history of the Soviet Air Defence Force’s 35th Fighter Regiment (part 1); A fighter regiment as a strategic deterrent – Former 35th IAP pilot Vitahy Ivannikov describes the units combat operations in East Germany in the 1960s; The Black Sea Fleet Air Arm at 81 Andrey Zmchuk describes the air arm’s day to day operations in the Crimea [52 pages, 40 photos, 9 illustrations, 15 drawings. Illustrations: Aircraft SB, Drawings: aircraft Ant-40 2RC]
28 3/2002
No information
29 4/2002
No information
30* 1/2003
Tupolev SB fast bomber. Vladimir Kotel’nikov charts the early stage of the SB’s production and improvement process (batches 1 through 96) (SB-2M-100 scale plans); The reminiscences of 62nd Bomber Division/94th Bomber Regiment navigator Yefim Donskoy about the first days of the Great Patriotic War, recorded by Yevgeniy Ionov; Dmitriy Larkeno and Vlad Antipov reconstruct the course of the Red Army’s Khar’kov offensive operation of May 1942; At the forefont of the Cold War: the recollections of bomber navigator Viktor Shapovalov about his tour of duty in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany in the mid-1950s, recorded by Vladislav Morozov; Boris Rychilo continues his story of the 35th Fighter Regiment’s operations in East Germany in the 1970s; Part One of Aleksey Matveyev’s decription of the Moscow Aviation Institute’s projected Foton close air support aircraft featuring direct lift control; Part One of the Soviet Air Force’s Guards unit directory (1941-45) by Boris Rychilo and Miroslav Morozav; Colour Gallery: Tupolev Tu-95MS Bear-H missile carrier
31* 2/2003
The evolution of the Tupolev SB bomber: the concluding stage. Part 3 of Vladimir Katel’nikov’s article charts the development of the SB’s final versions (SB 2M-103 scale plans); “…from then on, all track of time was lost and no-one knew where the limit of physical and moral strength lay…” Part One of this article describing the actions of the 82nd Bomber Division (5th Army/South-Western Front) deals with Tupolev SB operations; Fifty years in aviation. Navigator Vasiliy Terent’yevich Dorofeyev: an airman’s biography; Air disaster on the eve of a jubilee. Vladislav Martianov analyses the fatal crash of an Aeroflot Antonov An-24B which occurred on 21st January 1973, a few days before the airline’s 50th anniversary. The airliner may have been accidently shot down by a surface-to-air missile; Colour gallery: Polikarpov I-16 fighter (1 page col drawings); Part 2 of the story behind the development of the Moscow Aviation Institute’s Foton direct lift control technology demonstrator; The history of the 35th Fighter Regiment (part 2) – 1970 (Yak-28P) to 1992 (MiG-29); Part Two of the Soviet Air Force’s Guards units directory (1941-45) by Boris Rychilo and Miroslav Morozav; Photo gallery of aircraft visiting Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in 2002/3; Colour gallery MiG-15UTI (5 col profiles)
32* 3/2003
Victor Kulikov and Aleksey Sergiyenko describe the life and combat career of Victor Fyodorov (Victor Federoff) who emigrated to France before WWI and became a fighter ace; Vladimir Ratkin gives the biography of Victor Lavskiy who fought in the Spanish Civil War and the Great Patriotic War, subsequently becoming the Chief Navigator of the Soviet Air Force; “From the Hermitage in St.Petersburg to the one in Groznyy”. Oleg Rybal’chenko gives an eyewitness account of helicopter ops from Groznyy-Severnyy (callsign “Hermitage”) in September 1999/January 2001; The blessed land. A combat helicopter pilot describes the action in Chechnya in April – July 2000; The flying workmen of the war. Vladislav Morozov charts the operations of the Russian air group in the North Caucasus in 1999-2003 during the Second Chechen War (Mi-8 7 col profiles, Mi-24 6 col profiles); Pyotr Batuyev describes the development of the highly specialised telemetry relay/radar picket aircraft used for missile tests from 1956 onwards; Boris Rychilo and Miroslav Morozov continue their listing of Soviet Air Force’s Guards units in 1941-45; Vasiliy Zolotov muses on the recent MAKS-2003 airshow; Color gallery: Tupolev Tu-160 strategic bombers named after famous airmen (1 page col drwgs) [54 pages, 150 photos, drawings, color illustrations]
33* 4/2003
The biography of bomber pilot Fyodor Chesnokov, Hero of the Soviet Union, recounted by Vladimir Ratkin; “A float with a secret”: Vasiliy Zolotov and Andrey Zinchuk trace the develpoment and service history of the Mil Mi-14 naval helicopter (Mi-14 scale plans, 10 col profiles ); Mikhail Ul’yanov gives a selection of funny episodes from the day-by-day operations of Tupolev bombers; Afghanistan, part 7: Yaks over Kabul. Pavel Gavrilov describes the operations of Yak-28R reconnaissance aircraft in the Afghan War; Nikolay Ionkin describes Il’yushin Il-62 operators of the African continent; A report about a trip to Severomorsk-1 and Severomorsk-3 airbases by Andrey Zinchuk (2 Su-25 col profiles) [52 pages, 90 photos, 40 illustrations, drawings]
34* 1/2004
Recollections of World War II bomber pilot Timofey Poonyov; Mikhail Ul’yanov continues his selection of funny episodes from the day-by-day operations of Tupolev bombers (part 2); Ulrich Unger charts the history of the Tupolev Tu-104, the first Soviet jet airliner; From Yak-18 to Tu-104: the recollections of Aeroflot pilot Anatoliy Bortnik; Sergey Zhvanskiy recounts the post-war history and current activities of the Russan Air Force’s 689th Guards Fighter Fighter Regiment at Chkalovsk AB near Kalinigrad (Su-27 4-view col drwg)
35* 2/2004
This issue is dedicated to the history and current service of the 830th ship-based anti-submarine helicopter regiment (Russian Northern Fleet AF). [56 pages, a lot of photos, col profiles of 8 different Mil helicopter types]
36 3/2004
No information
37 4/2004
No information
38 1/2005
39* 2/2005
No information
40 3/2005
No information
41 4/2005
No information
42 1/2006
No information
43 2/2006
No information
44 3/2006
No information
45 4/2006
No information

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