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No.1 January-March 1971
RAAF Macchi MB.326 (drwgs, colour chip); DAP Beauforts; H.S.125 conversion (drwg); Photo page; RAAF Miscellany (photos)
No.2 April-June 1971
cover photo: Westland Wapiti IIA 1930; Photo Pages; Wapiti; Target Tugs (drwgs); RAAF Mustang (4 profile drwgs); rear cover photo: RAAF Mustang CV-Y 3 Sqn
Vol.1 No.3 July-September 1971
cover photo: RAAF Antarctic Flight Beaver; Malaysian Sabres (colour chips); DH 84 Dragon; Antarctic Aviation (6 drwgs, colour chips); rear cover photo: Antarctic Auster & Anson 1944
Vol.1 No.4 October-December 1971
cover photo: Mustang VH-UWB Bankstown ’62; Swedish Harvards (drwgs); Adastra Aerial Survey Hudsons (photos, colour chips); RAAF Tiger Moths (drwgs); CAC Mustangs Mk 21 A68 to G-ARUK; DH Vampire; photo page; rear cover photo: RAAF Vampire
Vol.2 No.1 January-March 1972
cover photo: GAF Nomad 2nd prototype VH-SUR; Bristol F.2B 1 Sqdn AFC; PZL P-24 Royal Hellenic Air Force; RNZAF Skyhawks; rear cover photos: Sopwith Camel Capt A.H. Cobby 1918, Avro 504K Point Cook 1920
Vol.2 No.2 April-June 1972
cover photo: RAAF Vampire T.35, RAAF P-38; Waddy DFC; GAF Nomad (colour chips); Twin Boom Tutor (Vampire T.33-T.35 trainers); The Mosquito; Sea Hornet 33 Sqn RAF Malaya; rear cover: 3 col drwgs AFC a/c
Vol.2 No.3 July-September 1972
cover photo: CAC Mustang VH-FCB; Meteor U.15 (1/72 drwgs); The Mosquito PR Mk16-42; Bobby Gibbes
Vol.2 No.4 October-December 1972
cover photo: Mirage III A3-2 RAAF; Cessna 180 Aust. Army; CA-15; Mirage III (colour chips); Lincoln B Mk30
No.1 January-March 1973
cover photo: Winjeel pair over Point Cook; Winjeel; Beaufighters of Green Ghost Squadron (rudder markings photos)
No.2 April-June 1973
cover photo: pair of RAAF Phantoms; Taylorcraft Model F. Auster Mk.III; RAAF Phantoms; Dual Control Firefly; Antipodean 170s; Angels of Mercy – RAAF Ambulance Aircraft
No.3 July-September 1973
No information
No.4 October-December 1973
cover photo: RAAF C-130E; Sky Tramp (Bristol Freighters in Australian civil markings); Super Stretch (Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules conversion, 1/72 scale drwgs); Percival P31C Proctor Mk.IV RAAF
No.1 & 2 January-June 1974
CAC Avon Sabre; Tiger Ambulance (Tiger Moth conversion); RAAF Kingfisher (photos)
No.3 July-September 1974
No information
No.4 October-December 1974
Halifax B.II Series I (special), B.V Series 1 (special) RAAF
No.1 January-March 1975
Not published
No.2 April-June 1975
Not published
No.3 July-September 1975
Not published
No.4 October-December 1975
Not published
No.1 January-March 1976
cover photo: SAAB AJ 37 Viggen; RAAF Oxfords; rear cover photos: SAAB AJ 35F Draken
No.2 April-June 1976
cover photo: RAAF Caribou; B-26 Invaders in Algeria; Bostons of 22 Sqn RAAF; Photopage – WW2 Finnish Air Force; Kingfisher in the Antipodes Part 2 (photo feature)
No.3 July-September 1976
cover photo: RNZAF SBD-5 25 Sqn; Dauntless in RNZAF service; Hybrid FG-1D Corsair; rear cover photo: RAAF F-111
No.4 October-December 1976
Indonesian Sabre (photos, 2-view tone drwg, serials list); Australian Jet Assisted Take-off Catalinas (3 1/2 pages of drwgs) [16 pages]
No.1 January-March 1977
RAAF’s Swingin’ Wing (F-111C photos & sketches); Bunny II (Australian Army Cessna O-1, 1 drwg) [16 pages]
No.2/3 April-September 1977
England to New Zealand Air Race (2 pages drwgs); Israeli A-4 Skyhawk (camouflage 3-view drwg); RAAF Oxford ‘729’ (drwg); Rapide VH-IAN (drwg); Indonesian A.F. C-47 Ambulance (2 pages of drwgs of AURI T-453) [20 pages]
No.4 October-December 1977
Portuguese AT-6G (drwg); M113 APC; C-5A & C-141 (photos); RAAF Short Sunderland (drwg); Universal Carriers; List of kits available for current RAAF, RAN & Army aircraft
No.1 January-March 1978
Not published
No.2 April-June 1978
Not published
No.3 July-September 1978
Not published
No.4 October-December 1978
Not published
No.1 January-March 1979
A6M2-K Zero Trainer (drwg); Universal Carrier; Fw 190 (drwg); Model of the Year
No.2 April-June 1979
MiG-25 (drwgs)
No.3 July-August 1979
No.3 Sqn AFC/RAAF aircraft (drwgs)
No.4 September-October 1979
CAC Boomerang (drwgs)
No.5 November-December 1979
No information
No.1 January-March 1980
No information
No.2 April-June 1980
No information
No.3 July-September 1980
No information
No information
No information
No information
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