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1 Martie 1984
Introduction to the magazine; Rovine cargo ship (colour drawings); Randunica steam torpedo boat (scale plans); Radio controlled car (drawings); Cannon carriage (drawing); Filip Mihail aircraft designer with scale plans of La Paix 1922, Stabiloplan tip II 1927 and Stabiloplan tip IV 1933; Modelling Knife; Radio Control; Stolnici Model Glider 1895; Electronics; Soyuz rocket (scale drawings); F-15 Eagle (scale plans); News & Letters
(2) 2/1984
No information
(3) 3/1984
No information
(4) 4/1984
Aurel Vlaicu aircraft 1912; Readers Models; Locomotive (drawings); Glass Fibre models; Wappen von Hamburg 1667 ship (drawings); IAR 81 fighter (scale drawings); Antonov An-2T (scale drawings); Oltcit car (drawings); RC Electronics; Dauphin rocket (plans); Sea Harrier FRS.1 scale plans + Harrier GR.3 colour 2-view drawing; Readers Letters [MT 32 pages]
(5) 5/1985
No information
6 1/1985
Model Federation Annual Report; Ion Paulat – seaplane pioneer; Sherca 1845 Sailing barge (drawings); Radio Control; ICAR Universal Acrobatic (scale drawings); Kotia sailing ship (scale plans); USS Hancock aircraft carrier (scale plans); 1860 Naval Cannon; Radio Controlled Formula 1 car (construction drawings); Romanian Locomotive 1872 (scale plans); Mikoyan MiG-25 (scale plans); Radio Receivers; Readers Letters {TM 32 pages]
7 2/1985
Editorial; Romanian modelling news; Romanian warship (scale plans); MiG-21 (cutaway & MiG-21F scale drawings); Austin Armoured Car 1915 (colour drawings); Aerofoil sections; Ships anchors; aeromodelling glider; Ariane rocket (scale plans); colour wheel; model railways; Locomotive (colour drawings); Westland Lynx (colour 3-view drwg) [MT]
(8) 3/1985
(9) 4/1985
Romanian Modelling News; Golden Hind (2 pages drwgs); Radio Control; Pullout Calendar: Romanian WW1 Aircraft (12 col profiles); YR-PAX Bucker Bu 133C Jungmeister of Alex Papana (1/24 scale 5-view drwg); Fishing cutter ‘Marea’ (4 pages drwgs); Radio Control; Multi-section rowing boat; Racheta: Roland (SAM missile, drwgs); First Romanian Railroad Locomotive for the Orient Express (drwgs); The First Electric Tramway of Romania – Bucharest 1894 (col drwgs); Modern Aircraft: Sukhoi Su-26 (1/24 scale drwg); Reader Letters [TM 32 pages]
10 1/1986
Swivel wing aircraft; Surcouf submarine (colour drawings); Elisabeth 1868 sailing ship (detailed drawings); Skoda LT-35, R-2 tank of 1935 (scale drawings); Radio Control; Moulding for parts; Model Railways; Marea ship (drawings); Junkers F-13 BMW IIIc 1925 (1/50 scale drwg); Emblemele Avioanelor Romanesti intre Anii 1916-1921 (21 emblems in colour); Mirage 2000 (col 3-view drwg) [MT 32 pages]
(11) 2/1986
No information
(12) 3/1986
Romanian Modelling News; Schooner Mircea (scale drawings); Rocket modelling; Locomotive Orleans (colour & scale drawings); Tugboat Sirena (drawings); Nieuport 17C1 (colour 3-view + scale plans); Readers Letters [TM 32 pages]
13 4/1986
Romanian modelling news; Yamato battleship (scale plans); Russian Monitor ship ‘Smerci’ of 1864 (scale plans); SET: Societatea de Exploatari Tehnice Part 1 (SET aircraft types – especially SET.3/31 & SET.4/41, table of specification data, 1/25 scale inboard sectional profile of SET.31G, 1/44 scale 8-view drwg of SET.31G); Boeing Bomarc IM-99 missile (scale plans); Model Electronics; Nautilus Submarine – first under the North Pole (scale plans); Modelling Terrain; Marder AFV; Minesweeper ship (drawings); SAAB 35E Draken (1/50 scale col 3-view drwg); Radio Receivers; Readers Letters [MT 32 pages]
(14) 1/1987
Voyager (1/50 scale 3-view drwg); Romanian Traditions: SET Part 2 (5 pages of 1/44 scale 6-view drwgs of SET.3 & SET.41, 4 col profiles); SAAB J-37 (Viggen 3-view col drwg) [32 pages]
Vol.2 No.2 (15) 2/1987
Titanic (scale drwgs); SET 7 (4 pages 1/32 scale drwgs); Austin Putilov (armoured car, scale drwgs); Intercosmos (scale drwgs); Me 109 Emil (1/50 scale drwg); Ryan NY-P Spirit of St. Louis (1/45 scale drwgs); MiG-23 (2 pages scale drwgs) [MT 32 pages]
Vol.2 No.3 (16) 3/1987
Romanian Pocket Submarines (scale drwgs); Gustav in Romanian Service (Bf 109G, 2 col profiles, colour action painting, 3 pages 1/42 scale drwgs); Renault 35 in Romanian Service (scale drwgs); Emblemele Avioanelor Romanesti Intre Anni 1916-1921 (col drwgs of 13 emblems); Jak-52 (1/31 scale drwgs); F-16 (large scale drwgs) [32 pages]
Vol.2 No.4 (17) 4/1987
IAR-316B (Alouette III & IAR-317 Airfox, 1/43 scale drwgs); Spitfire Ia (1/50 scale drwg, cockpit drwgs); Agricol IAR-822 (1/50 scale drwgs); EAP (1/48 scale drwgs); Great Eastern 1859; Titan rocket; Osa 1-2 [MT 32 pages]
Vol.3 No.1 (18) 1/1988
Romanian Modelling News; Amiral Murgescu warship – Romanian mine layer (drawings); Romanian Hurricanes (col profiles, 1/53 scale drwgs); Aerodynamic Car of Aurel Persu (drawings); USS Keokuk ironclad 1863 (drawings); Motor Cruiser (drawings); Vostok rocket (1/111 scale drwgs); Locomotive; Computers; Boeing 767 (1/200 scale drwgs); Letters [MT 32 pages]
Vol.3 No.2 (19) 2/1988
Among the tens of thousands of P-51 Mustangs built during WW2, one has a yet not completely known story: ‘Sleepy Ann’, brought to Bucharest by a Romanian pilot (P-51B col drwgs, 3 pages detailed scale drwgs); ANT 6 is the plane of the first Soviet polar scientific expeditions (scale drwgs); At the end of WWI, Romanian AF received some Nieuport 24 planes (2 col profiles, 3 pages scale drwgs); The famous Mi-24 helicopter (3 pages col drwgs); Daimler 1901; Pacific 231 [MT 32 pages]
Vol.3 No.3 (20) 3/1988
Romanian Pioneers (Coanda 1910, Aurel Vlaicu 1913-1988, Ion Paulat 1911 – many sketches, 3 full-page scale drwgs); Romanian Army WWI Observation Aerostats (Balloons, scale drwgs); Dassault Rafale (2 pages scale drwgs) [32 pages]
Vol.3 No.4 (21) 4/1988
Savoia JRS-79B (col profiles, col painting, 2 side view construction drwgs); Conrad Haas; Airbus A300; Primul Crucisator al Marinei Noastre 1888 [32 pages]
Vol.4 No.1 (22) 1/1989
[Modelism Tehnium] Savoia JRS-79B (4-page scale drwg); MiG-29 (scale drwg) [32 pages]
Vol.4 No.2 (23*) 2/1989
I.A.R.-80; Energya + Buran; Vedeta rapida (Saar 33/35/33S); Renault Megane (concept car); Barci mediteraneene (Mediterranean barge); Pitpicalacul (coastal fishing trawler)
Vol.4 No.3 (24) 3/1989
No information
Vol.4 No.4 (25) 4/1989
No information
Vol.5 No.1 (26) 1/1990
No information
Vol.5 No.2 (27) 2/1990
No information
Vol.5 No.3 (30) 3/1990
No information
Vol.5 No.4 (31) 4/1990
No information
Vol.5 No.5-6 (30-31) 5-6/1990
No information
Vol.6 No.1 (32) 1/1991
Aeroglisor de Dunare 1941 – Russian fast attack vessel of 1941 (with plans); Hansa-Brandenburg (cutaway); Me262 (with plans); Model Boat electronics; AH-64 Apache in Desert Storm (scale plans); Romanian modelling news; Romanian Navy submarines 1941-1944; Lambourghini
Vol.6 No.2 (33) 2/1991
F-18 Hornet; monitorul Basarabia; USS Halyburton; Readers Models [MI]
Vol.6 No.3 (34) 3/1991
No information
Vol.6 No.4 (35) 4/1991
I-15; Myoko; Arado Ar 240/440; Stefan cel Mare; B-2 stealth bomber
Vol.7 No.1 (36) 1/1992
No information
Vol.7 No.2 (37) 2/1992
AG 6 ag-plane; CGN USS Virginia; T III AFV
Vol.7 No.3 (38) 3/1992
No information
Vol.7 No.4 (39) 4/1992
No information
Vol.8 No.1 (40) 1/1993
MiG-31; FAMO F3; Clasa R warship; Grand Locomotive Works
Vol.8 No.2 (41) 2/1993
I-16 Rata;
Vol.8 No.3 (42*) 3/1993
Naval pioneering warships the Confederate States Navy ironclad “Virginia” and modern USS “Sea Shadow” stealth craft (with plans); Mitsubishi A6M Zero (with 1:72 plans); Chinese “Shanghai” class warship (with plans and detailed sketches); Romanian anti-aircraft lorry of 1921; Su 25N
Vol.8 No.4 (43*) 4/1993
Henschel Hs 129; Il-10
Vol.9 No.1 (44) 1/1994
Maus; P38; Azov; M-1 Abrams tank
Vol.9 No.2 (45) 2/1994
PZL-37 Los; OV-10 Bronco; NFR Dragos [MI]
Vol.9 No.3-4 (46-47) 3-4/1994
Dornier Do 335; Tu-95 Bear; AH-1 Cobra
Vol.10 No.1 (48) 1/1995
Ka-50 helicopter; Yak-23; Udaloy warship
Vol.10 No.2 (49*) 2/1995
Feth ut islam 1864 class (imperial ottoman navy gunboat); Bistrita Oltul Siretul (1888 Rumanian gunboats); S.T.Z. Komsomolet (T-20); Saab J-29; IAR 330 Puma (licence built Aerospatiale SA 330)
Vol.10 No.3 (50) 3/1995
50th issue special
Vol.10 No.4 4/1995
Tu-160 Blackjack; IAR CU-11; Benson; Dewoitine D.520
Vol.11 No.1 (52) 1/1996
Me 263; Beriev Be-12; Vampir; Podurile Umblatoare; USS Choctaw
Vol.11 No.2 2/1996
Mi-28 Havoc; L-29 Delfin
Vol.11 No.3 3/1996
BK 1124; Taifun; Maruna; Fletine; CSN David; SMR Romania
Vol.11 No.4 4/1996
Nieuport 15; Tomus C26; warship
Vol.12 No.1 (56) 1/1997
MiG-15; PZL 23 Karas; Bachem Ba 349 Natter; USS Osage 1864
Vol.12 No.2 2/1997
Il-28; Lady Lex – USS Lexington; F-16
Vol.12 No.3 3/1997
Yak-141; Messerchmitt Bf 110
Vol.12 No.4 (59) 4/1997
Lockheed SR-71 “Blackbird”; IAR-37, 38; Celtic Voyager
Vol.13 No.1 1/1998
F-22A Raptor; IAR-39;
Vol.13 No.2 2/1998
Lockheed S-3A Viking; MiG-21 Lancer; Ghimie 1860
Vol.13 No.3 (62) 3/1998
JSF Joint Strike Fighter; Po-2; RWD-18
Vol.13 No.4 4/1998
Grunau Baby; Merkava II; Breguet 14 B2 in Romania
Vol.14 No.1 (64) 1/1999
Bf 108; Gepard;
Vol.14 No.2 (65) 2/1999
Danube Steam Tug “Putna” of 1910; Romanian Submarine Chasers of 1920s; Romanian Air Force Uniforms; Japanese Type 2 Ka-Mi Amphibious Tank; Caravelle; Junkers Ju 88A-4 in Romanian Air Force
Vol.14 No.3 3/1999
LTV A-7 Corsair II; IAR-93 Orao vacuform 1/48; Bleriot in Romania
Vol.14 No.4 4/1999
Lancer MiG-21 poster; Naval Base Constanta
Vol.15 No.1 (68) 1/2000
MiG-3; JAS-39 Gripen; T-55 Tank; Poltava
Vol.15 No.2 2/2000
Stuka; MiG-19 in FARPR;
Vol.15 No.3 3/2000
MiG-23; Getta;
Vol.15 No.4 4/2000
Tante Ju; EA-6B Prowler;
Vol.16 No.1 (72) 1/2001
Potez 63; CSN David; Red Baron’s Fokker Dreidecker; Domnita Draga; Sturmpanzerwagen
Vol.16 No.2 (73) 2/2001
Lisunov Li-2; S90; Potez 540; Gheorghe Popescu-Ciocanel (Romanian WW2 fighter ace)
Vol.16 No.3 3/2001
Red Arrows; Phonix C1 UFAG;
Vol.16 No.4 (75) 4/2001
Rodrig Goliescu; Vasakpo; Bf 109
Vol.17 No.1 1/2002
Aichi Val; Bristol Coanda; CKO TNSP; Bf 109E; Pai tocmai asta e! – Tache Brumarescu (Romanian pioneer pilot)
Vol.17 No.2 2/2002
IAR 39; LeO 20; de Havilland D.H.9; Fokker D VII; Bluenose; U9
Vol.17 No.3 3/2002
Caudron; U-47 U-boat Aces; Christie tank; Ultimate Bucker – Bu 133
Vol.17 No.4 4/2002
Caudron G4; NMS Aurora; Sam Dealey; Alexandrij Velican
Vol.18 No.1 1/2003
No information
Vol.18 No.2 2/2003
No information
Vol.18 No.3 3/2003
No information
Vol.18 No.4 4/2003
No information
Vol.19 No.1 1/2004
No information
Vol.19 No.2 2/2004
No information
Vol.19 No.3 (86) 3/2004
No information
Vol.19 No.4 4/2004
No information
Vol.19 No.5 5/2004
No information
Vol.19 No.6 6/2004
No information
Vol.20 No.1 (90) 1/2005
Editorial; Farman Goliath (plans); Domestic calendar 2005; Readers models; Zeven Provincien class destroyers; Tips for modellers; Aerosana NKL-26; Flying Cloud famous 19th C. clipper; Tolid I tank; Focke Wulf Fw 58 Weihe; Romanian Ju 88A-4 photo
Vol.20 No.2 2/2005
No information
Vol.20 No.3 3/2005
No information
Vol.20 No.4 4/2005
No information
Vol.20 No.5 5/2005
No information
Vol.20 No.6 (95) 6/2005
SE 5; Coast Guard; Sherman; USS Knox; A Boston Bucharest; Kit Report; Flight Schools in Romania; Ing. av. Basiliu St. Davies; SF Modelling; F-16 poster
Vol.21 No.1 (96) 1/2006
Editorial; C.R.D.A. Cant Z.501 in colori romanesti; Battleship Imperatrita Maria; Vought A-7D/E Corsair II (plans + poster); Flak 38 20 mm gun on naval carriage (plans); Bauart Kaeble (plans); He 114 in 1/48 resin model; Dear Varciorova (sketches); Romanian aces Dan Scurtu; KV tank; A3 poster: Ostmark tug plans/ Cant Z 501 drawing
Vol.21 No.2 2/2006
Centenarul aviatiei (The Aviation Centenary); Macchi 202-205; Hummel; Secretul submarinului Stiuca 2006 (The Secret of Stiuca 206 Submarine); Velier RC
Vol.21 No.3 (98) 3/2006
Editorial; Nakajima Kate; Readers models; CSS Manassas; Micheal we recommend?; KM Deutschland; A2 folder poster – Deutschland 1935 / Graaf von Spee; de Havilland DH 60 Moth / Aeronautical Polytechnic Club; Bessoneau Hangar; Documents – Jean Louis Roba; Lt. Av. Nicolae-Micsunesti Polizu; Airbrush classes; Build a cardboard model MiG-17 in 1/72 scale
Vol.21 No.4 (99) 4/2006
Editorial; Santos Dumont vs. Traian Vuia; Mi-1 helicopter in Fortele Aeriene ale R.P.R. (photos plans); USS Maine (photos and plans); Sea Dart jet seaplane (Convair Sea Dart); T26B2 capture (photos plans); Un aviator forgotten: Tase Rotaru; Aro M46, 1/35
Vol.21 No.5 (100) 5/2006
NMS Dolfin; Breslau and Snake Island; Gotha G.1-G.5; PB-9; Me 323 Gigant; Me 163; Type 22 Frigate HMS Brave
Vol.21 No.6 6/2006
Armored Train; Danubius 1879; Marines 1812; Atlantic Crossing – Felixtowe F2; Heinkel He 176 and He 178; STZ-5 Stalinetz; The Flower Class Frigates; Merkava 2 – The best sold kit of the year
Vol.22 No.1 (102) 1/2007
Cpt. Av. Eugen A. Oancea; Albatros D.III; Hong-5; Trumpeter; Camouflage for dioramas; German semisenilate; Tamiya; Forces of Valor; The Oktiabraskaia Rivolutia Dreadnaught; Machete; He 176, the First Reactive Modern Flight; Nuremburg model show; Cmdr. Victor St. (Nita) Voinescu; Nuremburg Show (again); Romanian pilot in KuK 56/J; Modelling Store; Post
Vol.22 No.2 2/2007
Aichi M6A Seiran; Readers Making Models; Armoured Division Grossdeutchland; SMR Turnu Severin; Horatiu Donia; Messerschmitt P.1101; Modelism News; Remote Controled Boats
Vol.22 No.3 3/2007
Peashooter; Ojay Rhodesia; Paswan-Oglu; Nordenfeld Submarine – Abdulhamid; F-104C Starfighter; The Grossdeutchland Armored Division; Hasegawa Kits
Vol.22 No.4 4/2007
No information
Vol.22 No.5 5/2007
No information
Vol.22 No.6 (107) 6/2007
Editorial; Astra Sesefschi; Fotoposta; T 38 Praga; Fokker E.III/E.IV; Cabotierul Sulina; Animal power in the Wehrmacht; Magazine awards for 2007; Readers Models
Vol.23 No.1 1/2008
No information
Vol.23 No.2 2/2008
No information
Vol.23 No.3 3/2008
No information
Vol.23 No.4 4/2008
Hs 123 dive bomber; Russian battleship Askold; Sd.Kfz 222; Michel Colomban M.C. 10 “Cri-Cri”; Bristol-Coanda Tractor 1912; Stalingrad Shadows + diorama; Modelling Books;
Vol.23 No.5 5/2008
No information
Vol.23 No.6 6/2008
No information
Vol.23 No.1 1/2009
No information
Vol.23 No.2 2/2009
No information
Vol.23 No.3 3/2009
No information
Vol.23 No.4 4/2009
T-34 tank; Battleship Potemkin; TSR 2; Wellington bomber
Vol.23 No.5 (118-119) 5-6/2009
Editorial; Battle of Old Chilia June 26, 1941; Opel Blitz bus; Durostor commercial ship; Aircraft manufactured in Brasov – IAR 14 and beyond; Don – elbow battle for survival; LSSC boat supporting SEAL commandos; White Horse paddle ship; Hidrobase symbols in WW1 – seaplane plans for Friedrichshafen FF 33; 2 posters
Vol.23 No.1 1/2010
Editorial; Berbice ship (plans); Mitsubishi G4M2 Okha; ZEG tugs and DDSG in Romania; General Dumitru Balaur aviator; Grumman F9F Cougar; Aircraft Manufactured in Brasov – IAR-15 and beyond (IAR-15 plans); Don Bend (V) – the white hell Kalmuks Steppe; Nuremburg 2010; Working in Resin; Plans enthusiasts; Books; CDs enthusiasts; Readers Requests
Vol.23 No.2 2/2010
No information
Vol.23 No.3 3/2010
No information
Vol.23 No.4 4/2010
No information
Vol.23 No.5-6 (124-125) 5-6/2010
Romanian Navy calendar
Vol.23 No.1 1/2011
Bismark 1941-2011; IAR 22; HMS Victory; Aviatrix Irina Burnala; Aviator Petre Ivanovici
Vol.23 No.2 2/2011
IAR 22 – Nr.1; Mircea 1882;
Vol.23 No.3 (128) 3/2011
Ecranoplanul UHE 67-3; Mircea 1882 (2); 1043 Romania vs BH-7 Anglia
Vol.23 No.4 (129) 4/2011
Mircea (3); George de Bothezat – helicopter pioneer
Vol.23 No.5 5/2011
No information
Vol.23 No.6 6/2011
No information
Vol.23 No.1 1/2012
No information
Vol.23 No.2 2/2012
No information
Vol.23 No.3 3/2012
No information
Vol.23 No.4 4/2012
No information
Vol.23 No.5 5/2012
No information
Vol.23 No.6 6/2012
No information
Vol.23 No.1 1/2013
No information
Vol.23 No.2 2/2013
No information
Vol.23 No.3 3/2013
No information
Vol.23 No.4 4/2013
No information
Vol.23 No.5 5/2013
No information
Vol.23 No.6 6/2013
No information
Vol.23 No.1 1/2014
No information
Vol.23 No.2 2/2014
No information
Vol.23 No.3 3/2014
No information
Vol.23 No.4 4/2014
No information
Vol.23 No.5 5/2014
No information
Vol.23 No.6 6/2014
No information
Vol.23 No.1 1/2015
No information
Vol.23 No.2 2/2015
No information
Vol.23 No.3 3/2015
No information
Vol.23 No.4 4/2015
No information
Vol.23 No.5 5/2015
No information
Vol.23 No.6 6/2015
No information

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