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Vol.1 No.1 Summer 1996
Aussie Challenge – building a 1/72 scale Wirraway; Defiant – survey of all available kits, decals & accessories; Bulldog! – the last Bristol Bulldog; Three wheels or four? – Very small scale classic car models; Books reviews;
Monumental tank – Polish T-34 survivor described & illustrated; Talking point – the “In Action” series: reference or rip-off?
Vol.1 No.2 Autumn 1996
INTERNETional Modelling – using the Internet and Web; Japanese WW2 Cockpit Colours -Part One: IJNAF colours; Some Laws of Modelling – not quite serious rules from IPMS Huston; Two Horses, Four Wheels – modelling the “Deuche” (Citroen 2CV); PWS-10: a Pole that went to Spain – history, modelling details & colours; Hot off the Workbench – the review section; Barry’s Modelling Page – F-82G, F-16A/B & RF-18 models from Barry Francis
Vol.1 No.3 Winter 1996
Dornier Do 17/215 Nightfighters – colour schemes & modelling tips; Japanese WW2 Cockpit Colours – Part 2, IJNAF; Tasman – the Rex Barker story – the history of Tasman & Kiwi Wings; Albatros – de Havilland’s elegant airliner; Hot Off the Workbench – reviews of the latest from Accurate Miniatures and many others; Not on the Workbench – sorry saga of a mistaken purchase!
Vol.1 No.4 Spring 1997
Scratchbuilding Novice – Peter Westbrook’s award-winning Fokker FIII; Hot Off the Workbench – Zlin, Halberstadt, DH 91 – detailed reports on building the Aeromaster, Skybirds’86 & AirCraft Model kits ; Modelling & Internet – Including Norwegian He 115s and USN interior colours; Red Starry Skies Part 1: Yaks – Modelling WW2 Soviet fighters – 1st of a new series
Vol.2 No.1 Summer 1997
Balkan Emils; Slow But Deadly #1; Return to Sender?; Hot off the Workbench
Vol.2 No.2 1997
Fatally Flawek Foker?; Asian Triumphs; Spanish Fokkers; Balkan Emils Part 2; Hot off the Workbench; Blenheim – Survivor’s Tales; Modelling & the Internet
Vol.2 No.3 1997
Marcel Bloch MB 150 Series; Super Shturmoviks – Accurate Miniatures’ Il-2 Shturmoviks; He 170A in Hungarian service; Adam’s rib. Point of view from a modeler and kit producer’s wife. (Aeroclub); Chiltern Show and the IPMS UK Nationals; Readers feedback, new models info and reviews, comments; Hot off the Workbench; Hints and tips
Vol.2 No.4 1998
Boeing B-17E – Colors and markings; Scratchbuilt Lloyd 1903 motorcycle; “Flaming Galahs” New aerobatic team Royal Australian Air Force; Lotus 25 – The “Clarkmobile”; Warships of the Spanish Civil War; Readers feedback, new models reviews and comments; Hot off the Workbench; Hints and tips
Vol.3 No.1 1998
Aeronavale aircraft 1939-40, part 1 (French naval aviation 1939/1940 – Information and color schemes of various aircraft of the service); Aeroclub, the inside story; 1/72nd scale Il-2 Shturmoviks – complete kit survey; Australian F/A-18 display team colours; Readers feedback, new models reviews and comments; Hints and tips
Vol.3 No.2 1998
Aeronavale aircraft 1939-40, part 2 (French naval aviation 1939/1940 – Information and color schemes of various aircraft of the service. List of kits available); Fieseler V-1 (scale plans, detail drawings, etc); McLaren MP 4/5B, detailing Tamiyas F 1 car; Airbrushes for modellers; Readers feedback, new models reviews; Hints and tips
Vol.3 No.3 1998
Aeronavale aircraft 1943-5 (French naval aviation 1943/1945 – Information and color schemes of various aircraft of the service); Avro Shackleton AEW2 (conversion from Revell kit); McLaren MP 4/5B, detailing Tamiyas F 1 car; Moto Guzzi V-8 scratch built; Readers feedback, new models reviews; Hints and tips
Vol.3 No.4 1999
Hawker Fury biplanes over Yugoslavia. History, kits; Polikarpov I-16 fighter. Kits and accessories survey; Seafire XV, converting Academy and Model News; Spitfire kits to naval configuration; Readers feedback, new models reviews; Hints and tips
Vol.4 No.1 1999
First jets in the USSR, MiG-9 story and modelling details; Heinkel He-70 in Spain. Story and color schemes; French Aeronavale update; Stearman Kaydett, color schemes and models; Yugoslav Fury update and corrections; Readers feedback, new models reviews; Hints and tips
Vol.4 No.2 1999
Yugoslav Hurricanes. History of JKRV aircraft in the Balkans and how to build the model; Researcher’s dilemma !! Finding an authentic paint scheme for an Australian P-51D Mustang; My first “Hot Rod” – ’32 Ford hot-rod; Luftwaffe WW2 Machine Guns. MG 15, 17, 131, 81; Readers feedback, new models reviews; Hints and tips; PT-19 & PT-20
Vol.4 No.3 1999
Fairey Firefly part 1 – early versions. Side views, sketch, detail photos of aircraft; Gallic ghost, a Russian engine in a French MS.406. Morko-Morane history & model details, photos, side views; Readers feedback, new models reviews; Hints and tips
Vol.4 No.4 2000
Gloster Gladiator Mk.I. History, colors, model details of this biplane; Rigging biplane models. Useful comments; Ford Woody 48 classic station wagon car; Fairey Firefly update.Readers feedback, new models reviews; Hints and tips
Vol.5 No.1 2000
Gloster Gladiator Part 2 – Gladiator Mk.II & Sea Gladiator (markings, 2½ pages of tone profiles, Sea Gladiator conversion); Soviet Union’s sole DH Mosquito (photos and modelling); Original Fairey Battle drawings (3 pages); Polikarpov Po-2 (photos, history and 1/48 models available); Readers feedback; New models reviews; Hints and tips [24 pages]
Vol.5 No.2 2000
Gloster Gladiator Part 3 – in Irish service; An aircraft modeler tackles a tank kit…. (Tiger I); Planes of the Spanish Museo del Aire, Madrid; History and colors of the Romanian Hurricanes (colour 3-view drwgs); Hawker Nimrod 1:72 plans; Readers feedback; New models reviews (8 pages); Hints and tips
Vol.5 No.3 2000
Vought SB2U Vindicator kits review and conversions; Ryan STM in Netherlands and Australia; History and colors of the Yugoslavian Hurricanes; Curtiss Hawk biplane of Udet; Superdetailing a Fw 190 wheel bay; Readers feedback, new models reviews; Hints and tips
Vol.5 No.4 2001
“Glacier Girl” : P-38 Lightning restoration in colour; Photo-recce Lightnings; Bloch MB.151 in Greek service; 1/32nd scale BF2C-1; Udet Hawk feedback & photos
Vol.6 No.1 2001
RAAF Mirage IIIO – part one; “Ekranoplans”; B-17E/XC-108 restoration
Vol.6 No.2 2001
Dornier Do 18; Mirage IIIO Part 2 – kit survey; contest-winning Mustang; Panzerjaeger IV L70; Czech B-24 Liberators; Polish pin-up girl – striking Mustang nose art!
Vol.6 No.3 2001
Avia BH-33 in Yugoslav service; Dornier Do 24; 1/72nd scale Blenheims
Vol.6 No.4 2002
Dornier Do 26, Part 3; Heinkel He 219 in Czechoslovakia; A Brace of Tunnans (SAAB J-29); A Modeller’s Evolution, Part 1; Mirage IIIO in RAAF Service; Arado Ar 79; Nailing a Perfect Finish
Vol.7 No.1 2003
Hellenic Battles (colour profiles); Hampden photo-feature; Balkan Air War 1944-45
Vol.7 No.2 2003
“What If?” models; AC-47 gunship; 1/32nd scale Mirage IIIO; Air Operations Over Yugoslavia 1944-45 part 2
Vol.7 No.3 2003
Photo Finish; Hellenic Henschels; Mirage in Blue(s); Cross Kitting 1/1 scale; A unique contra-prop Spitfire PR.XIX; Dangerous Dakotas 2
Vol.7 No.4 2003
America’s First Jet P-59A; A Modeller’s Evolution Part 4; Dangerous Dakotas Part 3; Hot off the Workbench; Book Reviews; Yugoslav Fjuri II
Vol.8 No.1 2004
Spirit of Adventure!; And I ’m feeling Glad all over…; The Hellenic Henschels part 2; Jumo Junkie; Air Operations over Yugoslavia 1944-5; Hot off the Workbench; Book Reviews
Vol.8 No.2 2004
A Modeller’s Evolution – part; “Spirit of Adventure” Part 2 of the Sikorsky S-38 & S-39 story; AFVs of the Spanish Civil War, #1; That’s No Mirage!; Bulldogs with a Difference; Red Radial Hurricane Revisited; “File o’Facts” – Airspeed Oxford; Hot off the Workbench; Book Reviews; Bell P-59A – an encore; Details of more Airacomet kits
Vol.8 No.3 2004
Arado Ar 65 in Bulgarian service (history, and two ways to make the model – resin and conversion); Surf’s Up! Revell’s 1948 Ford Woody, with boat and surf board; The Magnificent Mars (Background to the new CMR kit, photos, 1:144 scale drwgs); Hot off the Workbench; Book Reviews [24 pages]
Vol.8 No.4 2004
Douglas DC-2; Yugoslav Spitfires and Hurricanes; T-28 Trojan in 1/48; Gift-wrapped Mirage IIIO; Airbus & B757 Makeovers; Ikarus S-49; Oxford Revisited; Hot off the Workbench; Books reviews
Vol.9 No.1 2005
Hellenic Gladiators; Westland Wyvern 1/48; WM21 Solyom; Comper Swift; Hot off the Workbench; Books reviews
Vol.9 No.2 2005
The Hellenic Gladiators part 2 Modelling the Greek Glads in 1/72nd; Dutch DC-2 addendum Dissent over the accuracy of the Cloudmaster decals!; Blohm und Voss BV 40 The Luftwaffe ’s most unlikely fighter,described and drawn
by Brian Marshall; Tractor Oruga Industrial Blindado Rusty Sprocket with more SCW armoured cars; “Accurate ” Yaks? Aleksej Ilic in despair at the accuracy of current Yak kits; A Blue Parrot on My Shoulder Christian Boehm battles to make an accurate Privateer in 1/72nd; EZ-Mask update News from Chris Loney about his canopy masks and related products; Hot off the Workbench 18; More goodies (and baddies) revealed; Book Reviews
Vol.9 No.3 2005
Bulgarian Fw 58 Weihe; Arkhangelsky Ar-2; Helicopters over Algeria; Dazzle – painted Mustang; Hot off the Workbench
Vol.9 No.4 2005
Vampire De Havilland vs Classic Airframes; Late Corsair cowlings; Fw 200C scale plans by Arthur Bentley; VIP Condors; Small scale detail; Hot off the workbench; Book reviews
Vol.10 No.1 2006
ACW Naval Vessel; BP Defiant kit survey; Bottisham then and now; Junkers W34 detail photos; Hot off the Workbench
Vol.10 No.2 2007
Amphibious C-47; Bell 47 over Malta; Phantom. Pembroke & Spitfire; Junkers G38 & Ki-20; Hot off the Workbench; Books reviews
Vol.10 No.3 2007
Yellow & Black – Martinet and Lysander target tug models; Dewoitine D.510 in China Alex Crawford finds an unusual colour scheme for the old Heller kit; Spanish Foreign Legion – A first for MMM? Figure modelling details!; Automitrailleuse Citroen 2CV – An unlikely AFV from Ley Reynolds; Vickers Wellington Mk.II – Steve Woodward puts Merlins on his Wellie; Forty-Eighth Firebrands – Robin Powell has fun with some Magna Models resin; Culver Continued – More on the little Culver PQ-14 from David Money; Hot off the Workbench – More goodies (and baddies) revealed; Book Reviews
Vol.10 No.4 2007
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  1. Mushroom Model Magazine
    Vol 10 No 4 Contents

    2 Bulgarian Emils – Ley Reynolds illustrates the Bf109E in Bulgaria

    5 Beaufort Over Malta – Carmen Attard gives us the history, and builds the model [Special Hobby 1/72]

    7 Persevering with a Polikarpov? – Russ Field fights with a less-than-perfect kit… [Azur 1/72 Polikarpov RZ]

    9 The Franklin Dams Mission – Flying a Mirage recce mission into history!

    10 Goodyear F2G Super Corsair – A very colourful aircraft, in full size and in 1/72 [Xotic-72]

    14 Sea Javelin FDF1 – Alex Crawford having fun with an Airfix kit

    15 Out of the Blue – Midway miscellany from Robin Jenkins

    19 Building the Lindberg Fury 1 – Another superbmodel from an ancient kit

    21 Hot off the Workbench – More goodies (and baddies) revealed [Supermarine Attcker, CMR 1/72; Avro York conversion set, CMR 1/72; Boeing B-17G, Airfix 1/72; VAVAG Heja II, Special Hobby 1/72; Gloster E28/39 detail set, Lone Star Models 1/48; new CMR 1/72 kits; Sopwith Schnider, Special Hobby 1/48; Wallace & Gromit Anti-Pesto Van, Airfix]

    27 Book Reviews

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