Plastic Aircraft Models International – Contents Listing

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Issue No.1 Vol.1 No.1 April/May/June 1973
[PAM News] No information
Issue No.2 Vol.1 No.2 July/August/September 1973
[PAM News] No information
Issue No.3 Vol.1 No.3 October/November/December 1973
[PAM News] Sea Venom detail photos; Editorial; Conversion 2: Revell Bf 109E to Bf 109E-4B/Trop by Neil Robinson; Transavia Airtruk by Tom Chambers (3-view line drwg); AW Albemarle cockpit drwg & 2-view line drwg by Ken Billingham; HP O/400 – A Famous British Bomber by James Hay Stevens (3-view line drwg + 4 sketches); Kit Review – Matchbox A6M & AH-1 kits by Micheal Firth; Aircraft Spotting Feature: Squires Gate in 1947 by Clifford Hodgson; Zlin 22 (scale 3-view line drwg); Conversion 3: Airfix Ju 88A-4 to Ju 88A-5 by Neil Robinson; One Man’s War by Tony Baldwin; Britten Norman BN3 Nymph (scale 3-view line drwg); Cessna 150 Aerobat (scale 3-view line drwg); Bf 110C cockpit drwg by Ken Billingham; Conversion 4: Monogram Bf 110C-4 by Neil Robinson; About this Newsletter/Useful Addresses; Fairey Flycatcher (3-view line drwg); Lakenheath Photopage – detail views by Tony Baldwin
Issue No.4 Vol.1 No.4 January/February/March 1974
[PAM News] Comet & Argosy wreck photos; Editorial; Conversion 5: He 111H-3 to He 111H-8 by Ernest Lee (drwg); He 111H-8 cockpit drwg by Ken Billingham; Blenheim IF Night Fighter by Neil Robinson; Blenheim Mk.I cockpit drwg by Ken Billingham; Conversion 6: Spitfire LF.VB from Mk.IX by Neil Robinson (3 sketches); Kit Reviews – JoHan Bf 109F/G , Matchbox Bf 109E-3 by Neil Robinson; P-51D Unlimited Class Pylon Racers by John Ellis (1 page tone drwgs); Matchbox Fw 190A-3 by Bob Owen (1 page scale drwgs of corrections); Aircraft Spotting Feature: Hornets Galore by Clifford Hodgson; Spot Check by Christopher Ford; Antonov ANT-25 (3-view scale line drwg); About this Newsletter/Useful Addresses; Aircraft Worth Modelling No.1 MS880 Rallye Club by Ron Firth (3-view line drwg); Photopage – Finningley & Manchester Airport by Keith Woodcock
Issue No.5 Vol.2 No.1 April/May/June 1974
[PAM News] F-84F Thunderstreak photo page; Editorial; Pattle’s Gladiator by Neil Robinson; Gladiator cockpit panel by Ken Billingham; Airbrush Techniques by Grahame Wills, Tony Baldwin & Neil Robinson; Kit Reviews: JoHan P-47D, Rareplanes F-84G, Matchbox MiG-21, Matchbox Harrier, Airfix F-84; French Jaguar E (2 pages tone drwgs) by K G Woodcock; Quiz; Updates for previous articles; Meteor IV G-AIDC (1 page colour scheme drwgs); Kit Reviews for Junior Readers: Airfix Mosquito & Matchbox Gnat by Micheal Firth; Readers’ Letters; Quiz Answers; 1/72nd scale Ju 87B-1 Stuka by Neil Robinson (1 sketch); Ju 87 cockpit panel drwg by Ken Billingham; Book Reviews; Classified Adverts; Model Photopage; Photopage – York, C-2, C-130s
Issue No.6 Vol.2 No.2 July/August/September 1974
[PAM News] Toronto T-33 Incident – RCAF accident photos; Editorial; Kit Reviews: Super Model SM81 Pipistrello, JoHan Bf 109F/G; DC-9-30 by J Ellis (3 tone profiles); Havoc/Boston Feature – Havoc plans from Model Airplane News; Turbinlite Havoc conversion by Simon Parry & William Coney (4 figures); DH.110 Twenty Two Years on… by Micheal Payne (2-view tone drwg); Islander/Defender by John Churchill & John Ellis (1 page tone drwgs); Kit Reviews: Frog SEPECAT Jaguar, Frog Hunter FGA.9, Matchbox Jaguar, Matchbox Beaufighter, KP La-7, Matchbox Mirage III, Frog Swordfish, Hasegawa Ki-44, Revell Ju 88C-6C, Italaerei Hs 126; Duncan White’s Column; Readers’ Letters; Book Reviews; MiG-17F from MiG-17D/E conversion by Neil Robinson (1 sketch); Classified Adverts; Duxford T-33 Details – photopage by K G Woodcock
Issue No.7 Vol.2 No.3 October/November/December 1974
[PAM News] Boeing 737 Photo Details; Editorial; Kit Reviews: Airfix DC-9, Entex DC-9, Airfix Canberra B(I).6, Matchbox Walrus, Frog Spitfire VIII/IX, Hasegawa P-47D, Matchbox Tempest II/VI & P-47D, Airfix 1/72nd P-51D/K, Matchbox Ju 188F-1; Readers’ Letters; Bell Kingcobra ‘Racer 28’ air racing colour scheme; Canadian Air Museum Visited; F8F-2 Bearcat Feature – plans from Model Airplane News; Duncan White’s Column: Farnborough ’74; Build A Family No.1 Provosts – Piston Provost by Richard Bail (sketches & small tone drwgs); Books & Products – reviews + Airfix 1/72nd Spitfire VB
Issue No.8 Vol.2 No.4 January/February/March 1975
[PAM News] Lancaster Close-up – detail photos by K G Woodcock; Editorial; Kit Reviews: Frog Javelin FAW.9/9R, Matchbox Me 262, Matchbox Brewster Buffalo, Italaerei Ju 188A/E, Prodimex Saunders-Roe SR.53 (Brewster F2A Buffalo 3-view line drwg); Readers’ Letters; Skyvans by Paul Beaver (3 tone profiles); Mistel! – Luftwaffe composite aircraft by Neil Robinson, William Coney & Simon Parry (3 pages tone drwgs); Vacuum Forming by Neil Furniss; Sea Fury by Neil Furniss (T.Mk.20 cockpit drwgs); MiG-21MF by Klaus Niska & Hans Sneitz (2 pages Soviet AF tone profiles); Book and Products – reviewed by Ron Firth; Classified Adverts
Issue No.9 Vol.3 No.1 April/May/June 1975
[PAM News] Islander Detail – cockpit photos by Dave Warden; Editorial; Kit Reviews: Airfix 1/72nd Sopwith Pup, Frog Do 335A, Mania B5N1 & B5N2 Kate, Italaerei Go 242/Go 244 (1 page Dornier Do 335 line drwgs); Bell P-39 Airacobra ‘Mr. Mennen’ – air racer colour scheme by J O Ellis (1 page tone drwgs); The B-26 Marauder: As the Modeller never saw her by Eric Munday (6 line drwgs of crew positions), South African Air Force B-26 Marauder by Kit Spackman (2-view tone drwg); Build A Family No.2 Hawker Fighters: Hawker P.1040 to P.1109 Part 1 by Richard Bail (7 Figures); Sidelights on Tugging 1945 by Micheal Payne (Miles Master 2-view tone drwg); Japan’s Jaguar – Mitusbishi XT-2 (5-view line drwg); Books and Products – reviewed; Advertisers Index
Issue No.10 Vol.3 No.2 July/August/September 1975
[PAM News] Northrop F-15 Reporter by Peter W Dance (1 page tone drwgs); Editorial; Kit Reviews: Frog Typhoon Ib, Frog Mirage III, JoHan Me 262, Revell re-releases, Matchbox Hs 126, Matchbox Siskin III; Battle of Britain – 1/72nd Scale by Neil Robinson (2 pages tone profiles); North American Harvard by Dave Warden (2 page tone drwgs); Build A Family No.2 Hawker Fighters: Hawker P.1040 to P.1109 Part 2 by Richard Bail (8 Figures); Turkish Air Force F-100D Super Sabre by Neil Robinson (tone 3-view drwg); Kit Reviews: Revell 1/144th Super Constellation, Revell 1/144th DC-7; Products reviewed: Hasegawa 1/72 Spitfire I, Model Decal No.27 & 28, Humbrol Authenticard, Tamiya 1/48th Lancaster; Readers’ Letters; Shop Directory
Issue No.11 Vol.3 No.3 October/November/December 1975
[PAM News] A Pair of Hawks – Airfix & Matchbox kit reviews; Editorial; New ‘Matchbox’ Plastic Kit Factory Opens; Kit Reviews: Matchbox He 111H, Revell 1/72nd Ju 87D/G, Revell re-releases; Hot as Hell Cats – F6F-3 by Jack Walsh (2 tone profiles); Kit Reviews; Hurricanes in Sea Boots – Sea Hurricane by Neil Robinson (1/2 page detail sketches, 3 tone profiles); Sidelights on a Bf 109 – captured Bf 109E by Micheal Payne (3 tone profiles); Mini Quiz; Fairchild 71 by Clive B Hall (3-view line drwg); 1/72nd Razorback’s Re-Reviewed – P-47 kit reviews by Ray Crean; Jabo! Tip & Run Raiders – Luftwaffe Bf 109F & Fw 190A by Neil Robinson (1 page tone drwgs); Kit Reviews: Hasegawa 1/72nd P-51D Mustang, Revell 1/32nd Bf 110C, Revell F-104A & YH-16A, Matchbox Me 410, Matchbox Ju 87D/G; Leuchars Phantoms (1 page tone drwgs); Heller new 1/72nd Aircraft kits by Neil Robinson; Miscellaneous Moths – Gipsy Moths by Richard Bail (4 sketches); Readers’ Letters; Books and Products reviewed; Shop Directory
Issue No.12 Vol.3 No.4 January/February/March 1976
[Plastic Aircraft Models] Defence of the Reich Markings; Belgian Air Force display team Fouga Magister
Issue No.13 Vol.4 No.1 April/May/June 1976
[Plastic Aircraft Models] Twin Otter Detail – colour schemes; C-47 Dakota detail; Polish PZL-24 conversion; A-4 Skyhawk; Bf 109E colour schemes & Markings by M Payne; Messerschmitt P.110; Vacform Kits Reviewed
Issue No.14 Vol.4 No.2 July/August/September 1976
[Plastic Aircraft Models] Modelling Suez Crisis Aircraft (Operation Musketeer aircraft: Canberra, French F4U-7D and F-84F, drwgs); Finnish AF J35BS and Sk35C Drakens (drwgs); CAC CA-13 Boomerang (scale drwgs); Harrier (GR.3 & T.4 1/72 scale tone drwgs); Alpha Jet (cockpit photos)
Issue No.15 Vol.4 No.3 October/November/December 1976
[Plastic Aircraft Models] The Sheffield Model Expo ’76; Editorial; “Hawaiian Operation” – IJNAF aircraft by Neil Robinson; The “Hun” Returns – Indiana ANG F-100s visit Lakenheath by J B E Hale; Kit Reviews: Fujimi 1/48th Bf 110C-4, Otaki 1/48th Bf 109G-6, Otaki 1/48th Fw 190A-8, Monogram 1/48th F-86F; Build A Family No.3: Fairey Gannets by Richard Bail (9 Figures); Zwilling Und Gigant Kit Reviews – Italaerei He 111Z & Me 321 by Tony Martin; The First of The Many – early Hurricanes by Neil Robinson (9 sketches, 4 tone profiles); Hughes OH-6A Cayuse ‘Miss Clawd IV’ by Terry Sullivan; Have You Tried Silhouettes? by Ian McIntosh; Variations on a Theme: More Bf 109Es by Micheal Payne (3 tone profiles); Readers’ Letters; Classified Adverts; Kit Reviews: Matchbox Provost T Mk.1; Cockpit Detail: Hawker Hawk by Bob Steel (1 line drwg); Books and Products – reviewed + Hasegawa 1/72 Bf 109E, Hasegawa 1/72 ‘Me 109G’
Issue No.16 Vol.4 No.4 January/February/March 1977
[Plastic Aircraft Models] Tu-126 Moss Contrail kit review; Editorial; From The Editor’s Workbench – new kit releases; Classified Adverts; Bachem Natter by Les Whitehouse (scale 3-view line drwg + tone profile); Macchi Folgore – MC.202 by Rufolo Felice (1 page scale line drwgs, 2 pages detail sketches, 2 pages tone profiles, cockpit drwg); Meteor T.7 (tone 2-view drwg, 1 tone profile); Knickebein und Gerate – He 111 night bombers by Neil Robinson (2 tone profiles); Mustangles – modelling P-51 variants by Ray Crean (3 side view line dwgs); I-16 – Revell I-16 kit reviewed by E Lerwick Shaddon (1/2 page sketches); Kit Reviews: Matchbox Mosquito NF.30/B.IX, KP Siebel Si 204D/Aero C.3A, Matchbox F-86A/E, Airfix 1/72 Fouga CM.170 (inc. CM.170 cockpit photos); Vacuform kit photos; Firefighting Fortresses – civil B-17 colours (3 tone profiles); Kit Review: Matchbox Hunter T.7; Readers Letters; RAF Training Command colours – Hunters at 4FTS Valley (5 sketches)
Issue No.17 Vol.5 No.1 April/May/June 1977
[Plastic Aircraft Models] Bleriot XI, Piston Provost (close-up photos); Editorial; From The Editors Workbench – new kit and book releases; Kit Reviews: Airfix & Heller Me 163, Matchbox AJ 37 Viggen (1 page detail sketches); Vacuforms – new kit releases; 2nd Tactical Air Force – modelling 2nd TAF aircraft by Neil Robinson; Products/Events – review of ‘Sounds of Historic Aeroplanes’ record & Shuttleworth activities; Kit Reviews: Matchbox P-40N, Modeldecal sheets no.37 & 38, Slipstream Meteor 8; Build A Family No.4 Meteors Part 1 by Richard Bail (variants table, 5 Figures); Classified Adverts; The Seversky Line – modelling Seversky & Republic aircraft by B L Carter (7 tone profiles + F-105 sketch + 7 F-105 detail sketches); Kit Reviews: Hasegawa P-40E & P-40N, Airfix 1/72nd Bf109E-4; Readers’ Letters; Kit Review: Revell/Italaerei 1/72 He 111H-6
Issue No.18 Vol.5 No.2 July/Aguust/September 1977
[Plastic Aircraft Models] Biplane Perfection – WW1 aircraft models pictorial; Editorial; Kit, Book and Product Reviews: Italaerei Airspeed Horsa, Hasegawa 1/72 MiG-25 Foxbat, Matchbox 1/32nd scale Bf 109E & Spitfire Mk.22/24, Airifx 1/72nd SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1; Storage of Models – discussed by E Lerwick Shaddon; Luftwaffe Fighter Camouflage – A New Concept, commentary on new Kookaburra series by Charles Martin; Griffon Spitfire – Spitfire Mk.XII by Neil Robinson (3 tone profiles + 9 sketches)); Fairchild Republic A-10 (detail & cockpit photos, 3 pages 1/72nd scale drwgs); Build A Family No.4 Meteors Part 2 by Richard Bail (Table of RAF sqns, 5 Figures); Nichimo 1/72 A5M4 ‘Claude’ – review by E Lerwick Shaddon; A-26 and A-25 Firefighters by Peter W Dance (2 pages tone profiles); Luftwaffe ’46 Part 3: Heinkel He 162 variants by Simon Parry & William Coney (1 page 3-view line drwgs); Readers Letters; Vacuforms – latest Airmodel releases; Short Sunderland Detail – photopage by Vic Carter
Issue No.19 Vol.5 No.3 October/November/December 1977
[Plastic Aircraft Models] Vacuforms: I.D. Models Ju 352 & Airmodel Meteor NF.14; Editorial; Kit, Book and Product Reviews: Crown 1/144 B-25J/H, Airfix F4D Skyray, Heller 1/72 Jaguar A/E, Hasegawa P-38 Lightning, Heller Hurricane IIc (Northrop F-15 Reporter 1 page tone drwgs by Peter W Dance); Bristol’s Beau by Neil Robinson (3 tone profiles, 1 page detail drwgs); Valiant – The Vickers Valiant by R E Bail (7 Figures); Revell’s Cousteau Catalina by E Lerwick Shaddon; Bell XFL-1 Airabonita by Vic Carter (1 page 3-view tone drwg, 17 Figures, side view line drwg); Kit Reviews: Fujimi 1/48 P-51, Fujimi 1/72 F-8D; Improving the Foxbat – MiG-25 by D J Andrews (12 Figures); Kit Reviews: Airfix 1/72 Fw 190A-8/F-8, Revell/Frog He 115; Smokey Bear Stoofs – Forest Service Grumman Trackers by Peter W Dance (3 tone profiles); Readers Letters; Free Ads; Formaplane Hawker Siddeley Nimrod by Barry Corbridge
Issue No.20 Vol.5 No.4 January/February 1978
[Plastic Aircraft Models] Firefighting Savages – AJ-1 Savage by Peter W Dance (1 page tone drwgs); Editorial; Kit Reviews: Testors Supermarine Swift, Revell 1/48th F-104, Monogram 1/48 B-29, Conversion Zero kit for Revell I-16; TAF Typhoon – 2nd TAF Hawker Typhoons by Chris Thomas (1 page tone profiles, 1 page sketches); Identification Parade – aircraft quiz by Keith Woodcock; History of 616 Squadron by Paul Allonby; Four Wulfs – four 1/48th scale Fw 190 kits reviewed by Ray Crean; Grumman F-14 Tomcat by Dave Warden (2 2-page tone profiles); ‘Take a Pot of Red Paint’ – famous red aircraft by Richard Bail (3 Figures); Free Adverts; Revell’s Rufe – Revell 1/72 A6M2-N reviewed by E Lerwick Shaddon; Airspeed Envoy (scale 3-view line drwg); The RAF’s Russian Excursion: No.151 Wing – Hurricanes in Russia by Neil Robinson and Chris Thomas (2 tone profiles, 3 sketches); Kit Reviews: Hasegawa 1/72nd J2M3 Raiden; Book reviews; Casa Mosca – Polikarpov I-16 in Spanish Republican service by B Massey (4 tone profiles); Readers Letters; Shuttleworth Sopwith Pup – close-up photos by Keith Woodcock; Vacuforms – photos of latest Airmodel releases
Issue No.21 Vol.6 No.1 March/April 1978
[Plastic Aircraft Models International] Grumman E-2C Hawkeye – detail photos; Editorial; The Last of the Lightnings – modelling the Lightnings at Binbrook by Neil Robinson (3 tone profiles, tone upper & lower plan views, camouflage pattern tone side view drwg, belly tank drwg); Kit Revew: Revell 1/48th F-104 Starfighter part 2 (5 sketches); Grumman F9F-8 Cougar by Dave Warden (4-view line drwg + 2 tone profiles); Fledgling Hawks – P-36 to P-40 evolution by Vic Carter (P-36C 5-view tone drwg, XP-42 tone profile, YP-37 tone profile, XP-40 tone profile, P-40 tone profile, 4 sketches); Take a Pot of Yellow Paint – famous yellow aircraft by Richard Bail (2 Figures); Kit Reviews: Starfix kits; Luftwaffe Fighter Heraldry of the Emil, Summer 1940 – Bf 109E unit insignia by Micheal Payne (Bf 109E side view line drwg, 22 tone insignia drwgs); Readers Letters; Book Reviews; Free Adverts; Vacuforms – photos of latest Contrail releases
Issue No.22 Vol.6 No.2 May/June/July 1978
Scottish Aviation Bulldog (internal detail photos); BAC Jet Provost; HS 125 Dominie; DHC Chipmunk; Martin Baker Mk.IV ejection seat; NATO Ordnance colours (letter); RAF/Russian Hurricanes (letter)
Issue No.23 Vol.6 No.3 August/September 1978
P-51 Mustang (drwgs); Republic XF-48H photos; Ejector Seats in scale (drwgs); Fiat CR.42 (drwgs); Bf 109E colour schemes & markings by M Payne
Issue No.24 Vol.6 No.4 October/November 1978
[Plastic Aircraft Models International] Junkers Ju 53/3m – detail photos by Richard Bail; Editorial; In Brief…; Classified Adverts; Exhibitions; The Perfect Kit – does it exist? Part 2 by E Lerwick Shaddon; Monogram 1/72 F-15 Eagle by Paul Mercer & Nick Shaw (1 page detail drwgs, camouflage tone 2-view drwg, 4 detail scrap views, 1 page US squadron markings tone drwgs); Pfalz D.III by R G Gerrard (3 tone profiles); Combat Capable Dragonfly – Cessna A-37 by Vic Carter (A-38B 3-view line drwg, A-37B tone plan view, 3 sketches); ‘Giant Strike’ – B-52 deployment to RAF Marham by JBE Hale & D Leyshon; Kit Reviews: Hasegawa 1/72 MiG-27 Flogger, Revell 1/48th Spitfire Mk.II, Revell 1/48th Bf 109G-10, Crown 1/144th Spitfire Mk.5, Airfix Whirlwind HAS.22, A.I.R. decals, Airfix 1/72 Henschel Hs 126; P-51 Mustang Racers – by Dave Warden (2 tone profiles); Kit Reviews: Nichimo 1/48 Nakajima Ki-43-I Oscar, Novo Bristol Type 138A & Spirit of St. Louis Ryan NYP; Handley Page Hastings T Mk.5 TG511 by JBE Hale & D Leyshon (detail photos); Vacuforms: Formaplane HP Hastings ; Collectors’ Corner No.1 by Dennis Teague; C-47 Profiles by Dave Warden (2 C-47 tone profiles); RAF Ibsley – Hampshire airfield history by Barry Wallis; Books Order & Subscriptions form; Books – reviews; Free Adverts; AFRES Cessna A-37B col photo
Issue No.25 Vol.6 No.5 December/January 1979
[Plastic Aircraft Models International] Firefighting Avengers by Peter W Dance (3 tone profiles); Editorial; Collectors Corner No.2 by Dennis C Teague; ‘Micro 72’ LWS Czapla review by E Lerwick Shaddon; Cessna O-1 and O-2 by Vic Carter (8 O-1 detail figures, 5 O-2 detail figures); Panavia Tornado GR.1 & F.2 by Paul Mercer (1 page GR.1 detail sketches, 1 page F.2 detail sketches, 2 pages GR.1 5-view tone drwg); Free Adverts; Fokker D.VII by Rodney G Gerrard (7 insignia drwgs, 3 tone profiles); F-15 Eagle airbrake modifications by Paul Mercer; Avro Vulcan B.2 by JBE Hale & D Leyshon (9 sqn markings drwgs, 4 detail sketches); Plasticart Tu-20 1/100th Scale (sic – actually Tu-95) by Richard Bail (2 figures); Monogram 1/48 scale Douglas C-47 Skytrain by Joe Daileda; Vulcans col photo
Issue No.26 Vol.6 No.6 February 1979
[Plastic Aircraft Models International] Editorial; Jet Provost Family Part 1 by Nigel Bunce (4 pages tone drwgs); Sopwith F1 Camel by Rodney G Gerrard (7 sketches, 3 tone profile drwgs, side view basic colours drwg); Gilding the Lily: Superdetailing the Airfix Westland Whirlwind fighter (1 page of 22 sketches); Modelling the Fairey Barracuda Mk.II And III by Chris Elshaw (6 sketches); What About ?? – Cierva C.30A & Martin Baker MB.5 kits wanted; Photographing Model Aircraft for PAM News by Richard Bail; ‘Birds of Prey’ Curtiss Hawks Part II by Vic Carter (5 sketches of modifications, 4 sketches of insignia, P-40L camouflage pattern plan view); Modelling Civil Airliner Kits No.1 The Tu-114 VEB Plasticart kit 1/100th scale by Ron Firth; Forest Service Lead Planes by Peter W Dance (T-28 & T-34 tone drwgs); Nord 2501 Noratlas by JBE Hale & D Leyshon (detail photos); Readers Letters; Free Adverts; AMT 1/48th scale Ju 88A-4 review by E Lerwick Shaddon; ‘Remus’ Update – Remus Play Kits by CE Read
Issue No.27 Vol.6 No.7 March 1979
[Plastic Aircraft Models International] Readers Letters; New Kit Releases; Improving The Fairey Firefly Mk.1 by Richard Bail (9 tone profiles, 7 sketches); Jet Provost Family Part 2 by Nigel Bunce (3 pages tone drwgs, 1 page sketches & tone profiles); Firefighting Privateers by Peter W Dance (1 page tone drwgs); Converting The Liberator To The Privateer by Micheal J Wood (2 pages line drwgs); Test Run – DeVilbiss Sprite Major Airbrush by Dennis C. Teague; The Sultan of Oman’s Hunters by Jum Bricknell (12 figures incl. tone drwgs); Republic XF-84H Conversions by S D Pledge & N Widdows (6 figures); The Curtiss Shrike by Vic Carter (Y1A-8 3-vew tone drwg, A-12 4-view tone drwg); Lockheed S-3A Viking detail by JBE Hale; Free Adverts; Hasegawa 1/72nd Mitsubishi F-1 reviewed by E Lerwick Shaddon; Metal Models No.1 LDM Pitts S-2A; The Rothman’s Aerobatic Team at Teeside Airport by Mark Nicholas; Collectors Corner No.3 by Dennis C Teague; Rothman’s Pitts S-2A detail col photos
Issue No.28 Vol.7 No.1 April/May 1979
[Plastic Aircraft Models International] Dassault Mirage F.1 by JBE Hale & D Leyshon (detail photos); Kit Review: Airfix 1/72 Spitfire Mk.IA; Early Days – Renwal & Novo kits of Curtiss Golden Flyer, Avro Triplane & Bleriot XI by Dennis Teague; The Motel Modeller…Building Monogram’s SNAP-TITE F-15A Eagle by Joe Daileda; The PAM News Q & A Column; Vintage Vought by Vic Carter (4 SB2U tone profiles, XF5U-1 3-view line drwgs); Plastic Kits of Early Aircraft by Richard Bail ; Royal Air Force Squadrons No.548 and 549 A Brief History by Barry Wallis (8 tone profiles); Sopwith Camel Part 2 The Dual Seat Camel by Rodney G Gerrard (4 tone profiles, 1 plane view tone drwg); Metal Models No.2 LDM 1/48th Cierva C.30A Autogyro by Richard Bail (3 sketches); Firefighting Boxcars by Peter W Dance (1 page tone drwgs); Free Adverts; Modelling Civil Airliner Kits No.2 Fokker F.VIIb-3m ‘Southern Cross’ by E Lerwick Shaddon; De Havilland DH.89A Dominie col photo
Issue No.29 Vol.7 No.2 June 1979
[Plastic Aircraft Models International] Readers Letters; British Aerospace (Hawker Siddeley) Hawk by Paul Mercer (8 tone profiles); Mini Conversion: The Gloster Javelin FAW Mk.5 – Frog Javelin FAW.9 conversion by Bob Banham (5 sketches); Book Shelf No.1 – book reviews; What About…? – possible model ideas; Gilding The Lily No.2 Airfix Ju 87B – superdetailing by Dennis C Teague (1 page sketches); Flying School Versus An Airforce: The Iraqi Rebellion of 1941 by Bob Massey (6 tone profiles); The Grumman A-6 Family by JBE Hale & D Leyshon (EA-6B 3-view tone drwg); Collectors Corner by Dennis Teague; OV-10 Bronco – A Horse With Many Masters by Vic Carter (6 line drwgs, 2 instrument panel drwgs); Lockheed Constellation by John Hale (EC-121 detail photos); Floats And Wheels Part 1 – Curtiss SOC-3 Seagull by Vic Carter; Revell’s 1/48th scale Bf 109G-10/U2 reviewed; Firefighting Guardians – Grumman AF-2 by Peter W Dance (1 page tone drwgs); Novo 1/72nd scale Tupolev SB-2 kit reviewed by E Lerwick Shaddon; Lastest Vacform kits – model photos; Plastic Model Club News; Grumman A-6E colour photo
Issue No.30 Vol.7 No.3 July 1979
[Plastic Aircraft Models International] Gloster F.9/40 Meteor prototype – detail photos by John Hale; Modifying and Super-Detailing The Airfix Fw 189 by M Nightingale (1 page tone drwgs, 1 page sketches); Bookshelf No.2 – reviews by Vaughan Robinson; Vigna Di Valle Museum by Felice Rufolo; AMT 1/48th scale Gloster Meteor Mk.1 and V-1 ‘Buzz Bomb’ reviewed by Richard Bail (3 figures); Gilding The Lily: No.3 The Airfix Spitfire Mk.Ia by Dennis Teague (1 page sketches); ‘202 Takes Care Of You’ – 202 Sqn Sea King HAR.3 by J Reece and A Dent (2 pages detail photos); Readers Letters; Kit Reviews: Matchbox Canberra PR.9 by A J Dent; Bulgaria At War With The Allies by Bob Massey (2 pages tone drwgs); 1/48th Scale Models – photos of models; Floats And Wheels Part 2 by Vic Carter (2 side view line drwgs); Collectors Corner by Dennis C Teague; Vacform Kit Review: Formaplane HP Hastings by M John; Model Collections No.1 Vietnam – themed model collection ideas by Dennis C Teague; MiG-23 colours by Felice Rufulo (2 tone profiles + 2 nose drwgs); Free Adverts; Modelling Civil Airliner Kits No.3 Airfix Boeing 727 1/144th scale by R E Bail; Latest kits: New Heller releases; Kit Review: Revell 1/48th scale F-4K/M Phantom by J Reece; Meteor prototype col photo
Issue No.31 Vol.7 No.4 August 1979
[Plastic Aircraft Models International] Bucker Bu 133 Jungmeister by JBE Hale (detail photos); Mirage – Mirage III/IV/5/F.1 kits reviewed by Dennis Teague; The Canberra – A Survey of Kits by Richard Bail; Bookshelf No.3 – book reviews by Vaughan Robinson; Bolshevik Seventeens – Nieuport 17C-1 in service with the Russian Workers and Peasants Air Fleet by Bob Massey (1 page tone profiles); Luftwaffe in Australia – photos of Me 262A & Me 163 at Point Cook Museum by Neale & Robert Young; The Avro 504K by Peter G Cooksley (1 page tone profiles); Harvard – 40th Anniversary Harvard Meet – photo feature by John Hale; Modelling Civil Airliner Kits No.4 VEB 1/100th Yak-40 by Richard Bail (2 small tone profiles); Experimental Jugs (XP-47H and J) by Vic Carter (XP-47H 4-view line drwg, cockpit detail line drwgs, 5 figures); Star Spangled Stuka – Vengeance by Vic Carter (7 tone profiles); Readers Letters; Collectors Corner by Den Teague; Float and Wheels Part 3 – Grumman Duck by Vic Carter; Gilding The Lily No.4 The Airfix Fw 190D-9 by Dennis C Teague (1/2 page sketches); Plastic Model Club News; Free Adverts; 100 sqn Canberra B.2 col photo
Issue No.32 Vol.7 No.5 September 1979
[Plastic Aircraft Models International] Brewster F2A Buffalo by Vic Carter (3 pages skethes); Very Small Models – 1/144th scale and smaller by Richard Bail; Nellis Air Force Base 57th Tactical Training Wing by Paul Mercer (1 page tone profiles); PZL P23B Karas sectional & detail line drwgs, P46 Sum II 4-view line drwg, P43 2-view line drwgs); Vacforms – photos of latest kits; Bookshelf No.4 – book reviews by Vaughan Robinson; Aircraft Storage In Plastic Cake Cases by R P Gleed Owen; Vacform Review: Rareplanes C-45 Expeditor by M John (3 sketches); Hawthorne’s Black Widow – P-61 kits by Vic Carter; The Finish On Early, Pre-WW1 Aeroplanes by Richard Bail; Gilding The Lily: Airfix Fairey Battle by Dennis Teague (1 page sketches); Beech E18S (3-view tone drwg); Kit Reviews: Esci 1/48th F/A-18 Hornet, Book Review: RNZAF The First Decade, Airfix Whirlwind helicopter kit history & colour schemes; Collector’s Corner by Dennis Teague; Free Adverts; DC-3 Dakota turboprop trimotor conversion col photo
Issue No.33 Vol.7 No.6 October 1979
[Plastic Aircraft Models International] Douglas Dakota C.3 pictorial by JBE Hale & D Leyshon; Missile Carrying Dornier – Do 217E & Hs 293 by Neil Robinson (4 tone profiles); Big Bent Wing Bird – F4U Corsair kits by Vic Carter (detail sketches); Gilding The Lily No.6: Frog/Novo Bristol 138A by Dennis Teague (sketches); Free Adverts; Readers Letters; The Polikarpov I-15 by Peter G Cooksley (1 page tone profiles); Bookshelf No.5 – book reviews by Vaughan Robinson; International Air Tattoo ’79 – photo feature by JBE Hale & D Leyshon; Plastic Aircraft Modelling in Poland by Jan Boluk; Canberra – Some Further Thoughts by Richard Bail (2 Figures); RAF Leeming Visited by J Reece, A Dent and T Handley; Collectors Corner by Dennis C Teague; Current Aviation Literature by Dave Warden; Long Life Lightning’s 25th Anniversary – RAF Binbrook show by Neil Robinson; Vacform Review: Rareplanes EC-121 by Vic Carter; USCG HC-130H col photo
Issue No.34 Vol.7 No.7 November 1979
[Plastic Aircraft Models International] Modelling the Sabre in 72nd Scale – F-86 modelling by Chris Elshaw (1 page sketches); Sheffield Expo 1979; Rothman’s Aerobatic Team – visit report by J Reece; Big Bent Wing Bird Part 2 by Vic Carter; Gilding The Lily: Heller 1/50 scale kit of the Piper L-4 Cub by Dennis C Teague (1/2 page sketches); Bookshelf No.6 – book reviews by Vaughan Robinson; The Hawker Hurricane by Peter Cooksley (1 page tone profiles); Flight International Business and Light Aviation Show – photo feature by Chris Elshaw; Vacforms – photos of new releases; Test Run No.2 The PASSCHE Airbrush No.F-1 by Dennis Teague; Short S.16 Scion 1 (1 page 3-view tone drwg); Free Adverts; Lunar Module – Airfix 1/72nd scale kit by Richard Bail; More Miniature Models by Richard Bail (inc. Concorde detail photos); Preiser’s 1/72nd Hangar by M John; Fiat G.91R/3 of LeKG 43 b+w photo by John Hale; Morane-Saulnier MS.500 ‘G-AZMH’ – Fi 156 Storch detail photos by JBE Hale & D Leyshon; Collectors Corner by Dennis C Teague; Fairey Flycatcher col photo
Issue No.35 Vol.7 No.8 December 1979
[Plastic Aircraft Models International] GA-43 floatplane b+w photo; Northrop T-38 Talon by Paul Mercer (1 page tone profiles, 1 page 5-view line drwg); Bookshelf No.7 – book reviews by Vaughan Robinson; Conversion Feature: Fw 190C by Svetoplak Roszypal (1 page scale drwgs); Readers Letters; The Hawker Sea Hawk by Peter G Cooksley (1 page tone profiles); Gilding The Lily: Airfix 1/72d scale Hurricane Mk.1 by Dennis Teague (1/2 page sketches); RNAS Yeovilton International Air Days – photo feature By JBE Hale & D Leyshon; Monogram ‘Snaptite’ B-26 Marauder by Ralph J Jones (4 figures); Free Adverts; Canberra Miscellany – article postscript by Richard Bail (sketches of WGAF Canberra markings); Vacforms – photos of latest Formaplane releases; General Aviation GA-43 Transport (3-view line drwg + photos); Airfix MBB Bo 105C kit review by E Lerwick Shaddon (3 pages sketches); Plastic Model Club News; FAAHF Sea Hawk col photo
Issue No.36 Vol.7 No.9 January 1990
[Plastic Aircraft Models International] Fairey Firefly – From First Prototype to Mk.3 by Richard Bail (5 figures); The Vickers Vimy – A new look and an old kit by S W Foster (10 line drwgs inc. 3-view drwg, side view drwgs, sketches); Bookshelf No.8 – book reviews by Vaughan Robinson; Readers Letters (inc. WW2 Japanese aircraft colours table); VEB Plasticarte 1/72 Su-7 by Ron Firth; 655 Squadron Army Air Corps – visit report by J Reece (Gazelle & Scout detail photos); Gilding The Lily: ‘Matchbox’ 1/72 Lancaster by Dennis Teague (1 page sketches); Satellites of the Rising Sun – Japan’s allies in World War Two Part One: Manchukuo (Manchuria) by Bob Massey (1 page tone profiles); Airfix 1/72 Hurricane Mk.1 photos; Annual Questionnaire; 1979 IPMS Nationals – photos by John Hale; Sea King Conversion SH-3D to SAR.3 by A Dent, T Handley & J Reece (1 page sketches); Gloster Meteor TT.8 tone profile; Plastic Model Club News; Novo kits news; Collectors Corner by Dennis C. Teague; Free Adverts; FAAHF Fairey Firefly col photo
Issue No.37 Vol.7 No.10 February 1980
[Plastic Aircraft Models International] Vacforms: Latest Contrail kit releases photos; Italaerei’s 1/72nd Skytrain – C-47 kit review by M John (1 page tone profiles); HP Hastings b+w photos; DH.82 Tiger Moth b+w photos; 1/48th Monogram B-24 to PB4Y-2 Privateer conversion by Bruce R Mathes; Vacforms: Latest Formaplane kit releases photos; Satellites Of The Rising Sun – Japan’s allies in World War Two Part Two: Thailand by Bob Massey (3 tone profiles); SMDC 1/72 V-1 Flying Bomb by Richard Bail; Some Selfish Thoughts For The New Year by John Reece; Hasegawa 1/32 Me 163B Komet (1 page 3-view drwg); Bookshelf No.9 – book reviews by Vaughan Robinson; Kit Reviews: 1/32nd Hasegawa F-5 Tiger, Esci ground crew set, Heller 1/72 PZL P.23 Karas, Heller 1/72 He 112, Hasegawa 1/72 Ki-27 Nate, Heller 1/50 Gazelle helicopter; Free Adverts; Sabre Operators – F-86 operators (4 tone profiles, table of variants); A look in depth at the Frog/Novo Story by Dennis C Teague; The Texan – AT-6 kits reviewed (1 page tone profiles, 1 page tone 4-view drwg); Finnish AF MiG-15UTI by Klaus Niska and Hans Sneitz (2 pages tone drwgs); Dornier Do 24 cockpit – line drwg; Jet Provost T.1 – b+w photos; Grumman EA-6B Prowler by JBE Hale & D Leyshon (detail photos); ID Models Ta 154 vacform – photos of model; Readers Letters; Plastic Model Club News; Grumman EA-6B Prowler col photo
Issue No.38 Vol.7 No.11 March 1980
[Plastic Aircraft Models International] Vickers Vimy Photopage – model photos; Editorially Speaking; 1980 Kit News – future kit releases by Dennis C Teague; Bookshelf No.10 – book reviews by Vaughan Robinson; S-3A Viking by Dave Warden (b+w photo); What I look for in a plastic aircraft kit by Andrew Masterton; Tamiya Fiat G.91 1/100th scale reviewed by Chris Elshaw; The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk by Peter G Cooksley (1 page tone profiles); More On Fireflies by M M Gates (1 figure + b+w photos); Shuttleworth Collection Plans For 1980; The Messerschmitt Taifun – Bf 108 by Peter G Cooksley (1 page tone profiles); Aircraft of the Cornwall Aero Park Part One: Museum Introduction & Gannet AS.6 WN464 by Dennis Teague (detail b+w photos); ‘Statue of Liberty Swingers’ – The F-111s of the 48th TFW by John Hale; Airfix 1/72nd HS.125 Dominie – reviewed by Richard Bail; Chirri’ Sobre Espana – Fiat CR.32 in Spanish Civil War by Bob Massey (4 tone profiles); Russian Toy Industry 1/56th scale Il-2 Stormovik – review by E Lerwick Shaddon; Kamov Ka-26 by Dave Warden (b+w photos); Sea King at Finningley by Tim Laming (b+w photos); Collectors Corner by Dennis C Teague; Contrail Mya-4 Bison kit photos; Sea Venom FAW.22 (3-view line drwg); Readers Letters; Free Adverts; BoBMF Spitfire Mk.V col photo
Issue No.39/40 Vol.8 No.1 April/May 1980
[Plastic Aircraft Models International] Gilding The Lily: The 1/32nd Matchbox Tiger Moth by D C Teague (1 page sketches); Heller 1/72 De Havilland Vampire FB.5 – kit review; Eight Weeks At Three Oaks – WW2 Slovak Uprising aircraft by Bob Massey (7 tone profiles); Renwal Antoinette 1908 Monoplane – review by Richard Bail; TA-4 by Dave Warden (6 tone profiles); F-15B b+w photo by Dave Warden; Airfix F-15 Eagle – kit review; Bookshelf No.11 – book reviews by Vaughan Robinson; Airfix 1/72nd Lancaster – kit review; Lockheed P-3 Orion – detail photos by JBE Hale & D Leyshon; Gloy paints; Frog Penguin P-47 model photo; Critical Review of the Airfix Space Shuttle 1/144th Scale by Richard Bail; Jaguar GR.1 – detail photos by JBE Hale; Sikorsky S-43 – detail photos by Keith T Petrich; Spartan Cruiser III (3-view line drwg); Modification to Heller Hurricane Kit – desert markings by Sotirios Konstandinidis (1 tone profiles + 2 sketches); Frog Penguins – photos of models by E Lerwick Shaddon; Latest Waterslide Transfers/Decals; Collectors Corner by Dennis C Teague; Pilgrim 100-B by Clive Hall (1/72nd scale 3-view drwg); Readers Letters; Plastic Model Club News; Free Adverts; Tiger Moth col photo
Issue No.41 Vol.8 No.2 June 1980
[Plastic Aircraft Models International] Gilding The Lily: Matchbox Vickers Wellesley by Dennis C Teague (7 sketches); Contrail Avro York – detailing by M John; Satellites Of The Rising Sun Part 3: Nanking and Cochin China by Bob Massey (5 tone drwgs); Airfix 1/72 MiG-23S Flogger B – kit review by Dave Andrews; Matchbox 1/72 Dornier Do 18 – kit review; Matchbox 1/72 Grumman EA-6B Prowler – kit review; KP 1/72 MiG-15 and MiG-15UTI – kit review by Chris Elshaw; Bookshelf No.12 – book reviews by Vaughan Robinson; The Canberra PR.9 – detail photos by JBE Hale & D Leyshon; Bellanca CH400 by Clive Hall (1/48th scale 4-view line drwgs); A Pair of Beagles – VEB and Airfix Il-28 kit reviews by Richard Bail (2 sketches); Oldies But Goodies – model kits from Mexico by Joe Daileda; Kit Review: Pamela Veal Meteor Mk.8 – reviews by John Reece; Microscale decals: VX-4’s Bicentennial Phantom in 1/48th scale ‘Screaming Eagle’; Northrop F-5 – detail photos by Bob Whitton; Red Arrows Airfix Hawk – kit review; Heller 1/125 Douglas DC-9 – kit review; Bob Whitton’s Models – model photos; Collectors Corner by Dennis C Teague; Sea Vampire T.22 (3-view tone drwg); Plastic Model Club News; Free Adverts; Readers Letters; Vampire T.11 col photo
Issue No.42 Vol.8 No.3 July 1980
[Plastic Aircraft Models International] VEB/Plasticart 1/100th scale DC-8 by Richard Bail (2 figures); Early 20 mm Cannon Armed Spitfires – Spitfire Mk.Ib conversion by Neil Robinson (table of known cannon Mk.Is, table of squadrons & dates for individual aircraft; A Bf 109K-4 by Dr. Don E Alberts; Bookshelf – books reviewed by Vaughan Robinson; The Honington Strike Wing – visit report by JBE Hale & D Leyshon (Buccaneer detail b+w photos); Concorde Colour Schemes by Peter G Cooksley (4 tone profiles); Autogiros – The Modelling Possibilities by Richard Bail; Autogiros – Some Personal Recollections by Francis Boreham; Honington’s Hunters – b+w photos by John Hale; Kit Reviews: Matchbox Halifax; Heller Bf 109K; Heller 1/50 Jet Ranger; PAM Survey 1980 – questionnaire results by Dave Andrews; William’s Bros Wright Whirlwind – engine kit review by E Lerwick Shaddon; Collectors Corner by Dennis Teague; Weir W-2 autogyro (3-view line drwg); Institute Of Model Makers; Readers Letters; Comments on SMDC V-1 kit review; Free Adverts; Vultee V-1A col photo

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