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Vol.1 No.1 (1) 1983
Jaguar Part 1
Vol.1 No.2 (2) 1983
Jaguar part 2
Vol.2 No.1 (3) 1984
Russian a/c model kits; Il-62 photos; LaGG-3 colours and 1:72 plans; MiG-3 colours; Airfix Vulcan review; Heller Mystere; Attacker plans; kit and book reviews
Vol.2 No.2 (4) 1984
Argosy photos; TWA Constellations; MiG-17 plans and colours; Using acrylics; Seamew/Sturgeon/Spearfish reviews; Iranian between-war biplanes; TS-11 Iskra plans and colours; Valetta T.3 plans; kit reviews
Vol.2 No.3 (5) 1984
DC-6/C-118 photos; Fairey’s Long-Range Monoplane (3 tone profiles); Airframes’s Fairey Long-Range Monoplane (vacuform kit review); Polish Air Force Jet Fighters (Yak-17/MiG-17/MiG-19, 10 tone profiles, 1 4-view tone drwg); Swap Yer! (history of aeronautical cigarette cards); Kit Review: Protar MZ 250 ETS/1G (250 ISDI) (motorcycle kit review); Airfix Boeing 747 (conversion to flaps-down configuration); MiG-23 plans; Il Baffo – The 65a Squadriglia d’Assalto in the Spanish Civil War (Breda Ba 65 tone drwgs); Fokker D.VII (Polish markings, 6 tone drwgs); Merit’s Hunter; Martin Baker 9A/10A Ejection Seats (1 page drwgs); Chipmunk T.10 A.E.F. Colour Schemes (1 page drwgs); Kit Reviews (Esci F-4C/D, Airfix Boeing AWACS, Hasegawa Bell 206, Esci & Hasegawa Sea Harrier); Golden Oldies (Merit Hunter kit review); Photo Page (US Navy C-118B photos) [28 pages]
Vol.2 No.4 (6) 1984
Super Etendard photos; Everest Conquered by Air (history and modelling Novo Westland Wallace); Hawk T.Mk 1 plans; Matchbox kit reviews; Conversion of the PZL P.11c to a PZL P.7a (two 3-view drwgs, conversion drwgs); Harrier GR.3 drawings; AS-3 Kangaroo Missile (1 page drwgs of Soviet air-launched missile); Kit and book reviews; Bulldog and Chipmunk drawings [24 pages]
Vol.3 No.1 (7) 1985
T-33 photos; SAAB Drakens (1/100 scale kits reviewed, prototype drwgs); Lightning T. Mk 5/F. Mk 3 colours; Me 109e colours; Alpha Jets (1/72 scale kits review, 4 tone profiles, 3-view scale drwg); Twin Otter (3-view drwg); Photocopied decals; Twin Otter scale data; kit reviews; F-16 Fighting Falcon (2 tone profiles); Vampire NF.10 drawings [44 pages]
Vol.3 No.2 (8) Summer 1985
Czech MiG-21s (1 page drwgs); DeH Ghost Vampire – Altitude Record Breaker (Vampire F.Mk.1 conversion, drwgs); Build a Family: Shooting Star to Starfire (photos and kit reviews); Decal reviews; 18 Days in May (Belgian AF in WW2 + Gladiator colours, 9 tone profiles); F-15A plans; Caravelle kit survey; Tandem-Wing Lysander (P.12 Lysander, 1 page drwgs) [44 pages]
Vol.3 No.3 (9) Autumn 1985
Czech MiG-23 (1 page 3-view drwg); Otaki 1:48 Zero assessed; Aircraft at Montrose in WW2; The SPAD VII in Belgian Aviation Militaire Service (2 tone profiles); VEB Mil Mi-1/4 helicopters; MiG-31 Foxhound Conversion (1/100 scale drwgs); Kit and book reviews; Hallam-Vac Welkin; Miscellaneous Spitfires (4 tone profiles) [44 pages]
Vol.3 No.4 (10) 1985
No information
Vol.4 No.1/2 (11) Spring/Summer 1986
Westland Welkin (photos); Swing Wing Lightning (1/72 scale drwgs); Rigging the Flying Boats (hints & tips); Pilatus PC-9 (1/72 scale drwg) [44 pages]
Vol.4 No.3 (12)* Aug 1987*
[A4 size paper] Build a Family: Lockheed F-80/T-33/F-94 Part 3 (T2V Seastar & twin-tailed T-33A, sketches); Luftwaffe in Miniature: Part 1 (building Airfix Fw 190D-9, Bf 109E, Ju 88 and Huma Me 209V4); Caravelles (building as Swedish Tp 85); Grumman F8F Bearcat (6-view scale drwg); Roseplane Caudron G-III (vacuform kit); Welsh Models Britannia (vacuform kit); Yakovlev Forger A (1/72 scale 4-view drwg) [24 pages]
Vol.4 No.4 (13*) Nov 1987
Sketch Pad (SAAB 105 drwgs); Suez Surveillance (Royal Egyptian AF in 1930s, 8 tone profiles); T-6 (Harvard colours, 4 tone profiles); Airfix Bristol Freighter; Minesweeping Wellington conversion; Supermarine 508 (1/72 scale 3-view drwg); Tiger Moth colours; Kit, book and decal reviews [24 pages]
Vol.5 No.1 (14) 1988
DH Dove sketch page; The Albatros D.III Scout (3 colour scheme drwgs); Build a Family: F-80/T-33/F-94 Part II; Conversion, F-80C to F-80 Prototype (P-80A); I-16 (1 page scale drwgs); Pilatus P-2 (2 pages 1/72 scale drwgs); Kit reviews; DH.108 Swallow (1 page 1/72 scale drwgs); Echelon 1:32 Hunter; Castings in White Metal; The PAAC at War (Philippine AF 1936-41, 7 tone profiles) [24 pages]
Vol.5 No.2 (15) 5/1988*
KC-135E sketch page; America’s First Combat Aeroplane (Nieuport 28, 1/48 scale drwg); Formaplane Hawker Henley; Rockwell International XFV-12A (1/72 scale drwg); Lindberg He 100; Hawker Fury Parade: Part 1 (converting Matchbox kit into biplane export versions, drwgs); Kit reviews; Pilatus P.2 photo data; FH.40 Slip-Wing Hurricane (1/48 scale drwgs); Model storage [24 pages]
Vol.5 No.3 (16) Aug 1988*
Republican Trainers of the Spanish Civil War (5 tone profiles); America’s First Combat Aeroplane: Part 2 (Ni 28, 2 tone profiles); Hawker Fury Parade: Part 2 (conversion to Nimrod & Danerod, drwgs) [24 pages]
Vol.5 No.4 (17)* Nov 1988*
Gladiator sketch page; Matchbox F3D-2/He 70 reviewed; Aviatik Bergs from Joystick and Classic Plane; Meteor Mk 8 colours; F-80C on skis; Build models with Ron Firth; Plans in Scale No.1: Bristol 170 Mk.21 (Special data booklet ‘insert’ with photos, scale plans, colour data and sketch page, 5 tone profiles, 1/144 scale drwgs); Javelin colours; Kit and decal reviews; Variation of a Theme: Avia S-199 ‘Mezec’ (Israeli colours, 1/48 scale drwg) [40 pages]
Vol.6 No.1 (18) February 1989*
Mystere sketch page; Building the Fairey Hendon (Contrails kit); Newark Model Expo; Welsh Model’s C.Mk 1 Belfast; F-105 colours; Sopwith F1/3 Camel Night Fighters (3 tone profiles); Product reviews; RAAF in the Mediterranean (4 Wellington tone profiles); WWI kit and decal reviews [24 pages]
Vol.6 No.3 (19) 1989
T.1 Varsity sketch page; A-10 Thunderbolt Warthog photos; MiG-29 Fulcrum; Echelon 2 seat Hunter concluded; Gilding the Lily: Superdetailing the Novo/Frog Seahawk; Lockheed NT-33A (conversion); Book and kit reviews
Vol.6 No.3 (20) 8/1989
Gannet ECM.6 sketch page; The Harrier Story Part 1 (4 tone profiles); Matchbox Wessex (detailing); Rumanian AF Me 109G (drwg of a/c in USAAF insignia); Italian Reconnaissance Starfighters; Red Arrows Hawk 1989 livery GAs; Hawk Swift recalled; Kit reviews; F-102A colours; Decals [32 pages]
Vol.6 No.4 (21) 1989
Tucano T.1 sketch page; Les Watts on biplane scratchbuilding; Canberra 40 years on!; MB6 and MiG 15 model feature; Home-made vacform machine; 1911 Paulhan-Tatin Aero-Torpedo GAs; PT-19 colours and details; Kit reviews; Ventura’s Avia S-199; Alpha Jet data and colours; Frog’s 1:96 Valiant; 504K/F.2B/DH4 structural details; Diary of a modeller
Vol.7 No.1 (22) 1990
No information
Vol.7 No.2 (23) May 1990*
Blackburn B.2 sketch page; Skybirds; Prentice photo review; AEW.2 Sea King details; Hawker Hind colours; Koster’s Sopwith Triplane; Blake’s 7 Liberator; Frog 1:96 Vulcan; Kit reviews; Decals; Reader feedback
Vol.7 No.3 (24) 1990
FRG.2 Phantom sketch page; Revell’s 1:32 Do.27 reviewed; RAAF P.51/Hurricane/ Spitfire colours; I Sqdn. Arctic Harrier photos; Sun’n’Fun 1990 – warbirds; ESCi’s 1:48 Su 7 Fitter; Kit reviews – four pages of WWI kits
Vol.7 No.4 (25) 1990
No information
Vol.8 No.1 (26) 1991
No information
Vol.8 No.2 (27) May 1991
L-1011-500 Tristar sketch page; A-26 Parachute tester conversion; C A Atkin’s King Cobra; Building Skybird’s Scimitar; A modeller reflects; Kit reviews; Improving Hobbycraft’s Ar 234B; Book and decals assessed; 1:100 Mil Mi-4 conversion plus plans
Vol.8 No.3 (28) 1991
No information
Vol.8 No.4 (29) 1991
Wibault 72 C.l plans; Oshkosh ‘91 photos report; Il-62 model kits; Simon Geliot’s diary of a modeller; Meikraft Alb.C.III; 56 Sqdn. Phantom photos; Kit, book and decal reviews; Luftwaffe Harvards
Vol.9 No.1 (30) 1992
No information
Vol.9 No.2 (31) 1992
No information
Vol.9 No.3 (32) 1993
No information
Vol.9 No.4 (33) 1993
Academy’s 1:72 B-29; Modelling in Romania; Italeri Ju 88A-4 and Bell AH-1WO; Chinook colours; Decal round-up; 1:144 Avro Lincoln GAs; JGMT Spad 7; Meikraft Ca.3; Kit reviews; PP Aeroparts ‘Desert Storm’ detail sets
Vol.10 No.1 (34) 1993
Portuguese A-7P Corsair sketch page; Monogram 1:48 Lightning (P.38); Airfix and Heller F-117A Stealth fighters head-to-head; BAC Lightning photo data; Tiger Moth and P40 colours; Kit reviews; MiG-17P Fresco colours; Maltese Spitfire and Hurricane colour data; Decal round-up; Readers’ letters
Vol.10 No.2 (35) 1993
Fokker F-27 sketch page; Airfix Tornado; Monogram EA-6B; Monogram Mosquito; Me 109 G-2 ‘Black 6’ flies again; Control surface deflections; Blue Rider Vickers Gunbus reviews; Short SB-5 conversion drawings; 25 Sqdn. RAAF colours for Vampires, Wirraway and Macchi 326s; Kit reviews
Vol.11 No.1 (36) 1994
1:144 Stormovik GAs; Building Esoteric’s Martin Mercator; More RAAF Spitfire colours; Hawker Tempest I conversion; 2 FTS Wessex photo data; Blackburn Skua photos and colour details – 7 page special; Dragon’s Ba 349A; Airfix Dambuster Lanc; Kit and decal reviews
Vol.11 No.2 (37) Spring 1994*
Nord 262 sketch page; Academy PB4Y; Dragon’s Me P1101; Airfix Heron plus Heron photo data; Bristol Type 188 drawings and photos; Tu 95 Bear photo feature; Diary of a modeller; Academy Fulcrum; Kit and product reviews; Aeroclub F2a/Sierra’s DFW C.V plus ESC1 1:48 Tempest
Vol.11 No.3 (38) 1994
Hawk TMK.1 with dragon markings of No.32 MU, RAF; Clearfix; Airfix B-26C; Reader feedback; MPM Me 262; Sukhoi Su 22 Fitter photo data; Short 184 scratchbuild/plans; Decal round-up; M39B Libella drawings; 30+ kit reviews; 1:144 MiG-15bis plans
Vol.11 No.4 (39) Autumn 1994
Chipmunk T.10 colours; 23+ kit and decal reviews; Brigand photos; 1:72 F-94A; Desert Spit’ and Hurri’ colours; 23 Sqdn. Phantom FGR-2 photo close-ups; Les Watt’s scratchbuilt Short 184; Revell He 111; Dragon D.VII review; Bulldog T.1 colours
Vol.12 No.1 (40) 1995
24+ kit reviews; Meteor NF.14 colours; AMT A-20G; Tempest, Beaufighter, Hurricane, Whirlwind colours; Koster Ju 188 photo-build; Victor photo data; Airfix Buccaneer
Vol.12 No.3 (41)* Spring 1995*
Airtech CN-235 sketch page; 27+ kit reviews; Ha1112 Buchon colours; Blackburn B.2 photo data and plans; Twin Pioneer – history and model build; Super Jolly Green Giant photo data; Revell Lanc; Aeroclub’s D.VI/D.VIII reviewed; New decals
Vol.12 No.3 (42) 1995
Firebrand V drawings; Johnnie Johnson’s Spit; Bo.155 Cornish air ambulance; 25+ kit reviews; Revell 1:48 He 111; AA aeroplanes – the first 80 years; Hercules W Mk.2 photo data; Welsh Models’ 1:144 piston airliners; Decals
Vol.12 No.4 (43) 1995
25+ kit reviews; Indonesian’s air arm; Shipboard Storch; PP’s Sea Fury detail set; Northrop Flying Wing history; Aeroclub FE2b review; Decal round-up
Vol.13 No.1 (44) 1995
Alan Perry’s etched brass Bristol F2B Fighter; WWI scratchbuilds by Les Watts; Ozmod DH Caribou photo build; Elan pilot figures; Decals
Vol.13 No.2 (45) Winter 1995/96
Aeroclub ‘tween-war’ biplanes; MDD F-15E Strike Eagle photo data; 30+ kit reviews; Aeroclub 1:48 Vulcan photobuild; Arba’s 1:48 Hornet photo build; Valkyrie history
Vol.13 No.3 (46) 1996
Workshop ideas; Airfix Rotodyne; Dynavector Sea Vixen photo build; MC-130H Combat Talon II photo data; Sea Hornet colours; Kit reviews; Reader feedback; Ro IK-3 plans; F-104G cockpit sketch
Vol.13 No.4 (47) 1996
Su 27P sketch page; Revell’s 1:48 ‘Cat’; Lebed XII conversion; Monogram see-thru P-51; Mi 24 Hind photo data; Historic Wings’ Valiant; MiG-3 cockpit sketch; Sukhoi Su-7BM plans and colour data; Kit, book and decal reviews
Vol.14 No.1 (48) 1997
[Special issue] Tu 134A sketch page; Robert’s Reply Tornado; Superdetailed Rotodyne; Early F4U Corsair kits; Ant-25 plans and photo data; Scratchbuilt Albatros 1912 biplane; Valetta colours; Bearcat conversion; ESCI Mirage; Kit reviews; Me 209 plans; Books
Vol.14 No.2 (49) 1997
Bv. P170 plans; 1:48 Tamiya Lanc to Lincoln conversion; B-52G/H photo data; 1988 releases; Skybirds 86 WWI kit reviews; Vintage Voughts with XF5U-l plans; Kit reviews
Vol.14 No.3 (50) 1997
[Special issue] Mi-17 sketch page; Dynavector Scimitar photo build; Wessex HC.2 photo data; Kit reviews; Airfix 1:24 Stuka; Model nostalgia; PKC Vol.1 facsimile reprint (bound-in); Bronco models and plans; Grumman AF-2 colours; F.VII Southern Cross; Gannet details
Vol.14 No.4 (51) 1997
Saab Viggen colours; Detailing Revell’s 1:48 He III; Kit reviews; Fujimi Fl.M2 Pete; 1:144 L-400 Hercules plans; Adhesives; Book reviews; Pavla Ql.Wl Tokai review
Vol.15 No.1 (52) 1998
Pavla F6U-l Pirate; Falcon 1:48 MB5 photo-build; Saab 340 review; Aeroclub DH82; Aviation Usk Nakajima E8N2; Kit reviews; IPMS 1997 Nats report; 1:20 Thrust SSC model
Vol.15 No.2 (53) 1998
Dynavector 1:48 Javelin photo build; Kit reviews; 1:200 Hasegawa 767-233 conversion; RIAT 97 photo report; Skybirds 86 2 seat Hunter; EC-135C history and photos; Books and decals
Vol.15 No.3 (54) 1998
Revell’s 1:48 Helldiver; Airfix 1:48 Lightning photo build; 1:144 civil Vimy; 1:72 Tempest Mk 1 conversion; He 114B; 1:72 Spartan 7W plans; Kit reviews; 1:72 F4U-l Corsairs; Reader feedback; Airfix 1:48 Sea Harriers
Vol.15 No.4 (55) 1998
Kit reviews; Turbo Mustang photo build; 1:144 Revell ‘Beluga’ 600 ST kit review; Aeroclub’s Bristol Fighter and DH Venom photo build; Me 109 G-2 sketch page; SA1 554 1:72 plans; Reissued Airfix classics
Vol.16 No.1 (56) 1999
1:48 Dynavector Skyshark photo-build; Airfix 1:144 Concorde and colours; Air Fete 98 at Mildenhall; Skoda V5 plans; Welkin history and 1:72 GAs; Bell XFL-1 plans and data; Kit reviews and more
Vol.16 No.2 (57) 1999
Readers’ models; Macchi 202 photos and colour data; Improving the Airfix Boeing 727; Pavla Ki 30; 1:72 AWACs by Airfix; Caudron 710 plans; Kit reviews, decals and accessories
Vol.16 No.3 (58) 1999
Tamiya Aichi M6A-1; Aeroclub 1:48 Sea Venom photo-build; Reader feedback; Red Arrow’s Gnats; RIAT ‘98 photo report; Nord M3202B sketch page; Hal Ajeet 1:72 plans; Kit reviews; 1:48 Dynavector Hornet F.3; Ar 234 drawings
Vol.16 No.4 (59) 1999
Airfix reissues; Douglas A-26K conversion/photo build; 1:72 Dekno DC-2 review + 1:72 F4J Phantom decal sheet; Hendon’s Bristol Bulldog; Scratchbuilt 1:48 Blackburn Firebrand plus 1:72 plans and colour notes; Kit reviews – Eduard Alb.D,III/Sopwith Triplane/Berg D.I; Huma Ju 128; Tu 22M-3 photos; Me 328 plans
Vol.17 No.1 (60) 2000
Reader feedback; Lippisch LP12 drawings; Gordon Stevens (Mr Rareplanes) and his models; 1:72 Delanne 10C2 reviewed; Toko Bell P-63; Aero industry modelling; Aeroclub 1:48 Meteor NF.14 photo build; Red Arrows Hawks; Kit reviews; Minicraft XF5F; Decal round-up
Vol.17 No.2 (61) 2000
Sea Harrier sketch page; He P.1076 plans; 1:48 Spitfire XVI photo build; MPM’s XF85 Goblin; 1:72 Fairey Albacore; Fw 58 plans; Kit reviews; Improving the Airfix Sea Hawk
Vol.17 No.3 (62) 2000
Academy 1:72 SB-17G; Readers’ models; Giant YB-49 model; Dynavector 1:48 Sea Hornet photo-build; Beriev Be-6 model, drawings and detail sketches; Bf 109G colours; Intro to airliner modelling; Bv Ha 14a plans; Spitfire XII in 1:48; Kit reviews; Academy 1:48 Hunter; HP 115 GAs
Vol.17 No.4 (63) 2000
Be-2 review; Readers’ models; VEB 1/72 Beriev Be-6 Madge and photos; Be-12 Gull (Russian amphibian) details; Hindenburg; Kit reviews; Hall PH-3 drawings; Decal round-up; N/AW-10 (YA-10B) conversion; Me 262 HG III plans; Otto Doppeldecker; Tornado colour plate
Vol.18 No.1 (64) Spring/Summer 2001
Praga E39; Gordon Stevens on Ray O’Neill’s vacforms; Dynavector 1:48 TSR-2 photo build; Bulgarian Do 17P model and GAs; DH 86A plans; Airfix 1:24 Harrier; 1:32 Revell Westland Lysander; Kit reviews; RAE Transonic project GA; Mirage 2000 colour plate
Vol.18 No.2 (65) Autumn 2001
Reno Racer duo from Revell-Monogram; Readers’ models; Scratchbuilt Blimp (1/72 Goodyear N-Type US Navy blimp); Revell’s 1/32 Fieseler Storch; Magna Model’s 1/48 Supermarine Attacker photo build; Airliner modelling (Revell’s A320/321, Minicraft’s MD-80, Airfix’s BAC 1-11 in 1/144 and Revell’s Zeppelin NT in 1/200); Aeroclub’s Spitfire F.21 conversion; Fiat RS.14 and Messerschmitt P.1112 (scale drwgs for both); Dornier Do 11D (drawings, historical photos, and detail sketches); Kit reviews (Gavia’s 1/48 Miles Magister & Bristol Scout; Airfix’s 1/72 Albatros D.V & Fokker Dr. I; Choroszy Modelbud’s 1/72 Nakajima Type 91-I; Eduard’s 1/48 Nieuport 11; Revell’s 1/48 F-8E and 1/32 Spitfire Mk. I/II); Luftwaffe Tornado colour plate; book reviews
Vol.18 No.3 (66) 2002
Kit reviews; Be MBR-2 bis from Avia; Historic Wings’ 1:72 Valiant photo build; 1:72 Avia Casa 212; Aero MB200 model, photo data, sketches and GAs; DML P.61A; Memories of the Welkin; Vacform Ryan trainers
Vol.18 No.4 (67) 2002
MPM DC-2; Airliner models; Gordon Steven’s unique model subjects; Aeroclub 1:48 Canberra photo build; Avia B-534 model, sketches, colour data; Fiat CR-25 bis model, sketches, data and more; 1:48 P-47; Kit reviews; Bell Airacuda; Book reviews; Exclusive First look at MPM’s new Wellington Mk.1
Vol.19 No.1 (68) January 2003
AmTech Ta 183 + GAs; Book reviews; Pavla Defiant; Robin Powell’s Sukhoi Su33 conversion; Over 24 kit reviews; Exclusive – Roden Gladiator kit build; Fw 189 models plus full-size data, cockpit and colour plates; Defiant and Gladiator colour archive
Vol.19 No.2 (69) April 2003
Over 23 kit reviews; Books and decals; Latest Tamiya kits; He 280 model feature; Waiting in the wings by Harry Woodman; Detailed build of Revell’s Bv 222 Wiking with over six pages of WW2 Luftwaffe archive photos; PZL P.43 data, plus conversion drawings and colour plates; Revell’s Magic Flight Tornado; Model flying boats in colour
Vol.19 No.3 (70) 2003
No information
Vol.19 No.4 (71) 2003
No information
Vol.20 No.1 (72) 2004
No information
Vol.20 No.2 (73) 2004
No information
Vol.20 No.3 (74) 2004
No information
Vol.20 No.4 (75) 2004
No information
Vol.21 No.1 (76) 2005
No information
Vol.21 No.2 (77) 2005
No information
Vol.21 No.3 (78) 2005
No information
Vol.21 No.4 (79) 2005
No information

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