Propliner – Contents Listing

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1 January to March 1979
Prop News; The Redcoats are coming – Redcoat Air Cargo; Lodestar lives on; 30 Years ago; Ilyushin Il-14 “Crate; “Connie – last of many; Bolivian Aviation; Daks into the 80s; Old Timers saved; 72 ton Latecoere – Latecoere flying boat; Props at Willow Run Airport; The Independents – British Independent Airlines; Victor Fox retires and Britannia brevities
2 April to June 1979
Prop News; Aerotours Dominicana; 30 years Ago; Reign of the Princess (Princess flying boat); Mediterranean Memories (Cyprus Airways); Turboprop Cambrian; Up the Orinoco; Transvalair; Northrop Raider; Aero B Venezuela; Daks into the 80s; Prop Profile – Commando; The Independents – British Independent Airlines
3 July to September 1979
Salvadoerean Selections; Captive “Crate” (IL-14); Sunset at Rochester – the Last Flight of the Golden Hind (a Short’s Empire class flying boat); A Story of Four Constellations – ACE Scotland; Catalina Quartet; Speedbird is 40; The Carvair in British Airline Service; Restoring a Whispering Giant; Bealine Vanguard; Last Flight of Bravo Yankee – Britannia EI-BBY; Daks into the 80s
4 October to December 1979
Prop News; 30 Years Ago; Up-Country Commandos (Costa Rica and Bolivia); Cold Country Carrot (Greenlandair); Daks in to the 80s; Twin Pinning; The American Convairliner; Hermes (Part 1); Decca’s Zee Pee(G-ALZP); The Independents – British Independent Airlines
5 January to March 1980
Prop News; 30 Years Ago; DC-3 in Guatemala; End of the Line (Finnair CV440); Yorks from the Middle East; St. George and the Frigate Bird (Sandringham); BOAC Seven Seas Saga; Aerotransporte de Espana S.A.; The Independents – British Independent Airlines
6 April to June 1980
Prop News; 30 Years Ago; Lockheed’s Star Constellation; Hawaiian Traders; Hermes (Part 2); Uranium City Fours (Eldorado 1944-1980); Crash Log; Kar-Air’s Swinging Six; Neptunes from Valkenburg; S.A.I.D.E. Egypt; Afghanistan Remembered; The Independents – British Independent Airlines
7 July to September 1980
Prop News; Air Libya’s Desert Daks; 30 Years Ago; Colombia’s Military Airline; The Big Breda; Pinehurst Props; All in a Night’s Work (LHR); The dragon bites back (Treffield Aviation); Quinto and the magic 7; Nordair; Argentine Navy PBY Cansos; Oasis and a DC-3; The Independents – British Independent Airlines
8 October – December 1980
Prop News; 30 Years Ago; Last Flight of N74CA (crash of Constellation which killed Lockheed test-pilot ‘Fish’ Salmon); Last Flight of N4SW (crash of Butler Aircraft’s DC-7); Unscheduled Retirement (forced landing of oldest flying Viscount G-ARBY); The Flying Banger from the Baluchistan Bazarr (rescue flight of ex-Pakistan AF C-47 from Pakistan to Venice); Handley Page’s Handsome Hermes Part 3: Skyways; Auckland Amphibian; Big Budworm Sprayers (Constellations in Canada); The Olympic Sixes (Greek DC-6); Export Heralds; Canada’s Civil Dakotas 1980 Run Down; Prop Profile (readers photos); The Independents; The Aviation Hobby Shop (items for sale) [52 pages]
9 Spring 1981
Prop News; Eagle’s Venturesome Vikings; 30 Years Ago; Douglas C-74 Globemaster; Constellation for the 80s; Juliet Airborne (Sandringham N158J); Far Eastern Commandos; Rebirth of a Solent; Vancouver’s Mighty Mars; Forty Four Express; The Independents – British Independent Airlines
10 April-June 1981
Prop News; Airline – Act one Scene one; Latin America 81; Handsome Hermes (Part 4); Dakota’s rest (G-AGZA); Aer Turas (part 1); The Indian 748; Douglas DC-7 for the 80s; The friendly independent (BMA); Crash log 80; Bali’s Zamrud Daks; Rebel Dakota; Prop Profile; The Independents – British Independent Airlines
11 Autumn 1981
Return of the Biffo; A Tour on Hastings; Aluminium Albatross (The Alaskan Starliner Controversy); A.A.J.C. (The Story of Britain’s Wartime Airlines); T & G Aviation’s Flying Circus; Queen Charlotte Airlines; Viscounts With GO; Aer Turas (Part 2)
12 Winter 1981
Conifair’s Summer Camp; Hermes (Part 5); N158J; Last Flight of G-BRAC; Graveyards of the Giants (Lancaster, California); Shutter Kings (Harold G Martin); Holocaust in Hillcrest Road (PH-AKL); Life-saving Herons
13 Spring 1982
Trans-Air-Link; C.A.A.C.; Air Links and the Argonaut; The ‘Brit’ is 30 – Just; La Mancha Aire; Addio DC-6; Colombian Budd Conestoga; Woman at the Top (Rich International); Graveyard of the Giants (Tocumen, Panama); Argus Swansong; The day Northwood’s woods burned(mid-air between SE-BDA/MW248); Twenty Two Sierra November (Viscount); Warning Star; Heavylift’s Belfast
14 Summer 1982
Aces High rising; Island Sixes; Crash Log 81; Colombian North Stars?; Emery Air Freight; Hermes (Part 6); The Caicos (North) Stars; The Dublin (football) Match; An Unusual Weekend – by Catalina; Shutter Kings (Peter R Keating); Graveyards of the Giants (Palma de Mallorca)
15 Autumn 1982
Janet (L-1049 N11SR) Comes Under the Hammer; Lanzair; Douglas Cargomaster; Lunch at the Lisunov?; Carvair 21 Years On; Carvair – Five Years in Ireland; Classic Air; San Franciscan Solent; Vanguards Going Cheap; Marathon; Flight to the Falklands (Sunderland G-AGJN); Hanssin-Jukka (DC-3)
16 Winter 1982
Airline to Anywhere (Aquila Airways); Goodbye Zimbabwe – Hello USA (DC-7C delivery); The Goodyear Gooney Bird; Hermes (Part 7); Bad News for the Kiwi Connie; DC-7 Running 11 years late; Graveyards of the Giants (Paramaribo, Surinam); And then there was one (NC-121K)
17 Spring 1983
Airline to Anywhere (Aquila Airways continued); DC-4s on the road to recovery; Stuck on a pole for 16 years (N1005C); Phoenix from the Ashes (“Irelfly”); Kiwi Britannia?; Tu-114 Rossiya; The Berlin Airlift; DC-7C Raised from the Grave; Viscounts Going Places; Swiss Ju-52/3m; Shutter Kings (Larry Milberry)
18 Summer 1983
Rotting Rapide; The South American Way (1946); Santo Domingo; Long way from home (DC-3 in Saudi Arabia); Those earlier propeller driven transports; La Mancha – riding the storm; Disturbato Italia Aerea Linea (Itavia); African Air Carriers (Caprivi Airways); Clipper Dick (Miami’s last Constellation); Days numbered for Danish DC-7; Shutter Kings (Mike Gradidge)
19 Autumn 1983
N7777G Dublin-Wroughton; VS-44A museum-bound; Hawaiian Heaven; Red Dragon Pionairs (Cambrian); Afrek grounded; Packet accident; Return to Filton (XX367); Aluminium Albatross (N7316C); Empire Incident; Budworm Attack (Conifair); Rich Ditch; Indian Connies soldier on; Austin Airways; Shutter Kings (Richard Riding); Ill-fated German Connie cafeterias
20 Winter 1983
Prop News; Super G Bar and Restaurant; By Stork to Schiphol (DC-2); Carvair hacked to pieces; Ulster’s New York connection (Emerald Airways); Star of the Tigris flies away (L1649); G-111 Albatross in service; Skyways Coach-Air; Airworks India 1983; Malta Metropolitan; Baker’s Hefty Howard 500; Farewell Setair; Rebel Air doubles its fleet; Shutterkings 6 (Peter March); The Independents
21 Spring 1984
[First colour issue] Frontispiece is an announcement of the loss of Steve Piercey. Swan Song of the Indian Super Constellations; Caledonian’s Pride of Britannias; Tellair; Northside Nostalgia 1949-51; Empire Return (Imperial Airways); Sad Strat; Camarillo’s Cockroach Connie; Douglas Deer-Hunter; Shannon – the early years; Jo’burgs Junkers
22 Spring 1985
Prop News; Tribute to Stephen Piercey; BSAA; Trans Canada Constellations; Air UK Heralds; SAAB Scandia; Viscount Stephen Piercey; Betsy’s Last Flight (Cathay DC-3); Shutter Kings (Stephen Piercey)
23 Summer 1985
Northside Nostalgia 1951-55; Croydon Closes; La Paz Airport; Avro Tudor in Air Charter Service; Hibernian Dak; A Golden Anniversary (the DC-3 celebrates her 50th birthday); A Day Trip to Yichang; Cool Catalina; The Miles Aerovan
24 Autumn 1985
Viscount to Victoria Falls; Alaska Report; Hank Wharton; Indonesian Electras & Viscounts; A Stormy evening (loss of an Irish Dakota); Bristol Britannia (This is a 6 page article); Shutter Kings (Brian Stainer/APN Photos)
25 Winter 1985
Santo Domingo Connies; DC-6 with Eagle A/wys; San Juan/Puerto Rico; Millardair; Hungarian Highlights; Canairelief; Odyssey “86” (round the world DC-3 flight)
26 Spring 1986
Euravia & Constellations; An-2; C-46 in Colombia; Surviving Connies; Caribbean Water Wings – Chalks International; BOAC Britannias; Shutter King (Eric Wagner); Oh Calamity! SABENA CV440
27 Summer 1986
Dan-Air Ambassadors; Abbotsford Expo ’86; TWA’s ‘Ontos’; Lufthansa’s Super Constellations and Starliners; Il-14 to Taiyuan; African Adventure (by Herald)
28 Autumn 1986
Arthur Pearcy; Canadian Pacific Britannias; Stratocruiser flight; Early days at Hong Kong; Odyssey ’86 DC-3 world flight; Iron Annie Goes Home; Christmas Island Odyssey (DC-7C); We are Saving a Connie!; Starliner Rescue
29 Winter 1986
Soundair Skymasters; Connie N777G history; Avia’s Il-14; SAS Over The Top Of The World; Starways C-54s
30 Spring 1987
Air Atlantique DC-6; El Al Britannias; British DC-6s; Scenic Airlines and its Tin Goose; Ambassadors; The Last Great Atlantic Airliner (CL-44 N121AE); Shutter Kings (Brian Service); Mexican Holiday; Civil Aviation in Netherlands New Guinea 1955-1963
31 Summer 1987
Air Transport; Caribou Ferry Flight; Hawkins & Powers; Falcon Air; Propliner Crash Log; Constellation CF-RNR; Canadian Catalina News; Aero-Transport
32 Autumn 1987
North Central to Northwest; Colombian Collection; BUA & Independent Britannias; Lufthansa’s Blohm & Voss Ha 139; The Way things used to be – Amarillo, Texas; Continental Airlines; Caribou over California
33 Winter 1987
BMA’s 21 years of Viscount operations; Norsk Metropolitan Klubb; Convair 440; Spraying Sevens; VIP Viscounts of Arizona; Pacific Ocean Connies; Shutter Kings (Jon Proctor); Weekend in Ethiopia
34 Spring 1988
New Guinea Gooneys – Air Niugini’s DC-3s; Britannia’s of Cubana and Aerocaribbean; DC-3 Crash; A Northwest CV-580 Flight; DC-7 Fire Bombing in North America; Props of Santo Domingo; Air Anglia’s DC-3s; Happy Days! – Aeronautical tales
35 Summer 1988
Cubana An-2; Props of San Jose; Costa Rica; Dan Air’s DC-7B; Lufthansa’s Problems with their Connies and Starliners; Canada’s Avro Yorks; Long Forgotten Dakotas
36 Autumn 1988
Save another Connie; End of an Era – PBA Stops Flying – end of Provincetown-Boston Airline; The Last Flight of N33VX; Central & South American Britannia’s; Heathrow Loses its Last Viscount Service – Manx Airlines Viscount; Lufthansa to the Orient; France’s Forest Fire-fighters; The Elusive L-1049H – TWA; Brazilian Air Force Museum; Funafuti International Airport
37 Winter 1988
United’s First DC-3; Martin 202/404; Spanish Catalinas; Great Atlantic Airport Part 1 (Shannon & Prestwick); Ansett Big Boats; Dakota VH-AES
38 Spring 1989
Florida Air Transport; Laker Airways Britannias; California Fire Bombers; New Guinea Skymasters; Ecuador props; Great Atlantic Airports Part 2 (Santa Maria, Gander and Idlewild); A Touch of Excitement (Starliner N974R)
39 Summer 1989
BEA’s Heralds; Aerochago’s Constellations – flagship service to Miami in L-1049G; Australia’s Oldest DC-3; Air France’s Constellations (Part 1); Electras of Mandala; American Airlines DC-3 Crash
40 Autumn 1989
IPEC’s Argosies; Air France’s Constellations (Part 2); Air Manitoba’s C-46s; Transglobe’s Britannias; Oldest 748 – HS.748 G-ARAY retires; The Last (USAF) Convairliner
41 Winter 1989
You’re Goin Where? In A What? – Air Atlantique DC-6 Atlantic flight; The Lisunov Li-2 in Hungarian Airline Service; Aero Amazonica – Skymaster in Ecuador; Cuban Holiday – Aerocaribbean’s Operations; Shoes; Sunglasses and Sunseekers – Continental – UK charter airline; Colombian Airline Story – Taxader; Commando In A Pickle
42 Spring 1990
Irish Constellations; Northern Air Cargo – Alaska’s DC-6s; Britannias of Globe Air & Air Spain; Catalina Safari Co.; Solent Memories
43 Summer 1990
Connie COrner; Short Solent “City of Cardiff” in California; DC-4 Fire Bombers; Eastern European Prop Airliners; Manila Magic – Pistons of Manila; BEA Viscount G-AOYP; Air Condor
44 Autumn 1990
Caribou Swansong; Eastern European Aviation; RAF Pembroke farewell; Across the Atlantic on a T&G DC-7C; Lloyd International’s Britannias; Fire Bomber Update; G-21As of Trans Provincial Airlines; Polish Props; Lodi (California) DC-3s
45 Winter 1990
Swissair’s Restored DC-3 – Swissair resumes DC-3 service to Berlin; Hawkins & Powers – Greybull revisited; The Super DC-3; ACE Freighters; Demise of IPEC’s Argosies; Douglas Historical Foundation DC-2; Electra incident
46 Spring 1991
DC-4 N4989K – World’s finest Skymaster; Monarch’s Britannias; Air Kenya DC-3s; Props of Cayo Lago – Cuban propliners; 50 years at Philippine Airlines; Air Cargo Support (Part 1) Connie operator; Flight of SAS DC-7C; Trip to Moscow
47 Summer 1991
Colombian Meatwagon – Aerosucre DC-6A; Channel Airways (Part 1) – de Havilland era; DC-3 Ferry across the Pacific; BCF’s Britannia – the last Britannia; Shackleton bows out; Trans Air Link DC-7; Basler’s Turbo DC-3; Windward Island Airways – YS-11 in the Caribbean
48 Autumn 1991
The Magic of Managua – Aeronica’s Commandos in Nicaragua; Night Freighters to Brussels – BAF Viscount; Catch 22 – Antonov An-22 Flight to Moscow; Sunshine Seekers – Britannia Airway’s Britannias; Mid-air collision; Saskatchewan’s Aerial Fire Fighters; Air Cargo Support (Part 2); Lest We Forget (DC-7/L1049 mid-air collision)
49 Winter 1991
A Dream Come True – Save-a-Connie/SAC L.1049H; The Skymaster is Fifty – Douglas Skymaster; The Convair liner Reborn Again – Convair 5800; BEA’s First Workhorse – Argosy; Channel Airways (Part 2) the Ostend shuttle; Stealth Dakota; Colombian Aviation of Yesteryear; Budgie Retirement – Jersey European Airways; Spanish Cats
50 Spring 1992
Balkan’s Rescue Rangers – Antonov An-12; Working on the Future of the Past – Dutch Dakota Association; Bamberg’s Beautiful Britannia’s – British Eagle; The Bristol Lives On! – Trans Provincial; Air Cargo Support (Part 3) Connie; By GastroNoratlas to Kinshasa – Noratlas delivery flight to Zaire
51 Summer 1992
Soviet Giants Update – An-22 & Tu-114; When The Sound of Twin Wasps means Food – Interocean – Mozambique life savers; Lahr’s Last Cosmo – RCAF  Convair 580 – CC-109; Around The World in Twenty Seven Years – DC-3 c/n 9813 history; Tradair’s Travels – Viscounts & Vikings operating from Southend; The Mystery of Flight 304 – BPCA DC-6 Crash; Paraguayan Dakotas since 1953
52 Autumn 1992
Canadian Prop News; Classic Air and its Dakotas; East African Mercy Missionaries; Thistle-Tailed Britannias – Donaldson; How You Can Fly A Constellation – Vern Raburn’s Constellation; Prop Profile – Dan-Air Services; Oshkosh By Martinliner; The Gentleman’s Tornado – The RAE Viscounts; Philippine Airlines celebrates 50 years
53 Winter 1992
Pearson Props – Toronto; Channel Airways (Part 3); Caribbean Island Paradise – Santo Domingo; Dakotas to The Rescue – Air Atlantique; Six Men in a Boat Part 1 (Albatross around the world); Wheels, Wings and Magic Things; Paraguayan Commandos 1957-1965; Michael Magnusson Returns to San Juan
54 Spring 1993
Veteran Dragon Rapide Flies Again – G-AEML; In Search of the Last Scandia – SAAB Scandia; World’s Last Bristol Freighter Grounded; BEA Viking crash; Woolsington’s Whispering Giant – B.K.S. Britannias; Final Far Eastern Survivors – Jakarta Viscounts & Electras; Tanganyika’s Big Doug – Williamson Diamond Mines DC-4; A Commando Remembered – LAPSA C-46; Germanair’s Brief Prop Flirtation – DC-6; Hirth’s Hefty Harpoons – Hirth Air Tankers
55 Summer 1993
Prop News; Long Distant Cat – Peter Stuyvesant Catalina Safari; Southend’s Golden Wonder – Channel Airways (Part 4); Mammoth Memories – C-46 flying with Brazils Loide Aereo Nacional; Half Way Around The World In 120 Days – Viscount delivery flight Tucson-Kinshasa; Flight Into Oblivion – a DC-4 Disappearance – DC-4 N3821 mystery loss; A Jumbo Rejuvenated – ECLAIR ATL-98 Carvair revival (Entreprise Consolide pour des Livraisons par Air)
56 Autumn 1993
Trans Canada By Convair – Canair Cargo Convair 580; The Halifax In Airline Service part 1; The Fisherman’s Friend – Conifair DC-6s; San Francisco Bay Dakotas – Otis Spunkmeyer Air; Return Of The Whispering Giant; Alaskan Electra Odyssey; Six Men in a Boat Part 2 (Albatross flight)
57 Winter 1993
A Night Out on Superb – Hunting Cargo Vanguard (DHL Merchantman?); Mexico’s Mysterious Band of Pistons – Mexican AF piston transports; Southend’s Golden Wonder (Channel Airways) – Part 5; Belgian Airline Enterprise B.I.A.S; Florida’s Most Famous Corner – Part One; Calfornia’s Burning; Dakotas Down Under
58 Spring 1994
The Shack Is Back!; Arafura Fairchild – Freeport F-27; Atlantic Catalina Adventure; It’s Fun Flying Catalinas; The Halifax In Airline Service (Part 2); Hebridean Herons – British European Airways; The Panair Standard – Panair Do Brasil Catalinas
59 Summer 1994
Alaskan Propliner update; Channel Airways (Part 6); Old Biffo Revived – British Columbia’s Bristol 170s; Mulhouse Memories – Basle-Mulhouse Airport propliner memories; Paraguayan Electras – Lineas Aereas Paraguayas; Multi Purpose Provider Force; Florida’s Most Famous Corner (Part 2); American Dakotas Remember D-Day Landings; Further Adventures Of The African Catalina part 2
60 Autumn 1994
Springbok Adventurer – South African Airways Historic Flight DC-4 to Oshkosh; Japan’s Thriving YS-11 Population; The Spartan Cruiser Family; Fire Bomber Update 1994; The Halifax In Airline Service (Part 3); Morning Star to Cologne (Air Zory’s Il-18 freighter)
61 Winter 1994
Indonesian Pioneers Remembered; The Smuggler’s Skymaster; Miami’s Most Famous Corner (Part 3); A Colombian Dream – Transoceanica; Summer Weekend in the Cotswolds – Intra; The Loneliness Of The Long Distant Spotter – Visit to Ascuncion 25 years ago; Fading Glory – Bouraq’s last Viscounts; Prop Profile
62 Spring 1995
Andover Bows out of service; Gateway to Ireland – Shannon Air; Karen’s DC-3 – C-FDOT; Meaty Beaty Big – Everts Air Fuel Commandos; Bouncey; Glorious South America – Bolivian Propliners; The Halifax In Airline Service (Part 4); From War Bomber To War Hero – Dutch Historic Flight Catalina; Convairs Of The Triple Nine Triangle – Convairs in South East Asia
63 Summer 1995
First Appointment As Airline Pilot – Flying the DC-3 in Brazil with NAB & VARIG; Disaster At Downend – Britannia prototype crash at Downend; Where Buffalo Take To The Air – Buffalo Airways; Canada; European Super Guppy Operations; Tito’s Hidden Treasure; NCA DC-6B – Namibia Commercial Aviation DC-6; Miami’s Most Famous Corner (Part 4) – Miami’s Corrosion Corner; late 1970s; A Day In The Company Of A Gracious Lady – Alexander Aeroplane DC-3
64 Autumn 1995
Circular Soviet Tour By IL-18; The Halifax In Airline Service (Part 5); Camarillo’s Warning Stars; Postcard From Istanbul; Yellow Props of Nusantara – Airfast of Indonesia; Loss Of The ‘Philippine Clipper’; When Cape May Was Home To An International Airline – United States Overseas
65 Winter 1995
Simpson Wallace Enterprises Catalina; Saga of the Unwanted Antonov; Where Round Engines Ruled! – Pilots and Engineers Memories of Miami’s Corrosion Corner; Caribbean Island Success Story – Air Caribbean; The Year of Capella; The Eland Enigma; Cuban Prop Revolutions; Triple Tailed Lady Flies Away – Australian HARS Super Connie
66 Spring 1996
From Humble Beginnings – Heathrow 1946; Flying Fish of the Atolls – Air Maldives; While the City Sleeps – Coventry (Nocturnal Activity at Coventry Airport); A Sad Farewell to Fokker – Friendship operators at Southend; Catalina to Cachi Porro; End of an Historic Era – End of British World Viscount passenger services; Trans-Atlantic Flying Boats; ‘De Vliegende Hollander’ Flies Again – DDA’s DC-4
67 Summer 1996
California Pot-Pourri; Plain Jane Receives A Face Lift – Carvair ‘Plain Jane’ flight to Alaska; The Lydd Classic Airliner Fly-In; The Eland Enigma – Part Two; Roger Brooks and the Superlative Seven – DC-7C to Alaska; Air Bridge to Canada; Final Flight of the Freighter; Canadian Convair Comeback – Cypress Air; Readers Response
68 Autumn 1996
A Tale of Two Tudors – William Dempster; No Frills Fish Hauler – Cascade; A Tour in the Congo;  Adventure in Buffalo Country; Flight of the Goeduck – Sky Freighters; The Aerial Dinosaur Flies On – Hawkair; Trans-Atlantic Flying Boats – Part Two; A Dream Come True – Super Connie CF-RNR; Belgium Joins The Airliner Nostalgia Scene
69 Winter 1996
California’s Super Scoopers; Flag Carrying Convairs; Seven Seas Across the South Atlantic; Daylight Express; The Last Pionair; Fifty Golden Years of Airline Service; If You Walk Away From It!; DHC Convair – The First Decade; At Home with a Pembroke; Air Chathams
70 Spring 1997
Desert Disaster; The Smuggler’s Chariot; Fat Cat Commandos; Sharjah – Soviet Staging Post; Laker’s Plump Partridge; Spring Vacation; Philippine Rice-Rocket Renaissance; In Celebration of Fifty Oceanic Years
71 Summer 1997
Fifty Stars Fifty Candles; An Unexpected Treat – Rentavion; Meesden Green Mishap – Hermes Crash; Hawkair Joins the Big Time; K Tailed Canadairs – Transmeridian; The Spirit of Swissair; The Goose is Sixty; Warm Hearted Alaska; Making Friends With an Old Convair
72 Autumn 1997
South American Serenade; The Ocean Liner of the Air; The Con Bag Haulers – Bronson Creek; The DC-3 Bows out of Airkenya Service; Interocean – Skymaster Specialists; KLM Goes Guppy – For a Night; Devoted Dakotas; Postcard from Cuba
73 Winter 1997
Huns Air – An Indian Airline; Renowed Classics; Southampton Airport in thr Fifties; Martin Miscellany; Flight of the Falcon – Falconair; ABA – Super Trooper; The Ocean Liner of the Air – Pt 2; Antipodean Adventurers – Safe Air
74 Spring 1998
Trans-Atlantic Propliners; The Ocean Liner of the Air – BOAC; Starliners for Sale!; An Enthusiast’s Paradise – Sharjah; Lusty Lockheeds
75 Summer 1998
North American Caravir Revival; Southampton Airport in the Fifties; Hydro Quebec; Killer Mountain; Return of the Candy Bomber; Europe welcomes the Connie; Propliner Haven – Alaska; Skyeways.
76 Autumn 1998
Maid in a Million – Commando; Air Tankers 1998; The Douglas Swingtails; Captain Frank Flies Home – MATS Connie; Flight of Deliverance – BAHF C-97G; Rule Britannia – Military Style; Canadian Pilgrimage
77 Winter 1998
The Brabazon Propliners; A week-end with Save-A-Connie; The Ocean Liner of the Air – Part 6; From Herald to F-27 – BAC Express; Commando Invasion – Torair; Southampton Airport in the Fifties; Supertramp – Seven Seas Airlines
78 Spring 1999
A Man; A Martin and a Dream; Delta Air Transport and the DC-3; Klondike Explorer – Air North DC-3; Fire Killer – Conair Firecats; Speedbird Argonaut Memories; The First European Airbus – Vanguard
79 Summer 1999
Fire Killer – Firecat Production List; Southampton Airport in the Fifties – part 4; The First European Airbus – TCA Vanguard; The Legendary Liftmaster; Ice Patrol – USCG operations; The Brabazon Propliners – Part 2
80 Autumn 1999
A Decade of Prop Supremacy – KLM Cargo; Alaska’s Last Convairliners – ERA Aviation; High-Tech Hawkers – Calm Air; One The Dakota Trail; The First European Airbus – BEA Vanguard; Speedbird Argonaut Memories – Part 2; The Seven Sea in SABENA Service.
81 Winter 1999
The Y2K Compliant Airliner – Buffalo DC-3; Island Otters – Aero-nautical Services; The Yerevan Affair – TAR CL-44 Crash; SAM’S Superb Sixes; The First European Airbus – Air Holdings; Southampton Airport in the Fifties – Part 5; Lancastrian Mystery Solved; From the Desert to the Ocean by DC-3
82 Spring 2000
From Anson to Airbus – Gulf Aviation; Inter Island Air-Freighters – Air Freight NZ; The First European Airbus – Part 5; Delta Air Transport’s Finest Hour – DC-6B; The Anonymous Coachman – DC-7BF N381AA; Rising Star – Phoebus Apollo; Readers’ Response
83 Summer 2000
Paraguyan Barbecue; Rebirth of a Starliner – N974R; Post-War Transatlantic Propliners – Part 1; The First European Airbus – Part 6; Super Connie to Kennedy; Red Bull Brings Fish Eagle to Europe; TWA Celebrates Fifty Years Serving London – Part 1
84 Autumn 2000
Yukon Pioneers; Party Time! – Coventry Air Show; Preserving a Famous British Marque; Challenging the Giants – Overseas Aviation Part 1; Trans-Atlantic Super Connie; Li-2 to Fly Again; On The Wings of an Ancient Duck; The Kashmir Princess – Loss of Air India L-749
85 Winter 2000
TWA Celebrates Fifty Years Serving London – Part 2; Post-War Transatlantic Propliners – Part 2; Indian Dakotas on Parade; Prop Profile; Challenging the Giants – Overseas Aviation Part 2; Penndel’s Super Connie Finds a Home; The Worst Mariner Disaster; Belgian Military Skymasters
86 Spring 2001
Bug Killers – Mosquito Sprayers; Connie News Update; The Bushies Daks; Yukon Pioneers – Part 2; Challenging the Giants – Overseas Aviation Part 3; Reliving SPANZ; Topflight Tanker Force – ARDCO
87 Summer 2001
In Search of Perfection – Corgi Models; Dinosaurs of the Turbine Age – AN-12; TWA Celebrates Fifty Years of Serving London (3); Deliverance Reborn! – BAHF C-97G; Catalina Memories; The Delta Metropolitan Line; A Friendly Way to Fly – B.K.S. Air Transport; Post-War Trans-Atlantic Propliners – Part Three; Missionary Flights International
88 Autumn 2001
A Visit to the Deep South; Hungarian Li-2 Flies Again; The Impossible Dream – Starliner N974R; Oceanic Cargo legend – Seaboard & Western; A Friendly Way to Fly – B.K.S. Air Transport; New Zealand’s Pioneer Airline; Propliner Pot-Pourri – Boeing Stratoliner; Catalina Flying Boats
89 Winter 2001
Happy Camp Complex – Fire Bombers; Last Flight of Four Six Eight Charlie; A Friendly Way to Fly – B.K.S. Air Transport; The Flying Lobster of Air Lanes Inc; Mariners in the Jungle; Wright R-3350TC Aero Engines; Martinliner on Tours – Airliners America; Drovers and Dakotas Down Under
90 Spring 2002
European Coastal Airlines – Grumman Goose; Santa Fe Connie; TWA Celebrates 50 Years Serving London; America’s Last Friendships – Scenic Airlines; A Friendly Way to Fly – B.K.S. Air Transport; The Whispering Giant is 50; The Zebra Trial to Mombassa – African Safari; The independents
91 Summer 2002
Darkee – Lost Wartime Skymaster; A Dragon Flies Again; My Flight Around The Bay – Tofino Air Beaver; The Long; Winding and Bumpy Road – The Ukraine; Flying Across the River Plate – ARCO; A Friendly Way to Fly Part 5 (B.K.S. Air Transport); Wright R-3350TC Turbo Compound Engines; Weenie Wagon Finds a Home – C-133; North America’s Fading Electras.
92 Autumn 2002
Prop News; Seagoing Twin Beeches – Campbell River; Ariana Afghan Airlines; Connie’s Comeback – N749NL Arrives in Holland; Fijian Heronry; A Friendly Way to Fly Part 6 (BKS Air Transport); Resolution Island – Otter & C-47 Crashes; The dream of a Princess; Li-2 Enters Service! – HA-LIX; The Independents; South African Prop Update
93 Winter 2002
Chicken Kiev – Aboard a Budapest Bound Antonov; Antonov Freighters Revive Ostend; US Fire Bomber Update; Connie Celebrates 60th Birthday; A Man and His Dream – Maine Starliners; Trans Florida Airlines; Gemstone Hawkers – Emerald Airways; Electra – Fied! – The Lockeheed 10 In New Zealand; A Friendly Way to Fly Part 7 (BKS Air Transport); Salmon Bake At The Tacu Glacier Lodge
94 Spring 2003
Prop News; Canhellas – Yukon Freighter; Last of a Great Line – The DC-7 At Fifty; Skyline Sweden – Viscounts; The Brown Wheels From Baltimore – ONA; Ladies Of The River Plate – Sandringhams; Sunshine Bucanners – Independent; The Independents
95 Summer 2003
Prop News; Desert Air – Last Alaskan DC-3; Classic Coventry – Air Show; Reader’s Response; Marshall’s Of Cambridge; Christler Flying Service; Trans Northern Super DC-3 Revival; Boxcar Resurrection; Sunshine Bucanners Part 2; Sabena In African Skies – Props To The Congo; Southampton Airport In The Sixties – Part One; The Independents
96 Autumn 2003
Prop News; The Sunflower Experience; Peruvian Treasure Trove – Lima Airport; Dragon Tales – Ant & Chrisair DH.84; Butler Aircraft – DC-7 Air Tanker Operations; The Speedbird York Legend; A Duchess Entertains – Heron G-AORG; TLC For The Vickers V;The Independents
97 Winter 2003
Prop News; Bathurst Vintage Joyflights Drover; Subscribing to Propliner Pushed Me To This; Haulin’ With The Earl – Slick Airways; Midland Air Cargo – My Part In Their Downfall; Dragon Rapide – The First Seventy Years; Air Attack 2003 – US Fire Bombing Update; Southampton Airport In The Sixties – Part Two; The Independents
98 Spring 2004
Prop News; South African Old Props Safari; Clockwork Connie – SCFA Ferry Flight; Woodley’s World Demonstrator – Herald G-APWA; Scotair Seven Seas – Caledonian DC-7C; Back to Boulder – Grumman Albatross Flyin; Sveaflyg – Swedish Charter Pioneer; DC-6 To Guantanamo Bay; Beaver floatplane Over Hamburg; The Independents
99 Summer 2004
Prop News; The Golden Falcon Flies Again – DC-7B N836D; Canadian Commentary; Farewell Fire-Bomber Tour; Southampton Airport In The Sixties – Part Three; The Channel Air Bridge; Letter From Phnom Penh; On The Road with “Salmon Ella” – Alaska C-46; Benny Younesi and His Connies; The Independents
100 Autumn 2004
Prop News; Prop Profile – Stephen Piercey; Britain’s Last Big Biplane Airliner – G-ACZP; Highland Budgies – British Airways 748; The Tudor Dynasty; 21st Century Connies – The Survivors; The Last Bristol Bows Out – Freighter C-GYQS; The Independents
101 Winter 2004
Prop News; Dutch T-Birds – Transavia Holland DC-6; The Tudor Dynasty Pt 2; Annie Antics – Avro XIX GAHKX; Southampton Airport in the Sixties Pt 4; The Fire Bombers of Quebec 9CL-215 & Catalina); Sharjah Revisted; The Independents
102 Spring 2005
The MATS Connie Goes West (to Korea); The BOAC-Seaboard Connie Affair; The Tudor Dynasty (Part 3 production list); Douglas C-117D Revival; West Country Pionairs (British Westpoint Airlines); Lineas Aereas Canedo; Bolivian Prop Log (7-17 March 2005)
103 Summer 2005
Southampton Airport in The Sixties (Part 5); The Transglobe Blunder (Transglobe/Tradewinds CL-44 operations); Sixty Years A Winner (DH Dove); Flying on the ‘Sked’ (Pacific Coastal Grumman Goose flight); BEA Viking Undergoes Restoration (G-AIVG); Flying TASSA to Tossa
104 Autumn 2005
The Worlds Oldest Scheduled Airliner; Superlative Sudflug; Air Mobility Command Museum; Lively Liberators (Scottish Airlines Liberators); Oh! Those Riddle Daze (Riddle Airlines history); NEMA Antonovs; The Trans Northern Experience (Super DC-3); Penair Grumman Goose operations
105 Winter 2005
The Elizabethan Era (BEA Airspeed Ambassador operations); Spantax piston-engined operations; Southampton Airport in the Sixties (Part 6); Sir Freddie Laker Obituary; Icelandair’s Sixtieth Anniversary; North Country Classics – Ian Allan tour of Alaska and North-Western Canada
106 Spring 2006
The Elizabethan Era Part 2 (Globe Air, Autair, Decca and Jordanian Air Force Airspeed Ambassador operations); Capitol Airways history Part 1; Visit to Lineas Aereas Canedo (& flight on Sol de America DC-3); Phuket Air YS-11; Sir Peter Masefield Obituary; Vancouver Island Air Beech 18 Seawind; Albatross Fly-In
107 Summer 2006
The Elizabethan Era (Engine test beds and production list for Airspeed Ambassador); Southampton Airport in the Sixties (Part 7); Naming of Tudor ‘Elizabeth of England’; The story of ‘Big Red’ (Howard Super Harpoon); Air Spray Invader retirement; The Seven Seas of Spain and Switzerland; Tour to the end of the world (Soviet An-24/26 safari)
108 Autumn 2006
Prop News (HS 748 update, DC-3 in Georgia, Conroy Guppy, Antipodean Convairs, Western Canada update); Moscow Weekend July 2006; Speedbird Connie charters (BOAC Constellations); Dutch Connie to Fly Again in 2007; Capricorn Lifter (Australian Short Belfast); Rovos Air Flight 97 (CV440); The Last Tramper (Trans Meridian DC-4/DC-7CF operations); Call of the Wild (Tour of North Western Canada); Down in the Bay (BOAC Whitley tragedy)
109 Winter 2006
Prop News (Skymasters destroyed, Conroy Guppy, Eagle Britannia, Vega Air An-12, Prairie Piston Propliners); Colorado Springs Propliners (Petersen Air and Space Museum); Through the Gates of Heaven (Sharjah An-12s); Arctic Freighter (Bristol Freighter); Albatross Soaring (D.H.91); The Ultimate Niche Operation (Air Atlantique Classic Flight); The Spice of Life (Viscount liveries); South Florida Prop Haven (Opa Locka); Keflavik’s Connies
110 Spring 2007
Prop News (Swiss Super Connie, Bulgarian An-12s grounded, NZNAC Diamond Jubilee); The Libyan Experience (old Antonovs); Southampton in the 60’s part 8; The Airline that Martin built (MAC); Where Albatrosses Fly … (Conroy CL-44-0); Dive to Near Disaster (Conroy CL-44-0); Germany’s First Holiday Airliners (Vickers Viking); Air North Hawker; The Coral Route (TEAL Short Solents)
111 Summer 2007
Big Salt Lake C-47 crash in Alaska; Saturn Airways history part 1; South West Aviation history; Lee County Mosquito Control DC-3s; Tour of Arizona and Southern California; Flight aboard Buffalo Airways DC-3 & DC-4; Readers’ Repsonse
112 Autumn 2007
Southampton Airport in the Sixties (part 9); The Safari Line (Tropic/Meredith/Creed/Afican Air Safaris/Trek); Vintage Wings over Alaska; Career of Electra c/n 2007; Prince Preservation; Weekend visit to Hungary; Martin’s Air Charter Part 2; HP.42 G-AAXD; First Nations Transportation C-46 flights
113 Winter 2007
‘Propliners’ & Polar Bears – flight aboard Nolinor Convair 580; Universal Airlines DC-6A operations; The Safari Line part 2 (Air Safaris 1958-60); Saturn Airways history part 2; Libya Lavex 2007; Korean preserved ‘props’; Flying Deutsche Flugdienst Vikings; Aer Turas at Southampton; Palm Springs Air Museum Super Catalina; Constellation News Update
114 Spring 2008
Sharjah’s Antonov Population; Trans Europa history; The Boeing KC-97L part 1 (Military service); The Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation; The Safari Line part 3(Air Safaris in 1961); Wonderful Wanaka (New Zealand’s famous air show); Mystery of missing Canadian Lancaster; Readers’ Repsonse
115 Summer 2008
American Flyers Airline history; The Boeing KC-97L part 2 (Civilian service & production list); Pacific Island 748 Operations part 1 (Mount Cook Airlines); Prop Profile; Flying the Deutsche Flugdienst Vikings – part 2; Dan-Air Avro York operations; Ian Allan Tour of South America
116 Autumn 2008
Ian Allan Tour to Siberia; National Air & Space Museum Super Connie restoration; Eagle Airways/Cunard Eagle/British Eagle Vickers Viscount operations; Last flight of the Weenie Wagon (C-133 to Travis AFB); Fairbanks Air Service history; Arctic Circle Air Skyvan operations; Pacific Island 748 operations part 2 (Fiji Airways/Air Pacific); Los Angeles to Oshkosh by car (report from numerous US airports on resident prop activity)
117 Winter 2008
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118 Spring 2009
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119 Summer 2009
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120 Autumn 2009
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121 Winter 2009
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122 Spring 2010
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123 Summer 2010
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124 Autumn 2010
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125 Winter 2010
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126 Spring 2011
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127 Summer 2011
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128 Autumn 2011
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129 Winter 2011
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130 Spring 2012
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133 Winter 2012
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