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No.1* November 1995*
60th Anniversary Hurricane special – articles on Stanford Tuck’s Hurricane; How to make a version of the Sea Hurricane; Hurricane wings; 40 mm cannon and RP armed ‘Channel Stop’ Hurricanes; Phoney War Fighter – Paul Richey’s ‘G-George’; Hurri-bomber; James Nicholson’s Hurricane Vc
No.2 February 1996
Whirlwind worth its weight; Aircraft of the Aces: Barker’s Camel; Mirages over the Malvinas; Pathfinding Heinkels; Air War Over Korea part one; The Super Spad; Israeli Mule
No.3 May 1996
Fighters of the Fifties: DH Hornet; Anti-Diver Meteor; AdlA Jaguars in the Gulf War
No.4 August 1996
RAF Night Fighters: Havoc; Fighters of the Fifties: Supermarine Swift; F4U Corsair in FAA service; Two-seater conversions; Portuguese G.91; Standard Colours – FS/Humbrol colour match
No.5 November 1996
No information
No.6 February 1997
No information
No.7 May 1997
No information
No.8 May 1997
No information
No.9 (Vol.3/No.2) August 1997*
Mixed Up Meteor; Italy’s Unwanted Fighter; Causing More Havoc; Fighters of the 50’s; Butcher Bird; Unsung Heroes [40 pages]
No.10 November 1997
No information
No.11 February 1998
No information
No.12 May 1998
No information
No.13 June 1998
No information
No.14 July 1998
No information
No.15? August 1998
Battle of Midway part 4: SBD-3 Dauntless & Aichi D3A-1 ‘Val’; BAe Harriers GR.5, 7, and T.10; Curtis P-40N’s in Australian, New Zealand and Netherlands East Indies markings; 60th Anniversary Spitfires; Wespen Geschwader ‘Wasp’s Nest’
No.16* September 1998*
Douglas Boston III & IV (scale drwgs)
No.17 October 1998
No information
No.18 November 1998
No information
No.19 December 1998
No information
Sept 1997
USAF 50th Anniversary Special: Mustang Mud Movers – F-51Ds; Silver Streak – F-104C; Inveterate Invader – B-26; Last of the Hogs – A-10A; Spads in ‘Nam – A-1 Skyraider; USAF Jets of Korea; Skoshi Tiger USAF – F-5C; Don’ Mess With The Kid – F-4C; Superior Sabre – F-86F; Razor Toothed Spook – F-4E; The First Wild Weasels; Falcon in the Gulf – F-16A & C [56 pages]
Spitfire Special

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