Sport Flying – 1960s Contents Listing

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Vol.1 No.1 May 1967
No information
Vol.1 No.2* June 1967
Porterfield Airplane history; Burbank Antique Airshow; Jungmann Part II; Lockheed Fly-In
Vol.1 No.3* August 1967
No information
Vol.1 No.4 September 1967
Republic Seabee
Vol.1 No.5 October 1967
No information
Vol.1 No.6 November 1967
No information
Vol.1 No.7 December 1967
Spencer Air Car
Vol.2 No.1* January 1968
Air Racing Reports: Reno & Cleveland; student cross country to Mexico; pilot report: interstate cadet; oxygen and the private pilot; special guest plane: stinson 108 [66 pages]
Vol.2 No.2 February 1968
Fairchild’s Tractable 24 (Fairchild 24)
Vol.2 No.3 March 1968
No information
Vol.2 No.4* April 1968
The Super Cub; Red Jensen: Mr. “AG” Aviation; The Stinson SM-7 Straight Wing; Fairchild 24
Vol.2 No.5* May 1968
Continental Cross-Country with a Taylorcraft; Grand National Champion; Mira Slovak flies the Fournier RF.4; YPT-9 Stearman
Vol.2 No.6 June 1968
No information
Vol.2 No.7 July 1968
No information
Vol.2 No.8 August 1968
No information
Vol.2 No.9 September 1968
Stealing airplanes is big business; Dick Bach; Lt. Montel Civil Aviation Pioneer; Special guest plane: M-2T; 1968 Merced Fly-In; Building the Cobra 11; VIP economy flight
Vol.2 No.10 October 1968
No information
Vol.2 No.11 November 1968
No information
Vol.2 No.12 December 1968
No information
Vol.3 No.1 January 1969
No information
Vol.3 No.2 February 1969
1968 National Air Races; The Arrow Story; Antique Airplane Markings; Gyro-Coptering For Sport; Great Lakes 2T-1A; Guest Plane: Wing Derringer
Vol.3 No.3 March 1969
No information
Vol.3 No.4 April 1969
No information
Vol.3 No.5 May 1969
No information
Vol.3 No.6 June 1969
No information
Vol.3 No.7 July 1969
No information
Vol.3 No.8 August 1969
Bellanca History; Demoiselle Monoplane; Super Swift; Curtiss Robin
Vol.3 No.9/10 September/October 1969
No information
Vol.3 No.11* November 1969
Rockford ’69 show; Champion Citabria; Stearman – man and the airplane [66 pages]
Vol.3 No.12 December 1969
No information

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