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No.1 1977
F-14 Tomcats cover photo; Mitsubishi F-1
No.2 Spring 1978
Cape Canaveral AF Museum; Japanese Artillery; French Helicopters; Northrop F-5, YF-17 & F-18
No.3 Summer 1978
US Guided Missile Destroyers; Shipborne Weapons Systems (guns & missiles); SR-71 (close-up); NASA B-52; USS Kittyhawk class CVNs
No.4 Autumn 1978
US Naval Supply Depot Subic Bay; F-16B at Edwards AFB; Grumman F-14/E-2C/A-6; McDonnell Douglas F-15/F-4; Point Defence Missile System
No.5 Winter 1978
Farnborough 1978
No.6 1979
AV-8B Harrier II; P-3C Orion; F/A-18 Hornet
No.7 1979
Alpha Jet; F-16 cockpit interior; Aircraft armament; STOl Utility transporters; Redeye
No.8 1979
No information
No.9 1979
US Military aircraft of the 1990s (colour artists impressions); Helicopters in action; Military Hovercraft; Mu-2
No.10 1979
F-18 Hornet; Trident Missile Submarines
No.11 Spring 1980
F-18 Hornet; US Battlefield Missiles
No.12 Summer 1980
F-18 Hornet; Armoured Troop Carriers
No.13 Autumn 1980
F-18 Hornet; Tu-95; USS Tarawa; New Tank Artillery; AMX-13; Bell XV-15; Soviet Missiles
No.14 Winter 1980
F-15E Strike Eagle
No.15 Spring 1981
No information
No.16 Summer 1981
F-15C & D; JGSDF M113
No.17 Autumn 1981
TR-1 recce plane; NASA ER-2; Do 228-200; Columbia Space Shuttle; RN jetfoil
No.18 Winter 1981
Naval Radar Decoy Rocket; Soviet Military Power; Surveillance Drones; PC-7; RFB Fan Trainer
No.19 Spring 1982
No information
No.20 Summer 1982
Harrier operations; Helicopter operations – Falklands
No.21 Autumn 1982
F-16XL; Northrop F-5G Tigershark; USA ATF of 1990; Heavy Lift Helicopters; CF-18 Hornet of CAF
No.22 Winter 1982
No information
No.23 Spring 1983
No information
No.24 Summer 1983
No information
No.25 Autumn 1983
No information
No.26 Winter 1983
No information
No.27 Spring 1984
No information
No.28 Summer 1984
No information
No.29 Autumn 1984
No information
No.30 Winter 1984
No information
No.31 Spring 1985
No information
No.32 Summer 1985
No information
No.33 Autumn 1985
No information
No.34 Winter 1985
No information
No.35 Spring 1986
No information
No.36 Summer 1986
No information
No.37 Autumn 1986
No information
No.38 Winter 1987
F/A-18; Missile destroyer York;
No.39 Spring 1987
Submarine; F-15; Midair refuelling
No.40 Summer 1987
No information
No.41 Spring 1987
No information
No.42 Summer 1987
No information
No.43 Autumn 1988
No information
No.44 Winter 1988
No information
No.45 Spring 1989
No information
No.46 Summer 1989
No information
No.47 Autumn 1989
V-22 Tilt Rotor; B-2 Stealth Bomber; Apache; F-16 A/B, C/D
No.48 Winter 1989
V-22 Osprey; Eurofighter; CV-90
No.49 Spring 1990
No information
No.50 Summer 1990
No information
No.51 Spring 1990
Sukhoi Su-27UB; C-17
No.52 Summer 1990
P-7A ASW patrol aircraft; Hubble space telescope
No.53 Autumn 1990
No information
No.54 Winter 1990
No information
No.55 Spring 1991
No information

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