The Putnam Aeronautical Review – Contents Listing

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No.1 March 1989
Vickers VC10 & Super VC10: Personal Overview & Perspective, In RAF Service Today, A Niche in History, Two Operational Analyses, Engineering Pedigree of a Thoroughbred, BOAC/British Airways 1964-81, Other VC10 Commercial Operators; Why Winglets – Wingtip Technology; The Istres-Damascus-Paris Air Race of 1937; Regional Airports Liverpool Speke [64 pages]
No.2 July 1989
Curtiss NC-4: First Aircraft to Cross the Atlantic (1 map, 3-view drwg); Voyage of His Majesty’s Airship R34 (1 map); Alcock and Brown: First Across the Atlantic Direct (1 map); Another Vimy, Another Time; Grumman Aircraft in Wartime Service with the Fleet Air Arm; No.25 Squadron Royal Air Force (1 tone profile); Building Britain’s Best Heavy Bomber; VC10/Super VC10: Small Fleet Operators; Regional Airport: Hamburg [64 pages]
No.3 September 1989
September 1939: Luftwaffe in Poland, AASF Goes to France, Westward to Whitchurch; Birth of Air Transport by John Stroud; Brussels Airport; Sopwith Century
No.4 December 1989
Swissair in Close-up; Air Traffic Management in Europe; Rise of Embraer; Rolls-Royce RB.211 engine; Ross Smith’s Australia Flight of 1919; Birmingham International Airport
No.5 March 1990
Aircraft Gun Turrets Before WW2; Paris to Chicago 1919-44; Civilisation of Air Transport; Beginnings of US Domestic Air Transport 1919-28; Schneider Trophy Update – Introduction to Handicapping Air Racing; Rotterdam Airport; Submarine Aviation
No.6 June 1990
Lightning – 25 Years in Service; Panavia Tornado ADV; NASM Washington DC; Know Your Enemy: Bf 109E-3; Beginnings of US Domestic Air Transport Part 2: Trimotored Safety 1926-32
No.7 September 1990
British Bomber Defence 19139-45; Origins of the Air Transport Auxiliary; Airbus: The Formative Years by Derek Brown; Airbus: Expanding the Product Range by Derek Brown (Airbus A320); Beginnings of US Domestic Air Transport Part 3: Quest for Speed and Efficiency 1932-33
No.8 December 1990
Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers and Their Aircraft 1937/45; Airborne SAR in the UK; History of PIA; PIA Today; Colorado Springs Regional Airport; History of LATI – Italian South Atlantic Airline; Beginnings of US Domestic Air Transport Part 4: The Douglas Twins

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