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1 1/1998
50 years of Mil; LIMA’97 airshow; Kamov
2 2/1998
50 years of Kamov; Mi-8;
3 3/1998
AZAL Helicopters;
4 1/1999
No information
5 2/1999
No information
6 3/1999
7 4/1999
No information
8 1/2000
Statistics of Flight Accidents; Peculiarities of Aeromechanics of “Co-Shaft”; Acoustic Characteristics of Mi-8MTB-1; Composite Rotor Blades; Quality of Composite Materials Structures; Mi-34C Light Helicopter; Interview with I. Belichenko; Helicopter Repairs; Ka-60 Helicopter “Kasatka” (“Killer Whale”); “Ansat” Helicopter; IV Forum of Russian Helicopter Society; New Visual and Visual-Targeting Systems for Aircraft; Under the Influence of Vibration; Narrative on M.A. Kupfer, a Designer in Kamov Design Bureau; Narrative on I.I. Sikorski; Kazan Helicopter Plant’s Participation in International Aviation Exhibitions and Shows; Mi-4 Helicopter Mass Production and Problems with Its Usage; “Mimikos” Camouflage System [50 pages, 74 photographs, 24 drawings]
9 2/2000
KB3 60 Years;
10 3/2000
No information
11 4/2000
No information
12 1/2001
No information
13 2/2001
Ivan Bratukhin: the name everybady knows; To improve means to survive; In search for innovations; Welcome to Moscow!; Mi-38: Russian-European project; We shall in time; AMI-1 lighting system; Power of our aviation; High quality is our style; 70 years in aviation repair business; Chita standard of quality; We like our job; We guarantee high quality and reliability; And Oscar in Avia-nomination goes to… [50 pages, 110 photos, russian and english text]
14 3/2001*
AEROSHOW: The festival on the MAKS field (MAKS-2001) by M. Rumiantzeva; OPINION: Local MAKS (personal view of the representative of Kazan Helicopter Plant ) by U. Ivanov; Some impressions of MAKS exhibition (advertising policy of Russian and foreign exhibitors) by I. Fedorov; DESIGNING: The mirror for the pilot (mirror for monitoring the loads on external sling) by M. Mubarakshin; Let’s check our watch! (military exercises that took place in Kazan) by N. Kraeva; Conquest of Tibet (demonstration flights of the Mi-17-lV in Tibet) by U. Kostrov; OPERATION: The war is adult’s business (participation of helicopters in Chechnya counter-terror operation) by A. Artukh; ECONOMICS: Air strikes (Russian and foreign helicopters which have been upgraded during the last 10 years) by A. Che-povskoy; EVENT: From Russia with love (27th European Rotorcraft Forum) by A. Khlebnikov; To whom it may concern (preparation for V Forum of Russian Helicopter Society); SCHOOL: The Eagles from Torzhob (famous military aviation school) by E. Ignatov; HISTORY: The life faces us with new problems (history of Mi-2 helicopter’s development) by N. Mil; JUBILEE: When the Mf was young (40th anniversary of the Mi-2 first flight) by A. Khlebnikov; GEOGRAPHY: The winter has come to Ukhta (present day of Ukhta subbranch of Gazpromavia company) by V. Mitin; Let’s go upper and upper (Russian helicopter pilots’ work in Nepal) by 0. Rogozin [50 pages, 90 photos]
15 4/2001
AEROSHOW: Helitech-2001 exhibition; EQUIPMENT: Helicopter cockpits: the place for better decisions (the problem of cockpit equipment); A new generation of automatic control systems (automatic control systems design) by V. Chernyshkin; DESIGNING: Don’t be in a hurry! (analyses of some mass media comments on tender to choose the best training helicopter to train and retrain military pilots) by V. Kartashev; OPERATION: They are rescuers (helicopter operations in Chechnya) by Konstantin Yakimov; Moscow GALS company (promotion and delivery of American Robinson helicopters to Russian helicopter market); SCHOOL: Tests conducted by Vertoleri Mi Kazan Scientific and Production Enterprise to provide for helicopter’s safe take-off from small landing places by Nicolay Zhen; ECONOMICS: In service of India Military Forces (Russian Mi-17 helicopters used in military conflict between India and Pakistan in Kashmir State) by S. Nedelko; JUBILEE: Notes of a scientist (famous domestic researchers in the field of aircraft experimental aerodynemics) by A. Martinov; HISTORY: From testing to serial production (Omega-1 and Omega-2 helicopters designed by Ivan Bratukhim) by V. Mikheev); LIBRARY: new books dedicated to helicopters; model of MBB BK-117 Spaceship helicopter by E. Borisov [50 pages, 100 photos]
16 1/2002*
EVENT: The 5th Forum of Russian Helicopter Society by A. Khlebni-kov; SAFETY: helicopter operations on logging by Sh. Suleimanov and N. Osipov; OPERATION: operation of Ka-50 attack helicopters in Chechnya; operation of the helicopters produced by Kazan helicopter plant in Vietnam by A. Ivanov; Tyumen-aviatrans starts off to the future (brief story about one of Russia’s leading aviation companies); JUBILEE: “Klimov” company celebrates the 110th jubilee of its founder, a famous Russia engines’ designer Vladimir Klimov; Fifty years ago the “Krasny Oktiabr” company started its cooperation with domestic helicopter-building; OPINION: history and present day of Kazan State Technical University by Gennady Degtiarev; SCHOOL: The profession we need (helicopter-building department of Kazan State Technical University) by S. Mikhilov; LIBRARY: two next books on a shelf. The first one is about Konotop aviation repair plant. It is a story of the plant which celebrated its 70th jubilee in 2001 (the book is written by E. Litvinov and L. Melnik). The second book is devoted to the great Russian designer Georgy Botesat. The book’s author, V. Mikheev, is the well-known specialist in the field of domestic helicopter-building history; TESTING: Structural Testing Laboratory of KSTU S. Bastrakov; HISTORY: Records in the helicopter’s history by E. Ruzhitsky; The helicopter-spotter (development of G-3 and G-4 helicopters in 1940s) by V. Mikheev; CALENDAR: highlight dates of January, February and March [50 pages, 100 photos]
17 2/2002
ECONOMICS: The prospectives of the helicopter market by E. Ruzhitsky; OPERATION: The whale in the ocean of air (Mi-26 helicopter) by A. Khlebnikov; Without moral right for a mistake (Kazan Helicopter Squadron – first company in the Republic of Tatarstan which started rotorcraft operation); In the scorching sky (helicopter operation at high temperatures) by Mikhail Patrikeev and Kon-stantin Yakimov; PORTRAIT: The profession in the card (Inna Ko-pets – famous Russian helicopter pilots); OPINION: Necessity dictated by life (how to keep rotorcraft servicing market) by Natalia Eivazova; To master methods means to solve problems (manage developing of the idea into the real product) by Igor Erlich; JUBILEE: A prominent designer (Igor Erlikh took part in the work on Yak-24 tandem-rotor helicopter, then he left Yakovlev firm and was invited by Nikolai Kamov to work on Ka-25 co-axial helicopter. Therefore, since 1960 till 1988 Igor Erlich worked for Kamov Company) by Yury Lazarenko; The man who conquered the sky (test pilot Vasily Koloshenko); HISTORY: The tutelary genius Mi-4 by Vasily Koloshenko; The Yak-24: an outstanding page of history (attempt to introduce tandem-rotor scheme into Soviet helicopter-building) by A. Flaishman; AEROSHOW: Chile welcomes the guests (FIDAE-2002 aerospace show) by Rumiantzeva; The view of achievements (Engines-2002 exhibition.) by N. Priklonskaya [50 pages, 110 photos]
18 3/2002*
Ka-32 at sea; Kamov Ka-25; Ka-50/Ka-52
19 4/2002
No information
20 1/2003*
UTair helicopter operator; Mi-4
21 2/2003
No information
22 3/2003
Kamov 55-years;
23 4/2003
No information
24 1/2004
No information
25 2/2004
No information
26 3/2004
No information
27 4/2004
No information
28 1/2005
No information
29 2/2005
No information
30 3/2005
No information
31 4/2005
No information
32 1/2006
No information
33 2/2006
No information
34 3/2006
No information
35 4/2006
No information

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