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Issue No.1 July 1976
Percival Mew Gull; Comper Swift Air Test; Mosquito Museum
Issue No.2 October-December 1976
Editorial; News Review (inc. F.G. Miles, Sunderland recovery); Museum Report: The Historic Aircraft Museum (Southend); Workshop Report No.3: Rebuilding a Magister; Air Test No.2: The Miles Magister; The Thoroughbreds: The DH60G Gipsy Moth – G-AAAH; The Vintage Aircraft Club; Rare Bird Number 2: Mile M.12 Mohawk; Vintage Photo Forum (Readers photos); Gate Guardian File (Hurricane at Biggin Hill)
Issue No.3 January-March 1977
DH41 air test; DH83; S6A; Mustang workshop; Museum Report
Issue No.4 April-June 1977
Robinson Redwing II air test; Ryan Spirit of St Louis; Vintage Glider Club; Mustang; Photo Forum
Issue No.5 July-September 1977
Avro Anson I air test; Gravesend Airport; Active II; Torbay Aircraft Museum; P-51; Display reports
Issue No.6 October-December 1977
DH80A air test; Swiss Transport Museum; Klemm L25-I; Martin monoplane; golden age
Issue No.7 January-March 1978
DH Moth Minor air test; The Salis Collection; London Aeroplane Club; Gipsy Moth
Issue No.8 April-June 1978
DH Fox Moth air test; Strathallan progress; Brooklands in the ‘30s.
Issue No.9 July-September 1978
Hornet Moth air test; Mew Gull rebuild; Memories of Stag Lane
Issue No.10 October-December 1978
Alex Henshaw’s Mew Gull; Gloster Gauntlet rebuild; Spanish Air Force Museum
Issue No.11 January-March 1979
Gipsy Moth air test; Hillmans Airways; Avro Avian; DH Moth Minor rebuilds.
Issue No.12 April-June 1979
DH Tiger Moth air test; 1979 Vintage Diary; GAL Monospar; Museum reports
Issue No.13 July-September 1979
D.H. Leopard Moth air test; The County Flying Club; Memories of air racing in the ‘30s.
Issue No.14 October-December 1979
DH Dragon Rapide air test; The County Flying Club cont.; More Memories of air racing in the ‘30s
Issue No.15 January-March 1980
Staggerwing Air Test; Hanworth Recollections; 1930’s Racing
Issue No.16 April-June 1980
Editorial; News Review; Aircraft Preservation in Dresden; Air Test No.16: North American AT-6 Harvard III; The Golden Age: The Wicko Story; Ron Paine – Racing the Hawk Speed Six; Rare Bird Number 11: The Short Scion; Delphine Reynolds (female pioneer aviator); Letters to the Editor; Review Page; Vintage Photo Forum
Issue No.17 July-September 1980
Hawker Hart Air Test; Gatwick’s Golden Jubilee; Classic US Racers; Air Publicity Ltd
Issue No.18 October-December 1980
Hawker Tomtit Air Test; Comper Swift Memories; Finnish AF Museum; Swedish Moths
Issue No.19 January-March 1981
Lysander III Air Test; The High Speed Spitfire; Monoplane Fighters of the thirties
Issue No.20 April-June 1981
Sport Avian Air Test; Cambridge Flying Group; The Bradley Air Museum; Gee Bee Z
Issue No.21 July-September 1981
Schneider Trophy Jubilee Issue
Issue No.22 October-December 1981
DH Dragonfly Air Test; The Burberry; Shuttleworths Afghan Hind
Issue No.23
LVG C.VI Air Test; Old Rheinbeck Aerodrome
Issue No.24 Summer 1982
Test Flying at Hatfield; EMK’s Sopwith Pups; Flying the Jungmeister
Issue No.25
Flying the BA Swallow 2; Ca 100; Gull G-ACGR; ‘Southern Cross’ Replica
Issue No.26
Dart Kitten; USMC Aviation Museum; Flying Hot Ships
Issue No.27
Flying the Miles Gemini; Arrow Air Services; British Aerial Museum; Air South
Issue No.28 Autumn 1983
Flying the Stearman; Champlin Fighter Museum
Issue No.29
Flying the Messenger; Humming Bird for £50; Norvic Racing Engines
Issue No.30
Flying the Gulls; Percival Aircraft Company
Issue No.31 July-September 1984
Flying the Miles Falcon; The Newbury EoN; Win a Flight
Issue No.32
Kronfield Drone; Piper Cub Reports; Flying The Stampe; The Bristol & Wessex Aero Club
Issue No.33
DH Moth 1925-85; Bristol & Wessex Aero Club Part 2
Issue No.34
Long Distance Fokkers; Antique Aeroplane Company; Southampton Hall of Aviation; Messenger to Australia
Issue No.35 October-December 1985
Miles of Memories; Chrislea Super Ace; Wiltshire School of Flying
Issue No.36
Gull Six G-AERD; Stinson Reliant Air Test; Build A Flea

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