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1 May 1987
Grumman HU-16C Albatross; Blenheim Restoration; Mustangs International; Project Vulcan; Corsair; Last RAAF Spitfire; MiG-15; Bearcat Survivors; TICO’87; Cats in the UK
2 August 1987
‘Empire of the Sun’ filming; Iraqi Furies; T-33 Transition; Bf 109 & Buchon survey; SAAF T-6s; CWH Lancaster; B-17 G-FORT; Yak-11; Blenheim; A-1
3 November 1987
PV-1 Ventura; Curtiss P-40; The Fighter Collection; Contrail; Reno Results; Tsunami Racer; P-47; G-FORT part 2; Venom & Vampire; SAAF Harvard Flight
4 February 1988
Mosquito to Miami – ferry flight of R5712; Texas Air Museum; Fw 190; US MiG-15s; P-40 part 2; Ventura Part 2; Duxford in Winter; Ex-RAF Vampires in USA; Harvard Formation Team; Mitchells; P-51 review; Gnat in USA
5 May 1988
Old Flying Machine Company; ‘Battle of Britain’ filming Part 1; Bomber Town USA; Military Austers; Blenheim; Wirraway; A-26 in Europe
6 August 1988
Oshkosh ’88; Kenosha Texans; B-24; AD-4 Skyraider; Yak-11 Saga; Warbirds of Great Britain; ‘Battle of Britain’ film Part 2; Duxford Spitfires
7 November 1988
Corsairs; Racing Sea Fury; Tigercats; ‘Battle of Britain’ filming part 3; RAF Gate Guard Spitfire restoration; Tu-2 at Chino; Reno ’88; Lone Star Flight Museum’s Hellcat
8 February 1989
Flying the Corsair; Charles Church Spitfires; Tempests part 1; Mustang Summer; Venom rebuild; Jet Topics; Worldwide aircraft recovery; Warbirds of Great Britain
9 May 1989
Plane Sailing’s Catalina & Tigercat; Stearman; P-38 survivors; Chino report; OFMC; Corsair pilot report; Corsair feedback
10 August 1989
Breckenbridge Fury; Lonestar F6F Hellcat; Airworthy Hurricanes part 2; MiG-15UTI; Feggars-Brown replica builder; RAAF Beaufighter; Spitfire rebuilds; Fairey Firefly; B-17 ‘Memphis Belle’ filming
11 November 1989
Lindsay Walton’s F4U-7; Mark Hanna: OFMC fighters in ‘Memphis Belle’; Flying the OFMC Bf 109; Reno ’89; JRS Enterprises engine rebuilders; P-38 survivors; RAF Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight
12 February 1990
Scandinavian Historic Flight T-28; flying the A-26; flying the MiG-21; Sea Fury part 1; Champlin Museum Fw 190D; Classic air services – restorer of warbirds
13 May 1990
Vanuatu P-40 recovery; Spitfire G-MKVC accident report; Sea Fury part 2; Col Pay’s P-40 1st flight; Laos T-28 restoration; Chino; Wanaka New Zealand; T-6/Harvard; Florida Report
14 August 1990
Sea Fury across the Atlantic; surviving the Sea Furies; Sotheby’s sale; Jet Topics; combat jets flying museum MiG-21 & Galeb; Gnat in USA; Mitchell mania; Duxford’s classic fighters
15 November 1990
North American Aviation special: Mustang Training – Stallion ’51 TF-51 Mustang training; Mastering the Mitchell – flying the B-25; T-6 restoration; P-51D rebuild; Mozambique Harvards – Thruxton based T-6s; T-28 rebuild; Sea Fury part 2 listing; Beijing Treasures – museum visit
16 February 1991
Flying the Ju 52; Combat Jets Museum; F6F; Bf 109G rebuild; Chino Skyraiders; T-28 ground school; Harlingen last show; Liaison aircraft in Australia
17 May 1991
Flying a restored Neptune; Thruxton’s Mozambique Harvards; Duxford’s Warbirds; Gustav flies; Aermacchi Veltro; ‘Flight of the Intruder’ aircraft; NZ Harvard Team; Dixie air parts; Californian Trojans
18 August 1991
Aircraft in the film ‘Patton Lust for Glory’; Classic fighter display ’91; Vintage V-12’s; Aviation Jersey; P & A Wood – engine rebuilders; flying the T-33; Swiss Vampire auction; John R Sandberg’s P-51D; cowling a Spitfire; California Luftwaffe; ‘Hanover Street’
19 November 1991
Tribute to John R Sandberg; Radial Pair – Harvard duo; Dutch Spitfire flight; Spitfire gate guards; Historic flying at Audley End; Lone Star Museum; Swiss Vampire to the USA
20 February 1992
Peruvian P-47 recovery; Gary Numan’s Yak-11; Hellcat update; Mozambique Harvard; French warbird scene; Bob Pond’s AD-5W Skyraider; Fw 190D-9 recovery; Eastman Leather Clothing
21 May 1992
Flying ‘Black 6’ – Bf 109G flying by Dave Southwood; Hurricane update; Aircraft Cylinder & Turbine Company; Midland Texas warbirds of Jo Mabee; The Aircraft Restoration Company; Bf 110 & Fw 189 recovery; flying the P-47D; Vampire survivors
22 August 1992
Vulcan XL426 Memorial Flight; Rebuilt Fiat G.59; Spitfire parade; La Ferte Alais; Tempest/Hurricane update; P-47 Thunderbolt survivors; Spitfire G-ALGT; Jet Heritage; Fighter Rebuilders
23 ? 1992
Weeks Air Museum – damage report; Spitfire summer; Trojan rebuild; Il-2 recovery; Magister G-FUGA; BAM Blenheim progress; Champaign Spitfire TP280; Mosquito RR299 refabric; Flying P-51 ‘Sunny VIII’; Australian Jet Warbirds
24 ? 1993
Old Aeroplane Company, Australia; Vietnamese Recovery; French ‘Flying Legends’ Collection; Jim Shuttleworth’s P-51D rebuild; CAC Boomerang; Flying the Boomerang; Historic Aircraft Yak-1; BoBMF Lancaster; Antonov An-2 Saga
25 September 1993
Spitfire MH434/G-ASJV; Pacific Fighters at Chino; USAF ‘Sabre Knights’; Arado 96 recovery; Dogfighting a Zero; Russian recoveries; Farewell Corsair – Lindsay Walton’s F4U-7 departs; Bob Pond’s P-63; Italian Texans
26 ? 1993
Toowoomba – warbirds downunder; Midwest Mustang 1993; EAA Warbirds Grand Champion; Lance aircraft supply; Weeks Wildcat & Sunderland; OFMC; Cavanagh Flight Museum; Gloster’s Meteor rampages on; Jungmann & Jungmeister; Historic Flying Update
27 ? 1994
Bruce Carr – Mustang Ace of WW2; Egdar Hamilton Aviation – warbird insurance; Lavochkin La-11; Yaks worldwide; Jet warbirds at Addison Texas; Swibo Lake Me 109 recovery; F-100F Super Sabre; Cinema Air; T-28 rebuild
28 ? 1994
New Zealand’s Catalina loss; Dutch Spitfire ‘Baby Bea V’; Australian Kittyhawk rebuild; Constellation flying programme; Blenheim IV rebuild; Flying the Blenheim; D-Day 50th anniversary events; California dreamer – warbird haven; MBB Me 109 airborne; Raymond Wagner Messerchmitts; Boomerang update; P-51 N51RT; Disney Factor and ace Don Emerson
29 ? 1994
Flying Legends show preview; Victoria Air Maintenance; Texas Me 262s; Dutch Mustang Flight Association; Fairey Swordfish; Canada’s latest airworthy Stringbag; Australian MiG-21; John Bradshaw’s Hawker Fury; Filming ‘633 Squadron’; Red Sailor’s Messerchmitt Bf 110
30 September 1994
Warbirds over Wanaka ’94; New Zealand warbirds; Hurricane in Soviet Service; Shuttleworth’s Sea Hurricane; Canadian Zero; flying the Constellation Groups’s L-749A; Curtiss Hawks; Mustang Summer; Revda’s Hurricane
31 ? 1995
Shuttleworth Collection in 1994; Sotherby’s Aircraft Auction; Kermit Weeks ‘Fantasy of Flight’; American PT trainers; Oshkosh warbirds; Tour of California part 2; Project Ju 87R-4; Airframe Assemblies Ltd; Global Aviation Jet Provosts; Pocket Rocket – Cessna A-37; BoBMF’s Hurricane
32 September 1995
Air Racing; Flying the Frasca Air Museum’s Spitfire XVIII; Sant Rosa’s Aerocrafters; Keeping ‘Black 6’ airworthy; Battle of Britain Memorial Flight future; Fighter Collection Expands; Texas Messerchmitt Me 262 factory; Warbird painting; Switzerland’s Zielschlepper; BAe Brough Sea Fury FB.11 project; Swiss airshow – Ambri 1994
33 ? 1995
Bob Pond’s Planes of Fame East Collection; Operating and Flying Lufthansa’s Ju 52 from the UK; American Air Museum, Duxford; Evergreen Ventures – Arizona warbird collection; Recreating History – hand-painted leather jackets; OFMC; Bf 109F – latest Russian recovery in the UK; Dutch Catalina; Hawker Hurricane P3351 rebuild
34 February 1996
P-38 ‘Glacier Girl’ rebuild – ex-Greenland ice recovery; Pacific Aircraft P-40 rebuild in New Zealand; Jim Cavanagh’s Grand Champion Panther; Warbirds over Japan; Wally Fisk’s AMJET’s Royal Navy warbirds and jets; Bomber Survey; DH Mosquito and Douglas A-26 Invader; Anglia Radiators – cooling customers; Yankee Air Force B-17 project
35 May 1996
Seat Saga – Brig Gen Robin Olds P-51; Commemorative Carrier Launch; Aero Vintage Hawker Biplanes; Hawker’s Kestrel Biplane; Shuttleworth Collection’s Hawker Afghan Hind; Filming the ‘Tuskegee Airmen’; Hawker Hunter; Robert Lamplough’s Spitfire HF.VIIIC; Marseille’s Bf 109E; Aircraft Restoration Company; Lockheed Hudson
36 August 1996
Royal Navy Historic Flight Sea Hawk; Boeing B-17 Fortress survivors; Spitfire Vb EP120; The British Bomber – back from oblivion; Two-Seat Spitfires; Antipodean Demons; Ricardo Consulting Engineers; Avenger of Fate; report on the Halifax NA337 recovered in Norway; Rebuilding Hurricanes at Hawker Restorations
37 November 1996
Hawker Restorations; Personal Plane Services; Skyraider Survivors; Sherman Aircraft Sales; Lockheed Constellation; Russian Aircraft Guide
38 ? 1997
Hoof Proudfoot Tribute; Museum of Flying’s A6M3 Zero; Flying A Services; Jungmann Rebuild; Levitz Rogers Racer; Rebuilding the Wooden Wonder; Warbirds over Wanaka ’96; Klaers Aviation P-47 Thunderbolt rebuild; B-24 Liberator survivors; Mosquito RR299 Loss
39 ? 1997
Airframes recovered from Russia; 1996 Wings of Eagles Airshow at Batavia, NY; Kermit Weeks ‘Fantasy of Flight’ update; Spitfire Rebuilders in Florida – Harry Stengers Spitfires; Springbok Harvards – SAAF aircraft disposals; The Italian Connection; Flying the Hurricane G-HURR; Warbirds in Italy; B-25 Mitchell survivors survey part 1
40 ? 1997
10th Anniversary Issue: Mustang Training with Stallion 51; Vintech Aero Engines; Little Gransden; Boeing P-26 Peashooter rebuild for USAF Museum; Fw 190 rebuild for Flying A Services in UK; Historic Flying new structure; Curtiss Hawk Factory – five P-40 rebuilds in progress
41 ? 1997
P-38 Lightning & Mosquito Accident Report; Rhapsody in Glue – Cessna Bobcat; Return of one of E D Weiner’s racing Mustangs; Fw 190A-5 Restoration part 2; American Air Museum, Duxford preview; Last of the Lockheed P-38 Lightnings; Lake Michigan treasures; B-25 survivors; Cavanagh Flight Museum B-25 in detail
42 October 1997
Paul Morgan’s Sea Fury; Last of the P-38 Lightnings part 2; Dutch Invader; FlugWerk’s Fw 190s; Fighter Collection Beaufighter; Avro Lancaster Survey part 2; UK Jet Scene; Midwest Aero Restoration
43 January 1998
Warbird Forum; Worldwide Industry News; BBMF Supermarine Spitfire PR.XIX PM631; John Marlin’s Martin Baker MB.5 Replica; Vintage Fabrics – Warbirds Interview With Clive Denney; Lancaster Survivors; Jet Topics USA; Levitz Brothers Racer – Miss Ashley; Reno Report ’97; Indian Interlude: Indian AF 50th anniversary at Palam; Square One Aviation – P-51 and P-63 restorations
44 ? 1998
Alpine Fighter Collection Polikarpovs; Flying the Rata; Surviving Spitfires; EAA’s XP-51 – a forgotten treasure; Flying Legends Preview; Mustang Rebuild Roundup; Jet Provost/Strikemaster; Confederate AF B-29; Far East Fantasies
45 ? 1998
Egyptian Yak-11 Recovery; Supermarine Aero Engineering; Black 6 Accident Report; Canadian Warplane Heritage Fairey Firefly; Old Warden’s Bucker Festival; Duxford’s Spitfire Show; P-63 Kingcobra; Sanders Aircraft Technology Inc; Rebuilding and Flying an F-100
46 ? 1998
Warbird Rebuild Round-up Part 1; Aeromech’s Hunter Projects; Return to Glory – B-29 recovery; Airworthiness Testing of Historic Aircraft; Jeff Ethell P-38L Accident Report; EAA Air Adventure: Oshkosh; Hawker Restorations; A look back at the Bell P-39 and P-63; Royal Navy Historical Flight update; Dutch Historic Flight Invader delivered
47 ? 1998
The Airworthiness Testing of Historic Aircraft Part Two; Midnight Queen – Mid Atlantic Air Museum’s Northrop P-61 Black Widow; Operation Totem – RAAF Mustangs in nuclear tests; Collecting Quality Aeronautica; Lincolnshire Lancaster NX611; 1998 Unlimited Air Races at Reno; Surviving Bf 109s and Buchons; Confederate Air Force Airsho ’98; California Propeller Co.
48 October 1998
Update – Hawker Restorations; Five Star Spitfire SL721; Flying the Gloster Gauntlet; Bf 109F-4 Trop – restoration of W.Nr. 10132; Catalina Accident Report; Watsonville Warbirds; Totally Trojan – C & J Sales; C & Js YAT-28E Project; CAC Mustang A68-105 Airborne; Winter in Florida; Brazilian Museum notes
49 ? 1999
A Gathering of Mustangs & Legends, Kissimmee; Mustang Mania, from the Archives; Grumman Duck Scrapbook; Pacific Fighters in Idaho; Mustang Roundup 1999; NACA Mustang rebuild; Warhawk Five One Recovery; DERA’s LAst Harvard; CCF Harvard in Germany
50 ? 1999
Mark Hanna – A Tribute; Breitling Fighter Team; Test Flying the Emil – Bf 109E-4 Wk Nr 3579; Duxford ’99 Airshow; Ethiopian Warbirds; Ultimate Allison; History Aircraft Collection; Historic Flying – Audley End Activities; Bristol Bulldog
51 ? 1999
The Collings Foundation – Special Issue. The Collings Foundation; Liberator Rebuilt; Flying the Liberator; Forum – Flying Warbirds vs Static; In Search of a Brewster; B-17 Pilot: 50 Years Later; American Aero Services; Flying Collings Foundation Aircraft; Collings B-17
52 ? 2000
Brewster Buffalo Recovery in Finland; Finnish Museum P-39 Aircobra Restored; NZFPM’s/Alpine Fighter Collection’s Hurricane P3351; Flying Legends 2000; Super Stock Harvard; Scratch Built Yak-3UR; Falklands Vet Jet – Aermachhi MB.339A; Flying Heritage Collection P-40C Tomahawk; Flug Werk Fw 190; P-51D ‘Nooky Booky IV’ – France’s Third P-51
Special Edition: Jets (MiG-21; F-86; A-4; Lightning; Fouga Magister; Gnat)
Special Edition: Mustangs Worldwide
(April 1990)
Special Edition: Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress by Steve Birdsall
(December 1990)
Special Edition: Spitfire
(February 1992)
Special Edition: Mustangs
(May 1993)
Special Edition: Sabre – North American F-86
Special Edition: Airside

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