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Vol.1 No.1 January 1985
The Gehlen Organization; Fiery Storm of the Gods; Armies Gone to the Dogs: Canine Troops – Key Warriors in Many Lands; The US Air Service in World War One; POW Leadership in North Viet Nam; IAR 80.81 (scale drwg); Multiple Gun Carriage M15A1; 37 mm Gun M1A2 Combination Gun Mount M54; Jaunal’s War; Dutch and Belgian Infantry, 1815; USS Bayfield (APA-33); Service in Viet Nam Award; Crazy Horse’s War Methods Equal to Best; Behind the Lines in France with the SAS [52 pages]
Vol.1 No.2 February 1985
All Because of a Man Named ‘Dot’; The Training of RAC Recruits; The American Capture of Ft. Louisburg, Nova Scotia, 1744; US World War One Aero Squadrons; The Great Intelligence Coup?; Dornier Do 217N-1 (scale drwg); A Stitch in Time [40 pages]
Vol.1 No.3 March 1985
Hitler’s Final Offensive; Royal Corps of Artillery Officer: Kingdom of Sardinia, 1832; Dornier Do 217P-0 (scale drwg); Touche!; Up Again – Down Again: History Repeated when the US Army used Balloons in Viet Nam; M16 Halftracks in the Philippines; From Castles to Prechambers; General Quarters; One Year and One Day [40 pages]
Vol.1 No.4 April 1985
Project ‘Tarentel’; Hocklesworth .25 Pdr. Motor Howitzer Carriage (scale drwg); The Blivete Bombing of Mokelbari; Canadian Parachute Corps Badges; HMS Hood (scale drwg); Once a Marine…; The Mystery if the USS Dorado (SS-248) [40 pages]
Vol.1 No.5 May 1985
Military Mobility: The Winning Formula; Submarine Chronology of World War II: ’36-Sep’39; Marmon-Herrington Combat Tanks (scale drwg); Close Air Support USAF style; POW/MIAS in Southeast Asia; In the Philippines with Troop K, 11th Cavalry during the insurrection; The Great Air War Controversy; 44th Indian Airborne Division OB [40 pages]
Vol.1 No.6 June 1985
Norwegian Bayonet Model 1912; Submarine Chronology of World War II: Sep’39-Nov’39; The Saga of the PT Boat (scale drwg); A Viet Nam Journal; Focke-Wulf Fw 187V1 (scale drwg); Combat Aviation Battalions in Europe; 1e FH 18/3(Sf) B 2 (f) [40 pages]
Vol.1 No.7 July 1985
The Landing of Tanks on Akyab Island; T-54 (scale drwg); The 53rd Troop Carrier Wing; Glimpses of Ivan, The Russian; USS Decatur DDG-31; Battle of Bagsak: Philippines, 11-16 June 1913; Jeremiah Denton: POW Hero [40 pages]
Vol.1 No.8 August 1985
Submarine Chronology of World War II: Dec’39-May’40; Anti-Axis Novelties; B-36 ‘Believe-it-or-Not’; Sailors in Field Grey; Anti-Tank Artillery of Red Army; Painting Details for Modern US Army AFVs; Jaunal’s Journal: Viet Nam; The 10th US Cavalry Regiment [40 pages]
Vol.1 No.9 September 1985
Boer War Diary; Callaghan (DDG-994); Northrop XP-56-1-NO (scale drwgs); The Seasick Stoker; Propaganda 1782 Style; Howitzers against Soviet Tanks; Jaunal’s Journal: Viet Nam; The Representation of Aircraft on Trading Cards; Submarine Chronology of World War II: Jun’40-Oct’40; A Selected Bibliography of Rommel in North Africa; RAF P-51D Camouflage & Markings Scheme [40 pages]
Vol.1 No.10 October 1985
US Army Armored Elements in I Corps: Republic of Viet Nam, 1967-68; 82nd Infantry Division in World War One; Northrop XP-56-2-NO (scale drwg); Submarine Chronology of World War II: Jun’40; Tiger I; The Dorchester’s Four Chaplains Died Nobly Together; War Letters; Darned Clever, these Chinese… and Confounding; The Polish Winged Hussars; The Battle of Dansville, New York [40 pagea]
Vol.1 No.11 November 1985
M107 175mm Self-Propelled Gun and M110 8 in. Self-Propelled Howitzer; Getting the Job Done; Jaunal’s Journal: Viet Nam; Petyakov Pe-8 (TB-7) (scale drwg); The Loss of the USS Peary (DD-226); Missile Miscellany: Some AIMs and AGMs in Current Use (drwgs); Survey of American Civil War Artillery Literature; Word War Two Air Spy; The Symbol of American Armor; Basic US Armor-Defeating Tank Gun Ammunition [40 pages]
Vol.1 No.12 December 1985
US Navy Breast Insignia; Kawasaki Ki-88 (scale drwg); Christmas on Bougainville; Jaunal’s Journal: Viet Nam; Fort Laramie; Christmas Dinners in World war I and World War II; 7.5 cm Leichtes Infanteriegeschuetz 18; 6.SS Mountain Division ‘Nord’ in the Alsace, January-March 1945; USS LST 312; Artillery at the Marine Corps Museum [40 pages]
Vol.2 No.1-2 January/February 1986
Dewoitine HD-760 _4-view scale drwg) [54 pages]
Vol.2 No.3 March 1986
No information
Vol.2 No.4 April 1986
Escuadron de Caza No.34: 1956-1968 (Venezuela AF Venom FB.4 2-view drwg) [30 pages]
Vol.2 No.5 May 1986
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp. CA-15 (scale 5-view drwg) [30 pages]
Vol.2 No.6 June 1986
Kittyhawk Kolors (RNZAF P-40s, 6 tone profiles) [30 pages]
Vol.2 No.7 July 1986
No information [30 pages]
Vol.2 No.8 August 1986
No information [30 pages]
Vol.2 No.9 September 1986
Arsenal VB-10 C1-02 (scale 5-view drwg) [30 pages]
Vol.2 No.10 October 1986
Yakovlev Yak-18 (scale 5-view drwg) [30 pages]
Vol.2 No.11 November 1986
No information
Vol.2 No.12 December 1986
No information

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