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Key Facts

Availability: News-stand
Issues / Year: 4
ISSN: 1627-6612
Barcode: ?
First Year: 2001
Last Year: current
Publisher: Groupe Hommell
Country: France
Language: French
Main Genre: Military History
Aviation Only? No
Current Status: Current

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’14-18′ magazine is dedicated to the history of World War 1. It presents the Great War in various facets – military, international relations, economic, social – to highlight an event that has dramatically affected the history of the Twentieth century. The articles are written by the best contemporary specialists of the 14-18 war and illustrated by a large and rich iconography. Most issues include an article on some aspect of the air war. [M 07118].

Publishing History

First issue on sale April 2001. Published bi-monthly until issue 36 (février/mars/avril 2007) when it moved to quarterly publication.
The editor-in-chief is Jean-Pascal Soudagne.

Contents/Issues Produced

See the Militaria link below for contents listings.

Digital Access

Since issue 78 (August 2017) a digital version of the magazine has been available for Tablets and PCs. No digital versions of back issues appear to be available.

Special Issues

Numerous Hors Serie special issues have been produced (ISSN 1769-7468), but they nearly all seem to concentrate on land forces involvement in the war, with little or no aviation content. The Hors Serie are not numbered cumulatively, as with other publishers, but only numbered within the year of publication.

Further information

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14-18 Magazine
fr.wikipedia: 14-18 Magazine
Militaria 14-18: 14-18 Magazine

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