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Availability: News-stand           Issues per Year: 12
ISSN: xxxx-xxxx           Barcode:
First Year: 1917           Last Year: 1956?

Publisher: Aeronautical Digest Publishing Corp.
Country: United States         Language: English

Main Genre: industry
Exclusively Aviation?: Yes

Status: Ceased

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Monthly magazine of the aviation industry. In the 1920s it was entitled ‘Aero Digest: The Magazine of the Air’ with typically 72-150 large format pages each, but by 1941 it was called ‘Aero Digest including Aviation Engineering’. Each issue contained a number of feature articles plus a number of regular columns including: Digest of the News; Air Transportation; At the Airports; Private Flying; Washingtonia; The Air Services; About People; School Activities; Financial Notes; Coming Events; Reviews of Books etc. Aviation Engineering appeared as a pull-out supplement, concentrating on the latest technical innovations and techniques, aircraft design features and manufacturers news. Early 1940s era issues had 230-270 large format pages each, but many of these pages were advertising. Postwar issues typically comprised 136 large format pages, with hundreds of adverts.

Vol.10 No.10 was dated October 1927. By the 1940s each volume comprised only 6 months – Vol.41 No.6 was December 1942. Circa 1943 the publishing frequency was increased to twice a month, with a volume comprising only 3 months – Vol.47 No.3 was dated 1 November 1944. At the end of WW2 the frequency reverted to monthly. Publication continued until at least October 1953 (until 1956?).

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