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Availability: News-stand           Issues per Year: 12
ISSN: xxxx-xxxx           Barcode:
First Year: 1992           Last Year: 1995

Publisher: Tsentr "AeroHobbi"
Country: Ukraine         Language: Russian

Main Genre: general
Exclusively Aviation?: Yes

Status: Ceased

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Title means Aviation & Time. First published in 1992 under the title Aerohobbi, but changed to it’s present title in 1995. Bi-monthly publication featuring long detailed articles on current and historic Russian and former Warsaw Pact aircraft. Extensive coverage of Russian aircraft in service around the world, production sites, air combat and air forces operating Russian aircraft etc. 48 pages each, with many b+w and colour photos, colour profile drawings and a separate pull-out sheet of scale drawings.
The basis of each issue is a large article (of up to 20 pages) portraying in detail a specific Russian or Ukrainian aircraft type, its construction and technical characteristics. It is illustrated with a great number of photos (as a rule, about 50), many of which are published for the first time, together with accurate drawings in scale 1:72 or 1:100 and historically authentic markings of certain machines.
The magazine also covers in detail the use of air power in the conflicts of Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan. The last theme takes special place. Another popular feature is the in-depth coverage of aviation in World War Two – much of this information is unique and based on previously unknown archive material. A wide range of other topics, from World War One to the Ukrainian space programme, from air accidents to scale aircraft modelling are usually included. Printed in the Russian rather than Ukrainian language.

[*] Contents Listing, 1992-2008

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