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Availability: National Society           Issues per Year: 4
ISSN: 0950-7434           Barcode:
First Year: 2003           Last Year: current

Publisher: Air-Britain (Historians) Ltd
Country: United Kingdom         Language: English

Main Genre: general
Exclusively Aviation?: Yes

Status: Current

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Subtitled The Journal of the International Association of Aviation Historians. The house journal of Air-Britain has appeared for most of it’s life under the title ‘Air-Britain Digest’. After it’s launch it was published monthly January 1949-February 1956 (with 12 pages in each issue), then bi-monthly March 1956-January 1964 (with 20 pages in each issue). From January 1964 most of the society’s monthly news magazines (see list above) were amalgamated into a monthly ‘Air-Britain Digest’. In 1966 it also absorbed BCAN. With the launch of ‘Air-Britain News’ in 1972 it was changed to bi-monthly again, before going quarterly from 1989 onwards. In January 2003 it changed it’s name to ‘Aviation World’.
With such a long history the contents of the magazine has changed over time, but essentially it provides articles of general interest on current and historical aviation subjects, together with the results of members research into specific topics. The magazine has recently been revamped under the editorship of Rod Simpson. Typical contents might now include: Chairman’s report; report from a major air show; a feature on a specific aircraft type; Photo Album – colour photos of interesting aircraft; Air-Britain Fly-in report; military aviation feature; aircraft preservation or museum feature; What Do You Know? – questions and answers on unresolved aviation history topics; Bookshelf – book reviews; Airliner Photo News; Letters. ‘Aviation World’ is an A4 size glossy magazine, with 44-48 pages each issue, illustrated with colour and b+w photos.

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