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Availability: News-stand           Issues per Year: 6
ISSN: 0143-5450           Barcode:
First Year: 1975           Last Year: 2007

Publisher: Key Publishing Ltd
Country: United Kingdom         Language: English

Main Genre: history
Exclusively Aviation?: Yes

Status: Ceased

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‘Air Enthusiast’ was first published in July 1974 under the title ‘Air Enthusiast Quarterly’, as a historical aviation title to complement the monthly ‘Air International’, (which was called ‘Air Enthusiast’ at the time). It was renamed ‘Air Enthusiast’ with issue No.5, when ‘Air International’ adopted it’s present title. During the 1980’s the publication frequency declined to three times per year, but increased back to quarterly following transfer of the title to Key Publishing and further increased to bi-monthly from July 1995, with issue No.58. Ceased publication with issue No.131 in September 2007.

The magazine featured a design style and layout similar to ‘Air International’, but contained longer in-depth articles on historical aircraft types and civil/military aircraft operators. When, in about 1998, ‘Air International’ ceased publishing historical features, this magazine took over as the flagship historical title for Key Publishing.

Current issues are A4 size with 80 pages each, illustrated by many b+w and colour photos, colour profiles and 3-view line drawings. Earlier issues featured a cutaway line drawing in each issue, but these have been gradually discontinued. The original and well-researched feature articles cover a broad range of time periods and topics from around the world. Highlights include features on the un-built aircraft projects of various companies, and a history of the Mongolian Air Force. Lowlights include a number of so-called ‘production history’ articles on famous aircraft which didn’t often even mention the factories where they were built.

Publishers: Finescroll Limited 1974-May 1989, Tri-Service Press May 1989-late 1990 (Issue 39-Issue 41), Key Publishing Ltd May 1991-present (Issue 42 onwards).

Editors: William Green and Gordon Swanborough 1973-late 1990, Ken Ellis May 1991-present (Issue 42 onwards).

[*] Contents Listing, Issues 1-131

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