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Availability: News-stand           Issues per Year: 12
ISSN: 0002-2500           Barcode:
First Year: 1938           Last Year: 1997

Publisher: Challenge Publications
Country: United States         Language: English

Main Genre: general
Exclusively Aviation?: Yes

Status: Ceased

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‘Air Progress’ was first published in January 1938 (or 1941?). It was published quarterly until sometime in 1962, it then increased frequency to bi-monthly, and became a monthly publication circa early 1966. In October 1995 it changed it’s name to ‘Air Progress Affordable Flying’, but reverted to ‘Air Progress’ in November 1996. It finally ceased publication in June 1997 (Vol.59 No.2).

Until the 1970s, the magazine devoted most of its space to military aviation topics. With 98 pages in each issue, it included many b+w photos, scale views, cutaway drawings, technical data etc. In the 1970s it was transformed into a magazine for private pilots. Issues typically included aviation news, light aircraft flight tests, flying careers information, homebuilding info, pilot proficiency features, air racing, avionics etc. It often included historical features of interest to pilots. Printed on glossy paper, with 82 pages each, illustrated with b+w and colour photos.

‘Air Progress’ also gave rise to ‘Air Progress Warbirds International’, which became ‘Warbirds International’ (See below), ‘Air Progress – Ultralights’ and the quarterlies ‘Air Progress Aviation Review’ and ‘Air Progress – Military Airpower Review’ (which see).
Originally published by Street & Smith Publications Inc, it was later sold to Condé Nast Publications, and then to Challenge Publications.

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  1. the issues of AIR PROGRESS for 1961 WINTER 1961-1962 EDITION also for 1962 WINTER 1962-1963 EDITION also for 1963 the issues were FEBURARY/March 1963 ,APRIL/MAY 1963 ,JUNE/JULY 1963, August/September 1963 , october/november 1963 , december1963/january 1964 for 1964 the issues were Febuary/March 1964 ,April/May 1964 ,June/JULY 1964 , August/September 1964 , October/November 1964 , December1964/January 1965 , in 1965 the issues were February/March 1965 April 1965 , May/June 1965 , July 1965 ,August/september 1965 ,OCTOBER 1965 ,November/December 1965 the issues for 1966 were January 1966 ,Febuary/March 1966 , April 1966, May/June 1966 , in July 1966 AIR PROGRESS Went MONTHLY JULY to DECEMBEr

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