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Key Facts

Availability: News-stand
Issues / Year: 26
ISSN: 0956-1410
Barcode: 9-770956-141010
First Year: 1972
Last Year: 1995
Publisher: Alan W. Hall Publications Ltd
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Main Genre: General Interest
Aviation Only? Yes
Current Status: Ceased

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‘Aviation News’ started off as an 8-12 page tabloid (A3 size) newspaper format publication, with a mixture of news, historical and modern feature articles and spotting information. A large scale drawing occupied the centrespread of each issue. Illustrations were entirely in black and white, (and somewhat murky). Lower than expected sales resulted in a decline in paper and printing quality.

From June 1983 it became an A4 size magazine, with improved printing quality and colour covers. The editorial content remained unchanged, although colour photos were introduced later. In this format the page count gradually crept up from about 24 pages to 46 pages. In 1995 it was taken over by HPC Publishing, (who by then owned ‘Air Pictorial’), and reformatted as a pure news and current affairs magazine – the historical articles being transferred to ‘Air Pictorial’. This approach was evidently a failure, as in late 1995 ‘Aviation News’ was closed down and amalgamated into ‘Air Pictorial’ – the first joint issue being January 1996. In 2002 ‘Air Pictorial’ was renamed ‘Aviation News’.

Publishing History

First issue dated 26 May-8 June 1972. Published fortnightly until after Vol.24 No.22 November 18-December 1 1995, when it was merged into ‘Air Pictorial’ January 1996. It is not clear if issues 23 to 26 of Vol.24 were actually published.
The editor was Alan W. Hall.

Contents/Issues Produced

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Digital Access

No digital versions of back issues appear to be available.

Special Issues

Very few special issues were produced – most notable The Royal Air Force 1985 and an updated ediiton for 1987. Two edtions of the Aviation News Annual were produced – for 1993 and 1994. The same publisher also produced the Warpaint series of books, and the Aviation News Mini Monograph series.

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