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Availability: News-stand           Issues per Year: 12
ISSN: 1617-0725           Barcode:
First Year: ?           Last Year: current

Publisher: GeraNova Verlag
Country: Germany         Language: German

Main Genre: history
Exclusively Aviation?: Yes

Status: Current

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Actually appearing ten times a year, with a bumper double issue at the end of June and December, as its name suggests Flugzeug Classic covers the whole gamut of aviation history topics up to and including the 1960s: museum collections, the veteran and vintage scene, aviation archaeology and restoration projects etc. Series include those on cockpits of historic aircraft and PC flight simulation, while occasional pull-outs cover specific aircraft types in great detail. 82 pages in each issue. German only text.
Although the masthead mentions “combined with Flugzeug“, this title was taken over and does not figure in the magazine’s editorial (see Flugzeug Extra below).

Further information: Flugzeug Classic, Kolpingring 16, 82041 Oberhaching, Germany. Tel: +49 89 61 38 900 Fax: +49 89 61 38 90 10. E-mail: aviatic@t-online.de Web:www.flugzeug-classic.de
Subscription hotline: Tel: +49 180 532 1616 Fax: +49 180 532 1620 E-mail: kundenservice@geranova.de

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