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Availability: Partwork           Issues per Year: 26
ISSN: None           Barcode: 9-772048-119532
First Year: 2014           Last Year: current

Publisher: Amermedia
Country: United Kingdom         Language: English

Main Genre: Military Aviation
Exclusively Aviation?: Yes

Status: Current

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‘Giant Warplanes’ is a fortnightly partwork which comprises a 13-page full colour magazine and a highly-detailed die-cast model, (in 1:144 or 1:200 scale depending on wingspan), of a large military aircraft. The series will build-up into a collection of iconic giant warplanes. The magazine is sourced via Key Publishing and describes and illustrates the aircraft featured in the model, with some very nice photographs and colour profile artwork. When published in Australia and New Zealand, this series is known as ‘Giant Warplane Magazine’. Published from January 2014, a complete collection will comprise 48 issues.

The model is supplied in a bubble pack with a display stand. The model is finished in realistic colours and markings.

Further Information: Giant Warplanes

[*] Contents Listing, Giant Warplanes

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5 thoughts on “Giant Warplanes

  1. Why was the B29 made in 1/200 scale when other very large planes were made in 1/144. It makes the B29 look stupid, this company has made a big mistake with this plane when most of the other are well made.

  2. Stopped at issue 33.They’ve missed out on some really good British aircraft Victor,Beverley.Belfast etc sad really.

  3. I have been receiving my issues of Giant Warplanes on a regular basis until the second binder started and now I haven’t received any issues for months now! I’d like to know why and when I can expect to receive my back issues. It would be easier to find out, if Giant Warplanes actually gave us an email address to contact them instead of a US phone number!

  4. Like others I have been a keen collector and received the last issue, no. 33 Marauder some months ago. I found an E Mail address on the Amercom website but despite sending a request for info I have received no response. According to this page there was planned to be 48 issues. As indeed is well merited as a good number of aircraft remain to be represented. Interstingly the last issue was received in a ‘single’ box suggesting there would be no more but then why issue another binder?. Reluctant to keep the DD going in case details fall into the wrong hands but would be disappointed not to complete the collection. Anybody know what is happening?

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