Pacific Wings

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‘Pacific Wings’ is New Zealand’s most widely read aviation magazine. First established in 1932 under the title ‘NZ Wings’ (see above), ‘Pacific Wings’ is one of the region’s longest running periodicals. It covers all facets of aviation, including military, general aviation history, warbirds, government and defence policy, industry and safety issues, as well as microlights, homebuilts and recreational flying.

Further information: New Zealand Wings Ltd, PO Box 39-099, Harewood, Christchurch, New Zealand. Tel: +64(0)3-359-0256. Fax: +64(0)3-359-0471. e-mail: Website: Pacific Wings

NZ Wings

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Monthly general interest magazine published since 1932 (as ‘New Zealand Wings’). The contents had an emphasis on civil and military aviation in New Zealand, and foreign aircraft visiting New Zealand. Also some coverage of GA, Ag, Warbird and Airline activity. Changed over to a glossy colour format in the late 1990s, with many photos. Renamed ‘Pacific Wings’ in the late 1990s (see below).

New Zealand Sport Flying

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Quarterly magazine. ‘New Zealand Sport Flying’ is a 48 page glossy magazine published quarterly by the Sport Aircraft Association of New Zealand Inc. Aimed at the recreational flier, it contains items of technical interest, current issues concerning general aviation, SAA chapter news, photographic coverage of fly-ins and airshows, and articles of historical value as well as advice on flying techniques.

Further information: not known

New Zealand Aviation News

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

‘New Zealand Aviation News’ commenced publication in 1978. It remains New Zealands only aviation newspaper. Editorial content is focused on activity within the aviation industry and recreational activity in New Zealand and the Pacific region. The journal is acknowledged as the current source of information of whose who and what has happened in NZ aviation over the last month. Regular theme issues relating to sport, industry, career and defence aviation occur througout the year. Published monthly with a combined December/January issue. Normally 30-40 pages in each issue.

Further information: New Zealand Aviation News Ltd. PO Box 209 Morrinsville 2251, New Zealand. Website: New Zealand Aviation News

Heli Ops International

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

‘Heli-Ops’ magazine describes itself as the only helicopter publication dedicated to covering the civil industry from a true global standpoint, bringing the reader coverage from all regions of the world. It is published 5 times per year. The magazine started off under the title ‘Pacific Rotors’, concentrating on helicopter operations throughout the Pacific Rim, but changed to the present title with issue 13.

Further information: website: Heli Ops

Fighter Tactics

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Fighter Tactics magazine is the only publication dedicated to covering the Tactical Fighter Community on a global scale. The stories in each issue are written by those in the industry as well as some of the most knowledgeable aviation writers out there. The accompanying photography is recognised as some of the worlds best. Published quarterly.

Further information: Oceania Group Ltd, P O Box 37 978, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand, 1001. Tel: +64 21 757 747, Fax: +64 9 300 6388.
e-mail:, Fighter Tactics

Classic Wings

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

First published April-June 1994 under the title ‘Classic Wings Downunder’. Quarterly until 1998 then became bi-monthly, (which in New Zealand means 5 issues per year). The ‘Downunder’ part of the title was deleted with effect from the Jul-Aug 2000 issue. Bi-monthly glossy magazine “dedicated to Vintage and Warbird Aircraft in Australia and New Zealand”. Well illustrated with lots of colour photos.

Further information: Graham M Orphen, PO Box 534, Blenheim, New Zealand. Phone 64 3 578 9609, Fax 64 3 577 6451, or PO Box 625, Mt Ommaney, Queensland 4074, Australia. Phone 61 7 5462 2112, Fax 61 7 3279 0877. E-mail:, Classic Wings

AHSNZ Journal

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Historical magazine first published in 1958. Initially a quarterly, but now issued twice a year. Covers a wide range of topics and regular features with in-depth articles, “Chronology”, and research items. Feature articles on aircraft types, historical events, personalties, NZ civil aviation, aviation companies, RNZAF etc. A4 size glossy, normally 24 pages in each issue.

Further information: Website: AHSNZ.