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‘Helice’ is the official magazine of the Mexican Pilots union (ASPA), which was founded in 1958. The magazine first appeared in 1959. The title translates as Propeller.

The magazine doesn’t just focus on ASPA issues but also includes good general interest articles on civil aviation, past and present. Most recent issues are available as free pdfs.

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ASPA website
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Flaps (2)

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

‘Flaps’ was a digital magazine released in pdf format. It carried the subtitle Revista Digital de AviaciĆ³n Mexicana e Internacional.

It was a general interest magazine covering a wide range of civil and military aviation topics, both in Mexico and around the world. In August 2013 the official domain name expired and Tweeting stopped, so the magazine appears to have ceased publication.

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Back issues on Issuu


Aviation-related Magazines Guide

‘Quauhtli’ was a magazine 100% dedicated to Mexican aviation history. It had the subtitle Revista de Historia Aeronautica de Mexico. Published by the Aeronautical History Academy of Mexico (AHAM), each journal covered topics of civil and military aviation, and included pictures, articles and interviews of the aviation industry, as well as the people and companies that have shaped the national aviation history.

No issues after 2008 are known, and the AHAM appears to have disbanded.

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Aviation-related Magazines Guide

‘Windsock’ is the official quarterly magazine of the Malta Aviation Museum Foundation. It informs members about the progress made in the various projects being undertaken by the Museum, and details the latest acquisitions made.

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Windsock Newsletter

V.E.G – Vertically Elevated Generation

Aviation-related Magazines Guide


‘V.E.G – Vertically Elevated Generation’ was a general magazine covering a wide range of military and technical subjects. Available in English and Afrikaans (as ‘V.E.G – Vertikale Elevasie Generasie’) editions, it was regarded as one of the best reference magazines available.

The feature articles covered many South African-related topics, from Armour, to SAAF, SADF, civil planes, Boer War, Uniforms, railway locomotives, the Navy and many more subjects. The illustrations were top notch, with detailed pictures, large colour drawings and scale illustrations. There were about 60 pages in each issue, with full colour illustrations on nearly every page. Unfortunately, only 8 issues were produced in total.

Publishing History

First issue on sale early 2005. Published bi-monthly until issue no.8 (2006).
The editor was ?

Contents/Issues Produced

[*] Contents Listing, No.1 – No.8

Digital Access

No digital versions of this magazine appear to be available.

Special Issues

No special issues were produced.

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