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Availability: Download           Issues per Year: 12
ISSN: 0033-1279           Barcode: None
First Year: 1943           Last Year: current

Publisher: Flyvevåbnets Soldaterforening (FSF)
Country: Denmark         Language: Danish

Main Genre: Specific Operator
Exclusively Aviation?: Yes

Status: Current

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Founded in the 1940, the Flyvevåbnets Soldaterforening (Air Force Soldiers Association) is a social organisation for current and former members of the Royal Danish Air Force. Since 1943 it has published a magazine covering the activities of the association and subjects of interest to its members.

Initially a popular and useful monthly publication, during the late 1960s the magazine encountered problems with missed publication dates and poor content which raised concerns within the FSF. In 1971 Bent Aalbaek-Nielsen took over as editor and set about revitalising the magazine. A dedicated publishing house Luft- og Rumfartsårbogen was established in 1982, which allowed the magazine to be published on a more commercial basis. With effect from the September 1983 issue, ‘Propel’ changed from the previous A5 format to A4 format, increased the page count to 24-32 pages and was printed on a modern 4-colour press. The new design was more of a general interest magazine, as emphasised by the new subtitle Tidsskrift for flyvning og rumfart (Journal of Aviation and Space), and could be obtained at regular news-stands. Nine issues appeared each year.

Until 2004 the magazine continued to appear as a printed monthly news-stand magazine, latterly with the amended subtitle ‘Tidsskrift For Civil Og Militaer Flyvning’. It included articles on Danish and international aviation – both civil and military, plus news and features on the RDAF and the activities of the FSF.

At the start of 2005 the magazine was redesigned to focus much more closely on the activities of the FSF. Publication switched to 6 times per year, and only appeared as a insert in the official RDanAF magazine ‘Flyvevåbnet’ or a free PDF download from the FSF website. Each has 12-16 pages with one or two articles of general aviation interest. From 2013 the frequency increased to 10 issues per year.

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