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Availability: News-stand           Issues per Year: 12
ISSN: 0353-9628           Barcode: 9-789970-353965
First Year: 1991           Last Year: current

Publisher: Defensor
Country: Slovenia         Language: Slovenian

Main Genre: Defence
Exclusively Aviation?: No

Status: Current

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A well produced monthly defence magazine covering Slovenia, NATO and international military and security issues. It povides military-political analysis of contemporary wars and conflicts, together with an overview of the technology and tactics used by military and security forces around the world. Also featured is a look at the hardware used by these forces. A broad range of equipment is described and illustrated, including aircraft, helicopters, AFVs, missiles, guns etc. Naval subjects are generally not covered due to their lack of relevance to Slovenia.

Twice a year a special issue is also produced, concentrating on a particular topic.

Further information: Revija Obramba, Podutiska 148, 1000 Ljubljana. Tel: (01) 519 22 00. website: Revija Obramba

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