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Availability: Subscription           Issues per Year: 12
ISSN: 1066-8098           Barcode:
First Year: 1966           Last Year: current

Publisher: PBI Media
Country: United States         Language: English

Main Genre: helicopters
Exclusively Aviation?: Yes

Status: Current

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Subtitled ‘Serving the Worldwide Helicopter Industry’. ‘Rotor & Wing’ includes full-length features, plus coverage of news, aerodynamics, maintenance, regulatory matters and communications from correspondents in Washington, DC and Europe. Feature topics are balanced to include both civil and military articles, focusing on helicopter-operating companies, new aircraft, new technology, military programs, market sectors, and other issues that impact the helicopter industry. It is printed on glossy A4 size paper, with colour and b+w photos and diagrams. There are typically 56 pages in each issue. It was first published in January 1966. When titled ‘Rotor & Wing International’ it had the ISSN 0191-6408 from Phillips Business Information Inc.

Further information: website: Rotor & Wing

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