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Availability: New-stand           Issues per Year: 10
ISSN: 1675-5723           Barcode: 9-771675-582000
First Year: 2002           Last Year: current

Publisher: RIAS SUASANA Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia         Language: English/Malay

Main Genre: Defence
Exclusively Aviation?: No

Status: Current

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‘Tempur’ was conceived as a monthly bi-lingual (English/Malay) magazine specialising on the reportage of defence and security affairs of consequence to the Asia-Pacific region, and the ASEAN nation-states in particular.

The editorial content of ‘Tempur’ has, since its inception, accorded high priority to the on-going force modernisation efforts of several Southeast Asian countries, with detailed reports of major procurements of military hardware as well as national defence R & D efforts being undertaken by several ASEAN and other Asia-Pacific countries. The title means Combat.

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