The Bulletin Of The Russian Aviation Research Group

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Availability: National Society           Issues per Year: 4
ISSN: xxxx-xxxx           Barcode:
First Year: 1963           Last Year: current

Publisher: Air-Britain (Historians) Ltd
Country: United Kingdom         Language: English

Main Genre: local
Exclusively Aviation?: Yes

Status: Current

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Members of Air-Britain have access to an Information Service which comprises some 60-odd specialist study groups. One of these groups is the Russian Aviation Research Group, which publishes a quarterly magazine called ‘The Bulletin Of The Russian Aviation Research Group’. This is a limited print run quarterly specialising in Russian and Eastern European aviation. The first issue was dated Spring 1963. The Bulletin was originally conceived as a research vehicle for self research by furnishing translated material from Soviet and East European journals. In those days it also included a round-up of aviation news, civil registrations etc. In more recent years, with access to Russian archives, the translations are of a factual nature and include research papers and commissioned work. Aircraft registration data was discontinued circa 1990. It was initially published as a stapled set of foolscap typed sheets without any illustrations, but gradually expanded to 80-120 A4 size pages in each issue. The editor is Nigel Eastaway. Volume 43 No.121 was dated March 1995, and the current issue is Volume 45 No.166, dated June 2006. The closely allied Russian Aviation Research Trust is not part of Air-Britain but supports research into this subject.

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