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The Ninety-Nines was founded in November 1929 by noted aviator Amelia Earhart and other early women pilots, with the aims of promoting the advancement of women pilots and preserving the history of women in aviation. The organisation publishes a bi-monthly magazine called ’99 NEWS/International Women Pilots Magazine’ which contains news and articles of interest to women pilots.

For the first year of its existence the 99’s kept in touch with each other by means of a weekly bulletin. When the bulletin folded in the fall of 1930, the 99 Club had no official publication until after the National Meeting in 1932. The ’99er’ became the first official monthly publication with the first issue, October 1932, but in November 1934 it expanded into the ‘AIRWOMAN’. In February 1936, the publication took on the name the ’99 NEWS LETTER’ and this continued until July 1962, when a new format and title was adopted as the ‘NINETY-NINE NEWS’.

Further information: website: Ninety-Nines

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