The Slipstream Monthly

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Availability: News-stand           Issues per Year: 12
ISSN: xxxx-xxxx           Barcode:
First Year: 1924           Last Year: 1928

Publisher: Slipstream Publishing Company
Country: United States         Language: English

Main Genre: industry
Exclusively Aviation?: Yes

Status: Ceased

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‘The Slipstream Monthly’ was an aviation trade magazine edited by Fred Franklin Marshall. It origins lie in ‘Slipstream’, the house journal of McCook Army Air Field, Dayton, Ohio, which Marshall edited between 1919 and 1923. It proved so popular that private publishers objected to the government-funded rival. In 1923 Marshall left McCook Field to publish ‘The Slipstream Monthly’ as a commercial magazine. It appeared between January 1924 and June 1928. The publication was then sold to the Simmons-Boardman Publishing Company of New York City. Marshall was employed by Simmons-Boardman as an Assistant Editor. The name of the magazine was changed to ‘Airway Age’ early in 1929, but it closed down not long after.

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