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Availability: Subscription           Issues per Year: 4
ISSN: ?           Barcode: None
First Year: 1975           Last Year: 1979

Publisher: Tinbox Gruppe
Country: Denmark         Language: Danish

Main Genre: Specific Operator
Exclusively Aviation?: Yes

Status: Ceased

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Tinbox was a group united by a common interest in Danish military aviation. The group started in 1975 at the release of the magazine of the same name. The group composition varied over the years, but the focus was always on publishing information about Danish military aviation.

The magazine ‘Tinbox’ was born in 1975 as the first Danish magazine that focused exclusively on military aviation. The magazine was quickly recognized as a well-written and serious magazine, so it was for many a great regret that the editors had to shut down after only four and a half years, in 1979. The magazine had been produced purely as a hobby, and eventually proved too much of a task to continue. Each issue of the A4-size magazine had 4-6 feature articles within its 24 pages, and was illustrated with b+w photos.

With official RDanAF assistance, the magazine was revived in late 1981 under the title ‘Tinbox-tillaegget’ (Tinbox Supplement). This was a lower-cost publication, produced as a supplement within the offical RDanAF magaine ‘FlyNyt’. The quarterly production rate began to slow down in 1993 and ceased altogether in 1995. Each issue had 6-14 pages printed on newsprint quality paper, illustrated with b+w photos.

The group also produced 3 books in the “-1½” series, between 1982 and 1998, covering the F-100, F-104 and F-35 Draken and an updated F-100 title in 2000.

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