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Availability: Partwork           Issues per Year: 52
ISSN: 1369-6483           Barcode:
First Year: 1998           Last Year: 2002

Publisher: Bright Star Publishing
Country: United Kingdom         Language: English

Main Genre: general
Exclusively Aviation?: Yes

Status: Ceased

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Published in 218 weekly parts, from early 1998 until 2002. Each issue comprised 32 pages, the same large page size as World Air Power Journal and Wings of Fame, organised as a series of pull-out reference files to be slotted into ring binders (also supplied). The subjects covered are grouped into 13 categories as follows: aircraft weapons and tactics, airforces of the world, war in the air, aviation hall of fame, world civil aircraft, airlines of the world, air accidents, private aviation, special purpose aviation, aviation technology, A-Z of aircraft, history of aviation, world military aircraft. In total there was over 1000 file subjects.

Since each subject was covered in only 2 or 4 sides, the depth of coverage was somewhat limited, although this was overcome for some subjects by including many files on different aspects of the same subject. Many of the illustrations and much of the data will be familiar to subscribers to WAPJ and WoF – but the target readership were not likely to be existing readers.

The A-Z was closely based on previous Aerospace Publishing publications with some editing and updating. The bias towards aircraft types early in the alphabet was accentuated in this version, with letters A through F making up fully 64% of the total (versus 48% in ‘Airplane’) while letters P through Z made up a dismal 9% (versus 23% in the earlier version). In fact, all the letters A through L receive superior coverage in the new version while all the letters M thru Z receive inferior coverage.
Ceased publication
Further information: World Aircraft Information Files Subscriptions, PO Box 2822, London, W6 0BR. Tel: 0800 214050 or 01234

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  1. Thanks. I needed to know exactly that, above, re. No. of issues, pages per issue, etc., in order to put the lot on the market.
    Have to say I was very impressed with the number of very good quality photos, and the gen. on all the aspects of flying. Really wish I could keep it longer.

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