Aviation Magazines in Malaysia


This is a survey of Malaysian aviation, defence and aircraft scale modelling magazines. All magazines are English text only, unless otherwise stated.

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Asian Airlines & Aerospace

[ADPR Consult,  ISSN 1394-1798]
Frequency: Monthly

Asian Airlines & Aerospace’ (or ‘AA&A’) focused on commercial aviation developments in the Asia-Pacific region.


Asian Commercial Aviation

[SHP Media,  ISSN unknown]
Frequency: Quarterly

Magazine focusing on commercial aviation in the Asian region.


Asian Defence Journal

[SHP Media,  ISSN 0126-6403]
Frequency: Monthly

Asian Defence Journal reports on the latest developments and issues pertaining to defence and security matters of consequence to the Asia-Pacific region.



[SHP Media,  ISSN 1394-9713]

‘Perajurit’ is the sole defence magazine published entirely in the Malay language in Malaysia.


Satria Maritim

[Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency,  ISSN 2180-2513]
Frequency: Quarterly

‘Satria Maritim’ is the official magazine of the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) – the Malaysian Coast Guard.



[RIAS SUASANA Sdn Bhd,  ISSN 1675-5723]
Frequency: Monthly

‘Tempur’ is a monthly bi-lingual (English/Malay) magazine specialising on the reportage of defence and security affairs of consequence to the Asia-Pacific region, and the ASEAN nation-states in particular.


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