Aviation Magazines in Thailand


This is a survey of Thai aviation, defence and aircraft scale modelling magazines. All magazines are English text only, unless otherwise stated. (Note that Thai year numbers are 543 greater than those in the christian calendar. So 2011 is the year 2554 in Thailand).

For other nations, check our country by country listing. An alphabetical index of titles is also available, as is a list of useful magazine shops which deal with new or secondhand magazines.

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Air Force Magazine (2) / ข่าวทหารอากาศ

[Royal Thai Air Force,  ISSN 0125-6173]
Frequency: Monthly

‘Air Force Magazine’ is the official magazine of the Royal Thai Air Force.


Asian Military Review

[Media Transasia Ltd,  ISSN 1479-9855]
Frequency: Monthly

The leading defence magazine in Asia and the Pacific.


Battlefield / สนามรบ

[unknown,  ISSN 0857-0094]
Frequency: Monthly

General-interest international defence technology magazine that heavily features aviation topics.


Take Off Magazine

[Take Off Creations Co., Ltd,  ISSN 1666-2905]
Frequency: Monthly

‘Take Off Magazine’ is the only Thai magazine entirely devoted to the airline business.


Tango Squadron

[RTAF Tango Squadron,  ISSN 1686-6967]
Frequency: Monthly

Originally called ‘Tango Squadron’, this magazine now appears to be called just ‘Tango’. It is an aviation magazine that mainly deals with Thai aviation, but also includes some international features. Articles cover both historical and modern content.


The Aerospace Magazine

[Aerospace Co Ltd,  ISSN 1905-1875]
Frequency: Monthly

‘The Aerospace Magazine’ was a monthly dual Thai/English language publication covering all aspects of aviation and aerospace.


TopGun (5)

[Animate Group Co.,  ISSN 1513-8992]
Frequency: Monthly

General military magazine. Mainly deals with men and material of the Thai forces, (the air force in particular), but also includes features on international military forces.


TopGun Special

[Animate Group Co.,  ISSN unknown]
Frequency: ?

‘TopGun Special’ magazine was a series of special issues of the monthly Thai defence magazine ‘TopGun’.


Wings Magazine

[Skycoms Media & Consulting Co., Ltd,  ISSN unknown]
Frequency: Monthly

Established in January 2013, Thailand’s ‘Wings Magazine’ is a bi-lingual lifestyle, travel and aviation magazine.


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